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  1. WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi / Legendary Obsidian Nodachi
  2. Shatigon WTS Costumes
  3. Shatigon WTS Divine Epherium Flame Parts (well gemmed)
  4. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon Belt
  5. WTS Legendary Katana T7
  6. WTB legendary
  7. Shatigon WTB Ayamad Lightnig Parts [Divine]
  8. WTS>Ayanad Meteor Greatsword (Divine)
  9. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Volcano Bow
  10. WTB Mistsong Plate Image items
  11. Rangora WTB Legendary Obsidian staff (Max T6)
  12. WTB Ayanad Gale Ring
  13. Shatigon [SIZE="5"]WTS Best Melee DPS costume[/SIZE]
  14. Shatigon Marcala 24x24 gazebo certed
  15. WTB> Obsidian Epic Scepter
  16. Rangora WTS Epic T5 Spelldagger
  17. WTB Epic Obsidian Longspear
  18. WTS Heroic Melee Basic Costume
  19. Shatigon Emperor's Shop
  20. WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Belt/Guards/Cap
  21. Shatigon WTS login badges / bound serendipity stones for costume rerolls
  22. Kyprosa WTB Legendary
  23. Shatigon WTB Divine/Epic Ayanad Dagger
  24. WTS Ranged Costume - Defense Pen/RangeA/PhysicalDef/RngSkill
  25. WTS Epic T6 Seer's Anticipation Shield
  26. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Typhoon Boots
  27. WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi / Legendary Ayanad Nodachi or Legendary Obsidian Nodachi or Greatsword
  28. Shatigon WTS Ayanad summer Greatsword / or trade with ayanad katana
  29. WTS Fangbane (very rare drop image item)
  30. Eanna Wts legendary ayanad meadow staff
  31. WTS Divine Ayanad Eath Longspear / WTB Epic Delphinad Winter Shortspear
  32. WTS Costumes (Trigged's Wardrobe)
  33. wtb delph lightning nodachi
  34. WTB Delphinad Lightning Bow (Divine)
  35. WTS Legendary T6 Leather Cap
  36. Kyprosa WTB obsidian legendary bow (Max tier 6)
  37. Shatigon WTS T6 Epic Katana Cheep and fast!
  38. Rangora WTB legendary club max t6
  39. WTB Legendary Obsidian Staff Tier 1
  40. Rangora WTB Mythic Scepter any tier (pref. T6) or legendary ayanad scepter
  41. Kyprosa WTB Mythic obsidian dagger( sleepers point when upgraded)
  42. Kyprosa WTB T6 agi shortspear epic
  43. WTS Mythic t7 Katan ( All mats ready)
  44. Rangora WTS Divine Obsidian Cap
  45. WTT full Ayanad Lightning for full Ayanad Gale
  46. Kyprosa WTS Epic Shortspear T6, Epic Leather Gloves T6(agi) Divine Shield T6(Phys) , Divine Leather Cap T6(agi)
  47. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Summer sword (full gem)
  48. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Scepter/katana obsidian any server
  49. Shatigon Selling T7 Obsidian Staff (Legendary) / Buying Legendary Ayanads
  50. Shatigon WTS glider image: Glass Phoenix Glider (Founders Glider)
  51. Rangora WTS Epic Dashing Evanescence Jerkin (T6)
  52. Shatigon WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear
  53. Rangora WTS Epic [Ayanad Wave Bow] with 7x +6 Ranged Attack | Costumes
  54. Shatigon WTB mistsong cloth pants image item
  55. WTS - Island
  56. Rangora WTS divine ayanad Sunset Bow and Lake Shortspear (gemmed)
  57. Shatigon Buying Legendary Ocean Ayanad Staff Or Meadow Ayanad Scepter
  58. Shatigon Selling T6 Legendary Obsidian Shirt (Mage version)
  59. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow - fully gemmed, tempered and enchanted.
  60. WTS Epic T3 obsidian leather cap
  61. Rangora WTS Epic T6 Katana
  62. WTB Legendary T1 obsidian Greatsword
  63. Rangora WTS Dragon Cultist Duster (White) 4k
  64. WTB Legendary obsidian nodachi
  65. WTB Divine Delphinad Gale full set / Divine T4 Dagger / Divine T4 Shortspear
  66. WTB labor kyrios west na
  67. Dahuta WTB Epic Cloth Pieces
  68. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Sky Katana
  69. Rangora WTB legendary club max t6
  70. WTS Legendary T6 Staff Eternal Prophet @T7 with your materials!
  71. Dahuta Selling Delphinad Tidal Bow [Divine] (Fully Gemed, Rune & Tempered 113%)
  72. WTS Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery (176 toughness head ) Offer !
  73. Dahuta WTT Dragon costumes
  74. Kyprosa WTS Ranchers Farmhouse, 16x16 if U are lucky you get this almost for free.
  75. Selling Divine Ayanad Autumn Club
  76. Dahuta Selling Awesome Farms in Dahuta Nuia
  77. Shatigon Buying any of the listed down Hoods
  78. Eanna WTS Full Set Delphinad Lighting Leather Set and t6 Epic Nodachi
  79. Rangora Wtb Legendary Scepter
  80. WTB Ayanad Gale Breeches (Divine)
  81. WTB Delphinad Gale Ring x2 (Divine) & Delphinad Lightning Earring (Divine) x2
  82. Shatigon Delphinad Ocean Sash (celestial very cheap)
  83. WTS Ayanad Tidal Bow Divine
  84. Rangora WTS epic Ayanad sunset bow, epic T6 jerkin (agility) and a decent ranged costume
  85. WTB Epic // Legendary Ayanad Longspear// WTS Ayanad Epic Meteor Nodachi
  86. WTS Delphinad Lightning Bow (Divine) Fully Gemmed
  87. WTB Epic Belt
  88. Rangora <WTB> Ayanad flame divine leather pieces / <WTB> Legendary Club and Greatsword
  89. WTB Red Dragon Bow, Flame Ring
  90. Kyprosa WTB - MYTHIC - Typhoon Pet Gear 3/3
  91. WTS T6 Legendary Bow @ T7 - 75k + Your Mats!
  92. Rangora Wts epic ayanad mist katana
  93. Shatigon Wtb healer account pm me
  94. Kyprosa WTS Epic T6 Nodachi
  95. Rangora WTB Mythic Scepter/Katana/Staff any tier
  96. WTS Unique Ayanad Gale Guards
  97. Shatigon WTS legendary Melee Costume
  98. WTB Divine Delphinad Gale Breeches and Belt!!
  99. Rangora WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Breeches
  100. Rangora WTS FULL T5 Obsidian Plate Setl, Divine Epherium Desert Tassets
  101. Shatigon WTB legendary shortspear t1-t7, epic obsidian dagger t1-t6 (agility version)
  102. Rangora WTS Legendary Sword @T7
  103. Rangora Wtb epic plate obsidian chest t1-t3
  104. Wts axis mundi
  105. Rangora WTS Divine Delph Earth Breeches and Jerkin
  106. Rangora WTS Epherium Flame Breeches [Celestial] 1.5k
  107. WTS Divine Delphinad Desert Breeches
  108. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad typhoon belt
  109. Eanna Anyone have a char on Kyrios NA? trade?
  110. WTS Divine Delphinad Wave Plate Armor
  111. Rangora WTS TOP Mage Bow FULL T3 GEMS!!
  112. Rangora WTS Legendary T5 Sword
  114. Kyprosa Ayanad Leather Shop
  115. Rangora WTS Epherium Flame Parts [Celestial] (Guard,Belt,Fist,Boots)
  116. WTB Any of the following.
  117. Rangora WTS T7 Legendary Nodachi
  118. WTB Divine Ayanad Scepter
  119. Rangora WTB Divine Obsidian Staff 5k
  120. Rangora WTS Epic T6 Nodachi
  121. WTS Divine Ayanad Mist Nodachi
  122. Rangora WTS Epic Leather t6 parts(meele)
  123. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Desert Cuirass
  124. Dahuta WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow max. as T6
  125. WTS Divine Delphinad Gale Cap & Fist, Celestial Delphinad Lightning Necklace
  126. WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow, Max temper, 6 ranged attack gems!
  127. WTS Epic Heartseeker (T5 Archer Shortspear)
  128. WTB Legendary Ayanad Scepter/Staff or Legendary Obsidian Staff/Scepter/Katana T1-T6
  129. WTS Divine Delphinad Gale Cap, Fist, Boots, Jerkin, Guards! / Divine Obsidian Dagger at T5
  130. Eanna WTB Design Fragment: Growling Yawl
  131. WTB Epic Leather belt
  132. Shatigon WTS EPIC Silent shadow jerkin
  133. Shatigon (SHATIGON) WTS Epic Ayanad Lightning G.axe + Plate armor
  134. WTS Land Hasla and Marcala
  135. Dahuta WTB Divine/Epic Ayanad Earth/Lake Scepter
  136. WTB Blossom Perinoor Cloth
  137. WTB Legendary Ayanad or Obsidian Legendary scepter
  138. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Dagger
  139. WTS Legendary T6 Bow v1
  140. WTT divine Ayanad Flame Bow
  141. Dahuta WTS Mythic 100% Magic Costume
  142. Shatigon [WTS] Delphinad Squall Guards (Celestial)
  143. Shatigon WTS Epic Wyrding Wall as T6
  144. Rangora WTB Horse head image
  145. Rangora WTS Best Melee Combo - Ayanad Flame Shield & Ayanad Earth SS! Full gem!
  146. Rangora Wtb legendary club or ss
  147. WTS AYanad Squall Chest WTB Epherium Flame Pants Divine+
  148. Shatigon WTS Epic Bard's Companion and Divine Delphinad Lake Staff
  149. Wts mythic katana
  150. Shatigon WTS [Carrot Dash] Collector edition
  151. Eanna WTS // WTT Legendary Screaming Shadow Breeches
  152. Rangora WTS T6 Epic Shield
  153. WTB divine Ayanad typhoon
  154. Legendary scepter
  155. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Desert Leather pcs
  156. Rangora WTB legendary club :)
  157. Shatigon WTB Divine Vexed Desire (T5 Obs Dagger)
  158. [WTB] A good Leather Set
  159. Kyprosa Magic Costum Perfect [Legendary]
  160. Kyprosa WTB Nightraven Robes Unstained
  161. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Lightning Armor
  162. Rangora WTB Mage gear
  163. Shatigon WTS Epic Epherium Flame Fists
  164. Eanna WTB All Clear Synthium Shards/Stones, Misagon Crystals and Gilda Dust
  165. WTS Divine Ayanad Lake Scepter max temper
  166. [WTB] Divine Delphinad Flame Pieces
  167. Kyprosa WTS Obsidian T1 Epic Katana
  168. Shatigon Want to Sell Delphinad Typhoon Jerkin 3200g
  169. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obs Scepter (any tier)
  170. WTS T7 Legendary Staff
  171. Wts every costume in the game
  172. WTS T6 Scepter [Epic]
  173. Rangora WTB Ayanad flame divine
  174. Rangora WTB Delphinad flame Divine
  175. Rangora WTB Legendary Obsidian Katana
  176. Eanna WTS EPIC Staff t4 full intell
  177. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Lake Scepter with good gems, 114% temper
  178. LF the Seller: Legendary Epherium Flame Jerkiin & Pants
  179. Shatigon WTS Nation "Merge Servers Please"
  180. Eanna WTB divine ayanad two handicap club or staff
  181. WTS Ayanad Flame Boots
  182. Shatigon WTB Delphinad Earth Pants/Gloves (EPIC)
  183. Rangora WTS T7 Legendary Nodachi
  184. WTB Epic Ayanad Belt ( Leather )
  185. Selling dragon weapons
  186. Shatigon WTB Epic Ayanad Bow
  187. Private Island for Sale!
  188. WTB EPIC Flamme Guard
  190. WTS Divine Flame Piece - leather
  191. Any got a ehperium desert plate set and not need?
  192. WTB Legendary Ayanad Katana
  193. Rangora WTB Ayanad flame Celestial (jerklin,boots,breeches,belt)
  194. WTS Divine Ayanad Lightning Katana + 2x Divine Obsi Leather T2
  195. Rangora WTS EPIC T6 Plate Cuirass
  196. WTB Summer Racer's Swimmer (costume)
  197. Eanna WTS/WTT Epic t4 sword
  198. Eanna Wts delph flame cap 5x0.8 gem
  199. Rangora WTS island between Solzreed and Freedich.
  200. Shatigon WTB Kraken Shield(s)
  201. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Stone Sword
  202. Eanna WTS/WTT Epic Delphinad Sunset Shield and Epic Resolute Conviction Cuirass
  203. Kyprosa WTS legendary T6 Dagger
  204. WTS Legendary T6 Scepter
  205. WTS Legendary T6 cloth head armor piece
  206. WTS 4 part delphinad divine lightining armor/ 3k gildas house
  207. Shatigon Wts legendary club obsidian t6
  208. WTS Epic T6 nodachi and assorted divine peices
  209. Shatigon WTB legendary staff
  210. Rangora Wts t6 epic shortspear ( leafshredder )
  211. Wts mermaid bathtub
  212. Dahuta WTS Legendary T7 Scepter
  213. Dahuta WTS Divine Obsidian T2 Gauntlets 5k
  214. Eanna Lf Rudals quires
  215. Shatigon WTS legandery greatsword t6 cheap
  216. Wts Divine Lute tier1
  217. Rangora Wts epic ayanad flame plate cuirass
  218. WTS Epic Cloth Pieces
  219. Eanna WTS Maiden's Tear EPIC (T5 Greatsword)
  220. Kyprosa WTB Epic Epherium Flame Belt and Boots || WTS Epic t6 plate parts
  221. WTB Divine Delphinad Ocean /or/ Epic Obsidian staff
  222. Shatigon Wtb ayanad epic club
  223. WTS T7 Legendary Staff
  224. Kyprosa WTS > Obsidian & Delphinad [Divine / Epic]
  225. Eanna WTS > DIVINE Brutal Annihilator Gauntlets T6
  226. Rangora Wtb legendary shortspear
  227. WTB Epic Ayanad Bow
  228. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Bow
  229. Shatigon WTS Land in Nuimari
  230. Kyprosa <WTB> Legendary Obsidian Scepter any tier
  231. Eanna WTB Divine Ayanad Longspear
  232. Dahuta WTS Ayanad Wave Club Divine
  233. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Flame Cuirass
  234. Rangora Divine Ayanad/Delphinad Shop (Plate)
  235. Rangora Best Healer Costume Ever [Legendary]
  236. Rangora Wtb legendary obsidian shortspear
  237. Rangora WTB Divine Obsidian Pants
  238. WTB Epic ....
  239. WTB Epic ....
  240. WTB Epic ....
  241. WTB Epic ....
  242. Shatigon WTS login badges / bound serendipity stones for costume rerolls
  243. WTS Epic T4 Longspear
  244. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Mist Nodachi Fully Gemmed!
  245. Dahuta WTS Ayanad Meteor Greatsword Divine
  246. Dahuta WTS Ayanad Meteor Greatsword Divine
  247. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Earth Leather Pieces.
  248. Kyprosa WTS Lots of costumes, Epic Ayanad Lake Shield, Divine Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  249. Rangora WTB Epic Delphinad/Ayanad belt
  250. Rangora WTS Legendary T7 Greatsword