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  1. Server stability
  2. Trion Employees, Please read this
  3. Can't Get Through Queue. Keep Getting Disconnected
  4. Trion please ban multiboxing
  5. Queue timer and multiboxing, Trion don't ignore please!
  6. Just one concern...
  7. Dear Trion & XL: Race changes and you (and other alternatives)
  8. Suggestion: Report AFK Button
  9. Remove Old Plank item
  10. Leveling through questing
  11. srsly. 3h in Q
  12. Free Mount faster than premium mount?
  13. Yuletide Greetings and Praise for Trion
  14. grace period is not a thing
  15. Adjust the waiting to connect screen
  16. Other changes to the connection screen
  17. Game Feedback : Not Good
  18. Never ending que?
  19. annoyed???
  20. Sage Advice
  21. Are more compensation packs going to be going out?
  22. Where are the Xmas smashing gifts?
  23. Patch Notes 3.0 Feedback, Notes and Additional info
  24. Pretty neat idea I think would help the game
  25. Nice Beta game boys <3
  26. Last news for ArcheAge 3.0
  27. The Forgotten Races
  28. Merry Christmas Trion........NOT!!
  29. Dwarf Male Customization
  30. Lunagems to penetrate toughness
  31. No faction balance at all.
  32. Equipment point cap
  33. Bot report: Arcanists in Ahnimar
  34. I can barely log in anymore
  35. New but facing a big technical problem!!
  36. Sooo where's this at??
  37. Show guild by mouse over or clicking names in chat
  38. A update to labor points and patron labor
  39. Farm trees blocking vision; Need an option to toggle them
  40. Prestige reset on housing remodel
  41. Gemming needs an over haul
  42. Peace Buff Potion
  43. Change and support the official Archeage Wiki!
  44. Owners Mark extension for peace zones.
  45. WTB Gold Trader in Ahnimar
  46. Stop "Train Run"
  47. Changes to world pvp events?
  48. Using stealth to abuse guard mechanics.
  49. Cant aplay patch??
  50. A Guild v Guild Zone in Auroria
  51. Suggestion for Mounts to save storage
  52. Add bruiser badge back to the honor seller
  53. I was reconized one thing is GM never ban gold seller/buyer
  54. Property Privacy Access
  55. Exchange objects with warehouse between the account
  56. Climbing buff to prevent server stacks?
  57. Allow unbuilt plots to be certed for sale
  58. yes or no Question
  59. Under populated Faction BUFF!
  60. Solariums & Silos in RNG Boxes
  61. Moving Crates
  62. Blossom Garb costumes, loyalty, fresh start and compensation question. Trion please read.
  63. Allow existing races to get new customization from salon ???
  64. Multiple Instances
  65. 6GB VRAM GPU recognised as only 3GB by AA logs (Help Please)
  66. Display Costumes and a Snail
  67. black screen
  68. Requesting an EFFORT ONLY server - New customer perspective
  69. Fresh start server: Revelation Feedback
  70. More Hair Options and Free Emoting Feature
  71. Make owners mark last more (Suggestion)
  72. Hi
  73. the costume system sucks in AA. heres what to do.
  74. Server erro
  75. Give us a non-stat cloak to make other cloak appearance's tradeable
  76. Suggestion: /celebrate emote
  77. Need to relog 10 times to actually login
  78. Game windows freeze every time i open Windows Update
  79. BUG REPORT - harpoon clipper dock never shows up
  80. Woodland Kitsu Battle Pet - No Armor?
  81. Terrible Business Model
  82. My take on the recent episode of recurring issues
  83. DS guard exploit
  84. Suggestion: Hay Fields
  85. Trion please remove Blue salt delivery Quest
  86. Suggestion: The importance of nomenclature
  87. Kadum Drop
  88. Friend List
  89. Character change in same account.
  90. Thunder Dash mount.
  91. Suggestion: Family size vehicle (aka family bus)
  92. Winged Mounts
  93. Library materials drop rates
  94. Battlepets/mounts display stable and option needed?
  95. Player Owned Businesses Please
  96. more hair and emotes pls!
  97. Suggestion: Re-look into the focus on this great game
  98. Some fairly simple suggestions...
  99. Abuse of the new shrug mechanics needs to be fixed
  100. Can we get a patch for Duun crystals for to be used in the non breakable recipes?
  101. Notices
  102. Siege Bidding Times
  103. Suggestion: Guild Banners
  104. Suggestion Faster Dahuta 10 runs
  105. Suggestion: Hug-2-Win
  106. Sailing trough the lags
  107. Please add an option to not get auto joined into wartime raids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. Suggestion: Guild Sheilds
  109. GM on regularly
  110. Suggestion: Hero call postponement
  111. 32/64 bit Client since 3.0
  112. Please release Wolfgang car on eu/na legacy
  113. Stuck in game limbo
  114. Arena Lobby and Alliance System
  115. street performing and concerts!!!!
  116. Sugestion For Maintenance
  117. Please extend the Ember Nymph pet """event""" 1 more week. It was not clear this would be temporary...
  118. Fellowship Packs
  119. Game doesn't start in directX 9.0
  120. Out Fits and Apperal
  121. State of game honest review
  122. My Involvement in The Trion Creator Program
  123. suggest - writing in books
  124. Suggestion: Costume collection
  125. Clearly Archeage is dying. Solution below.
  126. Can't get Bird coop daily any more
  127. Craft Blank Regrade Scroll quest needs new level requirment
  128. A little blow of mouth on the Abyss and the nations !
  129. Fresh Start Access for Low Playtime Accounts?
  130. C.o.d. & Buy Orders
  131. Mana is Consumed to Quickly on a lot of Classes
  132. Bug report: Family quest: Blue Salt Delivery Quest
  133. The Abyss & Lusca Time Move Up
  134. Pawesome Corgi Quest broken? Awards token but removes the corgi?
  135. Let's make our neighborhoods more like actual neighborhoods!
  136. How to Make PvP Titles Not Trash
  137. Can't login the
  138. [BUG] Vitalism dps skill + damage capacity ? (Tyrenos index)
  139. Grand mining drill bug?
  140. Proposal: Maintenance affecting economy
  141. Buying Auction house
  142. Stop Arena Runners - Give 1v1 Arenas a Control Point
  143. US update prompts a new 12gb update
  144. Trade runs are so fun
  145. About that Battlerage....
  146. Blocked People still showing Emotes
  147. The solution to the Lunarite Crysis. (maybe... >.> )
  148. suggestion - music bag!
  149. This game gonna make me MAD
  150. Judge anti-DC
  151. Regrade Program Development
  152. Do you feel like a valued costumer?
  153. what to do if stuck in peace zone?
  154. Halcyona War
  155. haranya/nuia alliance guards attacking?
  156. Mobs on the water
  157. Any chance we could get a revert Improved Scarecrow to a Workstation?
  158. Lord's Coin/Pence via Castle Quests /// Castle Owner "Exploit" /// GM`S please READ
  159. New cart toughness.
  160. Ghost ships while in raid.
  161. Singing Mount?
  162. Pack Saddle Idea
  163. Some things ive noticed that are screwed up.
  164. MERGE Soon as possible
  165. Buff Limit Needs To Be Reviewed
  166. Movement speed passive.
  167. Eliminate unbuilt houses n gardens after 1 week
  168. Defense Penetration Cloak.
  169. Suggestion: New Artistry Instrument.
  170. Previously offered pets..bring to fresh start? :)
  171. Weapon Glow
  172. Bring back soulforge ticket
  173. Fix your F**king Arena system
  174. Add a recipe to craft synthium stones from synthesis shards
  175. New player, stopped playing very quickly, exit feedback.
  176. Add toggle-able "Highlight Minimap Area" option
  177. New languages
  178. Expeditionary forces..more group quests with alliances
  179. hauler update ideas
  180. fix glyph or allow us to patch+play without
  181. Honor point system totally needs to be reworked
  182. Make more of the buffs craftable
  183. I just had an idea for a new "boat"
  184. Timestamp option for chat
  185. Archeage Team
  186. Ayanad Earring Quest
  187. Chapter 7 part 1 Elf race quest...
  188. My Recommendations to have a better game.
  189. Coinpurses
  190. Inactive staff
  191. Eventtimer for ingame Events
  192. @Trion, Let Scented Leaves also make Aged Larders
  193. Customize Our Houses! @XL Games @Trion
  194. Label the gosh darn miniskirts!!!
  195. Bee Mount!
  196. Summon Battle Pets in Dungeons
  197. We want to create mods
  198. Include a Camera/FoV slider in options...
  199. Game crashing ever 30min after reset patch
  200. [Not solved yet]Black screen when switching to one character to others
  201. first person zoom when fishing!
  202. Idea: Linked Skill Trees
  203. Lock skill for mount skills?!
  204. Suggestion: More Shortcut Bars
  205. Warrior medals to make reinforced honor gems
  206. Let's make archeage the game we expected
  207. Character Editor Only
  208. Wings of Astra
  209. Stealth in Arenas
  210. No level cap on doing quests
  211. blank canvas have UCC on auction
  212. diamond shores in conflict for ocleera not a good idea
  213. Crafting
  214. What has happend to the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest ?
  215. regrade/gold counter on gear
  216. [TRION] Race Change Soon™
  217. Limitation without limits
  218. For the love of god, CONTEXT CONTROL SCHEMES
  219. Archeage Inactive name reset
  220. Real Explorers aren't afraid of the cold ...
  221. Exploration needs some lov'n ...
  222. Feedback
  223. Temporary good gear/buff for newer players trying out the game
  224. Marvelous Chocolate spawns
  225. Hide Pet/Mount Armor
  226. Patron Status higher limited maximum labor points(pls react if you agreed)
  227. Suggestion for next Fresh start server
  228. Please change Car Display Stand !
  229. Can we get bans for people for AFK 3v3 arenas?
  230. A couple ideas...
  231. Strength and Agility
  232. Good Job Trion!
  233. Tradeable No-Break Charm in Cash Shop
  234. Give "trip" a Cool down
  235. Automatic login when we are unable to login for the day. (DUE TO DOWNTIME NOT THE ACCOUNT HOLDERS NEGLIGENCE)
  236. Rancher Farmhouse
  237. Make books tradeable
  238. just a few suggestions
  239. New On character
  240. Mergers
  241. Farmer' s Workstation
  242. Regrade event
  243. 5v5 arena honor
  244. Regrade event ; More like Pay to win event AmIRight?
  245. Clothing ideas for men
  246. Fresh Start 3?
  247. Removal of items
  248. Please change Rider Escape cooldown
  249. Thank You Trion
  250. Make a permissions option for "Family and Guild"