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  1. Kyprosa WTB Chrome Steamfish Submarine
  2. Eanna Dread steed 15k
  3. Eanna WTS Ayanad Lightning Katana (Divine) CHEAP
  4. Shatigon Want to Buy Mytic Mage Weapon (Katana /scepter /Staff)
  5. Kyprosa [ANY SERVER] WTS Enoan Galleon + 6.5k Gearscore
  6. Kyprosa Wtb ayanad stone shirt divine
  7. WTS Divine Ayanad Volcano bow and Celestial Ayanad Gale bow
  8. Rangora (PROPHECY) WTS Divine Ayanad Volcano bow and Celestial Ayanad Gale bow
  9. Shatigon wtb delphinad earth set <pet> mythic
  10. Eanna WTB Legendary Longspear t1-3
  11. Eanna WTS ayanad divine nodachi, epic epherium stone sash
  12. WTS Divine t4 Flaming passion shoes cheap
  13. Eanna Wts t7 greataxe
  14. Kyprosa WTB Blazing Nuri Lorest Lumber / Lord Coins
  15. Shatigon WTS Legendary obsidian katana t7
  16. Shatigon WTB Hero gems x 7
  17. Kyprosa Wtb huge hasla land
  18. Eanna Prophecy WTS Divine Ayanad Volacano Bow
  19. Eanna B> Swept-roof mansion 2k please list always checking so 6hrs will do
  20. Kyprosa WTS divine ayanad flame jerkin
  21. WTB Ayanad Lake/Wave Plate parts.
  22. WTB Epic shortspear
  23. Shatigon Wts legendary greatsword t7
  24. WTB Ayanad Divine Wave Scepter
  25. Kyprosa WTB legendary obsidian bow any tier.
  26. Kyprosa WTB EPIC Obsidian Plate Helmet|Boots|Cuirass|Greaves|Gauntlets T1-3
  27. Kyprosa WTB Celestial Delphinad Gale Belt
  28. WTS: Legy Greatsword @ T7
  29. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian leather boots and mythic obsidian shield !
  30. Kyprosa WTB Design Fragment: Growling Yawl
  31. Kyprosa WTB legendary ayanad melee/mage weapon
  32. After some legendaries on Leviathan
  33. [WTB] Legendary 2H Weapon
  34. Shatigon WTB Epic Ayanad scepter
  36. Delphinad Flame Divine Leather Parts
  37. Kyprosa WTB t6 epic club & divine ayanad earth shield
  38. Rangora PROPHECY - WTS Zephyr Sea Monster Sonar Design
  39. [Prophecy] WTS > L E G E N D A R Y < T5 STAFF
  40. Eanna [WTB] 200+ Lord Coin (any server)
  41. Kyprosa Wts Delphinad vulcano bow
  42. Eanna WTB AYanad divine shortspear
  43. Eanna WTS Sword T6 Mythiq
  44. Eanna WTB Ayanad Earth Plateset (FULL) divine or higher with gems
  45. Kyprosa WTB legendary or mythic obsidian bow
  46. Eanna WTT Legendary T6 Staff in Prophecy FRESH for Eanna Mythic 2h
  47. Shatigon WTS Divine Delphinad Lightning Bow (EU Prophecy)
  48. Dahuta WTB t1-6 Legendary Staff in any server
  49. Shatigon WTB Epic club
  50. Kyprosa WTB Div. Epherium Flame breeches/cap/guards
  51. Eanna WTB Leg/Mythic Obsidian Club
  52. Shatigon WTB Legendary Katana
  53. Shatigon WTS T7 Legendry obsidian sword
  54. Eanna WTB Epic Cloth Armor (int) T1-T6 | WTS Divine Ayanad Squall Armor 3/7
  55. Eanna WTB Mythic Staff or Nodachi
  56. Eanna WTS Delphinad Gale Guards and boots and Belt full gemed
  57. Rangora WTS Legendary T6 ( t7 ) staff
  58. Dahuta Kraken Ink Sac
  59. WTB Mythic Gloves any tier (cloth)
  60. Eanna WTB Legendary Staff or Nodachi
  61. WTB Ayanad Scepter
  62. Eanna WTT T6 Legendary Staff on Fresh Prophecy for Legacy Eanna 300k Gold
  63. WTB merchant design 1.2k
  64. Kyprosa Wts Huge Nuimari Land
  65. Shatigon WTS Legendary T6 Shield ( seer's anticipation )
  66. Eanna WTS Epic T6 Shirt & Gloves (Int)
  67. Eanna WTb Sloth glider
  68. Eanna WTB Legendary Dagger
  69. WTB Epic+ Delph volcanoayanad\red dragon bow
  70. Eanna WTS Legendary Tier 7 Scepter
  71. Shatigon WTB Divine Lightning Jerkin (fully gemmed!) - pref. pw in game
  72. Eanna WTB Obsidian Cloth Epic pieces + Hero gems
  73. Rangora WTS [Moist Giant Mushroom]
  74. Kyprosa WTB epic belt/guards
  75. Eanna WTS Legendary ayanad meadow scepter
  76. Shatigon WTS epic t5 sabatons
  77. Kyprosa WTS Spired Chateau in Windscour or Design
  78. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Lake Plate parts
  79. WTS Mage Gear
  80. Eanna WTS 140x Lord's Coin
  81. Rangora WTS epic ominous obsidian boots cloth
  82. Rangora Wtb ayanad divine gale Parts
  83. Rangora WTS T7 Legendary Cloth Boots Cheap
  84. Shatigon WTS Mythic T7 Shortspear
  85. Kyprosa Wtb ayanad earth plate--all but chest-gauntlets
  86. Eanna WTS Epic T6 Shirt & Gloves (Int)
  87. WTB Epic Obsi Club (T1- T5 prefered)
  88. WTS Rokhala Side By Side Gazebo, Farmhouse, 16x16 Farms "Cheap"
  89. Rangora WTS Legendary Obsidian Greatsword
  90. Eanna [Enna] WTS mythic ayanad bow+divine gale set fully gemed +t7 legendary ss with your mats
  91. Eanna WTB Wrapped Dread Steed
  92. WTS Delphinad Ocean Hood and Shoes (upgradable to ayanad)
  93. Eanna WTS Legendary T7 Greataxe or WTT epic ayanad nodachi
  94. Eanna WTS Divine Ayanad Gale bow
  95. Shatigon WTS Epic T6 Katana, Epic Flame Delphy Bow and Divine Flame gear/gems
  96. Shatigon Where can i buy 10 apex and 3 bonus ones for the correct price!!!!
  97. Kyprosa WTB Lord Coins, Epic/ Legendary Cloth Head,Hands,Chest
  98. Shatigon Blue steel lightning
  99. Kyprosa [WTB] Gemmed Divine Leather Delphinad - Flame - Fists and Cap
  100. WTT Epic t6 staff for epic scepter
  101. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Flame Cap or Boots
  102. WTB Divine Ayanad Staff
  103. 3x Hero Gems
  104. Eanna WTS or WTT
  105. WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Bow
  106. WTB Divine Ayanad Dagger/Katana/Shortspear/Sword/Scepter
  107. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian Scetper
  108. Shatigon WTB Mistsong Sojung Easy/Medium chests
  109. WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Boots
  110. Eanna WTB Epic Ayanad Staff
  111. Shatigon WTS Legendary Ayanad Wave bow
  112. Kyprosa WTT Gold /Apex / gear
  113. Kyprosa WTB Epic obsidian leather fists
  114. Eanna WTS Legendary Ayanad desert belt
  115. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Nodachi at t7
  116. WTB legendary Nodachi t1-t6
  117. Rangora Wtb epic t1 , t1+ shortspear and shield
  118. Shatigon WTB devine ayanad nodachi
  119. Wtb delphinad lightning divine armor
  120. WTB Divine Delph Volcano bow OR red dragon bow
  121. Kyprosa Wtb legendary obsidian plate parts
  122. Kyprosa Wtb legendary obsidian plate parts
  123. Prophecy land for sale
  124. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Bow / Divine Delphinad Volcano
  125. Kyprosa WTB Divine Ayanad Leather Wrists, Cap and Lord Coins
  126. WTB Delph earth lether Fist/Cap
  127. WTS Divine Delphinad Lake Helm and Tassets
  128. Eanna WTB divine epherium belt fully gemmed
  129. Kyprosa wtb ayanad divine katana
  130. Rangora WTS EPIC Ayanad Lightning Nodachi
  131. Eanna WTB 4x Hero Gems on any server
  132. Shatigon Wts
  133. Dahuta WTB Ayanad Earth Hood
  134. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Gale Breeches.
  135. Rangora WTB Ayanad Divine Nodachi
  136. Eanna WTB Legendary Staff
  137. Dahuta WTB Hard Difficulty Dochul Chest
  138. WTS Epic Delphinad Flame Katana- Fully Gemmed
  139. Wts trademanor house at cinderstone 5 meters to beach
  140. WTB T 3 or 4 obsid plate (celestial)
  141. WTB Divine Plate ( Obsidian ) or Ayanad Desert Plate
  143. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Lake Scepter
  144. Shatigon WTS Ayanad wave pants & WTB
  145. Dahuta WTS costumes
  146. Shatigon WTB epic flute obsidian
  147. WTB Dragon Bow
  148. Eanna WTB Ayanad Gale Pants Divine
  149. WTB Dragon bow
  150. Dahuta WTS T5 Legendary Obs V2 Plate
  151. Shatigon WTB Epic cloth belt & boots
  152. WTS Ayanad Earth Pants
  153. [WTT] Ayanad Wave Cloth Chest DIVINE For Lake Chest Divine
  154. WTS - Ayanad Lake Chestpiece ( Plate Gear )
  155. Kyprosa Wtb ayanad divine staff
  156. Eanna WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Katana & Unique Ayanad Flame Guards
  157. WTS Legendary T5 Staff
  158. WTB Ayanad flame boot ( leather )
  159. Shatigon WTB Legendary obsidian Staff
  160. WTS 4 Pieces Divine Delphinad Lake Plate Armor
  161. Shatigon Wtb legendary obsidian Jerkin/Breeches
  162. wtb epic t1 - t6 staff
  163. WTS Mythic Salt Maker
  164. Kyprosa WTS Mythic Salt Maker
  165. Shatigon WTB Epic/Leggy club
  166. WTB Mythic ship components !
  167. Eanna WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  168. Shatigon WTB Mythic SHORTSPEAR
  169. WTS T6 Epic Club
  170. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T1 SWORD
  171. WTS Epic T6 Obsi shield
  172. WTS Epic Ayanad Life Club
  173. Shatigon WTS Perfect dps mage legendary costume/underwear
  174. Shatigon WTS Ayanad plate
  175. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Stone Shirt (Cloth)
  176. Shatigon Epic Armor Pieces
  177. Kyprosa WTS Legendary T3 Obsidian Nodachi
  178. Eanna WTS Divine Delphinad Earth Shoes
  179. Eanna WTS Divine Obsidian Boots
  180. Wtb/wtt/wts
  181. WTB Delphinad Flame Plate parts
  182. Rangora WTS Thunderwing Titan Loot - Titanīs Chain (Necklace)
  183. Dahuta WTB 4 epic ayanad flame pieces
  184. Shatigon 4/7 Ayanad Desert Piece
  185. NA Player WTS Labor daily
  186. Eanna WTS Divine Delphinad Lightning Bow CHAEP
  187. WTB Legendary T1-T6 Scepter
  188. WTB divine Ayanad Bow
  189. WTS Legendary Healing Costume!
  190. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Obsidian Bow
  191. Shatigon WTS Candy House Decoration
  192. Shatigon WTB Epic cloth belt
  193. Eanna WTT Epic Ayanad stone scepter for epic ayanad staff
  194. Shatigon WTS Legendary T7 1h Sword
  195. Kyprosa WTS Delphinad Quake Cuirass--Ayanad Wave Tassets
  196. WTS T6 Epic Nodachi
  197. WTB Obsidian Epic Dagger
  198. Dahuta WTB ravenspine wings
  199. Eanna WTS Candy House Decoration
  200. Price check on seabreze plank design
  201. Shatigon WTB Wrathsmite armor shards & Two-handed wisps
  202. Shatigon WTS T7 Legendary Obsidian Shield
  203. WTS Divine Delphinad Lake Plate Armor
  204. WTB Leviathan house uniform
  205. Shatigon Wts
  206. WTS Legendary Obsidian Jerkin T6
  207. Kyprosa WTS 7/7 Epic Ayanad Lightning Set, Fully gemmed
  208. Kyprosa Wtb legendary obsidian cloth Parts
  209. Eanna Wtb ayanad typhoon fists
  210. Shatigon WTB 4x pieces delphinad flame
  211. Shatigon WTB Legendary Nodachi or Great Sword + Delph flame
  212. WTS 2x 24x24 spots, GWEONID
  213. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Katana + divine Delph gear gemmed/divine WTB Wrathsmite Shards 30
  214. WTS Red Dragon Bow
  215. Want to sell legendary obsidian jerkin Tier 6
  216. Dahuta WTB Mythic Obsidian Sword, Legendary Obsidian Plate Armor
  217. Eanna WTB legendary longspear/nodachi t1-7
  218. Eanna Legendary Greataxe
  219. Shatigon WTS Ayanad Flame Jerkin divine full gem
  220. Shatigon Wtb ayanad shortspeaer any grade or divine
  221. WTB >>> Ayanad Desert Gaunlets (Plate)
  222. WTS Epic Delphinad Life shirt
  223. Shatigon Wtb legendary Club Obsidian(not great club) all tiers =)
  224. Wts monted shield mythic for ship
  225. Shatigon WTS ayanad wave shirt divine
  226. Shatigon WTS Cursed Obsidian Hood Legendary
  227. Wts outlaw epic bow
  228. Dahuta WTT Legendary Ayanad Shortspear Dahuta
  229. WTB Legendary Shorspeer
  230. Eanna WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Katana
  231. Shatigon Wtb harverst farmhouse
  232. WTB Lord Coin's
  233. WTB Delphinad Stone Cloth parts
  234. WTB divine ayanad cloth pieces
  235. Shatigon WTS Legendary T3 Obsidian Jerkin (Leather)
  236. Kyprosa WTB Legandary Bow
  237. Price check on Apex please
  238. Price check on Apex please
  239. WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Staff
  240. Shatigon WTB Delphinad Flame Gear
  241. WTS Epic Ayanad longspear and hero gem
  242. WTS Mythic Longspear
  243. WTS Mysterious Garden Powder
  244. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Nodachi
  245. WTB Legendary T7 Katana
  246. Eanna WTB Red Dragon Costume ( Cloth )
  247. Dahuta WTS Legendary Beast Figurehead 6000g
  248. Shatigon WTS mage perfect dps costume / healer defensive costume
  249. Dahuta WTT Divine Leather Delphinad Typhoon Set 7/7 for Flame
  250. Rangora WTB Legendary Obisidan Club (T1-T7) / Ayanad Legendary Club / Ayanad Mythic Club