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  1. Conviction WTB Epherium 1H weapons
  2. Reckoning WTB Legendary Leather Breeches and Feet (melee version)
  3. Conviction WTB Erenor Bow Unique or higher
  4. WTS 2 44x44 spots in Ahnimar
  5. Reckoning Selling level 6 guild - Reckoning west
  6. Kraken Wtb hero gems
  7. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 scepter & obsidian Legendary T1 cloth shirt
  8. Aranzeb WTB epic to legendary erenor folder
  9. Thunderwing Buy
  10. Thunderwing Wtb ayanad axe epic
  11. Kyrios enoan scraps
  12. Conviction WTB 170 Lord Coins
  13. Conviction WTB Kraken or RD Glider
  14. Kyrios Wtb longspear fork image
  15. Reckoning WTB Legendary Staff Obsidian
  16. Aranzeb WTB Erenor Longspear
  17. Thunderwing WTS Epic t1 Obsidian Flute
  18. Kraken WTS epic ayanad shortspear
  19. Kraken WTB aya shield / scepter
  20. Aranzeb WTS Heroic Erenor Staff 30%
  21. Kyrios Wts fully gemmed divine ayanad longspear gale
  22. Conviction wtb leviathan set 5/5 =D
  23. Aranzeb wts epic erenor shortspear
  24. Conviction WTB Berserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter
  25. Aranzeb WTS Epic Ayanad Scepter
  26. Thunderwing WTB -aggro prestige lunascale
  27. Kraken Wtb ephemeral memory breeches
  28. Aranzeb WTS legendary obsidian leather
  29. Aranzeb WTS Opaque Polish x600
  30. Conviction WTS 7/7 Divine Delphinad Flame Set mostly gemmed
  31. Conviction WTS T6 Legendary Shortspear (Heartseeker)
  32. Thunderwing Selling all of my lands on Thunderwing
  33. Thunderwing LF Owner of Legendary Ayanad Greatsword on AH
  34. Kyrios Wts celestial erenor katana or trade
  35. Conviction WTS Epic Ayanad Tasset
  36. Aranzeb WTS legendary obsidian leather 41k each
  37. Reckoning WTB Mistsong Chests Normal Difficulty
  38. Kyrios WTS Divine Delphinad Gale Pieces and Ayanad Divine Gale bow fully gemmed
  39. Aranzeb WTB Fully Gemmed Divine Delphinad Flame Jerkin and Breeches
  40. Thunderwing WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  41. Vengeance LF Owner of Epic Erenor katana
  42. Conviction WTB Duskglow Waistcoat Ensemble
  43. Reckoning WTB Legendary Staff Obsidian T1
  44. Reckoning WTB epic ayanad bow
  45. Conviction WTS lots of costumes/skins, T6 Leg Shortspear, bunch of delph/ayanad accessories and other random things!
  46. Reckoning WTB Spotless Uniform Service Costume
  47. Thunderwing WTB Leg t7 Staff
  48. Conviction WTS Heartseeker Legendary T6 Shortspear cheap 1 time special
  49. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Dagger
  50. Conviction WTS - DIVINE Ayanad desert Fists/guards/boots and Epic ayanad desert Belt
  51. Conviction wtb 30 wrathsmite armor shards for 19k
  52. Conviction wts epic erenor katana
  53. Vengeance WTS Divine Erenor Short Spear
  54. Conviction WTB Purple Elk Plushie
  55. Aranzeb WTS Legendary obsidian T1 staff
  56. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor- Full Gem - Temper- 118 - Picture
  57. Kyrios WTB Superior Copperglow Lunarite x100 or bulk Fine Copperglow Lunarite
  58. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather breeches
  59. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather chest or boots
  60. Kyrios WTB Ayanad club!
  61. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Obsidian Staff
  62. Conviction Selling T6 Shortspear Legendary Heartseeker 70k f2f trade on conviction
  63. Thunderwing WTS Exeloch Built Mansion on Thunderwing
  64. Kyrios WTB Legendary t1 staff
  65. Kyrios WTB Erenor Club
  66. Thunderwing Wtb epic obsidian katana
  67. Vengeance WTS Legendary T6 Cloth Pants
  68. Vengeance WTS Legendary T7 Greatclub
  69. Thunderwing WTB Divine Erenor Bow
  70. Thunderwing Thunder wig> Harvesters for sale
  71. Aranzeb wtb divine ayanad flame guards (or any guards that I can turn into flame)
  72. Conviction WTT Legendary T6 Shortspear (Heartseeker) for any tier legendary dagger (EVEN BOUND T6)
  73. Reckoning WTS image Hexbane Helm at AH
  74. Aranzeb WTB blazing wind spirit leather
  75. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Leather Boots
  76. Aranzeb WTS Divine Ayanad Shortspear
  77. Thunderwing WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Nodachi (Gemmed)
  78. Vengeance WTB Leviathan Pieces + Leggy erenor scepter
  79. Reckoning WTS LVL 6 Guild Reckoning
  80. Thunderwing Wts/erenor divine katana offer
  81. Aranzeb WTB Divine Erenor Staff
  82. Conviction ***wts 2 Epic Ayanad Shields
  83. Thunderwing WTB> Divine Ayanad Life club
  84. Conviction WTS Legendary Ayanad Earth Scepter
  85. Conviction WTS epic pieces for your erenor 1h
  86. Conviction WTS 7/7 Ayanad Divine Lake Set - 6 hero gems - missing only 2 gems total
  87. Kyrios WTS Legendary Ayanad Wave Scepter
  88. Reckoning WTB 88 Celestial Weapon Anchoring Shards 20g per
  89. Kyrios WTT/WTS celestial erenor katana or trade for legendary obsidian shortspear
  90. Reckoning WTS Divine Obsidian T6 Shield
  91. Conviction Wts wrapped merchant costume
  92. Reckoning WTB Legendary Obsidian 1h Club
  93. Kyrios wts 7/7 ayanad flame set divine
  94. Conviction WTS - Epic Erenor Katana 21%
  95. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi
  96. Thunderwing WTS/T Legendary T1 Obsidian Jerkin
  97. Aranzeb WTS divine erenor nodachi
  98. Kyrios WTS Divine/ Epic Ayanad and delphinad items (925 mana wisps)
  99. Aranzeb WTB Divine Erenor Staff 120K GOLDS AH or Face to Face 120k. ARANZEB
  100. Kyrios WTB Erenor Club
  101. Aranzeb WTB Divine Ayanad Nodachi
  102. Thunderwing LF Owner Of Cloaked Legendary Ayanad Shoes
  103. Kyrios WTT Fully Built Spired Chateau (Filled with tons of RP stuff) for Divine Ayanad Bow
  104. For Sale: 24x24 Farmhouse in Grassy Dewstone - Directly south of "E" in Royster's Camp
  105. Kraken Wtb erenor bow
  106. Conviction WTS Costumes
  107. Aranzeb WTB> hero gem
  108. Aranzeb WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi / Ideally Gale
  109. Conviction WTS legendary melee costume perfect
  110. Kyrios WTB Heroic Erenor Staff
  111. Aranzeb Wts>ayanad life set 7/7 fully gem
  112. Reckoning WTB Epic Erenor Scepter
  113. Kyrios WTB Fan Emote 20k
  114. Reckoning WTS Epic Delphinad Life Shoes
  115. Reckoning WTS 2x Divine Ayanad Life Earrings & 2x Divine Ayanad Life Rings
  116. wts harvester's farmhouse in villanelle NE of Jaun's ranch for 4000g on thunderwing
  117. Thunderwing Looking for prestige farmer
  118. Thunderwing Selling Ale Sprite Soulstone
  119. Conviction wtb EPIC dagger obsidiam
  120. Thunderwing Wtb
  121. Kyrios WTS T5 Epic Shield ~ Long Anticipation
  122. Aranzeb WTS Mythic T7 Plate Pants
  123. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T2 Kraken Scepter (Bleak ArcadianSovereign)
  124. Aranzeb Wtb divine erenor staff or t5/t6/t7 legend staff.
  125. Aranzeb Buying Hero Gems
  126. Conviction WTB - Obsidian Legendary Cuirass
  127. Vengeance WTB Lord coins in bulk
  128. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather breeches ,chest or boots
  129. Vengeance Silent Shadow Fists - Legendary
  130. Aranzeb WTT Mythic T7 Shortspear for Mythic Scepter
  131. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Bow
  132. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Scepter
  133. Thunderwing WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  134. Kyrios WTB Erenor bow
  135. Aranzeb LF - Ayanad Gale Set
  136. Conviction WTS - My Mythic Erenor Scepter
  137. Thunderwing WTS Level 3 Guild
  138. Conviction WTS / WTT Epic Erenor Dagger
  139. Kyrios Wats divine erenor knecklace.
  140. Aranzeb Wtb Epic Erenor Staff.
  141. Aranzeb 7/7 ayanad life set 4 epic 3 divine
  142. Reckoning Ayanad Wave
  143. Aranzeb WTB Divine erenor leather pieces or below divine
  144. Thunderwing WTB Hero Gems
  145. Kraken WTB Peppermint letter Q, U and N
  146. Thunderwing WTS Epic/Divine Erenor weapon/armor
  147. Thunderwing WTS Leg T7 Shield
  148. Aranzeb Buying Wrathsmite Armor Shards
  149. Reckoning WTS / WTT Devine Obsidian jerkin T6
  150. Aranzeb WTB - Erenor Longspear any grade PM
  151. Kraken WTS/WTT Divine eronor nodachi
  152. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Obsidian Cloth Shoes
  153. Vengeance WTB Leviathan Pieces.
  154. Conviction WTS Divine Ayanad Lake Shoes
  155. Conviction WTS - Epic T6 Dagger Your Choice
  156. Reckoning WTS Epic obsidian T5 Helm
  157. Aranzeb WTB Epic Leather Pants T6 (Screaming)
  158. Thunderwing WTB Divine Ayanad Wave Bow
  159. Thunderwing WTB Fully Socketed Divine Ayanad Earth Shield
  160. Aranzeb WTB blazing wind spirit leather post them on ah when u see this post
  161. Conviction WTS T1 Legendary Short Spear
  162. Reckoning WTB Titan's Pain
  163. Aranzeb Wtb Divine Erenor Staff 125k Or Epic 180k Golds.
  164. Kraken WTS T6 Epic Greatsword
  165. Conviction WTS T6 Epic Voidspell (Magic Shield)
  166. Aranzeb Buying Ayanad Flame Leather
  167. Vengeance Selling Divine Erenor Shortspear
  168. Kraken Wts epic/legendary erenor and ayanad
  169. Conviction WTS Mythic T6 Obsidian Scepter
  170. Aranzeb WTB BULK Obsidian chest pieces at grand or rare cloth ,leather or plate, Post em on AH LEGGO
  171. Vengeance WTB low grade Ayanad shirt. (for img)
  172. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Epherium flame tasset
  173. Kraken WTS ayanad leather set
  174. Aranzeb WTB eph chest pieces from grand to unique
  175. Reckoning WTB Mythic t7 Shortspear
  176. Conviction Wanting to sell Wrapped Scroll: Timber Coupe
  177. Thunderwing wts cherry treehouse in villanelle on the island for 7k. It is already certed.
  178. Thunderwing WTB Lege T7 cloth pieces
  179. Kyrios WTB Divine Ayanad Bow (Kyrios or Conviction)
  180. Conviction Wtss Leg Ayanad Katana or trade
  181. Aranzeb WTS Celestial Erenor Scepter or trade w/ Leg Aya Scep
  182. Vengeance WTB Delph Shirt. Any grade, any roll.
  183. Kyrios Wts divine erenor katana or trade
  184. Aranzeb Wtb epic aya shoes and epic elegant glory sash
  185. Aranzeb WTS Fully Gemmed Ayanad Katana
  186. Aranzeb Selling divine aya stone belt with zeal gems
  187. Reckoning WTB peppermint X and Kyrios Hoods
  188. Conviction wtb growling yawl design
  189. Conviction wts epic erenor dagger
  190. Kraken WTB T4+ Divine/Epic Obsidian Greatclub
  191. Aranzeb WTS LEG t1 Shortspear
  192. Vengeance {Vengence} WTS Celestial Erenor Scepter
  193. Conviction WTS Epic Ayanad Life Shoes and Pants
  194. Kyrios WTB Apex 1100 gold each
  195. Conviction WTS Divine Erenor Katana or WTT for Divine Erenor Bow!
  196. Aranzeb WTB Epic Erenor Nodachi
  197. Kyrios WTS Legendary Cloth Obsidian Chest
  198. Aranzeb Wtb/ wtt
  199. Aranzeb Wts
  200. Aranzeb WTB epic ayanad 2 handers 37k each
  201. Aranzeb WTB legendary deathfletcher
  202. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Ayanad Gale Bow
  203. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Staff !!!
  204. Conviction WTB Frozen Anguish (fully gemmed if possible)
  205. WTS Legendary Shortspear
  206. Conviction WTB Epic Epherium Boots, Guards or Breeches
  207. Vengeance WTB Thunderwing titan wings.
  208. Aranzeb WTB legendary ayanad gale bow
  209. Vengeance WTS epic obsidian leather cap 10300gold
  210. Conviction WTS Divine Delphinad Life Gloves
  211. Reckoning [WTB] Legendary Ayanad wave scepter
  212. Aranzeb WTB Ayanad Gale Almost Fully Gemmed
  213. Vengeance WTS Epic Obsidian cloth t7
  214. Aranzeb WTS Epic Obsidian T4 Archer Version
  215. Conviction WTB Bitter Tears (x40)
  216. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi
  217. Thunderwing WTS Legendary t6 Obsidian cap
  218. Aranzeb WTB Erenor Bow epic PST
  219. Vengeance WTB 5 toughness hero gems!
  220. Kraken WTB>Epic Ayanad Plate
  221. Conviction wts legendary erenor ss
  222. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Bow x2
  223. Aranzeb WTS Mythic T6 Nodachi
  224. Reckoning WTS Epic t6 Fists
  225. Conviction WTS Unique Erenor Sword
  226. Kyrios WTS Cheapest Epic Plate Boot on AH
  227. Aranzeb WTB Divine Erenor Katana
  228. Conviction [Conviction] WTS: Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery x 3
  229. Vengeance WTB Hermits heart/glare
  230. Aranzeb WTB Legendary Obsidian Great Club
  231. Aranzeb Wtb Epic Epherium / Delph Bow
  232. Vengeance WTS Mythic T6 sabatons
  233. Aranzeb WTB epic ayanad 2 handers 37k each
  234. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Shortspear
  235. Kraken WTB Legendary MAGE Undergarments & Costume
  236. Conviction WTS Ayanad Armor Pieces Divine and Epic + More (Sell Together or by pieces as u need)
  237. Aranzeb WTS Mythic Triangular Rig.
  238. Reckoning WTS/WTT Divine Delphinad Plate
  239. Conviction WTS Legendary Glory Sash
  240. Conviction WTB Wrathsmite Armor Shards and Blazing Sunridge Ingots
  241. Aranzeb WTS Divine Delphinad Stone Cloth Set 7/7
  242. Conviction WTB Legendary Obsidian Club
  243. Conviction WTS Legendary t7 Shortspear
  244. Vengeance WTS Mythic T6 Greatsword
  245. Reckoning [WTB] Epic delphinad armor
  246. Conviction WTS Legendary Erenor Scepter / Legendary T7 Scepter / T3 Zeal and Arc lightning gems
  247. Kyrios wtb erenor bow at low grade or legendary aya bow
  248. Kyrios WTB Obsidian legendry leather cap and breeches pst here or AH
  249. Kyrios WTS unique Erenor plate helm
  250. Aranzeb WTS Epic T6 Obsidian Cap (Leather Melee)