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  1. Kyprosa WTB def pen costume
  2. Wts epic cold flame pants,t6 scepter and t6 obsi shield
  3. WTB Epic Scepter t1-t3
  4. WTS Demon Flame Horns
  5. Wts t6 epic greatsword
  6. WTS T6 epic greatsword
  7. WTS T6 epic greatsword
  8. Shatigon WTS Divine Ocean Scepter
  9. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Earth leather parts.
  10. Kyprosa WTB epic t1 scepter
  11. Shatigon Wtb: Mythic 2 hander
  12. Shatigon WTB Mythic
  13. Shatigon WTB Darkrunner Costume!
  14. Shatigon WTB 200 lord coins shatigon
  15. Shatigon WTS - Legendary greatclub at t7 - Epic t6 SS (archer versoin) + Divine delphinad ocean chest.
  16. Rangora :^) Who are you
  17. Rangora WTS 24x24/28X28 Spot in Halcyona Gulf, Luckbeard Island, 400 gold
  18. Shatigon WTB Divine Silent Shadow
  19. Kyprosa WTS> 44x44 land in Ynystere.
  20. Kyprosa WTB divine ayanad lightning cap
  21. WTS/WTT Devine Wave Ayanad shield
  22. Shatigon WTB ayanad gale breeches, belt, fists and head
  23. WTS T6 v2 divine leather armour
  24. WTB Ayanad Dagger/Katana as Divine
  25. Kyprosa WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow || WTB Epic Obsi Parts / Epic Ayanad Cloth / Ayanad Wave Bow
  26. Rangora Person selling Divine Ayanad Desert Shield on ah atm
  27. Shatigon WTB legendary scepter
  28. Rangora WTS Delphinad Wave Bow
  29. Rangora WTB Pumpkin Coach Bed
  30. Shatigon WTS 4*16x16 scare HELLSWAMP
  31. Rangora WTS Twilight Leaf [Legendary]
  32. Eanna WTB Ayanad scepter epic
  33. WTB Epic Staff
  34. Kyprosa WTS delphinad summer sword [divine]
  35. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T6 Sword (Souldrinker)
  36. WTS: Divine Eagle's Longspear 5K gold
  37. Shatigon WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow, Divine Ayanad Squall Jerkin ( WTB Epic Delph Volcano Bow )
  38. Kyprosa Wts epic sky katana
  39. Eanna Wtb red dragon nodachi
  40. Kyprosa WTB Epic Leather Pants (archer version if above t3)
  41. WTS Divine Epherium Flame Guards & Divine Obsidian T2 Cap
  42. WTS Firewrought Dragonslayer Costume
  43. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Stone Sword(last offer cheap)
  44. Eanna wtb 5 farm freighter,5 red hauler cert pm
  45. Shatigon WTS Legendary Epherium Lightning Belt / Perinor Ruins Cheese Empire, and more
  46. WTS T6 Legendary Shortspear (Leafshredder)
  47. WTS Epic Obsidian Sword
  48. WTB Delphinad Desert Greatsword
  49. WTB Delphinad desert leather
  50. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Nodachi or Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  51. WTS Upgradeable Divine shortspear and Epic nodachi
  52. Shatigon WTS Legendary ayanad wave bow
  53. WTB Epic obsidian leather parts
  54. Shatigon WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow ( WTB Epic Delph Volcano Bow )
  55. Shatigon WTS Epic Delphinad Gale Belt
  56. Kyprosa WTS - Epic - t6 Katana
  57. WTS T7 Legendary bow.
  58. WTB Legendary cloth Sash and Sleeves
  59. Kyprosa WTS - Epic Obsidian Breeches
  60. Rangora WTS Growling Yawl Design
  61. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Scepter+Divine Ayanad Autumn Club
  62. Wts epic delphinad autumn club
  63. Kyprosa WTS/WTT LOTS OF LABOR NA to EU
  64. WTT T5 stamina bow for T5 agility bow
  65. WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow
  66. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Lightning Necklace
  67. Selling Labour
  68. Kyprosa WTS divine ayand earth fists and epherium squall belt/guards
  69. Kyprosa WTS/WTT Epic Ayanad Stone Staff / Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow
  70. (East) Selling Labor
  71. WTS, at T6, Shield Legendary
  72. WTB Epic Obsidian Staff
  73. Eanna Selling Leather and Cloth Armor!
  74. Shatigon WTS Growling Yawl Design
  75. WTB Ayanad Wave Chest/Hat - WTS Magic Costume Epic
  76. Shatigon WTS Epic Delphinad Quake Cuirass and Epic Delphinad Quake Helm
  77. Kyprosa WTS delphinad summer sword [divine]
  78. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Shield
  79. Rangora <WTS> EPIC Delph Quake Shield - <WTB> LEGENDARY Nodachi
  80. WTT Divine Ayanad Wave shield
  81. Shatigon WTS/WTT divine ayanad life hood
  82. WTS Ayanad Meteor Nodachi - Divine
  83. WTB Legendary Ayanad Katana
  84. WTB Epic Delphinad Flame Guards
  85. Rangora WTB Legendary obs Greatsword or Nodachi
  86. Rangora WTS Divine Delphinad Flame Leather Jerkin // Divine Tier 2 Obsidian Breeches // Divine Tier 3 Obsidian Boots // Divine Tier 2 Obsidian Cap
  87. Rangora WTS Legendary t4 club
  88. Rangora WTS 3k+ Enoan Galleon Blueprint Fragments
  89. Rangora [Divine] - Red Dragon - Berserk Red Wing-Reaper
  90. WTB Ayanad/Delphinad Wave Pants
  91. WTS obsidian epic t6 cap (archer)
  92. Dahuta < WTB > Divine Ayanad Squall Armor
  93. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Katana at tier 7
  94. WTS Ayanad Lake Shirt/Ayanad Desert Chest Divine
  95. Rangora WTB Epic Ayanad Longspear / greataxe / Nodachi or Greatsword
  96. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Squall Boots/Breeches/Gloves.
  97. WTB Harani Sewingmachine
  98. Kyprosa [Kyprosa] WTS/WTT Legendary obsidian hood
  99. Shatigon WTS Divine Delphinahd Tidal Shortspear and Epic Heart Helm. [SALES]
  100. WTB Epic sash
  101. Shatigon WTB Mythic or Legendary Greatsword or Greattaxe or Nodachi
  102. Rangora WTS Epherium Flame Jerkin
  103. WTB 2x Seabreeze masts designs
  104. Rangora WTB Epic Obsidian Greatsword
  105. WTS Divine T4 greatsword (need to upgrade)
  106. Shatigon WTB Hero Toughness Gems
  107. Shatigon WTS Mythic Staff @T7
  108. WTB Legendary Obsidian Scepter
  109. WTB Divine Delph Flame PLATE Set (Chest, Pants, Boots, Arms)
  110. WTB Divine T1 shortspear / Seabreeze mast's / Epic Breehces
  111. Shatigon WTB legendary greatsword
  112. Dahuta WTS T6 Legendary Shortspear (Leafshredder)
  113. WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow
  114. WTB Epic Ayanad Lightning Cap
  115. Shatigon WTB epic leather hand t5 or t6
  116. WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shield
  117. Dahuta WTB Veroe throne
  118. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow
  119. Kyprosa WTS delphinad summer sword [divine]
  120. Rangora WTS Epic Scoundrals Moon, Divine Delphinad Stone Sword
  121. Shatigon WTS Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery
  122. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad flame shoes and Legs. Any grade.
  123. Dahuta WTS: Golden Wyrmwings
  124. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Quake Helm
  125. WTS Labor on 4 accounts // NA player
  126. Shatigon WTS: Guild Unity Decor Items - Sidewalk, Balloons and Tokens
  127. WTS *-..-* 28x28(X2) - 16x16(X2) areas in Silent Forest - EU, Rangora
  128. Shatigon WTB divine AYANAD LAKE fist and hood
  129. Rangora WTB Wrapped Lavaspark for 2500g(2650 on AH)
  130. Shatigon WTB Legendary Cloth Sleeves
  131. Kyprosa Welcome to the best shop in town
  132. Shatigon WTB mythic staff
  133. Selling Magnificent Flame Necklace Epic
  134. Shatigon WTS T7 Legendary Katana(your mats with discount) & Legendary T6 Scepter
  135. WTS Divine Ayanad Longspear and Nodachi
  136. WTB epic plate belt
  137. WTB Delphinad desert fists
  138. Shatigon WTB Epic Cloth Pieces
  139. Kyprosa WTS Ranged Costume (Pdef, R attack, R crit, Defpen)
  140. Shatigon WTS Epherium Gale 4-set
  141. Kyprosa Wts epic sky katana epic volcano bow
  142. Shatigon epic ayanad wave bow
  143. Rangora WTB Epic Obsidian Katana
  144. WTB Spot in Villanelle
  145. WTB Spot in Villanelle
  146. Shatigon WTS Ayanad Stone Shirt (Divine)
  147. WTS Lord's coins
  148. WTS T7 Legendary bow.
  149. WTS Labor
  150. WTS Epic Delphinad Ocean Shirt
  151. Shatigon WTB Legendary obsidian+ ayanad gear
  152. Eanna WTT Epic Katana T6 for Epic Shortspear T6
  153. Selling Land(house in Daredevil's Key)
  154. Rangora Wts/wtt 3 parts of obsidian t5 cloth (healer or paladin) divine grade
  155. Selling Delphinad Lightning Nodachi (Upgradable to Ayanad)
  156. WTB Hexbane pieces
  157. Kyprosa WTB Epic Obsidian Jerkin (t1 if possible)
  158. WTS Scepter Iron Sorrow (epic)
  159. Shatigon WTS Ayanad wave shirt (Divine)
  160. WTS Epic Ayanad Stone Shirt
  161. Shatigon WTS 100K+ Labor Available every 48 Hours.
  162. Shatigon Wtb kraken shield
  163. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T1 Obsidian Scepter
  164. WTS Sunfish Fry Trophy
  165. Rangora Want to Trade Gold on EU for Gold on NA
  166. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin
  167. WTS Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  168. Selling Ayanad Divine Nodachi
  169. WTS Divine Ayanad Shoes
  170. Eanna WTS Divine T4 greatsword at T5 3k (your upgrade mats)
  171. Rangora WTT Divine T2 Katana for Divine T1 Shortspead
  172. Kyprosa WTS delphinad summer sword [divine]
  173. Shatigon Costume Collection | Ayanad Volcano Bow | Ayanad Wave Ring | Delph Wave Ring
  174. Rangora WTS Connected 16x16, 24x24 in Falcorth
  175. Kyprosa WTS Epic & Divine
  176. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Sunset Bow (EPIC)
  177. Rangora WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Tidal Bow
  178. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Gale Breeches / Ayanad Wave Necklace
  179. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Sword <Rangora>
  180. WTS> Tier 7 Legendary Bow
  181. Shatigon Gwen 16x16 Solz Treehouse
  182. Shatigon Selling lands in villanelle island
  183. Shatigon lf connected plots
  184. Shatigon WTS Legendary dagger at T6 - legendary greatclub at t7 - Legendary delphinad autumn club
  185. Divine Tier 5 Obsidian Club On AH - Very reasonably priced
  186. Kyprosa WTB legendary staff/ WTS epic t6 staff
  187. WTB Epic Club
  188. Shatigon WTB Ayanad earth pants divine
  189. WTB Legendary Nodachi
  190. Kyprosa WTT/S T6 Epic Shortspear
  191. Shatigon WTS Div. Ayanad Squall Jerkin / WTB Div. Ayanad Gale Jerkin.
  192. WTS Delphinad Autumn Club (Upgradable to Ayanad) - CURRENTLY ON AH
  193. Rangora WTS [Divine] Ayanad Meadow Club
  194. Rangora Wts - epic ayanad shield desert
  195. WTT/WTS Divine Ayanad Wave shield
  196. Kyprosa WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Lightning Belt / Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin LF Typhoon
  197. Kyprosa wtb def penetration costume (pref ranged)
  198. WTS Divine Ayanad Lightning Nodachi
  199. WTS Legendary T2 Club
  200. Dahuta WTB/WTT Epic Obs Shortspear
  201. Rangora WTB Epic obsidian bow
  202. Shatigon WTS Legendary Ayanad Volcano bow + Ayanad gale armors and some accessories.
  203. WTB Lucid Gale Lunagem: Serenity 1k ea
  204. Dahuta WTT Mythic Obsidian t1 Scepter for Mythic Obsidian bow !
  205. Shatigon WTB divine Ayanad Lake (cloth) Belt-Sleeves-Pants
  206. Shatigon WTB T1-T4 Short Spear (Epic)
  207. WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Boots
  208. Wtb mythİc naval canon+enoan trİple saİl
  209. Shatigon WTS Legendary ayanad volcano bow
  210. Wtb toughness gemz
  211. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow any tier, or similar
  212. Gib mi divine greatsword cheap plox 3.1k , help poor returnin pplz
  213. Rangora WTS / WTT Epic T4 Dagger (Desire's Claw)
  214. WTB Epic Obsi Greatsword
  215. WTB Legendary Katana/Shortspear/Sword
  216. Dahuta WTB Divine Ayanad Squall Breeches.
  217. Kyprosa WTS Delphinad Lightning set
  218. WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shoes
  219. WTS Lord Coins
  220. Rangora WTB EPIC club
  221. Shatigon WTS Legendary Obsidian T1 Bow
  222. Rangora Wtt ayanad flame bow (divine) for any ayanad scepter (divine)
  223. Shatigon WTB Kraken Shield & Melee Costume with Backstab and Pdef pen
  224. Shatigon WTB Lord coins 50g each whisper Njii
  225. Kyprosa WTS epic obs staff @t6 17,5k + your t6 mats
  226. Mythic Ship component O(_O
  227. WTS <Legendary> Ayanad Ocean Staff
  228. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Gale Cap
  229. Kyprosa WTB Epic Nodachi
  230. WTS Ayanad Gale Jerkin 6Gems + Obsi T5 Chest
  231. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Shield & WTB Epic ayanad 1hander
  232. Kyprosa WTS T6 epic obsidian pants & staff
  233. Rangora WTS Legendary T5 Shortspear (cast time) and Legendary T1 Nodachi
  234. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow (WTB Ayanad Gale Armor)
  235. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T6 Magic Shield
  236. WTB Mythic obsidian Scepter and some other stuff
  237. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Stone Sword.
  238. Eanna WTB [Chrome Submarine Design]
  239. Summer shop come see what's for sale
  240. Eanna Wtb enoan fragments
  241. Dahuta Buy enoan plan fragments on all server
  242. WTB Angelic Whisper -any price-
  243. Rangora Selling Epic Ayanad Desert Shield
  244. WTB Defense penetration costume
  245. Rangora WTB Divine Ayanad one-handed weapon
  246. Rangora LF seller of the Legendary Obsidian Katana on AH
  247. Kyprosa WTS Lavaspark
  248. Shatigon LF Epic Delphi sky katana seller
  249. Rangora WTB Epherium Earth plate pieces at divine
  250. WTB tomb bound wraps costume