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  1. (XoO) Xen of Onslaught ~ NA/EU/Oceanic
  2. Hello Namia!
  3. Leviathan [West | Adults][TeamSpeak][Naval/Land Combat][PvPvE | Trade Runs | Fishing]
  4. -+ Wanted +- Naima West Continent ( Endgame PvP/PvE/TradeRuns/Activité Improvisé ) +Guilde Québécoise+
  5. [WTS] some music sheets!
  6. Warrior Nation recuriitng PVX /trade/crafters
  7. Weaponcrafter: 20,000 Proficiency, Opening Services to the Server
  8. [NA] <Ghosts of War> {PvX} [West] Elite PvP Since 2002
  9. GUNBAD [West] [21+][Mumble][Casual, Crafting, Fishing, Fun]
  10. Find your neighbor!
  11. Is there a dating site for Naima?
  12. 10k Carpentry - making bows, staves and scepters for tips
  13. [West]The Black Hand is Recruiting All Roles
  14. (XoO) Xen of Onslaught ~ NA/EU/Oceanic
  15. 10k Alchemy Service
  16. WTT 16x16 Land Yny Port
  17. STOP PLAYING ALONE! (East AND West) Vicarious Gaming Community
  18. Unknown Explorers Inc. 21+ / Naima West / F2P Welcome
  19. TheMercs #pwnage
  20. [NA/East] Dragonfury [PvP/PvE/Crafting] Ganking Approved
  21. We have a subreddit!
  22. What time returns the serve?
  23. Guilda uMadBRo / East side - Haranya
  24. [NA|West] +[Knights of Chaos]+ [PvP/PvE/Crafters/Traders/Social]
  25. <Infamous> Pirate Guild, now Recruiting!
  26. East Nuian Trading Company!
  27. [NA - PvP/PvE/Trade - Nuia/West] Aureus Knights - Fun Focused, Well Run and Established Guild LFM
  28. Taking a break..
  29. Live Streaming on Naima
  30. WTS spot for 8x8 farm
  31. End-Game Cloth Armor
  32. Wait times
  33. <Blacklisted> Now Recruiting
  34. Some clarifications on misconceptions
  35. Broken housing plot?
  36. <Olympus> Is recruiting we are a friendly community!!!
  37. Let's make this the new music server :)
  38. [NA] <The Enclave>, a mature online gaming community.
  39. <Yata Cartel> (PVP) is recruiting active and dedicated members!
  40. WTT APEX for Thunders x2
  41. You guys need to stop rolling on the West
  42. Ok guys. I need to make this clear because everyone has been asking
  43. Be warned Warrior Poets and Dragonfury, both ganking for packs in rookborn...
  44. Need a friend?
  45. Peace between <Blade and Trade> and <Bad Neighborhood>
  46. <Blade and Trade> is recruiting!
  47. 10K Alchemy
  48. wts land
  49. 40k Carpenter East Side!
  50. I need attention and for some reason unbeknownst, you should know me?
  51. <WarriorPoets>RECRUITING!! Trade Runs/PvP/Crafters/Auroria Bound!!
  52. For Sale: Placed Thatched Farmhouse in WindScour Unfinished East Side
  53. WTS 8x8 Farmland in Arcum Iris (East, Arid)
  54. [SG] Shady Gamers is Recruiting [NA/AU][PvP/PvE/Siege/Crafting]
  55. The Borrowers
  56. Naima PvP
  57. Xen of Onslaught Mansion (Release) 9/20/14
  58. <Laughing Coffin> Best Guild Naima LF Members
  59. [EN][50+][West] <Mouse Jocks> :^)
  60. WarriorPoet Misconception's
  61. [NA][WEST] NOVUS SPERO [PvX, Nation warfare, Territory Dominance]
  62. Seriously
  63. wtb 16x16 or 24x24 at falcorth
  64. WtB eznan cutter design
  65. Selling Celestial Epherium Wave Shirt
  66. Clever Bots in White Arden
  67. vicious circle of the east
  68. Crest Design For Free! [By MEEEEE!]
  69. [West] Awakened Rebellion
  70. Is a house even worth it? Why not a 16x16 farm instead?
  71. [Blitz] - West/PvX/Traderun - Recruiting!
  72. Been Loving The Community So Far
  73. Pirates! Cause pirates are free! Sea Ants looking for swashbucklers.
  74. Apex and it's worth
  75. [Jar Of Dirt] Privateer Guild Looking For New Members!
  76. WTS Awesome nodachi
  77. Buying 2-4 16x16 farm plots!
  78. Enla Guild Listings, Alliances, Wars
  79. Enla coming out of the shadows (Welcome!)
  80. Imperial Legacy | Bringing the sexy
  81. For Sale: Villanelle Harbor House and Small Farm
  82. [East] Carpe Noctem - Casual, Social Adult and Families !
  83. WTS 40x40 space Villanelle Oceanview Near Npcs
  84. How about the PvP?
  85. Enla Meet & Greet
  86. RP in Enla
  87. WTS 24x24 spot in WindScour
  88. WTB Placed house
  89. [WTS] Mythic Taming Net!
  90. THe Claws East Side Guild
  91. Looking to buy land East Continent
  92. WTB 24x24 for farmhouse.
  93. Naima is a nice place to be
  94. Selling a Thunderstruck Tree.
  95. Auction House
  96. Hello there Enla!
  97. WTS [Thunderstruck Log] (East)
  98. Crafting Statiion Open to Public and Mail service (my house)
  99. 50k Weaponcrafter Offering Services to the West
  100. Buying Merchant Ship Design!
  101. Guild Information Thread
  102. Acolyte's (west)
  103. Plate Set Illustrious
  104. Eilinas Mercenaries is recruiting able bodied Mercs. 30+ Also we're available for small Trade ins.
  105. Buying plots on Pirate Island
  106. 10k Alchemist Looking for job
  107. East vs West Balance
  108. Looking for 16x16 Lot (WEST)
  109. WTS 16X16 lot /8x8 small farm X2
  110. Latinus
  111. <Clockwork> Organized, Close-Community, Trade & More
  112. Trading gold between char here and Ezi
  113. Eznan Cutter/Merchant Ship (WTB)
  114. WTB 16x16 Large farm and 24x24 Plots
  115. WTB Seaview plot / house (EAST SIDE)
  116. NA Sub Forums in NA Sub Forum
  117. WTB 16x16 for house with 8x8 or 16x16 next to it
  118. Looking to trade gear set for gear set
  119. WTB 16x16 farm
  120. WTB 8x8 East side
  121. Selling trade packs for entire guilds!!!!
  122. Houses and Villages (Picture Thread)
  123. Welcome to archeage.
  124. WTT Illustrious Squall Boots+Helm for Illustrious Desert Equiv
  125. Weenie Nation And Last Prophets!! /Salute
  126. Carpentry 20k+
  127. Elusion East!
  128. 50K Carpentry - West Side
  129. A gathering point for RPers on Enla
  130. selling sandeep plot= large garden two farms and farmhouse
  131. Selling teleport location to freedich!
  132. Selling small house north of city towers
  133. WTB Thatched Farmhouse Location. 24x24 - West
  134. WTB 20k Vocation Badges
  135. Selling Land / Buying land Issues
  136. WTS Farm House | 2 Crowns
  137. The Philosophers
  138. Amnesia -West/Privateer/Traderun/ENG[Recruiting]
  139. Dat PvP
  140. Perfect Lilyut House (For Sale)
  141. Buying Trade Ship
  142. Buying Land East
  143. 20k Metalworking - Offering services
  144. Any clue about gilda star price?
  145. WTS: Large Farm Sanddeep
  146. Looking to buy 16x16 land anywhere in Naima East
  147. Buying 250 Guilda Design
  148. WTB 300 Gilda Stars
  149. WTB 16x16 farm
  150. WTB 16x16 for house with 8x8 or 16x16 next to it【East】
  151. price check on land plots
  152. WTS Feathered Hope rare glider
  153. WTB Eznan Cutter Plan
  154. What is the price of 16x16 land in naima?
  155. [EAST] Sephina's third party services (Land and more)
  156. Gold Spammers
  157. Almost got my Arena Flame x.x
  158. WTB 16x16 or 24x24 plots PvE zones WEST Continent
  159. 90k Tailoring
  160. [West] Elves/Nuians Guild request
  161. carpentry east side
  162. WTT 10 APEX for a Carrot Dash!
  163. [PvE][PvP][Pirate Branch][Strats] Multi-title semi-mature gaming community 800+ members
  164. Wtb Manor Design
  165. WTB Eznan Cutter Ship Design (Eastern Continent)
  166. WTS Epherium Life Nodachi (arcane 330 dps 2h) 30 more than hasla
  167. Acronyms, Words, meanings, and importance
  168. Pirate List and who would you kill first: POLL
  169. Pirate List and who would you kill first: POLL
  170. East <Autumn Warlords> Recruting!
  171. Whoever selling the magnificent lightning bow
  172. WTB Eznan Cutter Design !! 900gold or negotianable (Western Continent)
  173. Looking for Raw Stone suppliers to trade on a daily basis !!!
  174. Server First - Thunder Dash - Jaxi
  175. Get Rekted The Shogunate
  176. Monster Freedich Battle
  177. Best investments with gold? Please help.
  178. Seeking 16x16 for just a large scarecrow
  179. Wtb 16x16 large scarecrow safe trade only
  180. Selling Celestial Magnificent Lighting Bow.
  181. WTB 250 Gilda Star Design
  182. WTS Cottage and plot in Falcorth Plains (East)
  183. WTS Completed Villa with adjacent 16x16 in Falcorth
  184. WTB 16x16 Lot -- West Side
  185. WTB 16x16 Lot
  186. Enla Teamspeak
  187. WTB land for house
  188. Dawntreaders recruiting
  189. Black Legion is Recruiting [West]
  190. 32K Alchemist Looking for Work (East)
  191. "All your packs belong to Us"
  192. [WTS] Thunderstuck Tree
  193. [NA][Enla][East][PvP/PvE/Quest/Raid][Trade/Craft/Farm] The Xingyuu Empire is recruiting!
  194. WTS> Thunderstruck tree
  195. WTT: Lilyut Hills 16x16 for Lilyut Hills 16x16
  196. Want To Buy all Your APEX!
  197. Cottage for Sale
  198. WTB Your 16x16 Plot Paying Well
  199. WTT Thatched Farmhouse Design
  200. Looking for other Fishers!
  201. WTS Completed 16x16 Villa in Solis Headlands by Halo Hollow
  202. The Art of Warfare [NA Enla Server]
  203. Small Farm for Rent
  204. WTS Unique Delphinad Club
  205. Anyone on the server make maple woodlots?
  206. [WTB] 2, 24x24 ( Farm house)
  207. Bot guild called [age] in ystre
  208. WTS Heroic Epherium Lake Gloves
  209. West guild Somalia - bots?
  210. want to buy land for farm and/or farm house
  211. **public service announcement** scammer - marranthed & rohan
  212. WTB: 16x16 deployed or undeployed Rookborne Basin/Perinoor-Ruins
  213. WTB: 16x16 deployed or undeployed Rookborne Basin/Perinoor-Ruins
  214. WTT negotiable number of Apex for 250 GS design
  215. WTB medium housing plot
  216. WTT Built House with Farm and a 16x16 farm lot not far away for items on Calleil
  217. Seadogs Guild: Recruiting!
  218. LFG West
  219. WTS Prime 16x16 in Dewstone Plains, perfect for packs, only one selling in dew.
  220. WTS Corner/cliff house in Sanddeep
  221. WTB Merchant Ship Design/Pattern
  222. request to person that has a name I want
  223. Buying house designs
  224. The Struggle (aka DVS West) Has Some Real Class, pic inside
  225. Nuia Self Defense Alliance
  226. WTB any 16x16
  227. WTB Magnificent Squall (leather) armor pieces/set
  228. Concidering trying to kick off a "kill a bot" weekend event.
  229. WTBuy > Eznan Cutter Design
  230. WTT Apex or Credit items for Carrot Dash
  231. WTS Villa+8x8 in Villanelle
  232. Why We Play Archeage! Massive back and forth PVP on Freedich. Many guilds represented.
  233. <Alatreon> International gaming community | East | PvX
  234. WTS 16x16 - Queen's Grove, Mahadevi
  235. WTB 16x16 farm through appraisal
  236. "Boat" Eastern Faction Scammer
  237. 92,000 Leathwork Looking for Work (West)
  238. Buying Delphinad Bow (Pref: Gale or Volcano)
  239. WTB > Solis headlands 16x16 plot or large farm.
  240. <Deleted> Freelance Mercenary PvP
  241. Wtb thatched farmhouse / 16*16 land
  242. WTB - Merchant ship design
  243. WTS Celestial Magnificent Lightning Bow
  244. WTB Eznan Cutter design 1000g
  245. Unique Epherium Gale Jerkin for Flame counterpart
  246. @Daemon ES3 Morrowind
  247. (2) 8x8 Farms, (1) 16x16 farm in the safety of Dewsrone for your Warzone (2) 16x16 spots
  248. <Veritas Vo Liberabit>. Pvp, Pve and more!
  249. [West Faction] 30k Weapon-Smith LFW!
  250. What are the big active guilds and their policies? (West)