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  1. Kraken WTS Epic Erenor Armor (Mage) and Legendary Erenor Staff
  2. Aranzeb [WTB] (Obs Nodachi Leg T7)
  3. Reckoning WTS lege erenor bow full gems
  4. Vengeance WTB Hero Gems
  5. Aranzeb WTS ayanad plate / T7 Scepter
  6. Kyrios WTB divine ayanad flame leather
  7. Aranzeb WTB T7 Greatsword
  8. Kyrios WTB Epic delph flame chest
  9. Vengeance Wts (nui)
  10. Thunderwing WTS Legendary Delph Stone Shirt
  11. Aranzeb customized legendary costumes
  12. Thunderwing WTS epic erenor katana with full t3 crit dmg gems
  13. Kraken WTS: Erenor Katana (Epic)
  14. Aranzeb WTB Divine/Epic Erenor Scepter
  15. Vengeance WTS/WTT UnCrys. Divine Ayanad Plate Pants for UnCrys. Ayanad Leather Shirt
  16. Conviction ***wts Tassets gemmed with 4x800 Revitalizing Cheer Gems in them
  17. Conviction Wts epic erenor staff
  18. Aranzeb WTS Ayanad (Epic/Legendary) Plate parts
  19. Kraken WTB: Legendary Obsidian T7 Cap/Fists / Legendary Ayanad Gale Jerkin/Breeches
  20. Kraken wts or wtt
  21. Thunderwing WTS mythic t7 ss, leggy t7 sword,leggy t7 katana,leggy t7 breeches/chest/boots and more
  22. Aranzeb WTB full gemmed epic Delph flame chest
  23. Thunderwing WTS Divine Erenor Staff 100k
  24. Aranzeb WTB leg ayanad flame chest,legs breeches n fist
  25. Vengeance WTS Divine Erenor Staff
  26. Aranzeb WTB Epic Erenor 1 Hander
  27. Aranzeb Selling perfect stats costumes
  28. Aranzeb WTB (Legendery) Sword T7
  29. Thunderwing Divine Erenor Staff perfect stats + t3 gems on AH for 85k
  30. Vengeance wtb epic obs gloves; wts t7 leg ss/staff
  31. Conviction WTB Wrapped Farm Wagon
  32. Aranzeb WTS Div Erenor Scepter
  33. Conviction WTS Legendary Erenor Bow (fully t2 gemmed), Epic Erenor Archer Leather full set (fully gemmed)
  34. Kraken [WTS] Legendary T7 Gauntlets & Greaves
  35. Vengeance WTB Custom Costumes
  36. Reckoning Wtb leg t7 shield
  37. Thunderwing WTB epic erenor two hand
  38. Conviction WTS Mage Gears / and others
  39. Conviction ***wtb Epic or Legendary T7 Greaves and Sabatons + Hermit's Glare (as well as things I am trading/selling)
  40. Vengeance WTB Epic T7 Scepter
  41. Thunderwing WTB mythic lute any tier!
  42. Thunderwing WTB epic t7 jerkin and breeches
  43. Kraken wts or wtt
  44. Kyrios WTB divine erenor club
  45. Thunderwing WTB Epic/Legendary Erenor Bow
  46. Reckoning WTB lege erenor greatsword/nodachi/longspear
  47. Vengeance WTB Epic T7 Scepter
  48. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Shortspear
  49. Thunderwing wtb mythic t7 bow
  50. Conviction WTB Sunny Springtime Top
  51. Conviction WTT Epic Erenor Katana 25%xp
  52. Conviction Wts epic erenor sword and staff
  53. Conviction WTB erenor club, bow or sword (legendary or myth)
  54. Kyrios wtb myth t7 dagger
  55. Kyrios ooops
  56. Aranzeb 3x Legendary Sails on AH 2600g each on AH
  57. Thunderwing WTS Lege/Epic Erenor Scepter/WTB Dragon Heartshard
  58. Reckoning WTB Epic/Legendary T7 Dagger
  59. Kyrios WTB epic ayanad/delph bows
  60. Thunderwing WTT epic erenor long spear for Greatsword
  61. Vengeance wtb leg t7 dagger, leg erenor scepter
  62. Thunderwing WTB T7 (Divine/epic) Cloth Chest Gloves and Pants
  63. Conviction WTB Dragon heart
  64. Conviction Wtb legendary boots t7
  65. Conviction Wtt epic erenor staff for melee weapon, will add good amount lf gold
  66. Thunderwing Wtb epic t7 cloth pants
  67. Kyrios wtb t7 legendary+ shoes
  68. Kyrios wtb good stats magic costume
  69. Aranzeb WTB Legendary Dagger T7
  70. Conviction Wts epic ayanad gale jerkin full gemmed
  71. Conviction Wtb legendary ayanad gale chest or t7 legendary
  72. Thunderwing WTB Legendary T7 Flute
  73. Aranzeb WTS - Properties (lots of them)
  74. Aranzeb WTS leg Ayanad fist non crystalised
  75. Conviction WTB LEGENDARY AYANAD LEATHER OR T7 leather
  76. Thunderwing WTB Legendary T7 Sword
  77. Conviction WTB Leg T7 Bow
  78. Conviction Wtb ayanad gale belt and guard and t7 fists
  79. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather pieces from arcane to divine
  80. Thunderwing WTB Epic or Leg Erenor LS,GS,GA
  81. Aranzeb WTB Lego T7 BOW
  82. Kraken WTB Cursed Armor pieces. Put some on North America AH people. :)
  83. Reckoning WTS Leg Erenor bow
  84. Vengeance WTS T7 Mythic Scepter
  85. Conviction Wtb erenor shield
  86. Thunderwing WTB Epic Erenor Nodachi Fully gemmed
  87. Conviction Wtf epic ayanad wave pieces
  88. Conviction wtb ayanad wave cloth celestial
  89. Thunderwing WTB Epic Erenor sword with strenght and melee crit
  90. Kyrios [Ignore Prefix] Archeum Founder
  91. Kraken WTB T7 Legendary Staff/Nodachi/GS
  92. Kraken WTS: Legendary Ayanad Gale Jerkin & Breeches (Gemmed Breeches)
  93. Kyrios Wtb t7 legendary fists or t6
  94. Vengeance WTB Mythic T7 Bow
  95. Kraken WTB: Epic T7 Chest
  96. Thunderwing 3 costumes for 3 apex
  97. Kraken WTT epic erenor ss for 2 Divine leather pieces or WTT ss for epic 1 erenor leather piece
  98. Kraken WTB Epic Erenor Katana
  99. Aranzeb Wts
  100. Kraken WTS Mythic T7 SS
  101. Thunderwing WTS/WTT Leg T7 Staff
  102. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Erenor SS
  103. Vengeance WTB Mythic T7 Bow
  104. Thunderwing WTS Mythic Erenor Scepter.
  105. Thunderwing WTT/WTSLeg T7 SS for Leg T7 Greatsword or Leg T7 Leather fists
  106. Conviction WTB t7 legendary fists
  107. Thunderwing WTS Legendary (New) T3 Obsidian Leather Cap
  108. Thunderwing WTT some items for Mythic T7 bow
  109. Kraken Wts Erenor Bow Legendary full gemmed
  110. Thunderwing WTS Hellkissed Bow (image)
  111. Thunderwing WTB legendary T7 2 handers for erenor food 5.0
  112. Kraken Wtb> erenor plate parts
  113. Kyrios WTB Epic Ayanad Leather Set
  114. Conviction lordcoins
  115. Kyrios WTB Epic Delph Flame (or uncrystal'd) chest + pants
  116. Reckoning WTS: Legendary Erenor Bow (complete t3 gems) Reckoning
  117. Aranzeb WTS Epic ayanad cloth set
  118. Thunderwing WTB kraken glider
  119. Thunderwing WTB Leg T7 club or greatclub
  120. Conviction Wts epic/divine ayanad two hand feeds and one hands
  121. Reckoning WTS: Legendary Erenor Bow (full gems and good stats) 250k
  122. Thunderwing WTB - Blazing Wind Spirit Leather x5
  123. Vengeance WTS T7 Mythic Scepter
  124. Thunderwing WTB T7 Leather Fist Epic+
  125. Kyrios WTS 6 Hero Gems
  126. Reckoning WTT/WTS: Legendary t7 leather set.
  127. Reckoning WTS: Legendary Erenor Bow
  128. Aranzeb WTB Leg Erenor
  129. Reckoning WTS: Legendary erenor bow 220k
  130. Thunderwing WTS Leg T7 Leather Cap
  131. Vengeance WTS Legiondary Ayanad Plate Fists - Uncrystalized
  132. Reckoning WTT Legendary T7 leather set (no gems)
  133. Kyrios WTT Epic ayanad cloth set for leather set
  134. Kyrios WTS Mythic T7 Sword
  135. Reckoning WTS T7 Legendary Bow
  136. Vengeance WTB Epic erenor SS
  137. Conviction WTS Some Mount and BattlePets
  138. Reckoning WTS: Legendary Erenor Bow
  139. Thunderwing WTB Epic delphinand flame pieces
  140. Conviction Taking offers on mythic T7 bow
  141. Reckoning WTS: Legendary Erenor Bow at 200k IN AH RECKONING.
  142. Vengeance WTS Mythic Shield / Lege Pants
  143. Conviction wtb leviathan set 5/5
  144. Reckoning WTB: Legendary T7 cloth feet and erenor epic 1h club
  145. Reckoning Selling some gears while AH is down.
  146. Kraken WTT Leg Erenor Katana for Leg Erenor SS
  147. Thunderwing WTS Ayanad Ring ( Eternal )
  148. Aranzeb WTS epic erenor ss
  149. Conviction Wtb legendary ayanad belt gale or non crystalized
  150. Kraken Wtb hero gems
  151. Kyrios WTS DPS Mage Armor + Mythic T7 weapon and more.
  152. Vengeance WTB Epic Gloves (any tier)
  153. Thunderwing WTT epic erenor long spear for Greatsword
  154. Reckoning WTB Permanent Personal Mailbox
  155. Aranzeb WTB erenor leather pieces from arcane to divine
  156. Thunderwing WTB epic ayanad flame leather
  157. Kyrios Wts 7/7 delp leather flame set and t7 longspear budget build
  158. Vengeance [Aria] WTS Mythic Shield / Lege Pants / Lege Shirt / Lege Shoes @t7
  159. Vengeance Wtb
  160. Kyrios Aria wtb t7 mythic dagger
  161. Reckoning (Aria) WTS lege erenor longspear.
  162. Conviction Kadum wtb single mermaid tub
  163. Conviction WTB Divine Ayanid FLAME PET GEAR
  164. Vengeance [Aria] WTT Lege 1h feeds for 2h feeds
  165. Thunderwing (Kadum) WTB Erenor Nodachi Divine/Epic/Legendary
  166. Reckoning WTB: Legendary cloth T7 Boots.
  167. Conviction (Kadum) WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi
  168. Kraken Aria wtb mythic obsidian shirt (cloth) any tier
  169. Kyrios WTB Epic Erenor Longspear
  170. Aranzeb ARIA Selling Legendary costumes and undergarments (you choose the stats)
  171. Vengeance WTS T7 Mythic Scepter
  172. Kraken Aria WTB Lege Erenor SS
  173. Kraken Aria WTS Halcy Plot
  174. Aranzeb [Aria] WTB Legendary / Mythic Erenor Sceptor
  175. Thunderwing (Kadum) WTS Armorer's Villa in Sunbite, taxes fully taken care of.
  176. Kyrios <3 Please wtb myth dagger!
  177. Vengeance WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Leather
  178. Conviction WTS Erenor Scepter Divine
  179. Conviction (Kadum) WTB Divine Ayanad Scepter
  180. Reckoning WTB Long or Seers Anticipation
  181. Aranzeb WTS 16 x 16 sunbite wilds near entrance to arcum iris (Aria)
  182. Kraken Aria - WTS Mythic T7 Club and Epic Erenor Club
  183. Conviction (Kadum) WTT Legendary T7 Greatclub for Legendary T7 Club
  184. Conviction wtb leviathan set 5/5 can be image
  185. Thunderwing WTB Thunderwing lunagem - Evenglow lunagem - Escape Kadum
  186. Aranzeb (ARIA) WTS Perfect Damage Magic Costume
  187. Kyrios WTB Erenor Scepter Epic/Leg ( Aria )
  188. Thunderwing Wtb legendary erenor staff
  189. Thunderwing [Kadum] WTB Level 8 guild
  190. Thunderwing (Kadum)WTB Epic Erenor Nodachi
  191. Thunderwing GG house
  192. Aranzeb [Kadum] WTS Divine Erenor Shortspear +17 75%
  193. Kraken Selling Ale Sprite Soulstone (rare battle pet) [aria]
  194. Aranzeb [Kadum] WTB Hero Toughness gems 11k/ea
  195. Aranzeb WTB divine delphinad leather flame pieces
  196. Aranzeb (ARIA) WTT Epic Erenor Nodachi for 1H Erenor
  197. Kraken WTB T3 Cursed Obsidian 2H Weapons
  198. Thunderwing WTS Mythic T7 Club
  199. Thunderwing KAdum - WTB Epic erenor infusion X300
  200. Aranzeb WTS Cloaked Legendary t7 scepter Aria
  201. Thunderwing WTS Eternal Ayanad Flame Breeches
  202. Thunderwing (KADUM) WTS Tons of Cursed 2handed weapon
  203. Thunderwing WTB Legendary Ayanad Flame Pieces (Belt, Guards, Fist and Boots)
  204. Kyrios WTB legendary ayanad 2h or legendary t7 obsidian 2h
  205. Aranzeb Wts epic erenor scepter and staff.
  206. Kyrios Selling Lots of Costumes
  207. Vengeance WTB Legendary Ayanad Pieces
  208. Thunderwing ARIA WTB Hellwing Pegasus + Siegeram Taurus
  209. Aranzeb [Aria] WTB Coral Mount
  210. Thunderwing (Kadum) WTS +26 Epic Erenor longspear, Epic Erenor Scepter and Mythic Ayanad Uncrystalized bow
  211. Aranzeb Aria - WTS - Erenor Club Celestial - 55k
  212. Kraken [Aria] WTB miner's farmhouse
  213. Aranzeb [Aria] WTS Legendary Erenor Sword
  214. Thunderwing Wts Erenor Bow Legendary full gemmed
  215. Conviction Kadum Cursed Obsidian Staffs
  216. Thunderwing (KADUM) WTS Cloaked Legendary T7 Staff
  217. Thunderwing (Kadum) +27 99% Epic Erenor scepter
  218. Thunderwing WTB 44x44 Land - Kadum
  219. Thunderwing WTB Legendary or Mythic Erenor Bow on Kadum
  220. Thunderwing WTB Erenor Greatsword/Longspear and Scepter
  221. Reckoning [Kadum] WTB Mats for Flying Dragon mount
  222. Kraken KADUM WTS Mythic T7 Obsidian Bow
  223. Kraken Server Aria
  224. Kraken WTB Epic erenor longspear
  225. Reckoning ARIA| WTB T7 Legendary or Mythic Shortspear.
  226. Thunderwing (Kadum) WTS Legendary erenor nodachi +24, Epic flame leather set
  227. Thunderwing (KADUM) WTS Mythix Anynad Earth Shield +18 - Fully gemmed with T3 Waveglows.
  228. Thunderwing (KADUM) WTS 2 44x44 and upgraded farmhouse - Marianople
  229. Aranzeb WTS Epic erenor breeches n epic erenor belt
  230. Vengeance (Aria)WTB Titan Talon (Thunderwing Dagger).
  231. Thunderwing [Kadum] WTT Devilish Temptation (stamped) for Dark Tear Witchcraft (stamped)
  232. Aranzeb (Aria) WTB Cherryberry Yata Costume
  233. Thunderwing LF Owner Of Leg Ayanad Flame Belt
  234. Conviction (KADUM)WTB guild level 6+
  235. Aranzeb WTT Epic erenor breeches and belt for leg Ayanad flame leather
  236. Thunderwing [Kadem]Selling 28, and 7 24's connected in Hellswamp
  237. Thunderwing [Kadum] WTT Werefox Robes for Lotusmist Costume
  238. Aranzeb WTS Epic erenor breeches 85k
  239. Thunderwing WTS Costumes
  240. Aranzeb WTS ERENOR BELT cheap as hell 40k LEGGO
  241. Vengeance (KADUM) WTS legendary erenor nodachi and ayanad epic flame leather set
  242. Kyrios [KADUM] WTS 16x16 Sungold BY THE COAST! Can do Cert Sale
  243. Aranzeb WTB Legend ayanad cap, belt or guards crystalised
  244. Reckoning WTS - 7/7 Ayanad Leather Set Epic - FULL Gems & Other Stuffs
  245. Conviction [Kadum] wtt epic erenor SS for erenor sword
  246. Aranzeb [ARIA] WTS T3 Cursed Obsidian 2H Weapons
  247. Aranzeb [Aria] WTS Legendary Erenor Lonspear
  248. Conviction WTS/T Erenor Legendary Nodachi
  249. Aranzeb (ARIA) WTS Perfect Damage Costume (melee)
  250. Thunderwing [KADUM] WTB Epic Delphinad/Divine Ayanad Cloth Pieces