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  1. WTB Ayanad flame part
  2. Rangora WTB Delphinad Flame Jerkin (Epic/Legendary)
  3. WTS ayanad quake shield, ayanad earth Shirt and Delph earth pants
  4. Shatigon Attn: Seller of Ayanad Lake Greaves
  5. Rangora *** WTB Obsidian Epic Club ***
  6. Dahuta WTS Firebreath Dragonslayer Costume
  7. Rangora WTS Thunderwing Titan Loot
  8. Eanna WTB Guild
  9. Divin T5 Club
  10. Dahuta WTT Legendary Ayanad Wave Shortspear 7/7 for Legendary Ayanad Shield
  11. WTS> Legendary T6 cloth shoes
  12. Buying Growling Yawl Design Scrap
  13. Kyprosa Wts divine ayanad wave staff
  14. Shatigon Wts delphinad earth plate greaves and chest
  15. Dahuta WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Leather - Cap/Pants
  16. Kyprosa WTB epic t6 obsidian cloth set
  17. WTB Lord Coin
  18. WTB Epic Ayanad Typhoon Jerkin/Breeches Full gemmed
  19. WTS 52 Bound Superior Reds & 7 Bound Red Regrade charms
  20. Shatigon Wtb legendary obsidian Fists/Breeches
  21. Eanna WTB - "EPIC" Leather - Delphinad Flame Cap!!!!
  22. WTS Divine Ayanad Desert Pieces
  23. Rangora WTB Divine Ayanad Typhoon Jerkin
  24. Kyprosa WTB Legendary t7 scepter
  25. Rangora WTS Obsidian T1 Epic Shortspear
  26. Shatigon WTS Fangbane as image.
  27. Shatigon WTB Veroe Throne
  28. Shatigon wtb legendary shirt,glovers,hood (cloth armor)
  29. Kyprosa WTS Legendary Ayanad Katana
  30. Eanna WTB lord coins
  31. Kyprosa WTB Legendary / Mythic Obsidian Staff
  32. WTB Delphinad Gale Breeches
  33. WTB Epic Ayanad Boots
  34. Rangora WTB Delphinad Flame Belt (EPİC)
  35. Shatigon WTS Delphinad Flame Pieces
  36. WTS Legendary staff
  37. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Shirt, Divine Ayanad Wave Shirt
  38. Dahuta WTS Ayanad Earth Shield Epic
  39. Eanna WTB Bulk Garden Powder any server - also Ayanad bows any tier and type. only till regarde event ends
  40. WTB Legendary/Mythic Longspear or Greatsword
  41. Eanna WTS Nodachi T6 Mythic
  42. Wtb spired chateau desing
  43. Kyprosa WTB legendary scepter/katana obsidian
  44. Dahuta Divine Ayanad Lightning Belt
  45. Eanna WTB any ayanad legendary leather belt (waist)
  46. Kyprosa Wts legendary t 6 cloth shoes
  47. Eanna WTB tomb-bound wraps
  48. Kyprosa WTB Legendary+ Obsidian Scepter/Staff any tier
  49. Dahuta WTB Legendary Scepter any Tier.
  50. Shatigon WTB Legendary Shortspear or Longspear T7
  51. WTS Divine t7 staff
  52. WTS Divine Ayanad Pieces
  53. WTB Hexbane Helm image item
  54. WTS Epic Ayanad Squall Shortspear
  55. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Typhoon Divine Parts
  56. Shatigon WTS mage perfect dps costume / unique tanking costume / WTB Obsidian Legendary Fists/Breeches
  57. Kyprosa WTS Full Ayanad Lightning 6/7 Divine Cap Epic
  58. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Squall Boots
  59. WTS T7 Leg Katana
  60. Rangora WTS Sylvas Nocturne Top,Bottoms and shoes.
  61. WTS Enoan Frags
  62. LF NA alts on Hanure WTB Iron ingots
  63. WTS Melee Basic Costume (Legendary)
  64. Rangora WTS Legendary Nodachi T7
  65. WTS Divine Delphinad gale BOW , BELT ,BOOTS and FIST or trade(EU Anthalon)
  66. Kyprosa WTB Red Dragon Bow
  67. WTS Divine Ayanad Lightning Katana 6 Gems
  68. WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Bow
  69. WTB [Delphinad Flame Bow] & [Delphinad Lightning Necklace]
  70. WTB MYTHIC or Legendary obsidian shortspear
  71. Rangora WTS Divine Ayanad Gale Bow
  72. WTS Divine Ayanad Meadow Pants
  73. Wts ayanad flame dİvİne sword cheap !!
  74. wts epic Ominous Obsidian greaves
  75. Shatigon WTS epic ayanad meadow scepter
  76. WTT Prophecy gold (EU) for Reckoning gold (NA)
  77. Eanna WTB Divine/Epic/Legendary Reckless Glory Belt
  78. Shatigon WTS legendaryCruel Glory sash
  79. WTB - Mythic / Legendary Obsidian Shortspear !
  80. Eanna WTB Legendary Reckless Glory Belt - Yolo it and earn GOOD GOLDU
  81. Rangora WTS Mythic Obsidian Leather Chest
  82. Shatigon WTS Divine Embalmer's Touch
  83. WTS Ayanad cloth
  84. Kyprosa WTB Spired Chateau Design
  85. Wtt apex eu to na
  86. Eanna WTS Epic cloth
  87. Kyprosa WTS Delph Set Cloth, Leather, Plate
  88. Shatigon wts LEGENDARY obsidian axe at t7
  89. WTS Epic Obsidian Staff
  90. Eanna WTS Loyalty in bulk.
  91. Rangora WTS full set celestial delphinad gale
  92. [GIVEAWAY] Squirrel glider
  93. Kyprosa [GIVEAWAY] Squirrel glider
  94. Shatigon WTS Ayanad earth shield (celestial)
  95. WTB epic obsidian bow any tier
  96. WTS Legendary Delphinad Earth Cuirass
  97. Eanna Wtb ayanad leather fists divine
  98. Wts divine cloth / wtb epic leather
  99. Wtb epic ayanad staff
  100. Shatigon Wts obsidian bow t7 legendary
  101. Kyprosa WTS Epic Cruel Glory Sash
  102. Where are the cargo seller/buyer in auroria?
  103. WTS Furnished Chalet in Moonswept, Two Crowns. Stopping playing 20/06/17
  104. Eanna WTS 7/7 fully gemed Ayanad Lightning Set/Ayanad Gale Bow/Delphinad & Ayanad Jewerly
  105. Eanna WTB Legendary Bows
  106. WTS Ayanad Flame Cap (Leather) - Divine - 5x atk spd gem (10) + magic defense
  107. Shatigon Wts Leg t7 Shield / Leg t5 Jerkin / Leg halcy leather belt / Leg wildborn guards / epic halcy cloth belt
  108. Shatigon WTS epic Cruel glory sash
  109. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Earth Shirt or WTT for other EPIC ayanad cloth parts
  110. WTB legg obsidian club
  111. WTB Legendary leather obsi + Epic clother obsi
  112. WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Mist Katana
  113. Eanna WTB Mistsong Easy/Normal Sojung chests
  114. WTS Epic Obsidian Shortspear
  115. WTS Divindu Ayanad Wave Staff
  116. WTB Mythic Cloth Obsidian
  117. Eanna WTB Epic Ayanad Staff
  118. Shatigon Wts epic and divine armor leather
  119. looking to buy 16x16 or 8x8 scarecrow your certs
  120. Rangora WTB Epic 2h Ayanad Weapons
  121. wts gear / weapon
  122. Shatigon Wts 3 piece divine ayanad flame
  123. Kyprosa WTS Divine Obsidian T5 Bow (Outlaw)
  124. Eanna WTS Herogem
  125. Shatigon WTS T6 shortspear (Leafshredder)
  126. Shatigon WTS Wrapped enchanced sloth glider companion
  127. Shatigon WTS Erenor Bow
  128. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Scepter (Wave) // Epic Obsidian T6V1 Shield // Epic Obsidian T6V1 Gloves
  129. WTS Legendary Ayanad Katana
  130. Shatigon Wts epic plate t6
  131. Eanna [Eanna] WTS DIvine Gale Ayanad Nodachi
  132. WTS Epic T6 Chest Leather on AH . buy my stuff^^
  133. Epic T6 Obsidian Leather Breeches
  134. Rangora WTS legendary Bandit King
  135. Eanna WTS / WTT Ayanad Divine Club
  136. WTS many Celestial/Divine Epherium/delphinad/ayanad armor pieces
  137. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian gloves any tier, any server
  138. WTS T5 Epic Dagger/ Agility
  139. Rangora WTB - Spired Chateau Design (3k Gildastars)
  140. Eanna WTS Nodachi T7 Mythic
  141. Eanna WTS cuirass ayanad epic full gems and vambraces ayand epic
  142. Kyprosa Wtt eu gold/apex for na gold (pref kyrios)
  143. <WTT> Gold on <EU >for Gold on <NA>
  144. WTS/WTT Epic Screaming Shadows jerkin
  145. Shatigon WTB Legendary undergearment
  146. WTS Top Melee Basic Costume (Legendary)
  147. Rangora WTB Ayanad Gale Bow [Epic]
  148. Kyprosa WTB Wrapped Violet Bloomfang
  149. [WTS] 7/7 Divine Ayanad Typhoon Set
  150. WTB - Divine Ayanad Hood, Legendary Healing costume
  151. Rangora WTS Ayanad Life Club [EPIC]
  152. Shatigon Wtb obsi t6 mage shoes and hood
  153. Shatigon Legendary mage costume
  154. Shatigon WTS Epic Cruel Glory Sash
  155. Rangora WTS Epic Ayanad Lightning Nodachi
  156. Eanna WTB/WTT epic hood obsidian
  157. Shatigon WTB Epic ayanad Shortspear gemmed
  158. [WTS] Legendary T7 Scepter
  159. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Pants and Head
  160. Shatigon WTS epic elegant glory sash
  161. WTB legendary cloth obsidian Shirt / Hood
  162. WTS Epic T6 Sowrd
  163. WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow fully gemmed
  164. WTB epic ayanad club ungemmed/gemmed
  165. WTS Legendary Plate t6 Gloves
  166. Eanna WTS [Epic] T6 Magic Shield
  167. Rangora WTB Berserk Red Dragon Wing-Reaper
  168. Indomitable Lunafrosts
  169. WTS Mystic Club
  170. Kyprosa WTB Divine Delph 1Hander and Shields
  171. WTS EPIC t5 healing pants
  172. WTB 4 Divine Leather Pieces ( Delphinads)
  173. WTB Legendary Healing costume, divine ayanad lute
  174. WTB legendary obsidian bow
  175. Shatigon WTS AYanad typhoon full gem set
  176. WTB Enraged Red Dragon Fireguard
  177. WTS > Legendary T7 Bow
  178. WTS epic t3 greatclub
  180. WTS Cloaked Magnificent Scepter Heroic - EU Prophecy
  181. WTS Printed Canvas - Alchemy Receipies
  182. WTB: 1h Ayanad Divine Weapon
  183. WTS T6 epic Bow ( Bandit King )
  184. Eanna WTS Erenor Greatclub
  185. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian / Epic Ayanad Plate Helm
  186. A huge lot of land for sale in Marianople
  187. Eanna PC Mythic T7 Bow
  188. Rangora WTS [Epic] Ayanad Squall Shortspear
  189. WTB Labyrinth leather Armor CHests (Serp) - 100g Each
  190. Rangora WTS Ayanad Wave sleeves [Epic]
  191. Wtb: B200
  192. Eanna WTS Firewrought Dragonslayer Costume
  193. WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow and Divine Delphinad Squall Jerkin
  194. Dahuta WTB Divine Ayanad scepter
  195. WTS Epic T6 katana & Epic t6 plate cuirass
  196. WTT EU Gold for NA gold
  197. WTB Rudal travel quire #6 tool!
  198. Rangora WTS Typhoon Telescope (1000m ships radar)
  199. Eanna WTS or WTT mythic nodachi T7
  200. Rangora WTB Fully gemmed Divine T5 breeches (archer version)
  201. a few players making PROPHECY ugly with APEX!
  202. WTS Heroic Erenor
  203. Shatigon WTS Legendary T6 Shield (Seer's Anticipation)
  204. Eanna WTS LEGENDARY Cursed Obsidian Fists on T4 (leather)
  205. Eanna WTS Grand Erenor Greatsword
  206. WTB Orchidna’s Snakeskin Shroud Costume
  207. WTS LEGENDARY Cursed Obsidian Fists on T4 (leather)
  208. Rangora WTS Epic t1 Obsidian Leather
  209. WTS Erenor Longspear
  210. Rangora WTS Rare Erenor Bow
  211. WTB Legendary Shortspear t1
  212. WTB epic anthalon set
  213. WTS epic ayanad staff
  214. Shatigon WTB, epic ayanad leather jerkin, pants and shoes, pm here price or in game Yidiudiu in shatigon <333
  215. Dahuta Selling [Divine] Evanescent Cap
  216. WTB Red dragon Cloth costume
  217. Kyprosa Wtb t7 leggendary bow
  218. Dahuta WTS T7 Sword - Legendary
  220. WTS wrathsmite armor shards
  221. Kyprosa WTS Epic Obsi Flute
  222. WTS Sunridge Ingots
  223. WTS 4 Upgraded Farmhouses next to each other
  224. Kyprosa WTT T6 epic leather for T6 epic cloth
  225. Kyprosa wts legendary t7 nodachi
  226. Shatigon Wts archer divine delphinad/t5 armor and accessories
  227. Rangora WTS Legendary Ayanad Gale Bow
  228. Shatigon WTS Legendary Cloaked Brimstone Staff
  229. Kyprosa WTB legendary 1h club any tier or want to find regrade person
  230. Dahuta WTS T6 plate gauntlets
  231. WTB regal ore
  232. WTB Rudal Quire #3
  233. WTS Legendary T3 Obsidian Fists
  234. Shatigon Legendary scepter katana
  235. WTB: 3x APEX for 2,100g or [Moonfeather Griffin]
  236. Rangora WTS legendary T6 bow
  237. Kyprosa WTB>Legendary Ayanad Katana!
  238. Dahuta WTS Eternal Caernord Zephyr Triangular Rig
  239. Dahuta WTS Mythic Growling Zephyr Square Foresail
  240. Kyprosa WTS or WTT Legendary Obsidian Shield T3
  241. Shatigon WTS erenor staff
  242. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Pants and Head
  243. Kyprosa WTB Epic Ayanad Gale Guards
  244. Shatigon Wtb epic t6 katana full focus
  245. Eanna WTS LongSpear Erenor or WTT for an Erenor Bow
  246. Shatigon WTB Erenor Scepter
  247. Shatigon WTS Legendary Cruel Sash
  248. Kyprosa WTS Epic Ayanad Cloth Gloves,Hood,Shoes & Epic Glory Sash
  249. Dahuta Wtb epic t7 bow (archer)
  250. Shatigon WTB obsidian Divine Cloth