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  1. Shatigon WTS Archery costume / gear
  2. WTB Epic Obsidian shield
  3. Shatigon WTS Epic Shortspear T6 (Agility) + Costumes + Divine Typhoon Pieces
  4. Shatigon WTB divine(+) ayanad typhoon jerkin ( full gemmed )
  5. Rangora Crafting Service
  6. WTB 220 Loyalty
  7. Dahuta WTB Mythic 2h Nodachi/ Longspear any tier
  8. WTB Epic Club
  9. Rangora Mythic sails for all!
  10. WTS Divine ayanad lightning axe
  11. WTB divine Ayanad Lake (cloth) Sleeves-Pants // WTS some ayanad/delph belts
  12. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning armor
  13. Rangora WTS Legendary Outlaw Bow! // Obs T5
  14. WTB labor kyrios
  15. Rangora WTS Legendary T6 Leather Archer Chest
  16. WTB Divine Ayanad Nodachi/Red Dragon Nodachi
  17. Eanna WTS Regal Ore
  18. WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Boots
  19. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Scepter
  20. Dahuta WTB Divine Ayanad Shield/Epic Delphinad Shield
  21. Rangora WTB Legendary Obsidian Greatsword
  22. Rangora How much would you pay for wrapped mailbox
  23. Shatigon WTS Epic T1 Shield and lands.
  24. Rangora WTS Legendary Outlaw Bow! // Obs T5
  25. WTS EPIC Obsidian plate sabatons
  26. WTS Glider Customization: Golden Wyrmwings
  27. WTB> Obsidian Legendary Scepter 80k
  28. Rangora WTS Legendary obsidian greatsword
  29. WTB Legendary obsidian Nodachi / Greatsword
  30. WTS Divine delphinad desert leather 7 set
  31. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  32. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  33. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  34. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  35. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  36. Rangora WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  37. WTS EPIC Scepter T5 and Divine T5 shoes and gloves(mage parts)
  38. WTS 28x28 Treehouse in Halcyona
  39. WTB ayanad gale
  40. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian lute
  41. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Stone Staff / Epic Ayanad Ocean Pants
  42. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Earth Leather items only divine +
  43. Shatigon WTS Mythic t3 OBS GLOVES / EPIC Ayanad meadow sash / epic delphinad lake
  44. Eanna WTB [Wrapped Moby Drake]
  45. WTS Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  46. WTB Epic ayanad katana
  47. Rangora Epherium Gale Belt (+ with 100 psyhcial deff gem) 1k
  48. WTB Superior Gale Lunarite : Pierce
  49. Rangora WTS Angelic Whisper Costume
  50. Rangora Garage Sale.
  51. WTS Epic T1 Katana, Shortspear, Sabatons
  52. WTS Epic Obsidian Nodachi(T4) and Epic Obsidian Scepter (T6)
  53. Kyprosa WTB ayanad/delphinad divine/epic life pants
  54. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Squall Cap
  55. Shatigon Wts mythic t4 obs gloves / t7 scepter mythic
  56. WTS Delphinad Flame pieces.
  57. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Lake Scepter and T7 Legendary Shield and more
  58. WTB Obsidian armor pieces
  59. Eanna All server !!! Wtb enoan fragments plan !!!!
  60. Shatigon WTS Epic T6 Shoes (Mage version)
  61. WTB kyprosa winterfur costume !
  62. Shatigon [Epic] Ayanad Flame Jerkin | Ayanad Necklaces | Costumes
  63. WTB Delphinad winter shortspear
  64. Shatigon Selling a few 16x16 spots CHEAP!
  65. Kyprosa WTS Epic Delphinad Flame Jerkin
  66. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Boots
  67. Shatigon Selling near perfect archery costume
  68. WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Cap
  69. Shatigon Wts mythic t4 obs gloves / t7 scepter mythic / wtb legend ayanad bow / legend obs shield / legend obs shortspear
  70. Dahuta Selling Awesome Demanded Farms! DAHUTA
  71. Dahuta Selling Delphinad Tidal Bow (Fully Gemed, Rune & Tempered 113%)
  72. WTS Delphinads up for ayanad
  73. Rangora WTS Legendary T5 Shortspear, Legendary T1 Katana
  74. Rangora WTS Harvester`s Farmhouse in Diamond Shores for 3k
  75. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Wave Flute
  76. Rangora WTS Legendary T6 Bow
  77. Shatigon WTB Epic Cloth Gloves & Epic Ayanad Wave/Lake Sash
  78. Kyprosa WTS t6 epic cloth shirt!
  79. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Stone Sword
  80. Kyprosa WTT/WTS Epic Ayanad Staff / 2x Divine Ayanad Volcano Bows / Divine Ayanad Squall Cap
  81. Rangora [WTB] Epic Ayanad Shortspear
  82. wtb epic ayanad bow
  83. WTS Epic Fir Queen's Tears
  84. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad life sword
  85. WTS full Divine obsidian leather
  86. Shatigon WTS BIS Darkrunner Costume
  87. WTB Delphinad STONE Hood & Boots (Divine or Celestial - Gemmed or not)
  88. WTB Divine Delphinad Flame plate (2 parts, cuirass and gloves) // WTS 2 parts ayanad plate (lake and quake)
  89. WTB Divine Ayanad Gale Breeches, Guards or Boots and Belt
  90. Rangora WTB Dragon Cultist Duster
  91. WTS Lord coins
  92. Kyprosa WTT Legendary Cuirass Plate (to make t7) for Legendary Greaves. (Or WTS)
  93. Kyprosa WTS Legendary t6 magic shield, or WTT for ShortSpear.
  94. Dahuta Selling Delphinad Tidal Bow [Divine] (Fully Gemed, Rune & Tempered 113%)
  95. WTS Mythic Shortspear | Mythic Katana.
  96. WTS T7 Legendary Shortspear
  97. WTS legendary melee costume
  98. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Gale jerkin fully gemmed / WTB ayanad typhoon jerkin
  99. Violins and Violas
  100. Eanna WTS Legendary Melee Costume! (Good stats!)
  101. WTS Darkrunner bundle (4 Epherium flame parts fully gemmed + epic maiden's tear your mats)
  102. Eanna WTB Divine Epherium Flame,Epherium Desert , or Obsidian Divine Jerkin
  103. Dahuta <WTS> T6 Epic Obsidian Shield & Divine Leather Flame Cap
  104. WTS Legendary Melee Basic Costume
  105. WTS Delphinad Gale Pants Fully Gemmed
  106. Dahuta Legendary Eagles Shortspear for sale.
  107. Selling all my land in Gwenoid !
  108. WTB 1200 Gilda timber coupe
  109. WTB divine Ayanad Lake (cloth) Sleeves-Pant
  110. Shatigon WTB epic obsidian cap, ayanad gale fists
  111. Rangora WTB Divine Volcano Bow
  112. WTS ~40 login badges and a bunch of bound synthium stones
  113. Eanna Selling a lot of stuff including duuns
  114. Shatigon WTB Delphinad Ocean Staff (Divine)
  115. WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Jerkin or Breeches
  116. wtb epic ayanad bow
  117. wtb: epic obsidian boots /wts: 5/5 obsidian divine platet5(abo gear)
  118. Rangora WTS exaggerated MYTHIC mage costum & some EPIC / DIVINE ayanad stuff
  119. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Gale Cap / Delphinad Typhoon Caps
  120. WTT T7 Shortspear For Legendary Sword ANY Teir
  121. Shatigon WTT Legendary Ayanad Flame Nodachi for mythci t1-t6 nodachi
  122. Shatigon WTB Ayanad stone divine
  123. Rangora WTS T5 Epic 2h Great Sword
  124. Shatigon WTS T6 Epic Sceptre
  125. EU to NA/ Na to Eu Gold trading Server Eanna & Aranzeb
  126. WTS ~40 login badges and a bunch of bound synthium stones
  127. Shatigon WTS T7 Lengedary shortspear
  128. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Caps
  129. WTB Epic ayanad bow
  130. Shatigon WTS Hasla Lands(10 territories side by side) + screenshots
  131. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Earth Shield
  132. Kyprosa [WTS] Epic Meina's Fists
  133. WTB Legendary sword
  134. WTT epic t5 cloth pant for divine ayanad lake pant
  135. Kyprosa WTS Hellkised Greatswrod and Nodachi skins
  136. Buy/Sell Land website!
  137. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Typhoon Jerkin
  138. Rangora WTT Gold on Rangora for Gold on Morpheus (NA)
  139. WTB Ayanad Stone Cloth Set. (Divine or higher)
  140. Shatigon WTS Best Darkrunner Costume
  141. WTB fully gemmed ayanad gale
  142. Wtb beast fİgurhead legend.
  143. WTB Melee Costume with Backstabb + Defense Penetration & Crit Rate or Pdef
  144. Rangora WTS [EPIC] Epherium Meadow Hood
  145. WTB Blue Login Badge
  146. Dahuta WTB Corrupted Kyrios Sash Divine
  147. Sirothe exposed!
  148. WTS Divine Ayanad Meteor nodachi (fullgem)
  149. Selling mythic items and wisps
  150. WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Bow
  151. Kyprosa WTS > Costum All Type & All Stats [ Request ]
  152. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Stone Dagger & Celestial Delphinad Lighting Bow
  153. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Lake Staff
  154. WTB Epic obsidian shield/LF best offer
  155. Kyprosa WTB Ranged Crit 2H gems
  156. Rangora WTB Epic Ayanad Gale Bow
  157. WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Cuirass (Plate)
  158. WTS Full Set Divine Delphinad Wave (Plate or Cloth)
  159. Wtb legendary beast fİgurhead and large-caliber canon
  160. Kyprosa WTS : Ranged Costum & Melee Costum [Legendary]
  161. Dahuta WTS> Epic Ayanad Lightning Nodachi
  162. Shatigon WTS divine ayanad flame bow
  163. Kyprosa WTS > Best Costum for Range
  164. Shatigon Wtb legendary plate parts / Ayanad / dephinad accessories
  165. Dahuta WTB Dragon Plate Costume
  166. WTB divine dagger and shortspear gemmed
  167. Rangora WTB> Legendary Scepter
  168. Kyprosa Wts > Delphinad & Obsidian [Epic / Divine]
  169. WTS Ayanad Flame Cuirass Divine, Fully gemmed.
  170. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Meteor Katana (Full gem/max temper)
  171. Kyprosa WTB 1.2k Gilda/ Timber Coupe Design
  172. wts devine ayanad desert jerkin
  173. WTS Legendary Ayanad Ocean Staff, Epic Ayanad Wave Pants and more
  174. Rangora WTB Legendary Nodachi
  175. WTB Epic Delphinad Flame parts
  176. WTB archery gear
  177. WTS / WTT Divine Ayanad Tidal Bow
  178. WTB ENOAN TRİPLE SAİL legendary
  179. WTS Ayanad Mist Nodachi - Divine + 4 Divine part delph light armors.
  180. WTS (gear in thread)
  181. WTS Divine ayanad lake shortspear
  182. WTS Ayanad Stone Pants
  183. Shatigon WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Jerkin, Breeches and Divine T3/4/5 Obsidian Cap (SHATIGON)
  184. Kyprosa WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Jerkin, Breeches and Divine T3/4/5 Obsidian Cap (SHATIGON)
  185. WTB Epic / Divine Ayanad Club
  186. Dahuta WTS Legendary Nodachi @T7
  187. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Meteor Katana (Full gem/max temper)
  188. Kyprosa WTS / WTT Divine Ayanad Tidal Bow 115%
  189. Shatigon WTS/WTT legendary obsidian bow @T7 + divine Delph gale belt/guards + divine T5shortspear + costume
  190. WTS Epic T6 Flute 5x Cast Speed 1% Gem - WTB Ayanad Stone Shoes
  191. Shatigon WTT loyalty crit gems EU to NA
  192. WTS Full Set Divine Delphinad Wave Plate
  193. Rangora WTB Wave bow
  194. Rangora Core's Treasure Chest
  195. Rangora WTS T5 Epic Scepter
  196. Rangora WTB Epic Club
  197. Shatigon WTS Mythic Nodachi
  198. Shatigon WTS Epic Greataword
  199. WTB Delphinad volcano bow divine
  200. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning pieces
  201. Eanna WTS Epic Obsidian t5 jerkin
  202. Rangora WTS legendary scepter @T7 and WTB legendary club
  203. WTS Ayanad Flame Bow
  204. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Autumn Club and Divine Ayanad Stone Sleeves.
  205. Eanna WTS 2 DUUNS and a bit of big land in Queensgrove.
  206. Shatigon WTS Ayanad Epic Lake scepter
  207. Shatigon WTS login badges
  208. Dahuta WTB Berserk Red Dragon Fireguard
  209. WTB Divine Delphinad volcano bow
  210. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Lightning Set 4 set or full!
  211. Shatigon WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Breeches
  212. WTS Divine Ayanad Lightning Bow
  213. Dahuta WTS Legandary Delphinad Autumn Club
  214. Rangora WTS T5 Epic Cap (Agi Version) - WTB Epic Breeches ( Agi Version)
  215. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Dragon Bow
  216. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Meteor Greatsword [Fully Gemmed]
  217. Kyprosa WTS Hard Difficulty Dochul Chest / Mistsong Summit Dungeon Item (Weapon)
  218. Eanna WTS [Mooncaller] (Celestial grade) open for trades (healer armor)
  219. Wts>Ayanad Meteor Sword (Divine)
  220. WTS Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow
  221. WTS Divine Delphinad Winter Shortspear (Ayanad Upgradeable)
  222. Kyprosa Range,Melee,Magic Costum [Legendary]
  223. Kyprosa Magic Costum [Legendary]
  224. WTB Epic Ayanad Scepter or Epic Delphinad Meadow Scepter
  225. Shatigon WTS epic ayanad meteor katana - full hem/ Max temper
  226. WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Plate (Greaves)
  227. WTB Ayanad katana , dagger , sword with fll gemmed.
  228. Rangora WTB Delph Lake Plate
  229. Shatigon WTS Epic Greatsword T3 cursed
  230. Eanna WTB Divine Bandit-King
  231. wtb labor
  232. WTB Divine Obsidian Lute T1-T5
  233. WTS Legendary T6 Fists (Agility Version)
  234. Kyprosa WTB land on northern ynystere
  235. WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shortspear!
  236. Kyprosa WTB LORD COINS (Blazing Nuri Forest Lumber)
  237. WTS Legendary Costume (Melee) With good stats !
  238. Dahuta WTS Divine Ayanad Squall Breeches/Jerkin , Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow.
  239. WTS Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow
  240. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Belt
  241. Shatigon WTB Ayanad flame divine (Jerkin, Belt, Breeches, Boots)
  242. WTB Epic T1 Club
  243. WTS Epic Tier 5 Sword (Bloodseeker's Blade)
  244. Buy and sell
  245. Rangora WTB Epic Flute any tier
  246. WTB Legendary Nodachi
  247. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Cap
  248. Rangora WTB Leather Epeherium Flame Parts
  249. Rangora WTS legendary scepter @T7 and WTB legendary club!! :)
  250. Who owns it?