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  1. Stack Synthium
  2. War on bots
  3. Captains radar.
  4. [Suggestion] Stuff bound to account
  5. Secure turkey pens
  6. Armor Imbalance: Crafted Vs Obsidian
  7. Weekly/Minor Update Patch notes
  8. Why Trion AA will fail in time to come
  9. Teaming in Free-for-All=Ban
  10. Ayanad Earring
  11. Server health
  12. Please let us use our Thirsty's on the loyalty comps!
  13. Best way to improve the game!
  14. I love you Trion </3
  15. Dear Trion
  16. Time and Notification
  17. Let's talk about submarines
  18. Stop the damn apex flipping!
  19. Underwater treasure hunting
  20. migration system ruins versatility
  21. Upgraded Thatched - Blueberry spawns
  22. Archeage Review & Suggestions
  23. sungold cr not spawning
  24. Decor Limit Increase Contraption.
  25. Remove cooldown on loyalty labor potions
  26. @Celestrata - Suggestion to add an Important Game Date Calendar
  27. Back Slot Display Suggestion @Celestrata
  28. Auto-close door?
  29. Building basement
  30. Disciplinary actions for AFK Arena players
  31. So, what about this?
  32. Please help me solve this.
  33. Create Outfits
  34. Warship movement vs weight math
  35. Native Fruit Trees
  36. Make higher stairs upgradeable from small
  37. Unloading packs in docks
  38. Seaskimmer Speedboat Feedback Thread
  39. The New Fresh up-comming server : Apex Problem ?
  40. Personal warehouse merch
  41. Fresh start server rules for success
  42. Question about the Multipurpose Workbench . . .
  43. Submarine recommendation
  44. Weapon/Armor Display stands/case/wallmount
  45. Suggestion: Faction disguise!
  46. Make our less-important quickbars into commands (/recall)
  47. Lost Items/AA refusal to return
  48. Lost Gold on Storage & 2 Item Suddenly After Patch Hallowtide Yesterday
  49. Add a DYE test room before we buy them
  50. Bigger Breasts!!!
  51. Costume Stat RNG
  52. Short hair styles for men please (Flat top, Crew cut)
  53. Pet armor - image items
  54. Geting with the times.
  55. Sieges are a LOT of fun.... maybe put them in for all?
  56. Increase Honor in 5v5 Arena
  57. Servers Index
  58. Producers Letter Octomber 2016 gift codes
  59. A way to shut off phonograph shut off sound
  60. FFA Arena honor badges and server population
  61. Suggestion for Camper house
  62. Learning from past MMO's
  63. Idea to increase sales of car stand
  64. Broom Glider as image item
  65. Loot from low level mobs
  66. healing in arenas a concern now and 3.0 (plz read @Khrolan)
  67. DYE my Sails Please!! and other things.
  68. How to balance all classes
  69. Gemming
  70. Hallowtide 2017 'Trick Or Treat' Housing Suggestion
  71. RNG Fail
  72. Promotion Idea for Haulers
  73. Typhoon drake hitbox (new mount)
  74. Por favor criem uma equipa de suporte em portugues.
  75. Any plan for multi-seater vehicle/mount?
  76. Balanced Arena
  77. Speedboats
  78. Suggestion for Loyalty-token Items soon to be expired
  79. Constant disconnets
  80. ARCHEAGE MERCH! Trion please?
  81. Fresh Start 3.0 discussion
  82. Need new security level with 3.0
  83. Guild Flare
  84. Transmog
  85. 14 th regrade crate
  86. Make a path alternate to regrading for progression
  87. Not receiving video title
  88. Bad boy Trion
  89. Why I dont gamble with the regrades
  90. Suggestion: 'Compensation' of sort for ppl losing trade pack due to DC issue
  91. Revelation/3.0: Deleted Character Name Refresh Suggestion
  92. Language filter high?
  93. Mana Balance Skill
  94. Option: turn off Floating Combat Text
  95. Suggestion: Buying insurance for trade packs
  96. Server Merge?
  97. Patterns from Dream shards
  98. Lotusmist costume.
  99. Achievements
  100. "Keep Me logged In" is a lie
  101. Dr 3.0?
  102. Archeage is the worst game ever - total unbalanced
  103. i want Astra Glider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. [3.0 Update] Races
  105. Free My Virtual Junk Movement.
  106. Housing Access options
  107. New server hype and ideas to make it that much sweeter
  108. Healer Gear
  109. Female dwarf doll skin removed from NA server!! Please Restore.
  110. Why do we need a new account to Play on the fresh start server?
  111. test
  112. Suggestion: Family Crest + Mount Armor with Crest slot to correspond to the official crest
  113. Suggestion: New Hero Mount and Flag
  114. Buffing archery, are you for f*****g real?
  115. Make a way to earn celestial soulforged suit in game (legacy only)
  116. Suggestion to increase the Growling Yawl pieces
  117. Low usage of cpu on pts
  118. A couple small features I'm sure some would love to see.
  119. Make 'Untradeable' items Tradeable between characters on the same account & faction
  120. I found myself quite upset at Trion
  121. Abyssal Quest and Pirate faction.
  122. Plot //LIMIT// please?
  123. Character display settings.....
  124. A way to save UI layout
  125. SUGGESTION: Item Fusion & Shared Bank
  126. vocation change
  127. "Device Removed" popup error crash
  128. Why you not separate patron NA from EU ?
  129. I dont give a duck you will bring Sloth glider back in to game!
  130. I cannot play!
  131. Out Of Your Minds
  132. Bring doctor healgood costume back!!!
  133. Feedback: Legacy (Established) Server Land Grabs
  134. Character Slots - New Races
  135. multiple patrons concern after revelation patch
  137. Feedback: Legacy Server
  138. Regarding your transgressions to your player base.
  139. Custom page missing things!!!!
  140. Stop people from pushing places to peace
  141. 1 Players take on the 1st day since 3.0
  142. Que times
  143. Crafting Changes
  144. Another dose of dissapointment
  145. Every Time I purchase I get doubled Billed
  146. Stolen Animations/Models?
  147. Solution to a major problem from borked launches
  148. GREAT JOB TRION! (Sarcasm)
  149. Fresh Fresh Start Please
  150. Please Check This ID
  151. Anyone feel like 3.0 took all your motivation away from playing
  152. i cant dualbox :D!
  153. AFK timer
  154. Pass queue after a crash
  155. Why only 2 servers?
  156. I need to redownload archeage because it said failed to load data
  157. SO leagacy accounts on freshstart
  158. Royal seeds
  159. 3.0 and Legacy
  160. Plushie Battle Pet
  161. Achievement Unlocked: Internet Rage (a discussion about community management)
  162. Sport Fishing Cap
  163. Family bug
  164. Thanks for F-In up Farming Husbandry Gathering,
  165. Feedback on Holy Bolt and other Vitalism changes
  166. Hatred skills and the melting of one's eyes
  167. Feedback on Client Performance and Stability
  168. Changes to Larders needed!!
  169. Bring back 30 min afk kick or PLEASEEEEEEEE
  170. Please fix queue!
  171. Diamond Shores
  172. Server Queue "Invalid" Spam
  173. Patron Queue
  174. Queue compensation!
  175. Mob Drop rates
  176. Banned for being new to Archeage..........
  177. Why did I bother to buy 6 months Patron?
  178. Rythmn Has Spoken
  179. To Whom it may concern: Mods/Devs/CM? I'm not sure.
  180. My experience as a first time player, a warning for new players.
  181. Fix the que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. Black screen due login into game
  183. Change of faction
  184. Enough is enough Trion...
  185. Black screen forever
  186. Say no to multiboxing.
  187. Letter from myself to CEO Scott Hartsman and Trion Worlds
  188. Nuian mini skirt is starting to piss me off
  189. Not being able to use abilities
  190. What i noticed since 3.0 patch
  191. Hello Archeage Team
  192. 5 hour queue with patron 1070-> 623
  193. PATRON QUEUE 1200->1, then *The server has disconnected you*
  194. FIX EU server QUEUE
  195. fix the visuals on the character select screen
  196. EU Prophecy server is a mess...
  197. Welp, garden powder gonna disappear again
  198. Never ending weird loading screen after character selection
  199. Community Center and Residency suggestion.
  200. CONSTRUCTIVE que suggestion
  201. Suggestion: Family Quest: Local Stew
  202. Livestream.
  203. Trion's Image
  204. @TRION: why do you have to exit the game?
  205. Draw in arena
  206. QueTillYourDeadAge
  207. Message to developers + Abyss packs
  208. Queue gets stuck multiple times, server connection lost
  209. what the fk
  210. Back of the queue again!
  211. Supporting ArcheAge
  212. Family soup quest and fishing.
  213. Auroran Synthesis pack (think it is a bug)
  214. Sunbite Wilds Lemon Cleaner should be Lemonade
  215. Patron Refund
  216. 11 AM- 1100 QUEUE (30 min later 915)
  217. Holy Bolt Needs Nerfing <---------
  218. Are you serious right now XL Games?
  219. QueueAge 3.0 ? Best Queue simulator 2016
  220. Merchant Armor and weapon (Basic grade)
  221. DC's after a bit of play time, becoming chronic.
  222. Temporarily Increase Duration of Owners Mark on Fresh Start Servers
  223. Loving the fresh start!
  224. I demand marketplace costumes for credits
  225. TrionBrasse
  226. canceled my sub - grey screen feedback
  227. Labor and the big queues
  228. Drastic Solution to your seemingly Drastic Problem
  229. Game needs more UI/Functionality options
  230. Suggestions
  231. Why are you still advertising the snek?
  232. Patron dc.
  233. 5k proficiency talisman bug
  234. Labor Stipend a big rip off...
  235. Designs dissapearing and ice drifts at marianople
  236. game feed back: Have an idea
  237. Community centers
  238. Flags for ships?
  239. Dont ALT tab on the Q!
  240. Andelph
  241. Why are US server events in UTC Time
  242. Bid roles randomize after mob/boss kills.
  243. cant log in to game
  244. Coin purses
  245. Unable to play, bug?
  246. Is there a level cap for low lvl quests?
  247. Festival Coins: can you please stop making new coins for each yearly edition?
  248. Winter Costumes
  249. People reporting bans for avoiding the AFK kick system
  250. What is F2P received 5 labor point logged in or out?