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  2. [ISSUE] Dropback + Fireball & God's Whip skills changed [UPDATED 12/2]
  3. [BUG] Hallowtide: Candy Toss quest does not reliably offer tokens [RESOLVED]
  4. [REQUEST] Adjust Submarine Stats & Functionality
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  6. [REQUEST] Improve Ayanad Design drop rates [UPDATED 1/13]
  7. [REQUEST] Increase family size [RESOLVED]
  8. [BUG] Some patrons did not receive the patron buff after purchasing on 10/17
  9. [BUG] Ironclad
  10. [REQUEST] Archery is underpowered [UPDATED: 1/13]
  11. [REQUEST] Any new information on the Windscour PvP Event? [UPDATED 1/13]
  12. [REQUEST] When are server transfers coming? [UPDATED 1/13]
  13. [BUG] Diamond Shores Quest NPCs are killable, even during peace [UPDATED 1/13]
  14. [BUG] Traveling through Housing Areas causes a severe drop in framerate [UPDATED 12/15]
  15. [BUG] Using DirectX 11 while playing ArcheAge creates a memory leak
  16. [BUG] Daily Login Tracker does not properly reset [UPDATED 1/13]
  17. [BUG] Graphical glitches, including black textures/misloaded textures [RESOLVED]
  18. [BUG] Known Issue: Songcraft Rhythm buff [UPDATED 1/13]
  19. [REQUEST] Implement a skill queue in order to improve combat and reduce the impact of latency