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  1. Retribution Wtb erenor greatsword, nodachi, greataxe
  2. Prophecy Wtb legendary T7 Shortspear, pm me
  3. Retribution WTB T7 mythic axe
  4. Prophecy WTB Legendary t7 plate helm
  5. Tempest wtb Mythic Obby bow
  6. Tempest WTB Ardent Oath plate set :D
  7. Retribution WTS Leg Erenor Club , Epic ayanad flute
  8. Retribution WTS >> T7 leg. Shortspear WTB >> Erenor Longspear
  9. Retribution WTS/WTT Epic erenor katana
  10. Prophecy WTS mythic T7 Shield
  11. Shatigon WTS erenor staff unique 35% all gems look at the link to see the image of the satff
  12. Tempest WTB Fatesealer (epic)
  13. Shatigon WTS mythic T7 scepter
  14. Retribution WTS Epic T3 Shirt
  15. Shatigon WTT T7 legendary bow for T7 legendary shield
  16. Prophecy WTB Legendary Fatesealer Obsidian shortspear t7
  17. Retribution [WTB] 💲Obsidian Set or Obsidian Parts (Cloth)💲 [EPIC]
  18. Eanna Selling celestial erenor ring // Buying epic ayanad boots
  19. Retribution WTS Mythic T7 bow and shortspear
  20. Retribution WTS mythic T7 scepter 140k
  21. Shatigon Wtb leather armor obsidian legendary ( only the breeches)
  22. Retribution WTS Epic Erenor Shortspear
  23. Retribution WTB T7 legendary club!
  24. Prophecy CxStar>>>>>>>> SHOP<<<<<<<<
  25. Retribution WTS/WTT T7 2h greatsword for T7 1h or 2h axe
  26. Importent !! WTB Oathbound Plate Armor
  27. Tempest WTS Heartseeker Epic
  28. Prophecy Wtb dulcet shirt of mending
  29. Shatigon WTB Pink pigment / pink crest t-shirt
  30. Retribution Wtb erenor club divine
  31. Eanna WTB Ayanad Cloth
  32. Eanna WTS T7 Legendary Katana and 4set Ayanad Flame (Broken Divine)
  33. Retribution WTS 7/7 Epic Ayanad Wave Cloth Set (not crystallized)
  34. Retribution WTS 7/7 Epic Ayanad Lake Plate Set (not crystallized)
  35. Retribution Wts erenor club divine
  36. Retribution Wts/wtt t7 legendary katana for shortspear
  37. Retribution WTB FULL AYANAD LEATHER SET(not crystalised) CELESTIAL-DIVINE
  38. Retribution WTS Erenor Legendary Nodachi
  39. Tempest WTS t7 legendary staff
  40. Retribution Wts/wtt firebreath dragonslayer costume
  41. Eanna WTB Quire Tool
  42. Retribution WTS t7 Legendary Greatesword / legendary ayanad wave staff
  43. Prophecy Some Erenor
  44. Prophecy WTS or WTT divine erenor longspear
  45. Eanna Need EU trader for NA gold/Loyalty/Vocation/Honor, or for sale
  46. Tempest WTB 3x Hero Gems
  47. Eanna Wtb mythic goddess nui figurhead
  48. Tempest WTT T7 legendary bow for erenor bow
  49. Retribution wts erenor club (divine), cloaked brimstone greatsword (legendary) and leather dragon costume
  50. Kyprosa [Ignore Prefix]
  51. Prophecy WTS Epic ayanad Life Club(non crystalized)
  52. Retribution WTS Legendary T7 STaff
  53. Prophecy WTS T7 Legendary Shortspear
  54. Retribution WTB Epic T1-T7 / Ayanad cloth gloves
  55. Retribution WTS Lege Delph Cap + Divine Delph Belt and Guards
  56. Tempest Wtt epic erenor 1h spear for epic erenor 1h club
  57. Eanna Wtt erenor bow epic for scepter
  58. Eanna WTB erenor scepter
  59. Tempest WTS [Captain's Leathers] costume and Ayanad Flame Nodachi (Legendary)
  60. Retribution Jakar - Selling Erenor Greatsword
  61. Tempest Jakar WTB Epic Erenor Bow
  62. Tempest WTB Mats for T7 Obsidian Dagger
  63. Shatigon SERVER TARIS - WTS 100x login badges
  64. Eanna Wtb mythic goddess nui figurhead--Wtb mythic bonekraal figurhead
  65. Retribution Jakar - Mythic Ayanad Gale Bow (NOT crystallized)
  66. Eanna Not prefixe I need [TARIS] WTT ERENOR MYTHIC BOW
  67. Shatigon TARIS WTB 2 Steamracer helmets
  68. Prophecy Taris - WTS Mythic T7 Club
  69. Eanna WTB enoan zephry triple square rig mythic
  70. Tempest WTS Turtle Ship Design
  71. Retribution JAKAR West : WTB Lotusmist Costume!
  72. Eanna WTB Erenor weapon
  73. Eanna WTS/WTT Epic Erenor dagger
  74. Retribution WTS Bound Divine Anchoring Charms
  75. Tempest Jakar | WTS Delphinad Flame Leather Gear (Divine / Legendary) + Mounts
  76. Retribution [JAKAR] WTB Built mansion
  77. Shatigon [Taris] WTB Wraithsong Piano
  78. Prophecy WTS 192 epic erenor infusions.
  79. Tempest [Jakar] WTB Eternal Caernord Sea Serpent Propellant
  80. Retribution JAKAR - WTS full epic delphi plate set.
  81. Tempest [Taris] WTS legendary erenor staff + full ayanad epic lake plate set
  82. Retribution Looking for RARE MOUNTS
  83. Tempest [Taris] WTB legendary erenor longspear/nodachi
  84. Prophecy WTB Erenor Ring.
  85. Retribution WTS Erenor Lightning Lunafrost
  86. Retribution WTB Fae Yata costume (Jakkar)
  87. Tempest WTT Epic Erenor Shortspear +20 for a Epic Erenor Longspear / Nodachi
  88. Retribution WTS Bound Divine and Celestial Weapon/Armor Anchoring Charms on EU (bound on Kadum)
  89. Retribution WTB Mythic Cloaked Brimstone Weapon
  90. Shatigon WTB Hellkissed Item Skins.
  91. Prophecy WTB Evenglow lunagem : Escape !!!
  92. Eanna WTB enoan zephry triple square rig mythic
  93. Eanna Jakar - WTS Full Delphinad Flame leather set (divine, epic fists) - not crystalized
  94. Eanna Jakar- wts Delphinad Flame Leather cap, Mythic (negotiable)
  95. Prophecy WTB Any Erenor or T7 Cloth Armor
  96. Prophecy [JAKAR] WTB full corrupted kyrios set
  97. Prophecy WTB Erenor Armor, T3 Gems, T7 Shortspear, T7 Dagger, T7 Shield
  98. Kyprosa Jakar - WTB Epic Erenor Scepter
  99. Eanna WTB enoan zephry triple square rig mythic and 4 eternal naval canons
  100. Shatigon WTB Erenor Bow, Erenor Sleeves and Belt or Cloaked Ayanads
  101. Shatigon WTB Any Erenor or Ayanad Leather Armor.
  102. Retribution [Jakar] WTS T3 Gems
  103. Shatigon WTB Many 2H Ayanad, Ayanad armor, Erenor Leather Armor, Obsidian Staffs and Erenor Wave Lunafrost
  104. Retribution [JAKAR]wts erenor sceptre unique
  105. Shatigon [TARIS] WTS 2H - Mythic Erenor Longspear (29%)
  106. Prophecy WTS [Taris] Legendary Cloaked Brimstone Scepter
  107. Prophecy WTB T7 Dagger Epic/Legendary
  108. Eanna WTS Epic Erenor dagger ( Taris )
  109. Prophecy WTB 2H Ayanad(Crystallized), Erenor or Ayanad Leather cap, fists and breeches
  110. Shatigon WTB T7 Cloth (all pieces), whisper me if selling please.
  111. Prophecy WTS Ember Nymph Soulstone
  112. Retribution Looking to sell apex squall design
  113. Rangora [Jakar] WTB 2 H Eternal Erenor Staff
  114. Tempest [Jakar] WTS T7 Obsidian Leather Set Legendary
  115. Shatigon SERVER TARIS - WTS 158x Bound Serendipity Stones
  116. Shatigon serveur taris i search erenor scepter for very cheap price only or i will create myself
  117. Shatigon [Taris] WTB KRAKEN GLIDER
  118. Retribution WTB Wrapped Bloomfang
  119. Rangora WTB 2H Legendary Erenor Longspear
  120. Shatigon WTB erenor scepter legendary
  121. Kyprosa WTS AYANAD FLAME - LEATHER - Divine/Gems
  122. Shatigon WTB Bloomfang or kindled
  123. Dahuta Jakar WTS Legendary Erenor Bow +21 Temper
  124. Shatigon WTB epic or legendary or mitic erenor scepter
  125. Kyprosa [Ezi][Nuian Side] Costumpack sellout
  126. Prophecy JAKAR WTB Captainīs Leather Costume
  127. Prophecy |Taris| WTS Erenor short spear divine and bow unique
  128. Eanna [Taris] WTS 200 Bound Serendipity Stones / 100 Bound Duun Blessings
  129. Kyprosa [Taris] Selling Mythic Erenor Bow OR Trading for Legendary Erenor Bow + Gold
  130. Prophecy Wts erenor and ayanad parts
  131. Dahuta Wtb erenor bow legendary
  132. Retribution WTB Erenor Bow - Divine or lesser grade.
  133. Kyprosa WTB Mythic Erenor Scepter
  134. Shatigon WTS shiny thing
  135. Retribution WTS Mythic Erenor Bow, Legendary/Mythic Ayanads
  136. Eanna [TARIS] LF Heartbound Hood of Revive
  137. Retribution [JAKAR] WTB) Wrapped Fledgling Phoenix
  138. Kyprosa Looking for a pricecheck
  139. Kyprosa Land SALE Server Jakar
  140. Tempest [WTB] EPIC Erenor Staff!
  141. Retribution JAKAR / WTB - Firebrand Courtier's Robes Costume
  142. Kyprosa WTB--CLOAKED Ayanad STAFF
  143. Eanna [Taris] WTS Mythic Erenor Longspear
  144. Prophecy WTB Lego Erenor bow
  145. Eanna LF Gold Trader FROM EU TO NA
  146. Kyprosa WTS +19 Epic Erenor Bow 99%XP to Legendary
  147. Prophecy WTB Erenor Bow
  148. Prophecy WTB Erenor Leather Set and Erenor Bow
  149. Retribution * JAKAR * - WTS Legendary Growling Zephyr sails, 24x lands
  150. Shatigon WTB 4 pieces Ayanad Flame Divine -leather- (TARIS)
  151. Eanna WTS EU stuffs in bulk
  152. Retribution WTS Epic 99.99% Erenor Bow
  153. Kyprosa WTB firework blossom garb
  154. Eanna WTB Your NA alts Thiorium!
  155. Prophecy WTB Crater Cub
  156. Kyprosa WTS 6x Miner Houses SIDE BY SIDE in Perinoor
  157. Tempest [Jakar] WTB Mushroom House || Beanstalk House
  158. Eanna WTB Leviathan's Helm
  159. Prophecy WTS & WTT Eternal Erenor Bow - full gemmed
  160. Tempest [Jakar] WTS 2x24 Demo, 2x16 Demo
  161. Kyprosa wts eternal erenor scepter jakar
  162. Kyprosa WTS 7 Miner Houses in North Perinoor -- C/O 35k
  163. Retribution Eternal erenor bow + TWT Glider t1
  164. Kyprosa WTB erenor cloth legendary/epic jakar
  165. Dahuta [Belstorm] WTB 24x24 Hasla
  166. Retribution *jakar* WTB Perinoor cottons
  167. Eanna *Jakar* WTB Orchidna's Snakeskin
  168. Rangora WTB Legendary Erenor Staff ( 99% )
  169. Retribution Cercasi urgente
  170. Tempest I search Ayanad Earth Longspear
  171. Shatigon WTB Kraken Glider, pm Sereion (Taris) with your offer, thx!
  172. Prophecy WTS: (Legendary) Radiant Erenor Necklace (with any stats)
  173. Retribution [Jakar] WTB Rudal's Travel Quire #4 Tool
  174. Eanna WTB mythic Erenor Weapon (2handed meele, staff or sceptre)
  175. Retribution WTS: Mythic Erenor 2h Staff
  176. Prophecy WTS eternal erenor ring or WTT for earring.
  177. Prophecy WTB Eternal Erenor Bow