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  1. Aranzeb WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Katana or Sword full gem.
  2. Aranzeb Wtb celestial nodachi or greastsword erenor
  3. Conviction WTB Feuille Sound Jerkin (image item)
  4. Conviction Legendary Seer's Anticipation
  5. Kraken WTB Epic Obsidian T1 Leather
  6. Kraken WTB Divine Ayanad Short Spear
  7. Thunderwing Wtb fangbane image
  8. Thunderwing WTS Epic T1 Plate Helm
  9. Conviction WTB Armorer's Chalet (Terrace) design
  10. Kyrios WTB Divine Ayanad leather pants ANY class or / Desert fully gemmed
  11. Conviction WTB legendary obsidian pants
  12. Aranzeb Mythic Large-Caliber Cannon On AH
  13. Aranzeb WTS Legendary obsidian scepter T7
  14. Reckoning WTB ayanad cloth chest grand-celest
  15. Aranzeb WTS T1 and T6 Legendary obs dagger
  16. Kraken WTB EPIC Obsidian Bow
  17. Aranzeb WTB epic plate pants
  18. Thunderwing wtb all epic bow fodders
  19. Kraken WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Jerkin & Divine Ayanad Gale Boots
  20. Conviction WTB Epic erenor Longspear /trading epic erenor dagger for a shortspear same grade
  21. Kraken Red dragon spinal ridge
  22. Kraken WTB one hand Epic Erenor Feed
  23. Aranzeb Any Ayanad Gale Set Divine for Sale
  24. Kraken WTS 3 Piece epic ayanad wave
  25. Conviction WTB Divine Ayanad cloth pants
  26. Aranzeb Wtb Leg SS T5 + Dagger T1
  27. Thunderwing Wtb mythic/legendary t7 ss dagger
  28. Aranzeb Wtb T6 Epic Wandering Hawk
  29. Thunderwing WTT divine erenor shortspear + gold for mythic obsidian greatsword
  30. Thunderwing Looking for Ayanad Lightning Breeches/fists gemmed or ungemmed
  31. Conviction WTS T5 Epic Shield -physical or magical version
  32. Conviction WTB 2x HERO GEMS
  33. Reckoning WTB Legendary Leather set
  34. Aranzeb WTB fully gemmed plate pants
  35. Conviction WTS Healing Golden Undergaments (legendary)
  36. Aranzeb WTB Unique or Celestial erenor nodachi or greatsword
  37. Conviction Wts Legendary t7 cloth hood --conviction
  38. Conviction wts t6 legendary obsidian shield 90k
  39. Thunderwing WTS Epic T6 Obsidian Shield & Divine Aya Cloth Pants
  40. Conviction << ALL SERVER >> WTB Meina's Set ... ALL PARTS ( Preffer Belt and First )
  41. Thunderwing Wtb fangbane shortspear
  42. Conviction WTS Legendary Cloaked Brimstone Scepter
  43. Thunderwing WTB herp gems x 6
  44. Conviction WTB Leg/Epic Erenor Staff
  45. Conviction Wtb Hero gems
  46. Kyrios WTS Gemmed divine delph leather flame 4set
  47. Kraken Wts hero gemsx6
  48. Kraken Wts ayanad legendary bow
  49. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Longspear (Crit Full Gemmed)
  50. Conviction WTB Searing Oath or Cold Anguish
  51. Thunderwing WTB blazing sunriddge ingot/wrathsmite armor
  52. Kraken WTB > Ayanad 2H ( Epic )
  53. Conviction WTS ## Ambitions Glory Belt ## Ornate Glory Belt ## Glove is Missing for Ornate
  54. Aranzeb WTB MYTHIC Dagger / Legendary T7 Shield
  55. Kraken WTB Erenor SS
  56. Aranzeb WTS - Epic Obsidian Bow on AH 14k buyout
  57. Aranzeb 2 Mythic Foresails on AH
  58. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Nightmare Point T6 dagger
  59. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Erenor Katana
  60. Aranzeb WTB erenor greatsword any grade
  61. Thunderwing WTS Desserted Cottage in Ahnimar!
  62. Thunderwing Selling full set legendary T7 leather
  63. Thunderwing WTB mythic obsidian nodachi
  64. Kyrios Wts legendary cloth pieces
  65. Aranzeb wtt epic erenor ss for epic erenor longspear
  66. Conviction WTB T6 Lego 1h Sword.
  67. Aranzeb WTT Legendary Obsidian dagger T6 for Erenor staff/bow
  68. Thunderwing WTD erenor fodder legendary for 1h epic for bow
  69. Conviction WTS Thatched + 3 16x16 All connected - Mahadevi
  70. Reckoning Epic Erenor Scepter Seller
  71. Kyrios Wts - heroic erenor sword
  72. Thunderwing Selling Epic T6 armor
  73. Thunderwing WTS t7 legendary bow
  74. Conviction WTB t7 Dagger
  75. Conviction Selling hero gems
  76. Thunderwing Epic Ayanad Gale Jerkin on AH
  77. Conviction WTB Div cloth Legs, Hands, Boots at t1-t3 or healer path (unless u have a cloaked one).
  78. Vengeance WTS Hero gems
  79. Conviction Wts firewrought dragonslayer costume
  80. Aranzeb Wtb 9 regal ore
  81. Conviction WTB Fan Emote 10k
  82. Conviction WTB divine ayanad longspear
  83. Conviction WTB Hero Gems
  84. Conviction WTS Epic Elegant Glory Sash and WTB Meina's Fists/Belt
  85. Aranzeb WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Longspear
  86. Thunderwing WTS T7 Legendary Shield crafted
  87. Kraken WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  88. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Leather Parts
  89. Kyrios WTS 353 Toughness Gems & Handful of 480 Resil gems
  90. Conviction WTS Legendary Delphinad Flame Jerkin full 480 resil gemmed
  91. Kyrios Wtb - divine ayanad plate desert pieces
  92. Conviction 7+ hero gems
  93. Conviction WTS Legendary Ayanad Lightning Earring. (Also WTB T5+ Lego 1h Sword)
  94. Kraken WTS Legendary Delph Flame Jerkin (full gemmed)
  95. Thunderwing WTS Divine Erenor Shortspear
  96. Reckoning WTB Epic Erenor 1h (melee)
  97. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Cuck
  98. Conviction WTB Meina's Fists 1500g
  99. Thunderwing LF owner of epic Erenor helmet (member)
  100. Conviction WTS Legendary T7 leather armor (chest, head, fists )
  101. Kraken WTS legendary ayanad wave earring
  102. Aranzeb WTB Ayanad Divine Club or Epic T6 Club
  103. Reckoning WTB Hermits armor (for skin)
  104. Kyrios Wtb - erenor greatsword!
  105. Aranzeb wtb epic erenor longspear
  106. Thunderwing WTS Divine Weapon and Armor Anchoring Charm
  107. Aranzeb WTS T1 Legendary Greatsword
  108. Kraken WTS T1 Obsidian Cuirass [Legendary]
  109. Conviction wtb ayanad wave earing epic
  110. Conviction WTS Epic Elegant Glory Sash
  111. Conviction WTB Fan Emote 15k
  112. Reckoning WTB Divine or Epic Erenor 1h (melee)
  113. Kyrios Wtb - obs leggy t7 ss
  114. Conviction WTB Lege. Bow
  115. Aranzeb WTB divine erenor nodachi or greatsword willing to buy at celestial also
  116. Kraken WTS leg t7 shield or trade for t7 club
  117. Thunderwing WTS Flutterdance Robe's + Kyprosa's Winter Furs
  118. Thunderwing (ANY SERVER) WTS Custom art of your character for Apex !
  119. Aranzeb Selling Mythic Obsidian Shortspear
  120. Conviction WTB Lege. Bow
  121. Conviction WTB Epherium Sleeves any tier / grade
  122. Thunderwing Wtt/s legendary erenor scepter perf proc/gem
  123. Kraken WTB Mythic Obsidian Greatclub
  124. Aranzeb WTS Legendary obsidian scepter T7 & Legendary T6 nightmare point obsidian
  125. Kraken WTB Epherium Gear (Celestial)
  126. Aranzeb WTB Divine Erenor Shortspear
  127. Aranzeb WTS Legendary obsidian dagger T6 nightmare point 65k
  128. Aranzeb WTS Hero Gems (300 Toughness To Helmet)
  129. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Club
  130. Reckoning WTS Epic Red Sorrow (T5 Obs Scepter)
  131. Conviction WTB Epic Obsidian Shoes and Pants
  132. Thunderwing WTS legendary t1 club
  133. Thunderwing WTS Legendary t7 cloth chest/hood crafted!
  134. Vengeance WTB Epic T5 Obs boots +Epic/Lege Leather parts
  135. Aranzeb WTB Legendary or Epic t7 shortspear
  136. Kyrios WTS Helkissed Dagger Skin
  137. Reckoning Wtb epic ayanad leather pieces
  138. Thunderwing WTT legendary erenor scepter for nodachi
  139. Aranzeb WTT divine erenor staff for melee
  140. Thunderwing WTS legendary t6 gloves cloth
  141. Kraken WTB Epic Anth sash
  142. Kraken Wts - epic leather t7 pieces
  143. Conviction WTB login badges/serendipity stones
  144. Conviction Legendary armor and epic erenor
  145. Conviction Buying divine or epic Ernor shortspear
  146. Selling lot of land in ahnimar
  147. Reckoning Wts no break charms
  148. Kyrios Looking for [Legendary] Ayanad Shield
  149. Reckoning Wts epic delphinad leather gale wrist
  150. Conviction WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Legs / Boots. Prefer full gemmed.
  151. Thunderwing LF owner of legendary earing on AH
  152. WTB Mistsong Chests Normal Difficulty
  153. Reckoning WTB All Mistsong Chests (Normal Difficulty)
  154. Aranzeb WTS epic t6 greatsword/trade for ayanad divine longspear any
  155. Conviction WTB Legendary T7 Dagger, Legendary Erenor Bow
  156. Reckoning WTS T5 Epic Leather 5/5
  157. Conviction WTB: Dairy Farmer Costume
  158. Kraken WTS Divine Erenor Cuirass, Unique Erenor Greaves fully honor gemmed
  159. Reckoning WTS Epic Auroria Mystic Sash 6.5k/ Erenor scepter heroic 37%
  160. Kraken WTS Legendary T7 Helm 40k+ mats
  161. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi - 118 temper - full crit gems
  162. Kraken WTB Divine Delphinad Flame 4/7 (Fully gem)
  163. Kraken WTB Erenor Longspear
  164. Conviction WTS 7/7 Wave Full Gem Pre 4.0 , Erenor Staff, other mage goodies
  165. Thunderwing WTB divine erenor bow
  166. Aranzeb WTS Eternal Triangular Rig
  167. Conviction WTS T1 Legendary Obsidian Nodachi
  168. Thunderwing WTS Ayanad Flame Plate set 7/7
  169. Thunderwing WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Lute
  170. Kraken WTS Ayanad Wave Scepter
  171. Vengeance WTS legendary offhands
  172. Conviction WTS Legendary Ayanad Earth Scepter
  173. Kyrios wtb hexbane sabaton image
  174. Conviction Wts epic delphinad wave sash and shoes
  175. Aranzeb WTB Divine Ayanad Staff
  176. Conviction WTB Epic Erenor Staff/Scepter
  177. Kyrios [WTB] <Legendary> Ayanad Shield
  178. Kyrios WTS OBS EPIC T1 Shield
  179. Aranzeb WTS Legendary obsidian scepter T7
  180. Conviction WTS Legendary Obsidian Bow
  181. wts/t6 myhtic katana b/o=? c/o=?
  182. Reckoning Wts epic delphinad leather gale wrist
  183. Conviction WTS Legendary T3 Obsidian Bow, Legendary T3 Obsidian Nodachi
  184. Kraken WTS 3 Hero Gems, Divine Ayanad Gale Helm and Belt
  185. Conviction selling legendary obsidian shield t3
  186. Kraken WTS 1h divine epheriums
  187. Vengeance Divine vexed desire- t6 dagger
  188. Reckoning WTS Erenor Club & T7 Legendary Obsidian Shield
  189. Aranzeb Selling legendary aya club
  190. Aranzeb WTS Legendary cold flames gloves T6
  191. Conviction WTB Assassin Earrings epic ++
  192. Thunderwing WTS 24x24 Harvester Farmhouse
  193. Aranzeb WTB Tempting Melody 5/5
  194. Aranzeb Selling divine aya-hood-shirt-sash-sleeves-shoes
  195. Reckoning WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Scepter
  196. Kyrios wts epic ayanad jerkin
  197. Kraken WTB legendary t7 club
  198. Thunderwing WTB> Halcy/Ahnimar/Sanddeep land
  199. Conviction WTB delphinad shortspear and Epherium shield legendary of AH
  200. Aranzeb WTB 210 Mysterious Garden Power
  201. Conviction WTB Legendary T7 Dagger and Longspear
  202. Thunderwing WTS Erenor Epic Staff
  203. Thunderwing WTS Epic T4 Obsidian Sword
  204. Kyrios WTS 8 Blazing Sunridge Ingots
  205. Reckoning WTB Hexbane Top and helmet img
  206. Thunderwing WTS Legendary T7 Katana
  207. Kraken WTB epic obsidian flute
  208. Conviction WTB Bulk Superior Fireglow
  209. Kyrios WTS Epic T6 Oby Plate Chest/Legs w/ or w/o 353 Toughness
  210. Kyrios WTB Epic Ayanad Plate
  211. Conviction WTT Legendary T5 Scept for Erenor Scept
  212. Thunderwing WTB epic obsidian boots
  213. Thunderwing Wts divine ayanad gale ring
  214. Kyrios WTB Ayanad Plate (divine)
  215. Thunderwing WTS Legendary T5 Obsidian Bow
  216. Thunderwing WTS property in Rokhala
  217. Conviction WTS T3 Legendary Nodachi
  218. Conviction WTS Legendary T6 Scept or trade for lower grade Erenor
  219. Conviction WTB t7 Legendary Nodachi or Greatsword
  220. Kraken WTB Legendary Obsidian Scepter
  221. Vengeance WTS Hexbane gloves and pants
  222. Conviction WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear! WTB Legendary T7 Staff! OR TRADE?
  223. Thunderwing WTB Lord's Coins in Bulk ( and maybe garden powder)
  224. Aranzeb WTB Epic Corrupted kyrios boots(anthalon set boots)
  225. Thunderwing WTS Epic Cloaked Wondrous Obsidian Bow
  226. Conviction WTB Epic Erenor Staff/Scepter
  227. Conviction WTB Delphinad or Epherium plate 7/7 any grade
  228. Conviction WTB Hero Gems
  229. Kyrios WTB Meina's Belt
  230. Thunderwing WTS Epic Obsidian flute
  231. Conviction WTS Ayanad Plate - Divine
  232. Thunderwing WTS chimera agent uniform
  233. Conviction wts legendary cloth pants t4
  234. Conviction WTS Legendary T7 1h Club
  235. Conviction Wts epic cloaked scepter t5
  236. Thunderwing Crests ( Thunderwing/Conviction)
  237. Kyrios Wtb - divine ayanad desert plate
  238. Vengeance WTB Level 3+ guild
  239. Thunderwing WTS epic/legendary/mythic
  240. Conviction WTS [Mythic] Delphinad Typhoon Headdress (Pet Armor)
  241. Thunderwing WTB Unique/Celes Erenor Scepter
  242. Thunderwing Wtb ayanad wave/lake cloth divine pref with gems
  243. Conviction WTS Legendary T6 Scepter
  244. Thunderwing Wtb t1 epic obs. Bow
  245. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Leather Boots/Belt WTS 101 Lucid Evasion Gems
  246. Kyrios Epic Erenor Greatsword
  247. Kraken WTB legendary t7 shortspear/katana
  248. Kyrios Regrade Emblems/Costume rerolls
  249. Vengeance WTB Erenor Short spear Any grade.
  250. Conviction Selling Epic Ayanad Stone Pants (Six 353 Toughness Gems)