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  1. Aranzeb WTB Divine 2h ayanads
  2. Conviction WTB ayanad shield legendary crystalized
  3. Aranzeb WTT/WTS Epic Erenor Scepter Or trade for Epic Erenor Staff
  4. Kyrios Wts Erenor Longspear Celestial and Erenor katana divine pst
  5. Kraken WTS parcels halcy
  6. Thunderwing WTB> Golden Tokens
  7. Aranzeb WTB Epic Brimstone (T7) Dagger
  8. Conviction Wts
  9. Thunderwing WTS LEGENDARY ERENOR LONGSPEAR full t3 crit gems.
  10. Conviction WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin, Belt and Guards (Non-crystalized)
  11. Aranzeb WTS T7 Mythic Nodachi and other various items.
  12. Aranzeb WTS uncrystalized Divine Ayanad Earth Shield (Full t2 Max health)
  13. Vengeance Wts Plate Ayanad Desert Divine 7/7 (Non-crystalized)
  14. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear / Trade for Greatsword/Nodachi
  15. Kyrios Wtb t7 leg breeches pst
  16. Aranzeb WTB Epic Obsidian t1 or Cold Flame Hood/Shirt/Gloves
  17. Thunderwing WTS Epic Delphinad Flame Breeches (Fully Gemmed)
  18. Thunderwing Wts mythic/legenary
  19. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear
  20. Vengeance WTS> Epic LifeStealer accepting offers
  21. Kyrios WTB Divine Erenor Katana
  22. Aranzeb WTB legendary T7 leather helm,gloves
  23. Kyrios WTT my 1h Ayanad weapons for 2h equivalent (or sell)
  24. Aranzeb WTB Epic Obsidian Hood - Any tier (Healer only)
  25. Conviction WTS Legendary Ayanad Earth Longspear
  26. Kyrios WTS 5 pieces of Epic Delphinad Wave Plate
  27. Conviction WTT Erenor Cap and Guards for Erenor Cloth
  28. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Gear/Mythics
  29. Kyrios WTB Legendary T7 Club
  30. Aranzeb WTS Leg T7 Scepter, Epic T6 Dagger
  31. Kraken Selling White & Chestnut Horse Heads
  32. Kraken Selling Epic Erenor Dagger
  33. Aranzeb WTB Titan's chain
  34. Kraken WTS Mythic T7 bow
  35. Kraken Wts Erenor Scepter Epic
  36. Kraken WTT T7 Leg Shortspear for T7 Leg Katana/2h
  37. Kyrios WTS epic flame boots
  38. Thunderwing [WTS] Legendary Ayanad Wave Staff
  39. Aranzeb WTS Mythic / Legendary / Epic / Divine WTB Legendary T7 Shield
  40. Vengeance WTS Mythic obsidian bow
  41. Conviction WTS Nodachi Erenor Epic 117%
  42. Conviction WTT Legacy stuff for F/S stuff
  43. Thunderwing WTB Legendary t7 Katana
  44. Kyrios WTB Superior earth lunarite via mirage
  45. Aranzeb WTS cele erenor nodachi
  46. Thunderwing WTS Old T3 Lunagems CHEAP
  47. Conviction WTS all my lands/houses
  48. Aranzeb WTB mythic t7 club
  49. Vengeance WTB Bow T7 Legendary
  50. Kyrios WTB Mythic T7 2h || WTS Epic Erenor Katana
  51. Aranzeb Wts epic erenor ring (melee stat)
  52. Thunderwing WTS Land in Rokhala
  53. Conviction WTB - Kickass Bow - Mythic Obsid or Erenor Considered
  54. Reckoning WTB the delphinad desert breeches made by brodka from reckoning
  55. Vengeance WTB Mythic Obsidian Cloth/Belt
  56. Thunderwing WTB Divine/Epic Delphinad Stone & Life Pieces
  57. Kyrios WTT Legendary T7 Scepter for a Legendary T7 Shield
  58. Conviction WTB LEG / EPIC Leather Pcs
  59. Kyrios WTS T7 Epic Oby Plate Leg/Hand/Boot CHEAP
  60. Kyrios Wts - celestial 1h erenor sword and t7 leggy obs shield
  62. Thunderwing wts harvester+2 16x16demo on the island of villanelle
  63. Aranzeb WTB Epic Obsidian gloves and Titan's Chain
  64. Conviction selling epic erenor bow 11% to legendary
  65. Kraken Looking to buy old 6.0 Ranged gems
  66. Thunderwing WTB > Mythic Obsidian Bow
  67. Conviction WTT T7 Mythic Staff + T3 gems for Mythic T7 Scepter + gems
  68. Thunderwing WTS 4/7 Epic Delphinad Flame Set Full Gemmed Old T3 Gems/New T2
  69. Aranzeb Wts divine silent shadow breeches
  70. Aranzeb WTB apex in bulk 1250g each post em on ah
  71. Aranzeb WTS Divine Ayanad Earth pants Crystalized 7 Old Toughness gems
  72. Kraken WTB Epic Erenor Scepter
  73. Thunderwing WTS Epic Delph Flame Fists + Legendary T7 Dagger
  74. Kyrios WTS Epic Erenor Katana
  75. Thunderwing WTT or WTS T7 Mythic Staff + T3 gems for Mythic T7 Scepter + gems
  76. Thunderwing WTS LEGGY t7 LEATHER BREECHES 60k
  77. Thunderwing WTB perfect roll undergarments
  78. Thunderwing Wts legemdary erenor scepter
  79. Conviction WTS FarmHouse x30 savanna 30k gold
  80. Kraken WTB Leg T7 Dagger
  81. Aranzeb WTS mythic t7 ss, t7 sword, t7 breeches
  82. Aranzeb WTB Legendary Obsidian Shield (Any Tier except Brime)
  83. Aranzeb WTS cele erenor nodachi 72k
  84. Conviction WTS Nodachi Erenor Epic 117% OR WTT ...
  85. Thunderwing WTS Epic Cloth shirt and Scepter
  86. Thunderwing WTS Epic Delph Flame Fists + Breeches (Fully Gemmed) + Leg T7 Dagger
  87. Thunderwing WTB No turbulence glider
  88. Thunderwing WTS Epic erenor staff 188 temp full t3 crit gems
  89. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Erenor Scepter and Mythic Delphinad Wave Bow
  90. Thunderwing Wtb 1 hero gem
  91. Aranzeb Wts mythic t7 shortspear
  92. Thunderwing WTB Mythic/Leg T7 Club
  93. Thunderwing Wtb mythic plate helm,cuirass,greaves
  94. Aranzeb WTB Epic Obsidian Gloves or Pants
  95. Kyrios WTS Erenor Longspear celestial
  96. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Erenor Sword
  97. Reckoning WTS Epic Cold Flame Gloves
  98. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Delphinad Flame Leather
  99. Thunderwing WTS Div Erenor Leather Agility 7/7 EPIC erenor BOW
  100. Thunderwing WTS Epic Delph Flame Fists + Epic T6 Obsid Fists
  101. Thunderwing WTS Ayanad Wave Helm *Legendary*
  102. Aranzeb WTB cele or unique delp 2h weapons in bulk post em on ah LEGGO!
  103. Thunderwing Wts epic erenor staff/club and a legendary t7 katana
  104. Thunderwing WTS/WTT Mythic obsidian bow for melee weapon
  105. Thunderwing WTS mythic dagger/WTT for mythic SS
  106. Aranzeb WTS Red Dragon Shield T2 Epic
  107. Kraken WTB Divine cristalized Shield (character AJita who is ? )
  108. Kyrios Wts - celestial erenor sword
  109. Kyrios WTB Legendary Ayanad Flame Guards
  110. Kyrios WTB Epic Cold Flame Shoes
  111. Kyrios WTB Epic Cold Flame Shoes
  112. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Scepter
  113. Kyrios WTS/WTT Legendary T7 Staff for Legendary T7 Scepter
  114. Thunderwing WTS T7 Mythic Staff + 8 T3 crit dmg gems for it
  115. Kyrios WTB cheap epic life cloth gear ^^
  116. Thunderwing WTB delphinad scepter, obsidian scepter, ayanad ring
  117. Thunderwing WTB T7 Legendary Dagger
  118. Thunderwing WTS Leg T6 Flute!
  119. Thunderwing WTS mythic t6 dagger /WTT myhtic t7 dagger for mythic t7 SS or sword
  120. Kyrios WTB EPIC Ayanad cloth shirt earth/wave/lake
  121. Vengeance Dark Tears Auramancy Disciple Costume
  122. Thunderwing WTB: Mythic Obsidian Bow
  123. Kyrios WTB Ayanad Wave Cloth set epic or higher
  124. Kyrios WTS Mythic T7 Katana
  125. Thunderwing WTB mythic T7 scepter
  126. Thunderwing wtb Erenor greaves
  127. Wtb...
  128. Kraken WTS Legendary Obsidian Cuirass
  129. Vengeance WTB Seabreeze plank design
  130. Aranzeb WTS Lordly Iceraven Robes
  131. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Erenor Club
  132. Thunderwing WTB Epic T6 Archer Armor
  133. Thunderwing WTB Epic/leg delph
  134. Thunderwing Wtt leg t7 ss for leg t7 gs
  135. Vengeance wts mythic t7 bow
  136. Thunderwing WTB > Hero Gem x8
  137. Kyrios LF the owner of Epic t7 breeches
  138. Thunderwing WTB legendary T7 scepter
  139. Thunderwing WTB leg t7 greatsword
  140. Kraken WTB Epic Plate Waist (Delphinad or Ayanad)
  141. Conviction WTT/S Erenor Heroic leather Cap and Guards
  142. Conviction selling mythic t7 bow in person
  143. Kyrios WTT T7 Leg. Staff for T7 Leg. Scepter
  144. Kyrios WTB - 2 Eternal Merch Sails
  145. Thunderwing wts treehouse,harvester's farmhouse and 16x16 farm on the island in villanelle
  146. Kyrios WTS Epic ayanad bow, non cryst
  147. Conviction WTS Ayanad Earth Leather 4 Pieces with old gems full socket https://imgur.com/a/i5cvSf5
  148. Thunderwing WTS Hellkissed Bow
  149. Thunderwing WTB Epic Ayanad Stone Gloves
  150. Conviction wtt Legendary Ayanad Earth Longspear for various other weapons
  151. Kyrios WTB Affordable Erenor Staff <3
  152. Thunderwing WTB Epic Ayanad Earth/Lake Chest piece
  153. Kyrios WTB - AXE or GREATAXE
  154. Thunderwing WTS>Leg T7 Sword
  155. Aranzeb WTB Weapon
  156. Kyrios Wtb - erenor bow
  157. Aranzeb Wts t7 leg nodachi
  158. Aranzeb WTB Epic Delphinad Flame Jerkin Crystallized
  159. Aranzeb WTS Epic Ayanad Desert Greaves, crystallized
  160. Conviction WTS Mythic T7 Scepter
  161. Thunderwing WTB>T7 Legendary Staff
  162. Kraken WTS Legendary Erenor Sword 280k
  163. Aranzeb WTB cele or unique delp 2h weapons in bulk post em on ah LEGGO!
  164. Kyrios Wtb - obs leggy t7 bow
  165. Thunderwing WTS 7/7 epic ayanad flame leather set
  166. Kyrios WTB Erenor Club Please <3
  167. Conviction WTB Divine/Epic magic underwear
  168. Aranzeb LF the owner of t7 brimstone greatsword
  169. Conviction WTB legendary healing costume
  170. Thunderwing WTB T7 Legendary Lute
  171. Thunderwing WTS/WTT Mythic t7 bow
  172. Kraken WTB Epic Ayanad Gale BOW
  173. Kyrios WTS Legendary T7 Obsidian Greatsword
  174. Conviction wtb Legendary/Mythic Auroria set 7/7
  175. Thunderwing WTB erenor cloth 7/7
  176. Thunderwing WTB dochul plate chest/fists images
  177. Kraken Wtb t7 nodachi/greatsword legendary
  178. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Staff (Full gemmed t2 crit) 118% temper
  179. Aranzeb Wts: Nodachi t7 pm me 63k or offrs
  180. Kraken Wts legendary erenor scepter
  181. Conviction WTB Ayanad Plate set legendary / earth
  182. Thunderwing WTB Hexbane cuirass on ah
  183. Thunderwing LF seller of mythic ayanad wave scepter on auction
  184. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Ayanad Greatclub 117% Temper Full T2 Heal crit gems
  185. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Delph Flame Pieces
  186. Kraken WTS staff erenor
  187. Thunderwing WTB Epic ayanad 1h/shield
  188. Aranzeb Wtb>katana t7 legendary
  189. Thunderwing WTS Legendary T7 Shield, Epic Erenor Scepter, White Horse Head, WTB Mythic T7 Shield.
  190. Kyrios Looking for owner of Erenor staff on ah
  191. Kyrios WTS/WTT Mythic Cloaked Brimstone Katana
  192. Thunderwing WTB Mermaid bathtub
  193. Conviction WTB Sword t7 Legendary
  194. Aranzeb Wts: Greaves t7 legendary bid
  195. Aranzeb WTB cele delp 2h weapons in bulk post em on ah LEGGO!
  196. Kyrios Selling/Trading Leg T7 Staff + Harbinger gems
  197. Reckoning WTB Epic Obsidian Boots & Cap (Leather) T1-T6
  198. Kraken WTB Obsidian Shield
  199. Vengeance CONVICTION WTS Epic Erenor Staff
  200. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Staff
  201. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Dawnsdrop belt
  202. Thunderwing WTB Ayanad Sleeves / Vambraces / Guards
  203. Vengeance WTS Legendary erenor bow.
  204. Conviction WTB Anthalon Gear
  205. Thunderwing WTB T7 Mythic Scepter, T7 legend Scepter, Epic Erenor Scepter
  206. Thunderwing WTB divine ayanad club or epic ayanad club crystallized (the ones currently on auction )
  207. Kraken WTS erenor Staff Heroico
  208. Thunderwing WTB T7 Epic Dagger
  209. Vengeance WTB Epic erenor 1-h melee
  210. Kyrios WTT/WTS Legendary crystallized Ayanad Earth Plate pieces
  211. Kyrios WTB Erenor Greataxe
  212. Kraken WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi
  213. Conviction WTS Epic Wandering Hawk or Bandit King
  214. Kyrios wtb epic+ ayanad desert plate pieces gemmed
  215. Kyrios wtb cloth wave ayanad gear epic+!
  216. Thunderwing WTS T7 Scepter (Legendary) Also Epic Ayanad Wave Pants Full Gemmed (Old Ones) Not crystallized
  217. Conviction selling mythic t7 obsidian bow
  218. Vengeance WTS Mythic/Legendaries galore.
  219. Aranzeb WTB Cloaked brimstone Flute (legendary) on AH
  220. Kraken Wtb legendary t7 fists
  221. Thunderwing WTB T7 Epic Dagger
  222. Kyrios WTB EPIC ayanad and delph 2h weapons
  223. Conviction WTB custom costume
  224. Thunderwing WTB epic ayanad shield
  225. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Bow t7
  226. Kyrios WTB Lords coins in bulk (any server)
  227. Kyrios WTB 4 Evenglow Impact or Trauma gems (trip or Impale + Stun)
  228. Reckoning WTS T7 Scepter (Legendary)
  229. Aranzeb WTB and WTS
  230. Kraken WTB Legendary Tassets/ Vambraces plate
  231. Reckoning WTS Epic Erenor Bow
  232. Thunderwing WTB leg anth cloth
  233. Thunderwing WTB Mythic Greatsword or Nodachi
  234. Vengeance WTB Epic erenor 1-h melee And legendary plate armor
  235. Thunderwing WTS Epic Ayanad flame Cap and Breech 19k, Legendary fist 45k
  236. Vengeance WTB Legendary Plate (Any Server)
  237. Vengeance WTS T7 Legendary Greatsword
  238. Reckoning WTB Divine Erenor Staff
  239. Reckoning WTB Divine Erenor Staff/T7 Legendary Staff
  240. Aranzeb WTS cele erenor nodachi at 77%
  241. Kyrios WTS Mythic delphinad jerkin
  242. Aranzeb WTB epic ayanad plate pants fully gemmed with 353 toughness gems
  243. Kyrios WTB erenor scepter divine+
  244. Thunderwing WTB T7 Epic or LEgendary Dagger
  245. Aranzeb WTB cele or divine erenor leather pieces
  246. Thunderwing WTS legendary T7 bow and eternal melee costumes maxed 100%
  247. Thunderwing xD trading epic Erenor bow for epic Erenor 1 hand melee
  248. Kyrios WTB Epic Erenor 1H (Sword)
  249. Kraken WTS Leg T7 Obsidian SS
  250. Kraken WTB Delphinad Breeches, Boots and Jerkin - Celestial or below