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  1. Shatigon WTS Leg. Plate Helmet, Epic Tessets full gem + Leg Sword
  2. Eanna WTS/WTT LongSpear Erenor (heroic atm)
  3. Eanna WTB Erenor Staff
  4. Shatigon Wtb S200 crafted vehicle frame
  5. WTB > Divine obsidian glove + Delphinad wave Earring
  6. Eanna WTB Ayanad Epic
  7. WTB Epic Ayanad Winter Shortspear.
  8. Shatigon Wtb epic leafshredder full focus
  9. Shatigon WTS Legy Ayanad BOW
  10. WTB epic shortspear
  11. Shatigon WTS Epic Kraken Sceptre and Divine purehearted Shirt
  12. [WTS] Various Epherium and Delphinad Weapons.
  13. Eanna WTS ERENOR LONGSPEAR 70K GOLD or WTT against a Legendary Obsidian Bow
  14. Eanna WTB ayanad epic staff
  15. Dahuta Wtb erenor bow/ legendary obs t1
  16. WTS Tradesman house sunbite
  17. WTS Erenor Ring
  18. Eanna Wtb 2 hand ayanad // delphinad divine weapon
  19. Kyprosa Totemoszlop WTT Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi + 6k gold for Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  20. WTB Legendary t1-t6 Obsidian Katana
  21. WTB: 2xAPEX at a fair price, trolls have hijacked the trade and AH!!
  22. WTB Divine Ayanad Club
  23. WTB Epherium/Delphinad Earth plate armor
  24. Moving Sale
  25. Shatigon WTB mythic staff/Sceptre or/and WTT/WTS for EPIC ERENOR
  26. Kyprosa Wtb Legendary cloth Parts
  27. Shatigon WTS Epic Mistsong Precursor and epic t2 Obsidian Nodachi
  28. Rangora WTB 800 merit badges (Axis mundi aegis)
  29. Shatigon WTS divine delphinad leather armor 7k each one/t5 divine obsidian leather 4k each one
  30. Shatigon WTS/WTT Erenor greatclub divine WTB xxx
  31. WTB - Black or Palomino Yata !
  32. WTB => Divine Delphinade Sash & Sleeve
  33. Shatigon WTS Mythic Mainsail and Divine Purehearted shirt (T5 Healer)
  34. Eanna Wts epic erenor staff
  35. S> divine ayanad light katana, flame breeches and more
  36. WTS : Ahnimar lands
  37. Eanna WTB Legendary obsidian bow, any tier
  38. WTS/WTT delphinad leather pieces and weapons
  39. Eanna Wts wtt epİc ayanad bow
  40. WTS 3x Gazebo connected Heedmar | 2x Gazebo +16x16 connected Ahnimar
  41. WTS : T4 Divine Obsidian Scepter
  42. WTB Epic Ayanad Shortspear
  43. Kyprosa WTS Ayanad Flame Axe (Divine)
  44. Tempest Wtb legendary obs bow
  45. Shatigon WTS EPIC AYANAD GALE BOW fully gemmed + other Stuff
  46. Tempest WTS Legendary T7 b reeches
  47. WTB Epic Obisdian Cloth Legs
  48. Tempest WTS Nation on Tempest
  49. Tempest WTS LAND - Halcy / 2crowns
  50. Shatigon WTS Legend Obsidian T1 Leather Jerkin
  51. Tempest 3x Connected Gazebos @ pack crafter
  52. Tempest WTT Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi + gold for Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  53. Tempest Land for Mansion - TC Cliffside
  54. Tempest WTS Mythic Ayanad Earth shield
  55. Tempest WTS Mythic Obsidian Club
  56. Tempest WTS Epic Erenor Longspear
  57. Retribution WTB legendary obsi shirt or epic ayanad shirt aswell as epic ayanad boots, sleeves, belt
  58. Shatigon WTS Legendary Reckless Glory Belt
  59. Eanna Wtb epİc ayanad long spear or nodachİ
  60. WTB Epic/Legendary Ayanad Club or Legendary T6/T7 || WTS Divine Ayanad Life Club!!
  61. Tempest Wtb legendary obs bow
  62. WTB built property
  63. Tempest WTS Sylvas Nocturne Top
  64. Tempest WTB Divine Ayanad Bow
  65. Shatigon WTB Divine Delphi Flame Gaurds
  66. Tempest Ahnimar Plot
  67. Eanna WTB Wrapped Moby Drake
  68. Retribution WTB/WTS/WTT Thread
  69. Eanna WTS legendary t1 obs shield
  70. Tempest WTB Ayanad Katana epic
  71. Tempest WTS Epic Erenor Longspear + Epic Ayanad Stone Set + Sylvanas Nocturne Shirt
  72. Shatigon WTB [EPIC] Ayanad leather
  73. Tempest WTS> treehouse in halcyona prison camp
  74. Tempest WTS Legendary T1 Obsidian Plate Boots
  75. Shatigon WTB Divine Delph Flame Bow
  76. Retribution WTB Alecto's Journal, Entry #67
  77. Shatigon WTS Legendary Obsidian Katana
  78. Shatigon Wts / wtb
  79. Retribution WTS eternal/mythic ship components
  80. Shatigon WTS t6 obsi divin shield (Seer's Anticipation)
  81. Retribution WTB Epic Leather Caps
  82. Retribution WTS Mythic Scepter
  83. Eanna WTT/WTS My Ayanad Flame Bow
  84. Tempest WTS Costumes & Undergarments @ any grade
  85. Shatigon WTS/WTT Mythic T7 Sword
  86. Retribution WTS legendary-eternal costumes and undergarments
  87. Shatigon WTS T7 Legendary Nodachi
  88. Shatigon WTS / WTT - Divine Ayanad Wave Scepter
  89. Shatigon WTB [EPIC] Ayanad leather Breeches
  90. Tempest WTS Land - Two Crowns - Ezna Peninsula
  91. Retribution WTS Epic T5 chest
  92. Tempest WTS legendary T6 plate helm
  93. Shatigon WTS Divine Ayanad Squall Jerkin/Guards/Belt
  94. Retribution WTS Epic t6 Jerkin & Breeches at t7
  95. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Dagger
  96. Retribution WTB Divine Ayanad Plate (earth)
  97. Shatigon WTB Ayanad Gale Bow
  98. Eanna Meinas belt
  99. WTS Epic T6 Nodachi /Trade for Divine Ayanad Melee
  100. Shatigon For trade !
  101. Retribution WTB Legendary Ayanad Shortspear - Any Variant - No Gems Preferable.
  102. Tempest WTS Divine Ayanad Typhoon Parts Full Gemmed
  103. Retribution WTB Epic Ayanad Shield... WTS Hero Gems
  104. Eanna WTS Land on Mermaid's Tear (Sanddeep)
  105. Tempest WTB Divine ayanad longspear
  106. Tempest WTB Mythic Obsidian Bow
  107. Tempest WTS Mansion in Eastern Halcyona
  108. Tempest WTS 3 Treehouse in Halcyona (near to Solisa)
  109. Tempest WTS legendary-eternal costumes and undergarments
  110. Tempest WTB Erenor dagger prophency
  111. Tempest WTS [DIVINE] Delphinad Tidal Bow (Full Gem & Tempered 113%)
  112. Tempest WTS Vivid earth lunasscale: mastery ( hero gem )
  113. Retribution WTS Mythic T7 Katana
  114. Tempest WTS Epic Corrupted Kyrios Hood
  115. Retribution WTB>Cloaked ayanad divine hood or wave
  116. Shatigon WTS Epic T6 Scepter
  117. Shatigon WTB scepter divin ayanad and...
  118. Shatigon WTS/WTT staff erenor for scepter
  119. Eanna WTS Mythic Sword T6
  120. Tempest WTS farms in HellSwamp! Treehouse 28x28 and x2 Scarecrow Farm 16x16
  121. Tempest WTS 16x16 plot in Two Crowns best for Halcy-Marianople pack stop point
  122. Shatigon WTB Legendary Leather
  123. Shatigon WTB 16 Apex on NA Thunderwing, will give 17.3k along with a bunch of buff books on Shatigon
  124. Shatigon Erenor katana
  125. Retribution WTS C200 (the lottery car)
  127. Eanna WTS Legendary Ayanad Katana
  128. WTB Legendary Obsidian Club any Tier
  129. Retribution WTS or WTT Bunch of illus/Mag/Ephe/Delph Nodachis
  130. Retribution WTB Hexbane Images/ Dochul normal Chests
  131. Retribution Wts
  132. Retribution WTS/WTT full Celestial Epherium stone
  133. Prophecy Wts epic t5 mage gloves
  134. Shatigon [WTB] Mythic/Legendary Obsidian Scepter
  135. Shatigon WTB Epic Ayanad two handed Greatsword or Nodachi
  136. Tempest WTB Violet Bloomfang
  137. WTS Epic T3 Obsidian Sword and Kyprosa's Winter Furs Costume
  138. Eanna WTB Violet Bloomfang
  139. Tempest WTS Erenor longspear (divine)
  140. Prophecy WTB <<<Inoch’s Battle Robes>>>
  141. Eanna WTS Loyalty
  142. Eanna LF EU Gold Traders
  143. Retribution WTS Erenor Shortspear
  144. Tempest WTS / WTT Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi
  145. Shatigon WTB T7 legendary bow
  146. Prophecy WTB Divine ayanad cloth shoes, gloves, sleeves
  147. Retribution Wts Epic Erenor Staff
  148. Retribution WTB red dragon bow
  149. Tempest Wts fallen moon
  150. Tempest WTB Design Fragment: Growling Yawl!
  151. Prophecy WTS EPIC Twilight Wanderer
  152. Prophecy Wtb divine anayad staff
  153. Shatigon WTB Belt and Shoes
  154. Prophecy Nuian : WTS 2 Upgraded House
  155. Retribution [WTS ALL SERVERS] Brutal annihilator greaves Divine on
  156. Retribution Wts guild token
  157. Eanna WTB legendary obsydian leather armor
  158. Shatigon WTB T7 legendary bow or ERENOR EPIC bow
  159. Shatigon WTS [DIVINE] Erenor nodashi
  160. Prophecy WTS Dragon Cultist Duster Costume [Image] ~ 900 Gold.
  161. Retribution WTS Divine ACC/ARM EMBLEM
  162. Retribution WTB Advanced Plaza
  163. Eanna Wtb guild lvl 6/7/8
  164. Shatigon WTB Firebreath Dragonslayer
  165. Shatigon [wtb]legendary short spear
  166. Prophecy Wts mage things
  167. Retribution WTS Erenor Nodachi
  168. Tempest WTB Divine Ayanad Bow
  169. Retribution WTB Mythic obsidian katana
  170. Tempest WTB Dark Shaman Costume
  171. Shatigon WTB Lucid Gale Lunagem Destruction
  172. Prophecy and [Tempest] WTS Epic Obsidian Sword
  173. Tempest WTB Erenor Scepter or t7 Leg.
  174. Retribution WTB Epic Ayanad weapon
  175. Retribution WTS Legendary Obsidian Jerkin
  176. Retribution WTB Divine Erenor shortspear
  177. Retribution WTB Legendary Obsidian Staff
  178. Retribution WTS Legendary Screaming Shadow Cap
  179. Shatigon Good deal
  180. Prophecy WTB Legendary Obsidian Scepter
  181. Prophecy Wts epic ayanad sash (cloth)
  182. Prophecy Wtb epic obsidian katana any server
  183. Tempest WTS Legendart T6 Shirt
  184. Retribution Wts divine ayanad gale bow cheap / wtb epic obsi katana t1-3 or snongblade
  185. Tempest Obsidian t 7 Great Club
  186. Retribution [Land] Can you give me some advice about land prices ?
  187. Tempest WTS Houses in Villanelle & Sunbites
  188. Shatigon WTS Mythic Greatclub
  189. Retribution WTS divine ayanad cloth
  190. Retribution WTS Legendary obsidian T6 Fists
  191. Tempest Wtb epic ayanad weapons
  192. Tempest WTS Swept-Roof Mansion
  193. Retribution WTB Mythic obsidian shortspear !
  194. Tempest WTS Worker's Compensation stack (100+)
  195. Retribution WTB 15x blazing sunridge ingots
  196. Retribution Ademptio's General Store
  197. Prophecy WTS Erenor club basic + Ayanad Epic Club with 3 crit gems
  198. Retribution WTS Firewrought Dragonslayer Costume - Unchained
  199. Shatigon Wtb epic erenor dager
  200. Tempest WTS Legendary T6 Shield currently unbound on Tempest
  201. Retribution Wtb legendary obsid club
  202. Eanna haranya
  203. Retribution WTS T4 legendary plate Cuirass
  204. Prophecy [Prophecy] WTS Magnificent Stone Cloth 4x set
  205. Retribution WTS 44x44 Mansion & 28x28 Fellowship plazaa
  206. Tempest WTS EPIC Growling Zephyr Square Foresail AND Mainsail
  207. Retribution WTS - too random list - look inside.
  208. Retribution WTS 12*/15* Blazing Material (also Cross Server)
  209. Eanna WTS 20k (and growing) unbound Tax Certificates
  210. Tempest WTS Delphinad Lightning Necklace [Legendary]
  211. Tempest WTS various anchoring emblems (bound)
  212. Retribution WTS Erenor, Ayanads & misc stuffs
  213. Prophecy WTS/WTT Legendary T1 Obsidian Staff on Prophecy EU
  214. Tempest WTB Legendary T7 Head and Hands (leather)
  215. Retribution wts ayanad epic shortspear
  216. Shatigon WTS Legendary Healing Basic Costume
  217. Tempest WTS Delphinad Lightning Necklace [Legendary]
  218. Tempest WTS Delphinad Lightning Necklace [Legendary] 8K GOLD
  219. Tempest WTS Delphinad Lightning Necklace [Legendary] 7k gold
  220. Tempest Selling Bound Stuff... CHEAP
  221. Prophecy WTB epic ayanad scepter.
  222. Prophecy WTB Eu Servers - MYTHIC Nodachi
  223. Tempest WTB Legendary Obsidian Fists (T7 preferred)
  224. Prophecy WTB Legendary T7 Nodachi or Staff
  225. Eanna Wtb epic obsidian shield tier 1 - 2
  226. Tempest WTS Divine ayanad flame nodachi full gems
  227. Prophecy WTB Ayanad shortspear
  228. Prophecy WTS Divine Ayanad Wave Staff or WTT
  229. Shatigon WTS legendary T4 Obsidian Katana or WTT for legendary Greatsword
  230. Shatigon WTB Mistsong weapons as image items
  231. Shatigon WTS erenor scepter unique
  232. Tempest WTS T7 Legendary Shortspear
  233. WTB Delphinad Bow (Divine)
  234. Prophecy WTB Delphinad Bow (Divine)
  235. Prophecy WTS MYthique OBSIDIAN T7 Shield
  236. Tempest WTB divine ayanad flame fists /w evasion gems
  238. Shatigon WTB Legendary Cloth Pants (T1-T6)
  239. Tempest wtb epic club
  240. Retribution WTB legendary obs club
  241. Prophecy WTB Legendary Obsidian Greatclub or low grade erenor
  242. Shatigon WTB Legendary obsidian bow
  244. Prophecy WTB DIVINE Ayanad earth shield
  245. Shatigon Wts legendary ayanad katana only 61k!!!!
  246. Eanna WTB Ayanad sword ( any regrade under divine )
  247. Shatigon WTB -> Wrapped Rampage B200
  248. Shatigon WTB ayanad divin cloth head, make me yours offers please
  249. Shatigon WTB Legendary t7 bow
  250. Shatigon Wtb leg 2 hand message izar ingame