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  1. WTS Eph Sky Katana/ Eph Lightning Nodachi
  2. Rangora WTB Epic Ayanad Ocean Staff
  3. Kyprosa WTB legendary / mythic ayanad ocean staff
  4. WTB Divine Ayanad Bow! The Cheaper The Better!
  5. Shatigon WTS EPIC Obsidian leather fists @ t3 on Prophecy
  6. Rangora WTB Divine T1 bow
  7. WTB Enoan fragments large stacks not overprieced
  8. Kyprosa [Kyprosa] Blackbeard Trading Network [BTN] looking for pack runners
  9. Rangora WTB Vyrava's Inferno
  10. Eanna WTB Divine cloth armor
  11. Dahuta [PROPHECY] WTS 16x16 Heedmar
  12. Kyprosa WTB Chimera Ceremonial Uniform
  13. Kyprosa WTS North Solz Land Plot
  14. Eanna WTS 2 Delphinad gale part (divine) + Ayanad Tidal Bow (Divine)
  15. Eanna WTB Ayanad life divine parts
  16. WTS Legendary T3 Obsidian Bow
  17. Eanna WTB Ayanad or Delphinad divine earth leather parts
  18. Eanna New year Mythic & Legendary Trade/Sales
  19. WTS Divine Ayanad Stone Shirt
  20. Eanna WTS Divine Delphi Lightning Fists gemmed
  21. Eanna WTS Resolute Conviction Helm
  22. Eanna WTB epic Shortspear
  23. Kyprosa Wtb ayanad divine plate earth pieces!!!
  24. Eanna WTB full obsidian cloth set
  25. Rangora WTS 400 Gilda Stars On Prophecy
  26. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Club
  27. WTS Epic Ayanad Autumn Club
  28. Kyprosa WTB Ephemeral Leather Parts
  29. WTS Epic Ayanad Autumn Club
  30. Kyprosa WTB Mythic Scepter
  31. Rangora WTB epic ayanad club
  32. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian cloth hood and gloves pay gold!!!
  33. Rangora WTS 1200 Gilda Stars
  34. Eanna WTS Delphinad Gale Grand Parts + Epherium Wave bow
  35. Rangora WTS Obsidian Leather set T2 (celestial & Unique) PROPHECY
  36. Eanna WTB Epic/Legendary Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  37. Dahuta WTB Firebreath Dragonslayer Costume
  38. Rangora WTS Merchant Ship Design
  39. Ayanad Stone Cloth.
  40. Rangora WTS Legendary Ayanad Volcano Bow, 7/7 Ayanad Gale Set / T7 Legendary Dagger
  41. Shatigon WTS Mythic T7 Sword
  42. WTB Legendaty obsidian katana T1-T6
  43. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Desert Fist
  44. Eanna WTB Legendary obsidian katana T1-T6
  45. WTS {Legendary} Screaming Shadow Fist (T6 Obsidian fists)
  46. WTS Legendary Obsidian T6 Katana
  47. Rangora 24x24 Gazebo, Calmlands Prime Location.
  48. Looking for the guy selling the t7 legendary nodachi
  49. WTB T1 Legendary Shortspear!
  50. Shatigon WTS Epherium Flame Leather Armors (7/6 not boots)
  51. WTS Legendary Obsidian T7 Shortspear
  52. WTB Legendary bow
  53. Kyprosa WTS ayanad gale nodachi divine full gammed
  54. Kyprosa WTS ayanad gale nodachi divine full gemmed
  55. WTS T2 divine obsidian leather legs
  56. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow
  57. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Sunset Bow (good gems)
  58. Kyprosa WTS [Ayanad Stone Dagger] Devine fully gemmed
  59. Rangora WTS divine t2 leather cap obsidian
  60. WTS Delphinad Lake Pants (Celestial, gemmed)
  61. WTS Legendary Obsidian T4 Bow
  62. [WTS] Legendaries and other
  63. Kyprosa Wtb divine ayanad lake or wave scepter
  64. WTS Epherium Flame Belt (EPİC)
  65. Shatigon WTS EPIC Cursed Obsidan Staff
  66. [Land] Selling connected farmvillage 3x [16x16] and 3 [8x8]
  67. Kyprosa Wts epic t6 axe
  68. Shatigon WTS divine AYANAD CUIRASS FLAME plate
  69. Kyprosa WTB 24x24 spot Villanelle pref near Lutesong
  70. Kyprosa Sanddeep HUGE Land Sell
  71. [Prophecy] WTS 400 x Gilda Star
  72. WTB Divine Living Scroll
  73. Shatigon [Prophecy] West - Tree House + connected lands
  74. Kyprosa WTS Delphinad Quake Shield - Upgradeable to Ayanad - PROPHECY
  75. Rangora WTS Delphinad Volcano Bow (Prophecy Server)
  76. Rangora [Prophecy] Selling Mythic Sail
  77. Rangora Wts 7 / 5 ayanad typoon leather set
  78. WTS legendary greatsword
  79. Shatigon WTS 24x24 Manor, Gweonid Forest Entrance
  80. Looking for offers 24x24 Manor
  81. Kyprosa WTB epic/legendary cap with toughness gems
  82. Rangora [Prophecy]WTS 2x 16x16 , 1x 24x24 FARMS in Rockhala (all next to each other)
  83. WTS Epic stone sword & Divine ayanad flame bow
  84. Shatigon WTS mythic obsidian staff t3 at the moment
  85. Kyprosa [Prophecy] WTS: 1) 500 merit Treehouse design // WTB: Celestial/Divine OBSIDIAN: 1) Breeches 2) Cap 3) Jerkin
  86. Dahuta WTS Legendary T1 Obsidian Bow
  87. Dahuta WTB 24x24 plot at Airain Rock
  88. Rangora [Prophecy] WTS or WTT EPIC T2 Ominious Obsidian SHIELD
  89. WTB Divine Cuirass (HV plate chest)
  90. Dahuta WTB Divine Cuirass (HV plate chest) offer via: PM Rizzer (Nuia) Mail me - Rizzer or skype: rizzer1991
  91. Shatigon [Prophecy] WTB Divine Obsidian Staff T1
  92. WTS 24x24 + 2x 16x16 (Supports up to 28x28 + 2x 24x24)
  93. Tradehouse Packs 5g each :)
  94. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Divine Bow Prophecy
  95. Eanna [WTS] 7/7 EPIC Ayanad TYPHOON set
  96. WTS Epic T5 Evanescent Cap
  97. Shatigon WTT (divine ) ayanad life scepter 906 GS, for (divine) ayanad club .
  98. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Katana t7
  99. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Flame Katana
  100. Rangora WTB Epic Cloth Gloves & Shoes T1-T3
  101. Eanna WTS Blazing Sunridge Ingot x12
  102. Shatigon WTS 3x hero gems
  103. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T7 Scepter
  104. Eanna Wtb lake cloth ayanad !!! And scepter or staff ayanad wave !!
  105. WTB Divine Ayanad Gale Bow
  106. Kyprosa WTB>MYTHIC staff-club
  107. WTS/WTT Divine Obsidian Nodachi
  108. Prophecy: WTS Rare Delphinad Flame Jerkin
  109. WTS : Ayanad disciple costume
  110. WTB divine melee costume
  111. Wts. Delphinat gale nodachi celestial
  112. Shatigon WTB Epic Ayanad Staff/Scepter /// WTS Divine Ayanad Quake Shield
  113. PROPHECY EU TREE PALACE in Ahnimar Headfield Near Shop/Near Exit/Flat&Clean Area ALL CONNECTED!
  114. Rangora WTS or WTT Legendary Ayanad Volcano Bow
  115. Eanna WTS Legendary Ayanad Ocean hood (cloth)
  116. Kyprosa WTS EPİC desert 6/7,MYTHİC Ayanad weapon
  117. Kyprosa WTS Housing area in Ahnimar
  118. Rangora WTB Ayanad Earth Hood / Kraken Shield
  119. Eanna WTS Epic T6 sword (Souldrinker)
  120. Kyprosa Wtb Nuimari Farm
  121. WTS Stuff
  122. Kyprosa WTS Wrathsmite Armor Shard
  123. WTS 10x blazing wind spirit leathers
  124. Rangora WTS Divine Weapon Anchoring Shards
  125. Totemoszlop WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi 23k gold Leviathan server
  126. Kyprosa WTS Mythic Ayanad earth greataxe
  127. Kyprosa WTB Mythic obs. Greatclub
  128. Shatigon Wtb legendary sword T7
  129. Rangora WTB/WTS/WTT - Ayanad Epic Katana Mist (Interested in ayanad shortspears only)
  130. Rangora WTS Ayanad Leather Parts
  131. Kyprosa [WTS][Eu Prophecy] Delphinad Autumn Club
  132. WTB Ayanad Earth plate divine pieces
  133. Shatigon Wts / wtb
  134. Kyprosa LTB :1470 EA Chicken/Duck/Goose Meat Every Week
  135. Kyprosa WTB Legendary t1 bow
  136. Kyprosa [Prophecy] wtb merchant design 400gildas
  137. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Lake Pants & Shoes
  138. Shatigon Free Labor to packs crafting
  139. Rangora WTS Ayanad Earth Shirt
  140. Shatigon Buying Lord's Coins (Any Server)
  141. Kyprosa WTS/WTT Epic Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  142. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Scepter
  143. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Flame Breeches
  144. Dahuta WTS EPIC sword and DIVINE Bow
  145. Kyprosa WTS Divine Wave Greatclub 2crit 2 heal gems
  146. Rangora Prophecy, WTB Zephyr Sea Monster Radar, design or built
  147. WTS Hasla
  148. Kyprosa Prophecy - Buying 1200 Gilda (/Timber Coupe)
  149. Kyprosa WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  150. Shatigon WTB devine ayanad nodaci
  151. Shatigon WTS 2x 24x24 adjacent spot pm/mail Mireille on Prophecy
  152. Rangora WTB Ayanad Shortspear Epic or Higher grade (WTT Epic Ayanad Katana)
  153. Kyprosa wtb ayanad divine/epic squall chest
  154. Dahuta WTB Ayanad 2hander (Prophecy)
  155. Rangora WTB divine obsidian shortspear and divine obsidian shield prophecy server eu
  156. Eanna WTS Ayanad life/wave hands (cloth)
  157. Rangora WTB Legendary (T1-T5) Staff!
  158. Rangora WTS Delphinad Typhoon Boots and Delphinad Gale Boots
  159. Dahuta WTS Legendary T1 Shortspear
  160. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Earth/Lake Hood/Chest / Ayanad Shield
  161. Prophecy WTS T5 Divine Jerkin Breeches Cap
  162. Rangora [Prophecy]WTB EPIC Shortspear (Obsidian)
  163. WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi Leviathan server
  164. Rangora WTS Delphinad Volcano Bow *Prophecy
  165. Kyprosa WTS celestial ayanad lake staff
  166. Kyprosa [WTS] in Gwenoid One 24x24 Farmhouse + Three 16x16 Farms
  167. Rangora WTS Epic Resolute Conviction Helm (Plate Helm)
  168. [WTB] Divine Bow
  169. Rangora Leatherwork Shop Prophecy
  170. Kyprosa WTS Divine Delphinad Desert Belt
  171. Shatigon WTS Ayanad life scepter.
  172. Eanna [Prophecy] WTB 400 Gildas
  173. Kyprosa WTB Obsidian Legendary Katana / Ayanad Lightning Fists
  174. Eanna WTB Divine Ayanad Earth Pants
  175. Rangora [Prophecy]WTB Divine Obsidian Katana for 5k
  176. Kyprosa WTB Delphinad Life Club
  177. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shirt
  179. Wts/wtt
  180. Shatigon WTB obsidian staff divine
  181. Rangora [Prophecy] WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Shirt
  182. Shatigon WTS Zephyr Sea Monster Sonar Design [Shatigon-EU]
  183. Rangora [Prophecy] WTB divine obsidian shield.
  184. Rangora WTB Legendary tier 7 Scepter/staff
  185. Rangora WTS/WTT Ayanad Leather Parts
  186. Kyprosa WTS Legendary bow / WTB Legendary scepter
  187. WTB legendary greatclub T1-T6
  188. [Prophecy] Selling 2x 16x16 farms Golden Ruins
  189. Kyprosa WTS/WTT MYTHİC[Ayanad Earth Greataxe] Gold or İtems+gold
  190. WTS Epic Fugitive BOW - 20K - /w CBX for offers
  191. Rangora WTS / WTT Epic Ayanad Mist Katana
  192. Rangora WTB Delphinad Stone Pants (Divine) or T5 Healer Pants
  193. Dahuta WTS Delphinad earth shirt (grand)
  194. WTS divine ayanad life gloves
  195. Rangora WTS 24x24 spot Halcyona Gulf (Prophecy)
  196. Shatigon Wtb/wts
  197. Kyprosa Wtb ayanad gale Parts
  198. Shatigon WTB Cloth Epherium Wave gloves/hood/sleeves
  199. Eanna WTB Lege obsidian bow t1-t3
  200. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Life Pants
  201. Prophecy - WTS: Divine Silent Shadow Jerkin
  202. Shatigon WTB Divine Katana / Scepter
  203. Shatigon Vins' List
  204. Rangora WTB Divine+ Nodachi / Greatsword
  205. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Divine Nodachi
  206. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Divine Nodachi
  207. (Prophecy) WTB land rokhala mountains!
  208. Eanna [prophecy] wtb delphinad ocean staff grand
  209. Rangora WTS Epic obsidian shield
  210. Kyprosa WTB Delphinad Gale Parts
  211. [Prophecy] WTT Unique Delphy Volcano Bow with Delphy Lightning Nodachi in EU Prophecy
  212. WTB Ayanad Legendry Flame Katana
  213. Shatigon Wtt/wts
  214. Dahuta WTS Divine Ayanad Flame Bow
  215. Shatigon WTT Ayanad Wave Staff
  216. Shatigon Prophecy - WTB Divine Obsidian Staff/Nodachi & Celestial Cloth Pieces!
  217. Rangora WTB Divine Obsidian Club, WTS 440 loyalty
  218. Rangora WTB Legendary Obsidian Nodachi/Katana/Longspear/Greatsword/Greataxe (T7 Only)
  219. Shatigon WTT,WTS Divine Ayanad Scepter
  220. Rangora wts epic stone staff
  222. Rangora WTS legendary tier 7 bow
  223. WTS Tradehouse in Halcy!
  224. WTB Delphinad or Ayanad Flame Leather Set (Divine) ..
  225. Totemoszlop WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi Leviathan server
  226. Wtb delphinad lightning nodachi 40 apex flat
  227. Eanna WTS/WTT Ayanad Divine Bow
  228. Rangora WTB Divine Obsidian Bow V1 (tier 4 or 5)
  229. WTB Epic Obsidian Shortspear t1-t5(v2)
  230. Eanna WTB Ayanad Earth leather parts
  231. Rangora [PROPHECY] WTS Timber Coupe Design (1200 Gilda)
  232. Kyprosa WTS 16x16 gweonid
  233. Kyprosa WTS treehouse
  234. WTS Legendary Nodachi
  235. Totemoszlop WTB Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi 34k GOLD
  236. Kyprosa WTB Mythic obs staff & WTS Legendary Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  237. Shatigon [Prophecy] [West] WTB Large Land Plots / Premium Land
  238. WTB Ayanad Squall Jerking And Breeches (Divine)
  239. Shatigon WTB Ayanad divine club 20k.
  240. Shatigon WTS 7/7 Wave set, divine, full gems.
  241. Rangora WTB Ayanad Divine Bow : Gale / Tidal or Lightning
  242. Shatigon WTB ayanad flame cap
  243. Dahuta WTB Lord Coins (All Servers)
  244. Dahuta (Prophecy) WTS 120 Loyalty Tokens
  245. Rangora [PROPHECY] WTS Delphinad summer sword
  246. WTB Divine Epherium Gale breeches and fists
  247. Rangora WTS Divine Gale gear
  248. Eanna WTS Ayanad Wave Greatclub and Delphinad earth boots (both Divine)
  249. Shatigon WTT legacy gold for prophecy gold
  250. WTS Hasla Land alot of it