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  1. Kraken WTB Delphinad Breeches, Boots and Jerkin - Celestial or below
  2. Kyrios WTB Erenor Greataxe or Greatsword
  3. Aranzeb The cele nodachi erenor at 77% is listed in ah for 67k
  4. Thunderwing WTB Legendary T7 Sword
  5. Kyrios Wts/wtt mythic delphinad gale jerkin
  6. Aranzeb WTS Epic Ayanad Desert Greaves, crystallized
  7. Aranzeb WTS/WTT Mythic T7 Shortspear
  8. Kyrios WTS Legendary Ayanad Scepter - Max temper - Gemmed - Crystallized
  9. Vengeance WTS 7/7 Ayanad Stone cloth Devine, non cyrstallized no gems
  10. Thunderwing Want to trade Epic Erenor Nodachi
  11. Reckoning WTB Epic/leg delph
  12. Kraken WTB Staff erenor divine
  13. Thunderwing WTB Legendary and Mythic Epherium/Magnificent Plate 7/7
  14. Conviction WTS legendary/divine ayanad gear
  15. Kyrios Buying Epic+ Erenor RH or 1H melee weapon
  16. Kraken WTB staff erenor
  17. Vengeance WTS Mythic t7 dagger and scepter
  18. Reckoning wtb Dragon heartshard
  19. Kyrios WTB crystallized divine Ayanad 2h melee weapon @ 13k
  20. Conviction WTS Epic Erenor Staff
  21. Thunderwing WTS - Mythic Ayanad Flame Ring
  22. Kyrios WTS Legendary Ayanad Flame Belt
  23. Kraken WTB Enoan Galleon Design
  24. Aranzeb Farmer Bob's pack creation service
  25. Aranzeb WTB lege t7 bow
  26. Kyrios WTT/WTS Crystalized Div Ayanad Bow, WTB Leg T7 Bow
  27. Vengeance WTB Mythic Ayanad 1H weapons.
  28. Thunderwing WTB T6 Epic Leather Boots / Dashing
  29. Aranzeb WTB - A LOT of vocation points
  30. Thunderwing WTB T7 Epic or LEgend Dagger
  31. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Greatsword
  32. Vengeance WTS T1 Legendary Shield
  33. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Ayanad Bow
  34. Aranzeb WTS Divine/Epic Delphinad Flame Armor Crystallized
  35. Aranzeb WTS Ayanad Legendary Shield
  36. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Shortspear low grade
  37. Kyrios Wts Legendary Ayanad Earh Plate
  38. Vengeance WTB Epic erenor club
  39. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather at any grade
  40. Reckoning WTS Mythic T7 jerkin
  41. Reckoning WTB Delph Wave Shoes (cloth) Divine +
  42. Vengeance WTB Legendary plate
  43. Conviction selling mythic t7bow
  44. Thunderwing WTT mythic 2h for erenor 1h
  45. Aranzeb WTB ayanad divine leather breeches non crystalised
  46. Aranzeb Wtb leg t7 shortspear
  47. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Delphinad or Ayanad Sleeves
  48. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear
  49. Thunderwing WTS Leg/Mythic Plate, Mythic T7 shield, etc
  50. Aranzeb WTB Legendary ayanad 2h (any)
  51. Vengeance WTB Epic Erenor Club 180k Base
  52. Aranzeb WTB Legendary t7 FLUTE FROM AH
  53. Vengeance WTS Legendary Erenor Scepter
  54. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Scepter
  55. Vengeance WTB epic erenor Club/epic/lege enoan sails
  56. Kyrios WTB Legendary Brimstone bow
  57. Aranzeb WTB Ipnysh moonlight blessing post on ah LEGGO!!
  58. Aranzeb WTB blazing wind spirit leather post them on ah when u see this post
  59. Thunderwing WTB Legendary T7 Cap/Gloves/Shoes - Leather
  60. Vengeance WTS Legendary erenors.
  61. Kyrios Wts mythic delphinad gale jerkin 36k
  62. Kraken WTB staff erenor EPic
  63. Aranzeb WTB epic plate helm, belt, vambracers, and gloves
  64. Thunderwing Wtb mythic plate shirt
  65. Conviction WTB Legendary/Mythic Delphinad/Epherium/magnificent PLATE
  66. Vengeance WTB epic/divine erenor club
  67. Kraken WTB Stafll Erenor EPic
  68. Kraken WTB epic delph cloth
  69. Kyrios WTB Legendary/Mythic t7 dagger
  70. Reckoning Wts variety of items
  71. Thunderwing wtb epic delph flame leather
  72. Kyrios Wtb legendary t7 bow
  73. Aranzeb WTS T7 Legendary Scepter
  74. Thunderwing WTS Mythic t7 Obsidian Nodachi
  75. Conviction WTB Erenor Club Legendary/Epic
  76. Conviction WTS epic cruel glory sash
  77. Thunderwing Selling leg healing gear and hero gems
  78. Thunderwing wtb Kraken ink Sac
  79. Vengeance WTB Epic/Divine Erenor club
  80. Thunderwing Overpaying for a epic leviathan plate pants
  81. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Ayanad Bow
  82. Kraken change or sell
  83. Thunderwing Wts legendary delph wave bow
  84. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Bow + Fireglow T2 Gems x27
  85. Kyrios Legendary Erenor Greatsword
  86. Kyrios Wtb t7 cloth set pieces
  87. Kraken change or sell 150k
  88. Kraken WTS 3x hero toughness gems
  89. Conviction WTB Legendary T7 Shortspear
  90. Aranzeb WTB Dawnsdrop sets
  91. Thunderwing Wtb legnedary erenor 1h melee weapon
  92. Thunderwing Wtb melee costue
  93. Kyrios WTB Legendary+ T7 Cloth Pieces
  94. Kraken WTS Mythic T7 Greatsword
  95. Thunderwing WTB Ayanad Cuirass (Uncrystallized) Any grade
  96. Conviction WTB Erenor Katana Low Grade
  97. Thunderwing WTS a ton of mythics/erenor also WTB
  98. Kraken WTS Legendary T7 Sword
  99. Kraken change or sell 155k
  100. Aranzeb WTS/WTT Epic erenor Longspear
  101. Aranzeb WTB ayanad plate wave Epic or Legendary
  102. Thunderwing WTB Legendary T7 Cap/Fist - Leather
  103. Reckoning WTS Legendary T7 Staff
  104. Thunderwing [WTB] Ebonfur Cub/Crater Cub
  105. Vengeance WTB legendary ayanad chest and gaurds gale if crystalized or divine+ erenor
  106. Kraken WTS Legendary Beast 4k on AH
  107. Thunderwing WTB hermit's will
  108. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Obsidian Shirt
  109. Kraken WTB Scepter Erenor Epic
  110. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Delph Flame Pieces
  111. Selling Ale Sprite battle pet
  112. Kraken WTB Mythic t7 shield or cryst Ayanad Earth shield
  113. Vengeance WTS Mythic T7 Shield
  114. Vengeance WTB Lege or Mythic Erenor Staff
  115. Thunderwing Wtb legendary erenor dagger/katana
  116. Thunderwing WTB epic flame plate belt
  117. Conviction WTB Epic Ayanad Flame / RD Nodachi
  118. Conviction WTB Dragon Heartshard
  119. Reckoning WTB Ipnysh Starlight Blessing Scroll
  120. Thunderwing WTS> Leg T7 Obsid Cloth Chest
  121. Conviction Wtb Epic Erenor Nodachi / Longspear
  122. Kyrios WTB Epic Cold Flame Shoes and/or Hood
  123. Aranzeb Weapon Shop
  124. Vengeance Wts epic t7 obsidian shoes (cloth)
  125. Kraken WTS Legendary t7 Katana
  126. Aranzeb WTS / WTT Legendary Ayanad Bow non crystallized
  127. Thunderwing WTB Legendary delphinad flame fists and belt
  128. Thunderwing WTS Mythic/Legendary ITEMS
  129. Kraken WTB epic delph flame guards
  130. Aranzeb wts/wtt t7 leg ss
  131. Thunderwing WTB> Mermaid's Breath Earring
  132. Thunderwing WTB Epic obsidian pants/shoes
  133. Thunderwing Mage gear 6000 GS WTT
  134. Thunderwing LF Owner Of Mythic T7 Nodachi
  135. Aranzeb wts epic t6 mage shirt/leg t7 staff
  136. Thunderwing WTT Mythic T7 Greatsword for Epic Erenor 2h
  137. Aranzeb WTS/WTT Legendary Delphinad Flame set [7/7] & Legendary T7 scepter
  138. Aranzeb WTS [EPIC] PLATE Greaves Delphinad Desert
  139. Thunderwing WTB Legendary ayanad life sash/ WTS epic Erenor Staff
  140. Thunderwing WTB Divine/Epic Ayanad Flame Armor
  141. Vengeance Wts epic ayanad wave set
  142. Thunderwing WTB Dragon Heartshard
  143. Vengeance Wts epic erenor scepter gemmed
  144. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Staff
  145. Vengeance Wts mage things
  146. Kraken WTS/WTT Legendary Erenor Sceptor (25% xp full tier 2 gems)
  147. Conviction WTB Epic Wave Ayanad Cloth
  148. Thunderwing WTS "Mythic" Ayanad Flame Greatsword Crystalized Full Gem
  149. Aranzeb WTS T7 Mythic Katana / Leg Ayanad Earth Shield / Various Other Items
  150. Thunderwing WTB Divine Ayanad Jerkin/Breeches
  151. Conviction WTB Legendary Erenor Bow + Ayanad Gale Set
  152. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Delphinad Flame Cap
  153. Conviction WTB Epic Ayanad 2H
  154. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Erenor Staff
  155. Kyrios WTB T7 Cloth Legendary+ Gear
  156. Thunderwing Wts legendary erenor dagger or trade for 2h melee erenor
  157. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Elegant Glory Sash
  158. Thunderwing WTS Legendary T7 Hood (cloth)
  159. Reckoning WTS Leg T7 Longspear
  160. Thunderwing WTB LEGENDARY Obsi. T7 Nodachi !!
  161. Thunderwing Wts leggy obs leather. Erenor mythic ls
  162. Thunderwing Wts legendary erenor nodachi
  163. Conviction Wtb Epic Erenor Club and Ayanad Stone
  164. Thunderwing WTS Epic Erenor Bow
  165. Thunderwing Wts mythic shortspear ayanad sealed
  166. Aranzeb Wtb ayanad epic plate earth
  167. Vengeance WTS Epic TK Belt and WTT Divine Erenor Shortspear for Sword
  168. Conviction [Buying] Enoan Design
  169. Thunderwing WTS Epic erenor staff
  170. Thunderwing WTS Bleak Arcadian Guardian
  171. Thunderwing WTB Epic 1 Handers to feed.
  172. Thunderwing WTT Epic Erenor SS for Legendary Erenor SS
  173. Vengeance Wts t7 legendary gloves cloth
  174. Aranzeb WTT: Legendary T7 Katana + 7k for Legendary T7 Greatsword
  175. Thunderwing Wtb epic ayanad gale pants/belt
  176. Aranzeb WTS Legendary Delphinad Desert Cuirass
  177. Conviction WTS Divine Ominous Obsidian Shield
  178. Thunderwing WTB> Epic Erenor Longspear
  179. Conviction ***wtb/wtt Epic or Leg T7 Greaves and Sabaton, Epic Hemit's Glare and Epic or Leg Tassets with 4x800 HP Revitalizing Cheers Gems
  180. Aranzeb WTS (PLATE) LEGENDARY Delphinad Desert Cuirass
  181. Kraken WTS Full Epic/Legendary Ayanad Earth cloth
  182. Kyrios Wtb Legendary+ t7 cloth gloves/helm
  183. Vengeance Wts epic erenor staff full t3 gem or trade for bow
  184. Aranzeb Wtb (epic) plate ayanad earth
  185. Aranzeb WTB Legendary T7 Club
  186. Thunderwing WTS divine erenor fist and erenor arcane breeches
  187. Conviction WTB Erenor Greatsword Low Grade
  188. Aranzeb WTS Legendary T7 Katana
  189. Conviction WTB Epic Bows
  190. Aranzeb WTB weapon
  191. Thunderwing WTB epic erenor katana or shortspear
  192. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Sword.
  193. Conviction WTT celestial erenor SS for erenor bow same grade if possible
  194. Vengeance WTS Mythic obby leather
  195. Thunderwing WTB Epic Ayanad wave cloth pieces
  196. Conviction WTS erenor celestial shortspear
  197. Reckoning WTB Legendary T7 Bow / WTS Heroic Erenor Bow
  198. Thunderwing WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Leather
  199. Conviction Want to Buy Mythic Ayand leather Gear & Leg crystalized weapons
  200. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Katana
  201. Conviction WTB epic erenor melee weapon 1h 200k fully gemmed
  202. Vengeance Wtb leg t7 obsidian pants 65k
  203. Reckoning Wts or wtt epic erenor staff or scepter
  204. Thunderwing WTB DIV erenor cloth gear 7/7
  205. Thunderwing WTS T7 Mythic Scepter + T7 Epic Dagger
  206. Reckoning Wts t7 legendary club
  207. Conviction Wtb Epic Erenor Club
  208. Conviction WTB Legendary epherium gale jerkin and cap
  209. Thunderwing buying crystallized legendary 2 handers for erenor folder
  210. Thunderwing WTS - Legendary Erenor Staff 260k
  211. Aranzeb WTS (Legendary) Delphinad Desert Cuirass
  212. Thunderwing Wts mythic gears
  213. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Divine Bow
  214. Conviction WTB T7 obsidian plate pieces EPIC
  215. Vengeance WTB Leg T7 Leather Cap (cloaked brimstone) 65k
  216. Thunderwing WTB Epic Delph Stone
  217. Conviction Wts various things
  218. Conviction WTT Epic erenor 1h sword for SS erenor of the same grade.
  219. Vengeance WTS/WTT Mythic Nodachi for erenor melee weapon
  220. Aranzeb WTS 7/7 Ayanad Desert Set ( 3/7 Legendary grade 4/7 Epic )
  221. Aranzeb WTB Chest Hermit Image
  222. Reckoning WTS Heroic Erenor Bow 23% exp
  223. Thunderwing WTT Divine Erenor Shortspear for 2H
  224. Vengeance WTS Mythic Obsidian Leather
  225. Conviction Wts/wtt epic erenor bow
  226. Thunderwing Wtb Legendary Delphinad Flame legs,Gloves,Belt
  227. Aranzeb WTB Dragon Cultist Duster costume
  228. Aranzeb WTT: Legendary Uncrystallized Ayanad Bow FOR Legendary T7 Bow
  229. Aranzeb WTS Full Ayanad Desert Set (7/7)
  230. Kyrios WTS Legendary Charming Glory Sash
  231. Vengeance WTS Epic TK Belt and WTT Divine/Epic Erenor Shortspear for Dagger/Katana
  232. Thunderwing wtb mythic obs plate shirt
  233. Thunderwing WTS Mythic Delph Flame Breeches and Leg Delph Flame Jerkin (Uncrystalized)
  234. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Scepter
  235. Aranzeb WTT Epic Erenor Longspear for Epic Erenor Shortspear
  236. Kraken WTS> Epic Erenor Greatsword | | WTB Res Sleeve
  237. Thunderwing Selling Divine Ayanad Gale Bow (crystallized)
  238. Aranzeb WTS: Legendary Uncrystallized Ayanad Gale Bow
  239. Kraken WTS Epic Erenor Scepter
  240. Kraken WTB > Mythic T7 Plate Chest PM
  241. Kraken WTS Lege Erenor staff
  242. Reckoning WTB 7/7 leather epic ayanad flame set
  243. Aranzeb WTB: Fully Gemmed Divine Ayanad Gale Pants
  244. Conviction WTS Ayanad Life Club (not crystalized).
  245. Conviction Rare Cupcakes
  246. Aranzeb (Legendary Ayanad) Flame Nodachi
  247. Vengeance WTS Mythic t7 Obsidian Nodachi (120k or highest bid)
  248. Conviction Looking for seller of the nodachi in AH
  249. Thunderwing WTB epic or legendary ayanad flame or desert or t7 plate pants or leviathan plate pants
  250. Thunderwing WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Shield, Tempered, Non-Crystallized.