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  1. Selling Divine delphinad gale bow
  2. Shatigon WTB Divine Gale armour (fully gem'd pm) consider ayanad 4 pieces also
  3. Eanna WTB: Leg. Ayanad Volcano Bow - Ayanad Epic Typhoon Pieces
  4. [Anthalon] WTS t6 legendary leather breeches(screaming shadow breeches)
  5. Kyprosa WTB delphinad flame pieces
  6. Kyprosa WTB epic archer obs dagger
  7. Kyprosa WTS Lands(West Halcyona/Luckybeard Island) WTS Ayanad Cloth/WTB Ayanad Cloth
  8. WTB Epic Epherium Belt and armband -
  9. Dahuta WTS 6/7 Divine Ayanad Squall Armor and other
  10. WTB Mythic Obsidian Katana or Legen. Ayanad Katana -
  11. Dahuta WTB Ayanad Wave Shield
  12. Kyprosa WTB mythic obsidian nodachi
  13. Kyprosa WTS Epic Shortspear T6
  14. WTB Epic Obsi Shortspear (Prefere T1 or T2)
  15. WTB Divine ayanad desert cuirass
  16. Kyprosa WTB legendary obsidian nodachi/greatsword
  17. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Ocean Staff, 4 Piece divine delph flame, T7 Leg Nodachi
  18. Kyprosa <WTS> a bunch of good stuff
  19. Dahuta [WTB] Ayanad Squall Breechers
  20. LF Iyor quires
  21. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Flame Bow/Ayanad Stone Staff
  22. WTS Legendary T7 Greatsword
  23. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Lightning divine (jerkin,belt,boots ,breeches) gemmed if it possible
  24. WTB Ayanad typhoon cap (epic)
  25. WTB legendary cloth, Selling T6 epic cloth pieces
  26. Kyprosa WTS Epic Obsidian Dagger (t1)
  27. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Plate t6 Helm (melee attack) , Epic plate chest melee attack
  28. Shatigon On AH [Epic] T5 Mage gloves - dirt cheap!
  29. Kyprosa WTB Hero gems
  30. Shatigon WTS Epic ayanad bow and shield
  31. Shatigon WTS divine ayanad weapons / delph jewelry
  32. Kyprosa WTS Hasla Larder Packs
  33. Rangora WTB Ayanad Desert Guards on any Server
  34. Kyprosa <WTB> Legendary Obsidian Staff any tier or Ayana epic staff
  35. Kyprosa WTT Divine Ayanad Volcano bow for Ayanad Sword
  36. WTB APEX x130
  37. Kyprosa WTB connected hasla land spots
  38. Kyprosa WTB Vengful Annihilator Chest + Legs Divine
  39. WTB Mythic Scepter-Staff-Katana
  40. Kyprosa WTB Mythic Obsi Shortspear t7
  41. WTS Ayanad Winter Shortspear
  42. WTB epic/legend leather breeches and shortspear (obs t1)
  43. Kyprosa WTS Ranged Costume
  44. Kyprosa WTS Legendary t6 shortspear
  45. Shatigon WTB Mythic Obsidian Scepter (450k) or WTT for legendary T7 Scepter + gold
  46. WTS Berserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper
  47. Rangora T7 Legendary Katana
  48. WTB Epic Epherium Belt and guards -
  49. WTS 15k Labour Dump
  50. WTB Legendary Bow
  51. Eanna [WTS/WTT] Divine Ayanad Gale Longspear
  52. Kyprosa <WTS> Legendary T7 Sword
  53. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Belt & Divine Delphinad Desert Breeches
  54. WTB Ayanad flame leather parts
  55. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Autumn Club (Divine)
  56. Kyprosa WTS T6 Greatsword Epic
  57. WTB Celestial ayanad desert PLATE parts
  58. Shatigon Triggered's WTS Shop opened!
  59. WTS Legendary Katana T7 <Cheap>
  60. WTS Legendary nodachi T5 + Epic ayanad meteor nodachi
  61. Kyprosa WTB Epic Anthalon Pieces
  62. Rangora WTS Legendary T6 Katana Your Mats 55k
  63. Rangora WTB Mythic Bow
  64. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Stone Gloves (Any grade)
  65. Dahuta [WTS] Divine Ayanad Sunset Bow (Full gems and Max Temper)
  66. Rangora WTB epic Eph Plate belt (flame/desert)
  67. Kyprosa WTB legendary obsidian bow t1-t6 (v2 agi)
  68. Kyprosa WTS (EPIC) Ayanad Mist Dagger
  69. WTB Mythic Obsidian Katana or Legen. Ayanad Katana
  70. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Life Sword
  71. Kyprosa WTB Enoan Fragments
  72. Kyprosa WTS Mythic T7 Shortspear (Ready!!)
  73. WTB mythic large caliber canons
  74. Kyprosa WTS Sanddeep Lands in Mermaid tears
  75. Kyprosa WTB Red Dragon Staff
  76. WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon/Desert/Flame belts
  77. Rangora LF the Seller of the Ayanad Typhoon Fists!
  78. Shatigon WTS legendary mage costume / ayanad items / Providing wisps for T7 or nation
  79. WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Staff
  80. [WTB] Epic sleeves and waist
  81. Kyprosa WTB mythic obsidian one hander preff katana
  82. WTB Epic T 1-2-3 Obsidian Club
  83. Eanna Wtb delphinad desert helm / gauntlets plate
  84. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Desert Fist,Guard
  85. WTS Legendary T7 Sword
  86. Eanna WTS EPIC Ayanad Life Sword full gem
  87. Kyprosa WTS Lilyut land + Marcala
  88. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Shirt (cloth)
  89. WTS Divine Ayanad Tidal Bow
  90. Shatigon Looking for Merchant schooner design.
  91. Rangora Wtb hero gems x5
  92. WTB epic breeches
  93. Shatigon Doom's shop (costumes, ayanads, delhs etc)
  94. Kyprosa WTS> legendary melee costume
  95. WTB legendary cloth pieces (gloves & sleeves)
  96. Rangora WTB Divine Delphinad(gemmed)/Ayanad Scepter
  97. WTS Epic Delphinad flame Guard and Belt
  98. WTB Ayanad Wave/Lake Scepter [Divine]
  99. WTB Epic Obsidian Scepter (T1-T6)
  100. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Flame Breeches, belt and fist
  101. Eanna WTB: Epic Ayanad Typhoon Pieces + Full Ayanad Divine Gale or Squall Set
  102. WTB Ayanad desert PLATE parts
  103. WTB epic ayanad staff/scepter or legendary obsidian staff/scepter
  104. Eanna WTB Legendary/Mythic scepter T1/T7
  105. Shatigon WTS EPIC Ayanad Sunset Bow
  106. Kyprosa WTS 19x LORD COINS
  107. WTB Leather Ayanad Flame parts, any grade
  108. WTB Delphinad Lightning Fists (any grade)
  109. WTS Legend T7 Axe
  110. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad EPIC Longspear
  111. Rangora WTS/WTT Epic t5 Vengeful Annihilator Greaves
  112. Rangora WTS Legendary T7 Katana
  113. Rangora WTB Delphinad Shield (gemmed)
  114. Rangora WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Seth Leather
  115. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Flame Katana
  116. Eanna WTS Full Divine Delphinad Gale Set (Gemmed)
  117. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Lightning Guards
  118. Rangora WTS Lands And Spot - All Pirate island!!!
  119. Eanna [WTB] Mythic Obsidian Bow
  120. WTB Ayanad Legendary or Epic Scepter
  121. Rangora WTS LEGENDARY Costume for Melee
  122. Kyprosa WTS Divine ayanad gale guards, Legendary ranged costume % more
  123. <WTB> Legendary Obsidian Bow
  124. WTS Delphi Gale set, 2x Ayanad gale shortspear, ayanad bow, delphi bow
  125. Dahuta WTB mythic obsidian katana or sword t1-t6
  126. Kyprosa {WTB} Divine Ayanad Lightning Pieces!
  127. Eanna WTS DarkRunner stuff
  128. Rangora WTS Legendary T6 Katana Your Mats 40k
  129. Kyprosa WTB Stormwing Pegasus
  130. Kyprosa WTB epic/legendary archer dagger
  131. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow
  132. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Autumn Club
  133. Kyprosa WTB epic or legendary greatclub
  134. WTS HERO Lunagem
  135. WTB Ayanad Stone Cloth.
  136. Eanna WTS/WTT [Delphinad Gale Bow] ( vs ) [Delphinad Wave Bow]
  137. Eanna WTB Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin, Breeches & Fists
  138. Wts mythic nodachi obsi t2
  139. WTB Apothecary's Chalet (Terrace)
  140. Rangora Wts legendary Club t6 to t7 your mats
  141. Dahuta WTS Legendary Melee Costume
  142. WTB Ayanad desert PLATE pieces
  143. Eanna WTB Anthalon Boots
  144. Kyprosa [WTS] Divine Ayanad Squall 7/7 + Divine Ayanad Sunset Bow
  145. Eanna Want to sell Scoundrel's Moon Epic
  146. WTS T3 Epic Obsidian Jerkin
  147. Rangora WTB epic or legendary ayanad bow(lightning,flaming)or legendary obsidian bow
  148. Kyprosa WTS divine ayanad wave shirt
  149. Shatigon WTS Delphinad Gale Pieces / WTB Ayanad Gale
  150. Rangora WTB Legendary Shortspear
  151. Kyprosa WTB Legendary t1-t6 obsidian nodachi
  152. Shatigon WTB Winter Yata Costume
  153. Shatigon WTS 3 legendary costumes (healer-mage-melee) + ayanad divine/celestial weapons
  154. WTS Legendary t7 shortspear/WTT for legendary t7 nodachi
  155. Kyprosa WTB Windwraith's Pipes (150 token instrument) on cottage
  156. Eanna Wts epic t6 darkrunner breeches
  157. Eanna Wts epic t1 obsidian staff
  158. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon Guards
  159. WTB Epic epherium (or Delph) Gale wrist or Auroria Wildborn AGI wrist
  160. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T7 Greatsword
  161. Shatigon WTB Divine flame cap delph and gem'd bow
  162. Rangora WTS Fallen Prophet [EPIC]
  163. Kyprosa WTS Spring Swept-roof Mansion design (Upgraded) cheaper than AH on any server
  164. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Meteor Club
  165. Wtb ( legendary Belt) ( legendary guards)Ayanad leather
  166. Kyprosa WTS EPIC Obsidian CLOTH Chestpiece, as t6, mail me, ign Serpentbite
  167. Kyprosa [Kyprosa] WTS Epic cold flames shirt
  168. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Shortspear Full Gemmed!
  169. Rangora Wts epic ayanad volcano bow
  170. WTS Ayanad Lake Scepter Divine
  171. WTB Ayanad Gale Lether Armor Parts (Guards/Breeches/Boots)
  172. Eanna [WTB] Epic Ayanad Typhoon Pieces & Leg. + Bow
  173. Shatigon wts 300 cloth mana wisps
  174. Kyprosa WTB Fangbane image
  175. Eanna [WTS] Massive Land [More than half of North Caernord "Island"!]
  176. WTB Epic Obsidian Shoes (Cloth) T1-T6
  177. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Mist Katana
  178. Kyprosa WTS > 3 spot forsale nuimari
  179. Eanna WTS Legendary Ayanad Tidal Bow
  180. Eanna WTB Legendary T7 Staff/Scepter
  181. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad epic Longspear or leggendary obsidian
  182. Eanna WTS 2 Epic Ayanad weapons + epherium earth cap (with some herogem)
  183. Eanna [WTS] Legendary Ayanad Winter Shortspear & Epic Ayanad Flame Katana
  184. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obsidian Club
  185. Shatigon Everything good has to end one day. Legendary Staff and shirt for sell
  186. Kyprosa [WTB] Ayanad Lightning Breeches/Boots (divine)
  187. Rangora WTT Ayanad Wave Sleeves
  188. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin, Belt & Epic Fists
  189. Kyprosa WTS EPIC Obsidian CLOTH Chestpiece, as tier 6, mail me, ign Serpentbite, thanks!
  190. Eanna WTB Mistsong Nodachi Chest
  191. Rangora WTB Epic Obsidian Dagger
  192. Kyprosa WTB Epic Obsidian Cloth
  193. Shatigon WTB Red dragon bow
  194. Eanna WTS Legendary Ayanad Meadow staff
  195. Eanna [WTS] Legendary T7 Obsidian Bow
  196. Rangora WTS or trade Legendary Scepter T7
  197. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shortspear
  198. Shatigon Ayanad Wave Staff (unique)
  199. Rangora WTS T5 EPIC long anticipation
  200. WTB Legendary t1-t6 Obsidian Nodachi
  201. Eanna WTS Epic Prophet's Promise (Healing off-hand scepter)
  202. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian Club (Any tier)
  203. [WTB] EPIC waist and wrists
  204. Shatigon WTB Red dragon staff (grade under divine)
  205. Dahuta WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Breeches
  206. Shatigon WTS Epic delph wave pants
  207. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad meadow scepter
  208. Kyprosa WTS Epic Delphinad Gale Boots
  209. Kyprosa WTS> moonpoints / sunpoints
  210. Shatigon WTB Legendary T1 Scepter
  211. WTB Legendary Obsidian Club
  212. Shatigon WTB Legendary Scepter
  213. Kyprosa WTS Divine/Epic Ayanad Lightning Pieces!
  214. Shatigon WTS Ayanad divine sunset tassets CHEAP
  215. Kyprosa WTS Haughty Duelist Costume
  216. Eanna [Eanna] Wts Legendary Cloth Epherium lake sleeve
  217. Kyprosa Wts epic t6 sword!!!
  218. Eanna Caxxie's Jerkin Empire For Sale
  219. [WTB] Obsidian Flute
  220. Kyprosa Wts ayanad epic gale bow !!
  221. Rangora WTB Epic Ayanad Gale Parts
  222. Shatigon Looking for Epic Ayanad Lighning/Gale/Flame Nodachi.
  223. WTS Legendary sword + legendary scepter
  224. Kyprosa WTS epic Delphinad Stone Pants 15k
  225. Rangora Looking to Sell Labor (Any Server)
  226. Selling 3x Bound Destruction Prevention Charms
  227. Kyprosa WTS Epic Merciful Sunset (t6 Obsidian Club) for 26k
  228. Rangora Wts legendary Club t6 to t7 your mats 110k
  229. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T5 Scepter, Legendary T7 Katana, Epic Ayanad Lake Shield, Epic Anthalon Chest
  230. Rangora WTB Legendary t1-t6 Obsidian Nodachi
  231. Troll`s Ayanad Store
  232. Trading or Selling
  233. Shatigon WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi !!
  234. legendary t6 pants
  235. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Katana
  236. WTS/WTT Divine Delph Gale set
  237. Kyprosa WTS Epherium Flame Jerkin DIVINE FULL GEM
  238. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Ocean Sash
  239. Kyprosa WTS Epic staff v2 t6, Divine ayanad Autumn club, Divine ayanad wave greatclub
  240. Shatigon WTS (epic) cursed obsidian shortspear
  241. WTS T7 Legendary Shortspear or WTT for legendary t7 2h
  242. Eanna [WTT] Legendary T3 Obsidian Bow <=> Legendary T1-6 Obsidian Dagger
  243. Kyprosa WTS Mythic Obsidian Nodachi
  244. Eanna WTB Legendary scepter T7
  245. Shatigon WTS Ranged Costume 5 offensive stats
  246. WTB mythic bow
  247. Shatigon WTB Legendary Scepter
  248. WTB Full set Obsidian Cloth Divine for Healer
  249. Eanna [WTB/WTT] Mythic Obsidian Bow
  250. Shatigon Wtb legendary scepter