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  1. WTB Ayanad Lake Plate
  2. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Sky Nodachi/ Epic T1 Fists
  3. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Nodachi FULL gem + WTS Ayanad Sky Nodachi
  4. Shatigon WTB Mythic Pants Obsidian any Tier OR Ayanad Kind irrelevant
  5. Shatigon WTB > Obsidian Mythic Staff
  6. Shatigon WTS Legendary Ayanad Wave bow - Fully gemmed
  7. Shatigon WTS Ominous Obsidian Lute - Celestial
  8. [PROPHECY] WTS>CREDITS 300 = 55g!!
  9. Eanna WTB Evanescent Breeches Epic
  10. Kyprosa WTB> legendary-mythic club/greatclub
  11. Wtb mythic beast figurhead
  12. Dread steed
  13. Eanna WTB 2Hand sword/Axe divine
  14. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Flame Nodachi FULL Gem
  15. Rangora WTS Hero gem
  16. WTS Labor
  17. [WTS] Legendary Tier 6 Obsidian Shortspear
  18. Kyprosa WTB epic archer belt
  19. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Lake Pants, Celestial Ayanad Stone Chest
  20. Dahuta WTS Divine Delphinad winter shortspear
  21. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obsidian Bow
  22. Rangora WTB Epic Obsidian Shortspear (T1)
  23. WTS Ayanad Earth
  24. divine cap
  25. Rangora Wtt t5 epic shortspear for epic t4-t5 archer version
  26. Eanna Wtb mythic nodachi any grade
  27. Rangora [Prophecy] WTB Divine Ayanad Club
  28. Shatigon WTS Guild level 4 for guilds who want to transfer here
  29. WTT | T5 Divine Maiden's Tear for T5 Divine Bloodseeker's Nodachi
  30. Dahuta [EU-Prophecy] WTS MASS Land Haul Perinoor [EU-Prophecy]
  31. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Earth Cap, Jerkin, Belt, Breeches (Leather)
  32. WTB Epic ayanad staff/Legendary obsidian staff!
  33. Eanna WTB Divine Ayanad Katana/Shortspeat
  34. Land for sale: 12 16x16 farms and 2 16x16 houses in Savannah.
  35. Shatigon WTT EU gold for NA gold
  36. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Stone Epic Waist or Wrists
  37. Shatigon WTT Gold on {Shatigon} for gold in {Prophecy}
  38. Kyprosa WTS divine delphinad flame bow
  39. Rangora WTS Mythic Obsidian Sword
  40. Dahuta WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Shortspear
  41. WTB Divine Delphinad Gale Guards
  42. Eanna WTS 3 Ayanad Earth Leather part + 2 delphinad earth + 1 ring
  43. Kyprosa [ All Servers ] WTB Lord Coins x 216 at least [ All Servers ]
  44. Rangora WTB Delphinad Flame Gurads
  45. Rangora Soon 1 Credit Server Transfer is open - Want to buy Lord Coins
  46. Shatigon WTS Legendary Cold Flames Hood, T6
  47. Eanna WTS 24x24 by demo in Rokhala
  48. WTS Built Storage Silo on Marcala forest edge
  49. Rangora WTS Legendary T7 Katana
  50. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian bow any tier
  51. Eanna WTS Wave ayanad celestial bow (5/6 gemmed)
  52. Dahuta WTB Mythic Sword, Shield, Legendary Plate Set & Shortspear
  53. WTB Delphinad Wave Sabaton
  54. WTS T7 Legendary Cloth Boots
  55. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Nodachi T1-3
  56. Kyprosa WTS toughness gemmed delphinad typhoon cap divine
  57. WTS toughness gemS
  58. Dahuta WTB Any tier Legendary Shortspear
  59. Selling Labor and Rokhala cheese packs
  60. Eanna Wts Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  61. Kyprosa WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Shoes
  62. Eanna WTB Epic Nodachi
  63. Rangora [PROPHECY] Ahnimar land, 3 gazebo + 3 farms
  64. WTB Ayanad Flame / Lighting Nodachi
  65. Eanna Divine Delphinad Gale guards
  66. Land for Sale in Ahnimar.
  67. WTS Lots of Land in Windscour ( 5x Connected Gazebos, 5x Connected 16x16 and connected Tradesman Manor)
  68. Shatigon Selling Mythic t7 Plate Chest
  69. Shatigon WTS Epic Epherium Flame Belt (Gemmed)
  70. Eanna Wtb
  71. Dahuta Ayanad Legendary Weapon
  72. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Meadow Scepter & Epic Ayanad Lake Shoes
  73. Kyprosa WTB Legendary t1 bow
  74. Kyprosa WTB Lord's Coins
  75. Shatigon WTB Red Dragon Bow (Any grade)
  76. Rangora [Prophecy] WTS Epic bow Fugitive
  77. Kyprosa WTS divine delphinad flame bow
  78. Shatigon Prophecy 7 x 24x24 and 3 16x16
  79. Rangora (Prophecy) WTS-> Treasure maps with coordinates. (Rare/Arcane)
  80. Rangora (Prophecy) WTS-> Treasure maps with coordinates. (Rare/Arcane)
  81. Kyprosa [Prophecy] WTS 16 x 16 Rookborne Basin
  82. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Club and Divine Ayanad Life Cloth
  83. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Staff / WTS Divine Ayanad Ocean Staff / Divine Ayanad Autumn Club
  84. Kyprosa 7/7 Divine Ayanad Squall armor + bow
  85. Eanna WTB epic Evanescent Breeches
  86. Rangora WTS or WTT T7 Legendary Cloth Boots and Divine Ayanad Flame Guard
  87. Shatigon WTT/WTS Divine Obsidian T5 Katana
  88. Eanna WTS Divine Ayand tidal bow
  89. Eanna WTB Epic obsidian pieces
  90. Kyprosa WTB Mythic Growling Zephyr Square Foresail
  91. Shatigon WTB MYTHIC obsidian staff, any tier. Also other mythics.
  92. Dahuta Wtb ayanad legendary shortspear
  93. [PROPHECY] WTT Celest Ayanad Life Staff with Ayanad Scepter Celest with Temper.
  94. Kyprosa WTS Epic ayanad earth gloves
  95. WTS Epic obsidian leather Chest
  96. WTB ayanad flame Jerkin and pants divine
  97. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Gale Bow
  98. Rangora WTB Firewrought Dragonslayer
  99. Kyprosa WTB leg+ ranged undergarments
  100. Shatigon WTS Legendary T7 bow
  101. WTS Delphinad Squall Longspear (upgradable to ayanad)
  102. WTB Mythic Large-Calliber cannon
  103. Shatigon WTS > Ayanad Lightning Nodachi (Divine) / Ayanad Winter Shortspear (Epic)
  104. Eanna WTB epic
  105. Kyprosa [WTB] Cold Anguish Fully Gemmed [Prophecy]
  106. Shatigon WTB Mythic Goddess Figurehead
  107. Dahuta WTB EPIC Obsidian Plate and Leather items any tier
  108. Kyprosa WTB Multiperpose Workbench
  109. Rangora WTB Dephinad Wave bow
  110. Shatigon wts legendary ranged/healing underwear full gems+lunastone
  111. Eanna WTB 3 Herogems
  112. WTS Ayanad Divine Flame Belt
  114. Shatigon WTB Delphinad Divine or Ayanad Life /stone set / WTB Ayanad divine club
  115. Rangora WTB celestial or divine ayanad scepter / Epic obsidian katana
  116. Kyprosa WTB legendary obsidian club
  117. Enoan Galleon
  118. Kyprosa WTB Legendary\Mythic shield & club
  119. Dahuta WTB AYANAD Epic Shortspear
  120. Eanna WTB: Ayanad Lightning breeches
  121. WTS Divine Ayanad Desert Belt
  122. Kyprosa Wts plate/wtb leather armor
  123. Kyprosa WTB epic archer belt/guards/pants
  125. Eanna [Eanna] WTB Ayanad Club (Prefer Divine, any kind)
  126. Eanna WTS Epic t6 Scepter ( Steel Sorrow) - Epic Obsidian Breeches - Delphinad Wave Shield - Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
  127. WTB Mythic Bow
  128. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Boots & Divine Ayanad Gale Jerkin
  129. WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon/Desert Belts
  130. Kyprosa WTS T7 Mythic Dagger
  131. Shatigon WTS Epherium Desert Guards - Divine
  132. Eanna WTB Epic Obsidian Club (any grade)
  133. Shatigon Wts legendary ranged underwear 5 offensive stats
  134. Rangora Wtb melee basİc costume
  135. Eanna WTB Epic GreatSword
  136. Rangora WTB > Ayanad Flame Jerkin Divine with full gems 7xresil L/O
  137. WTS Divine Delphinad Ocean Staff (Ayanad)!
  138. Rangora [PROPHECY] WTS 3 Gazebo farms Ahnimar
  139. Eanna WTS Epic Obsidian Shoes
  140. Eanna WTS / Epic Obsidian Fist / Celestial Ayanad Gale Bow /
  141. Rangora WTB Melee Basic Costume
  142. Eanna WTS Divine Obsidian Hood + Divine Obsidian Gloves
  143. Kyprosa WTS T7 Shortspear Legendary / T6 Obsidian Fists Legendary (Archery Stats)
  144. WTS Ayanad Divine Typhoon/Squall Belts
  145. Shatigon WTS Legendary T7 Scepter
  146. Eanna WTB Legendary T7 Shortspear Or Mythiq T1 Shortspear
  147. Kyprosa WTB full gem epic T6 archer pants. 35k
  148. Eanna WTB Epherium Earth parts
  149. Shatigon WTB Berserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter
  150. Eanna New Epics arrived! WTS: Three Epic Obsidian t1 parts!
  151. Shatigon [Prophecy] WTB Epic obsi Katana/scepter or ayanad specter -WTS T5 Divine Katana - WTT gold Shatigon -> Prophecy
  152. WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon/Desert/Squall belts
  153. Shatigon WTS Legendary obsidian Nodachi
  154. Dahuta [Prophecy] WTB noob lvl 18 1H Sceptre and Club
  155. Kyprosa WTS T7 legendary scepter/WTB legendary obsidian staff
  156. Kyprosa WTB epic obsidian breeches (agi)
  157. Rangora WTB Melee Basic Costume ( Limited Gold 30K )
  158. Kyprosa WTT Mage gear for primeval gear
  159. Eanna WTB Epic obsidian plate armor
  160. Rangora [PROPHERCY] WTS Delphinad Volcano bow (grand)
  161. WTB Epic Ayanad Bow
  162. Shatigon WTS legendary katana
  163. Eanna WTB Epic Obsidian Dagger/Epic Obsidian Shortspear
  164. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Flame Bow
  165. Dahuta [PROPHECY] WTT Divine Ayanad Sunset Bow for any Divine Ayanad melee weapon
  166. Shatigon WTS > Legendary T7 Shield
  167. Shatigon WTB: Trademans Manor in Rokhala
  168. Eanna WTT Sword Mythic T1 for Shortspear Mythic T1
  169. Eanna WTB : Katana, Dagger, or Shortspear t7 legendary
  170. WTB Epic T6 Bow
  172. Eanna WTS Epic Obsidian Cap
  173. Rangora WTB Mythic Growling Zephyr Sqaure Mainsail
  174. Eanna WTB Ayanad Lake Plate Parts
  175. Rangora WTS 6 Gazebos and 4 16x16 Calmlands,diamond shores, golden ruins
  177. Kyprosa WTB Delphinad Earth pieces (cloth)
  178. Kyprosa Wtb delphinad upgradable or ayanad club--wtb ayanad earth plate!
  179. Shatigon WTS Mythic T7 Shortspear
  180. WTB: 28x28 land for treehouse in mahadevi by sea?
  181. Eanna WTS Sword T4 Mythiq
  182. [prophecy] wts land on exeloch
  183. Shatigon Wts ayanad flame divine sword !!
  184. WTS Legend Obsidian katana
  185. [Prophecy] WTB Epic Obsidian Scepter or Staff
  186. Kyprosa WTS epic ayanad lightning nodachi
  187. Prophecy - WTS Divine Obsidian Club
  188. Eanna WTB Legendary Club
  189. WTS Divine Delphinad Gale Bow WTB Divine Ayanad bow
  190. Kyprosa WTB legendary obsidian club
  191. Kyprosa WTB Legendary obsidian Nodachi
  192. Shatigon WTS Legendary T7 Bow
  193. Eanna WTB Legendary obsidian staff
  194. WTS Legendary SS T6+ Epic(4)+1Legendary Boots(Leather T6)
  195. Kyprosa WTB Firebreath Dragonslayer Costume
  196. [Prophecy] WTT Divine Ayanad Scepter with Divine Ayanad Staff or T6 Epic Obsi Staff
  197. Eanna WTB Ayanad plate chest earth
  198. Rangora Wtb divine ayanad lake gloves/belt/hood (cloth)
  199. Wts monted shield mythic for ship / ayanad volcano bow divine
  200. [WTS] Tradeable Tier 6 Legendary Shortspear + other
  201. Kyprosa WTB Legendary/Mythic Club , any grade , preffer t7.
  202. WTB epic sword t6
  203. WTS Obsidian T5 Divine Cloth Set 5/5 (Int Mage) WTB/WTT Divine Ayanad Bow
  204. [PROPHECY] WTB Ayanad Club
  205. Eanna WTB Legendary T1-t6 Staff
  206. WTB T4/T5 Divine ShortSpear - Blackleaf/Twillight Leaf
  207. Kyprosa WTT/WTS Ayanad Typhoon/Lightning Fists !!
  208. Eanna WTB Divine Ayanad club and timber coupe design
  209. Eanna WTB Ayanad Stone Cloth!
  210. Eanna WTB Ayanad Divine Staff
  211. Dahuta [PROPHECY] WTB Divine Ayanad Nodachi
  212. Prophecy - selling divine ayanad scepter
  213. Shatigon WTT Ayanad Wave Staff
  215. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Ocean Staff / Divine Ayanad Autumn Club
  216. Kyprosa WTS 35x Login Badge = 35x Serendipity Stone to reroll your costume
  217. Eanna Wts sword mythic !
  218. Eanna WTB Lord coins huge stack per week
  219. Kyprosa WTB Ayanad Flame Boots
  220. Eanna WTS Ayanad Lightning Katana (Divine)
  221. WTB mythic bow
  222. Rangora [PROPHECY] WTS [Divine] Obsidian Boots, [Epic] Ominous Obsidian Cap
  223. [PROPHECY] WTB Epic Obsidian Staff
  224. WTS Divine Ayanad Desert, Squall, Typhoon Belts. Gale and Earth Guards
  225. Eanna WTS Legendary Obsidian Shield ( Voidspell ) full gem
  226. WTB Epic ayanad bow
  227. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Staff t1-t6, Ayanad Wave Bow Divine.
  228. Kyprosa WTB epic archer belt/guards
  229. WTB Ayanad Wave cloth parts
  230. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Leather Desert Fists
  231. Rangora WTB Delphinad Autumn Club or any ayanad club
  232. Ayanad Sunset Bow
  233. Kyprosa WTB divine ayanad flame pieces
  234. [Prophecy] WTB 42x APEX
  235. Shatigon WTB Divine Ayanad Life Shoes or Sash
  236. Kyprosa WTS/WTT Ayanad Flame Breeches !!
  237. WTB Ayanad Flame / Lighting nodachi
  238. Shatigon WTB red Dragon staff
  239. Rangora WTB Obsidian hood [LEGENDARY]
  240. Eanna WTS Legendary T7 scepter
  241. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Obsidian Scepter
  242. [Prophecy] WTB Experienced Adventurer's Compass
  243. Shatigon WTS 14 log in badge costume / undies rerolls
  244. Eanna [Prophecy] WTS 300 loyalty tokens + 300 gilda (help a good cause!) WTB Chrome Sub and Apex(x4)
  245. Kyprosa WTB Legendary Staff | WTS Ayanad Divine Squall 7/7, bow + other
  246. Shatigon WTS / WTT Legendary t6 Sword
  247. [Prophecy] Lands for sale - Gweonid Forest
  248. WTB Ayanad Flame bow / Delphinad volcano
  249. Epherium Lightning
  250. WTS Armorers House and Gazebo, side by side, Lilyut