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  1. Shatigon WTT or WTS scepter erenor unique to sword 1H erenor unique pm me
  2. Prophecy Trade Dagger/Katana
  3. Shatigon WTT Legendary Ayanad Nodachi Fully gemmed 114%Temper for Equaly good 2Hand
  4. Prophecy WTT/WTS Legendary Ayanad Bow
  5. Eanna WTS Divine ayanad gale longspear
  6. Tempest Wts/wtt divine stone dagger almost max gemmed tempest
  7. Shatigon WTT scepter erenor unique for bow erenor
  8. Shatigon WTS cestus of charming glory epic
  9. Shatigon WTT cuirass and trousers plate ayanad divin full gems
  10. Shatigon WTS hood epic t6
  11. Tempest Wts t5 legendary obs shield
  12. Eanna WTB epic ayanad shortspear
  13. Retribution WTS T6 Epic Obsidien Shortspear
  14. Tempest WTB Divine Ayanad Staff
  15. Eanna WTS Costumes (Tomb-Bound Wraps, Righteous Nui's Chosen Uniform & Desert Assassin Plate)
  16. Retribution Legendary Short Spear (T1)
  17. Retribution WTB Legy Obsidian Zepter
  18. Kyprosa (ANY SERVER) WTS Custom art of your character for Apex !
  19. Retribution WTB Erenor Zepter
  20. Retribution WTB desert delphinad plate chest
  21. Retribution Cloaked Brimstone Katana Legendary
  22. Shatigon Wtt legendary ayanad full gemmed flame nodachi for erenor 2 hand full gemmed
  23. WTS Wrapped Timber coupe
  24. Shatigon WTS Ayanad bow
  25. Eanna WTS T7 Legendary Katana - Broken price
  26. WTS Divine Ayanad Shortspear / Divine Delphinad Flame breeches / Epic t1 bow
  27. Prophecy Wts erenor staff
  28. Retribution WTS No Breaks & Lucky Scrolls
  29. Retribution WTS EPIC T4 Obsidian Club
  30. Shatigon Wtt legendary ayanad full gemmed flame nodachi for erenor 2 hand celestial
  31. Shatigon WTT Divine Ayanad Staff vs Ayanad bow
  32. Shatigon WTB erenor bow
  33. Prophecy Legendary Ayanad Bow
  34. Retribution WTS Lege T6 Obsi fist
  35. Retribution Selling some of my costumes
  36. Tempest WTB legendary obsidian dagger t1
  37. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian dagger or shortspear all on agility, i'm primeval make me yours offers please
  38. Prophecy WTB Epic Ayanad Nodachi
  39. Shatigon WTT Legendary ayanad nodachi for erenor
  40. Prophecy WTS : 24x24 Location + 2 28x28 Builded Bungalow
  41. Shatigon WTB Blazing Nuri forest lumber
  42. Prophecy WTB Lotusmist costume
  43. Retribution WTB mage stuff , selling t7 leg obsdian cloth shoes.
  44. Shatigon WTB erenor bow on divin but i look all propositions for all grades, i'm really looking for, so make me yours offers please...
  45. Shatigon WTB Ayanad bow && SS obsi t4-t6
  46. Retribution WTB Obisidian fists and jerkin t1 epic
  47. Retribution Selling a spot on Luckbeard Island
  48. Prophecy WTB Divine obsidian plate
  49. Retribution LF Legy Cloth Pants and Hood
  51. Shatigon WTB Epic ayanad bow
  52. Retribution Eternal Naval Cannon
  53. Eanna Wts legendary greatsword t7
  54. Tempest WTS EPIC AYANAD FLAME NODACHI 118% temper 5 focus 420 + 2 melee crit damage 5%
  55. Shatigon WTS Legendary flame Ayanad Nodachi Full gemmed 116% Temper for 90k
  56. Shatigon Wts 7 ayanads nodachi(2 epic 1 divine 4 celestial)
  57. Tempest wts epic greatsword t5
  58. Prophecy WTS Divine Delphinad Set W/O Boots
  59. Retribution Wts Epic ayanad Squall shortspear CHEAP
  60. Retribution WTS Mythic Mag Wave Ring
  61. Shatigon WTB delph plate pants/legs
  62. Prophecy Wts legendary T3 obsidian dagger
  63. Prophecy WTS Legendary T6 Boots (Agility)
  64. Retribution WTB golden pufferfishes
  65. Shatigon WTB epic obsidian bow
  66. Retribution WTS Ayanad Desert Divine Set 7/7
  67. Shatigon WTS divin ayanad bow full gems and 118% trempe and ayanad divin pant cloth pm me
  68. Tempest WTS T7 LEGENDARY CAP, TEMPEST, taking offer
  69. Eanna WTS legendary erenor scepter
  70. Prophecy WTS Epic ayanad gale shortspear 38k gold
  71. Prophecy Wts T4 cloaked legendary sword
  72. Prophecy WTB x2 hero gems 5 k ech.
  73. Shatigon Hi WTS ayanad epic rafal bow pm me
  74. Prophecy WTS lege ayanad flame katana/WTB hexbane image set
  75. Shatigon WTS EPIC Erenor Greatclub
  76. WTB Dragon/Leviathan/Kraken/Wyvern house uniform
  77. Tempest WTS T7 legendary fists and epic healing version elegant glory sash
  78. Tempest WTT EPIC AYANAD FLAME NODACHI 118% temper 5 focus 420 + 2 melee crit damage 5% + 20k gold for BASIC ERENOR LONGSPEAR
  79. Tempest WTS Magic Costume, Legendary
  80. Retribution WTS Epic Ayanad Gale Bow
  81. Prophecy WTB Erenor club or greatclub (low grade)
  82. Retribution Wtb epic 2-h delphinad or epherium weapons
  83. Prophecy WTS Leather Armor
  84. Prophecy WTB Dragon/Leviathan/Kraken/Wyvern house uniform
  85. Retribution WTS Legendary t7 bow + WTB Alecto's Journal #12
  86. Shatigon WTS Erenor club Arcane 58%
  87. Retribution Wts erenor katana(unique)
  88. Prophecy WTB Hexbane Cuirass 2K
  89. Prophecy WTS Epherium Nodachis
  90. Retribution WTB Summer Racerís Swimwear costume
  91. Tempest WTT Epic Ayanad Flame Nodachi +23k gold for Erenor Longspear
  92. Eanna WTS Epic ayanad shortspear
  93. Shatigon WTB tradeable full set
  94. Shatigon WTB Epic ayanad Sleeves (cloth)
  95. Eanna WTB T7 Legendary Scepter or Divine Erenor Scepter
  96. Tempest WTB Divine Ayanad Sleeves
  97. Shatigon WTS Epic Ayanad Lightning Necklace
  98. Shatigon WTB Legendary obsidian bow
  99. Shatigon Wtb legendary obisidan bow
  100. Retribution WTB legendary ayanad bow via Action House
  101. Retribution WTS Blazing Sunridge Ingots
  102. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian Club
  103. Tempest WTS T7 legendary fists and Mythic auroria promise belt(aglity, stamina version)
  104. Prophecy WTB Leg Mythic Ayanad 2 Hand Melee weapon
  105. Shatigon WTB legendary ayanad gale bow
  106. Retribution WTB 24X24 Farm
  107. Shatigon WTB Legendary Obsidian 1h Club in any tiers ( prefer t7 )
  108. Prophecy WTB erenor longspear
  109. Retribution WTS ERENOR unique greateclub
  110. Retribution WTS [EPIC] Tier 6 Cloth pants (sealed)
  111. Tempest WTS Guild xp ribbons that take your guild to level 4
  112. Shatigon WTS Epic Delph Leather Belt | Divine Delph 1H Sword
  113. Shatigon WTB legendary ayanad gale bow
  114. Eanna Wts heroic erenor bow
  115. Tempest WTB Legendary Obsidian Katana 1hand T7 // WTS Epic Ayanad ShortSpear 1hand
  116. Retribution WTB Wrapped Merchant Costume Trade any EU Server
  117. Shatigon WTS epic ayanad gale bow
  118. Retribution WTS Legendary Obsidian Club (t1) and Legendary Obsidian Shoes (t1)
  119. Tempest WTB Epic Obsidian Shortspear/Sword
  120. Eanna Wts leg t6 bow
  121. Tempest WTS epic ayanad hood
  122. Eanna WTB divine ayanad vambraces/tassets || WTS epic delphinad wave shoes
  123. Retribution Who selling Erenor epic katana whisp me in game or mail me here
  124. Tempest [TEMPEST] WTS Divine Delphinad Gale Bow
  125. Eanna WTS 4 parts delphinad flame leather
  126. Prophecy WTB Windcreek lute
  127. Prophecy WTB Divine Ayanad Club ( Life Club)
  128. Eanna WTS legendary ayanad staff and fully gemmed (old t3) epic sash for sorcery
  129. Prophecy WTS Full Set Plate Ayanad Epic/Legenday !!!
  130. Prophecy WTS Celestial Epherium Life Club with 2% Healing Increase
  131. Retribution WTB Obsidian Shortspear Legendary !!!!
  132. Eanna WTS Erenor Hood Divine
  133. Tempest WTS Epic Ominous Obsidian Flute
  134. Retribution WTS High Power Engine
  135. Retribution wts ayanad epic shortspear
  136. Retribution WTB Ayanad Cloth
  137. Shatigon wts epic erenor nodachi full gemmed tier 2 gemms
  138. Retribution WTS/WTT Celestial erenor Greateclub
  139. Retribution WTB Dark Shaman Raiment
  140. Shatigon WTB Easy and Normal Sojung Chests
  141. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian Shield
  142. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian t7 bow
  143. Eanna WTS Legendary Katana & Dagger
  144. Tempest WTB Legend Ayanad/T7 Longspear
  145. Retribution WTS/WTT Divine Ayanad Lightning Jerkin (fully gemmed 480 res)
  146. Prophecy WTS Mythic Ayanad Life Sash (NOT Crystallized so you can reroll it)
  147. Tempest WTS Land in Two Crowns. 4 24x24s and 1 16x16 connected. 1 24x24 nearby.
  148. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian t7 bow
  149. Shatigon WTS legendary ayanad gale bow
  150. Retribution WTB leg/mythic 2-hand ayanads | WTS leg Erenor Club
  151. Retribution WTS epic T7 Dagger
  152. Shatigon WTB Mistsong Dochul Normal and Easy Chest
  153. Shatigon WTS Celestial Erenor Club - Shagiton Server EU
  154. Tempest WTS Auroria Promise Fists (Old Name) / Promise fists of Endless Arrows [Legendary]
  155. Prophecy WTS Legendary cruel glory sash (upgraded)
  156. Prophecy WTB Kraken In Sac!!!
  157. Shatigon WTS divine obsidian plate set 5/5
  158. WTB Bow T7
  159. Prophecy WTB Legendary Ayanad leather boots
  160. Retribution Wts/wtt
  161. Shatigon WTS divine obsidian t5 plate set + divine t5 lute
  162. Tempest WTS Ayanad Gale Bow (Mythic)
  163. Eanna WTB Legendary Obsidian Pants
  164. Shatigon WTS Login Badges
  165. Retribution WTB Divine Delphinad Fists (Leather)
  166. Retribution WTS Lege Delphinad flame boots / epic delphinad flame jerkin
  167. Shatigon WTS divine t5 plate set+divine t5 lute 25k gold
  168. Retribution can sell Turtle ship
  169. Tempest WTS Ayanad Gale Bow (Mythic) 100K
  170. Retribution WTB Erenor Staff
  171. Eanna WTB Erenor Longspear
  172. Tempest WTB 2x Ayanad Gale Guards (Epic)
  173. Retribution WTB Mythic Caernord Zephyr Triangular Rig
  174. Eanna WTB Epic Ayanad Bow, non-crystallized.
  175. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian t7 bow
  176. Shatigon WTS legendary ayanad gale bow 55k gold
  177. Tempest Selling Legendary Delphinad Wave Bow non crystallized
  178. Retribution WTS Archer/tanking costume/undergear
  179. Retribution WTS Leg Ayanad Earth Shield
  180. Shatigon WTS Mythic Obsidian Katana T7
  181. Shatigon Wtb 1h ayanads epic crystallyzed or not
  182. Retribution WTB t7 legendary 1h obsi club
  183. Retribution WTB epic ayanad 2h
  184. Retribution WTS Epic and Divine flame belt
  185. Prophecy Wtb hands, legs , feet cloth epic t6
  186. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian t7 bow
  187. Prophecy WTS Tradesman's House in Rookborne
  188. Retribution WTB>Divine Corrupted Kyrios Hood
  189. Retribution WTB Erenor Nodachi
  190. Retribution WTB/WTT Erenor Greatsword
  191. Retribution WTS/T Turtle ship design
  192. Shatigon WTB legendary obsidian t7 bow
  193. Tempest WTB Wrapped Typhoon Drake
  194. Retribution wts legendary nodachi
  195. Prophecy WTS Erenor Plate Set
  196. Retribution WTS Erenor Greatsword
  197. Retribution WTB T7 Leggy bow
  198. Prophecy WTB t7 legendary obsidian scepter.
  199. Retribution WTS any delphinad / ayanad weapon
  200. Shatigon WTS Mythic Obsidian Katana T7 (weapon passives will disappear, get a katana!)
  201. Retribution Sunfish Trophy
  202. Retribution Wtt wts erenor katana epic
  203. Retribution WTB Crest Trade Pack Storage 14x
  204. Retribution WTT EU Gold for NA gold
  205. Prophecy WTB 2h Epic Ayanad Weapons
  206. Retribution WTS 5/7 Divine Erenor Plate Set
  207. Retribution Cloth Ayanad wave divine set 7/7
  208. Retribution WTS lege ayanad staff uncrystalized
  209. Retribution WTB LEGENDARY Ornate Glory belt (archer belt with cannon active)
  210. Retribution WTS Mythic t7 Katana
  211. Retribution WTB delphinad plate epic armor parts
  212. Shatigon WTB erenor leather / wtb t7 chest legendery or above. pm
  213. Retribution WTS Legendary Obsidian Gloves
  214. Eanna WTS 100K Goose Down and 100K Duck Down
  215. Retribution wts legendary nodachi
  216. Tempest Charcoal stabalizers and how to get them?
  217. Retribution wts Erenor Flame Lunafrost
  218. Tempest WTB divine+ ayanad cloth pants (stone)
  219. Retribution WTS Divine Delphinad Flame Breeches gemmed
  220. Tempest WTB small amount of regal ore
  221. Retribution WTS Epic Delph Gale Fists with evasion gems (3%+1.5%)
  222. Retribution Wts divine Erenor longspear
  223. Shatigon WTS Labor 50g for every 1k labor
  224. Retribution WTS Turtle Ship
  225. Retribution WTT divine delph full gemmed jerkin for epic obsidian jerkin
  226. Retribution WTS > T7 Legendary AXE and SHORTSPEAR
  227. Retribution WTS [Cloaked Wondrous Obsidian Shield]
  228. Retribution WTS/WTT Mythic T7 Katana
  229. Tempest WTS Loyalty, Honor and Vocation
  230. Retribution WTS Epic Erenor Staff / Divine Ayanad Stone Sash with 4x T3 Zeal gems (crystallized)
  231. Retribution WTS Erenor Jerkin/Breeches/Boots | WTS cloacked Ayanad Cap/Fists (both divine)
  232. Tempest WTS///WTT Eternal Ayanad Earth Shield
  233. Eanna WTB Erenor Nodachi, Greatsword, Longspear any Great.
  234. Retribution WTS Stone Slate Mansion (Terrace) in Rokhala!
  235. Retribution WTB dragon heartshard
  236. Retribution WTT EU Gold for NA gold
  237. Retribution WTS divine erenor club
  238. Prophecy WTS Epic Erenor Nodachi
  239. Retribution WTS Divine Erenor Belt
  240. Retribution WTB T7 Legendary club
  241. Retribution WTS [Legendary] Erenor Staff, [Epic] Ayanad Lake Plate set.
  242. Shatigon WTS Divine Delphinad Earth Shortspear
  243. Shatigon WTS erenor bow celest with 35% progression first stat agility pm me offers please
  244. Eanna WTS Legendary cloth shoes
  245. Retribution WTS lots of stuff! (Erenor, Ayanad, mats for feeding erenor and oils)
  246. Retribution WTS Legendery Ayanad Staff
  247. Retribution WTB Epic Erenor Greatsword or Greataxe
  248. Prophecy WTB mythic t7 shortspear
  249. Shatigon Wtb leather armor obsidian mythic
  250. Retribution WTS Mythic T7 bow and shortspear