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  1. Green Pirates
  2. Perte de gemme sélènne après le backup des clés d'or / Lost lunagem on my gear during golden key backup
  3. Thanks Celestrata / team
  4. Terrible/Horrible/Worthless client
  5. General idea for new yata costume
  6. Quest item inventoy
  7. Labor stipend
  8. 4.0 Dream list?
  9. The dang static costumes
  10. Return stats to Lord's costumes and Sovereign's robes
  11. New Packs Add Honor Please
  12. Some obs t7 effects needs rework
  13. New ArcheAge Server System!
  14. Its unfair for timber coupe owner that we can upgrade our car to WOLFGANG :(
  15. The Siege of Mistsong (Raid Concept)
  16. Trade post should show total current stock
  17. Lamp Quest Giver Disappeared
  18. Negative XP due to PvP kill
  19. Event Start Time..... middle ground
  20. Seaskimmer Speedboat - BUG 3.5
  21. Can't use skills when autocast is on ebonfur cub
  22. A console release needs to happen!
  23. New and Improved Specific loot system
  24. Icons Over Plants in Vocation Shop
  25. Homebuilder Contest 2017- Who else didn't get their winning prizes?
  26. Snow on Aegis Island
  27. overseas trade is dead
  28. Suggestion to Alleviate Problems with Siege Bidding
  29. Make skillsavers also change Ancestral Skills
  30. Trade post interface ideas from Kraken
  31. Unrealistic requirements for "A Good Reputation" Racial quest
  32. Guild Member Storage/Banking
  33. Region conflict status recovery
  34. letter to game developers
  35. Rare Treasure Maps in 3.5 - nerfed
  36. Better GUI Trade Outlets ?
  37. 3.5 MY Feedback
  38. Just make vote the ideas to satisfy people maybe
  39. Idea for tradepack change... please read
  40. Family delivery quest bugged or WAI?
  41. small quality of life improvement
  42. Endless Arrow Botch
  43. Trade Suggestion
  44. Not importand - but yeah :D
  45. suggestion to fix the larder issue
  46. More than one Squirrel glider on an account
  47. Larger/Scaling Raid Sign icons
  48. Leadership Concerns
  49. 3.5 Suggestions and feedback
  50. list of changes to fix the game: to game developers
  51. Boss spawn timers
  52. Reduce the cost of crops:
  53. Proposed trade pack system
  54. Merchant Ships have limited Uses now
  55. Broken Andelph or just a typo?
  56. Hero, Siege, Guild, Daily suggestions
  57. The state of sport fishing in 3.5 and suggestions to improve upon it.
  58. Hereafter Stones and Charcoal
  59. Bound Silver Regrade charms Cant be used on ship components
  60. Coinpurses/crates and general mob grinding
  61. Suggestion: Seed prices WAY to high
  62. 3.5 Ayanad Library Earring. 2000 Gilda is way too much!
  63. Give out prizes when people win your contests!
  64. Double and Triple Events
  65. Muzzy, can we merge the Auction House sections on this forum?
  66. Suggestion - Trade Tower UI
  67. Streamlined Accuracy
  68. Remove Sunken Chest Salvaging Timer
  69. Is it really necessary to take away the last fun in Archeage? :)
  70. Faction Traitors
  71. 3.5 and the increased difficulty of leadership gains
  72. Removal of glider imagea
  73. Ability to 'Box' a storage chest
  74. Fresh Start Servers Ready For More Mounts, Gliders, and Costumes
  75. Certain Chat Spawns Army of Dead to Kill Speaker
  76. Going into Year 3 Feedback
  77. Erenor Version of Red Dragon Weapons?
  78. Update suggestion (Stationary Cannons/Hereafter Gates)
  79. Suggestion - Korean style of getting Anchoring shards
  80. Feature: A More Detailed Description Box
  81. Update Extraction Alembic
  82. Balance weapon vs armor
  83. Upgrading The Songsmiths
  84. Just a thank you :)
  85. List to make Archeage more watchable and streamable
  86. Yny Peace has holes in it
  87. Trion - Please carefully consider this 800 vocation Royal Seed
  88. Autoraids For Zones In War
  89. Small suggestion for livestreams
  90. New family delivery quest is a failure
  91. New 16x16 Farm design quest issue
  92. About these new Fresh Start Servers
  93. Diving for treasure suggestion
  94. Suggestion for carebear players
  95. Storyline quests
  96. [Suggestion] transmuter for pets
  97. New aquarium fishes!!
  98. The armor buff system needs to be reevaluated
  99. Apex System Idea
  100. Instead of easier royal seeds, make packs in trade decay! You're going to crash the market!
  101. Please remove Royal seed requirement for Larders.
  102. Thoughts on how to handle server transfers
  103. just a tiny thing
  104. Forum Moderation Feedback
  105. Quest and Achievement Titles [Bring them back!]
  106. Market Place Award Gift Coin Quality of Life Request
  107. More Skillsaver + skillsaver migration ??
  108. Please rethink this trade pack mess...
  109. The forgotten content - or how you will get 1/3 more players and dont loose more and more :)
  110. House deco idea.
  111. Desserted Cottage chocolate timer
  112. Image Item Extraction for Armor/Weapons/Gliders
  113. Family property border color
  114. Important info ingame - Quick Mock-up
  115. Archeage NA needs a mexican server
  116. Better forum mods.
  117. 7/14 Livestream - Q & A - Dev Talk
  118. Certificate for changing race
  119. List of possible suggestions
  120. Viewing Storage Chests/Turn Houses into Stores
  121. Housing - suggestions and problems
  122. Harrassment and the 21st century.
  123. Event Currency's
  124. Suggestion - Bows priority on back
  125. Suggestion - Lunarite trees
  126. Introduction of new in game mechanic by devs
  127. Your hatred towards new players.
  128. Suggestions - marque de propriétaire guilde/famille...
  129. Another idea to make armor buffs not prevent armor upgrades
  130. Evolution character/guild names @muzzy
  131. Rerolling low rolls on cloaks
  132. I've a suggestion fix glyph problem 1004 the problem for me from 31.07.2017 it takes days away!
  133. T7 obsidian Lute requires blazing ingots + wrathsmites?
  134. Ayanad cloak for mages
  135. Holy Batman - what's happening to Pirate faction?
  136. Mining Bots / Scripts / Macros - What is Trion Doing?!
  137. Pay to Craft
  138. Violet bloomfang
  139. Activate GCD on item equip
  140. The secret to success - A review of Archeage
  141. [suggestion] Export and import of game settings
  142. Allow West and East Factions to form an Alliance to fight back against the Player Nations.
  143. Marriage in game
  144. 3.5 Trade system: my opinion and feedback
  145. Remove honor nodachi effect
  146. @muzzy @celestrata Why didn't we do this from the start? Can we do this in the future to help build factions in the game?
  147. No love for Healers, Lunafrosts aren't equal
  148. Reporting a bug. Please help!
  149. A good change
  150. The problem of the growing gap of Gearscores
  151. A way to solution Error 1004 which continues since 2014
  152. After 6 months of absence feedback
  153. Oh boy purchase review
  154. play archage just for fishing.230k fishing is garbage and needs to be reworked, fishing needs a rework period
  155. Buff Icons, timer and stack numbers
  156. Archeage
  157. Transfers
  158. Image Display
  159. Hero penalty
  160. Making Library Mat's Tradeable
  161. 1 credit transfers down?
  162. SUGGESTION: Wasted Experience - Please let us use it.
  163. Was Khrolan moved from AA
  164. Nerf Shadehunter 30% damage reflect
  165. Alternative method of monetization
  166. now too waste time, need "Driver pet", "farming pet". and "moving livestock" more interesting
  167. kick vehicle station's bell auto ride // battle weak side stronger // show boss on map
  168. Sailing Safe Zone
  169. Backdrop on NA / EU Region Selection
  170. Some suggestions
  171. Expanded permissions for houses
  172. Cleanup-Evolution Threads
  173. Submarines
  174. Hybrid Weapons
  175. Map Zoom Feature
  176. Mount Images, and Saving-Labor-for-Later
  177. Schreibfehler in der deutschen Beschreibung
  178. so what's happening?
  179. Please fix Jellyfish
  180. New payment option.
  181. Why did you add icebergs?
  182. What could have been
  183. Chat scrolling with mouse / chat text not fading
  184. Charcoal stabilizer rework
  185. Please stop giving useless rewards at events
  186. Pull the 100 man raid code to our version if possible
  187. Suggestion: The Rabbit's Foot
  188. Feedback// about landscape
  189. Remove Player Nations From NA Archeage
  190. Trade center quest : Hauling Certified Cargo
  191. Long term storage
  192. Apex restrictions and why
  193. Demon's Kiss Costume this Halloween?
  194. Rise the maximum amount of gold for stuff to sell in auction house
  195. Suggestion Justice system/Crime system
  196. Farmable serendipity stone
  197. Increase bound rare-arcane material drops from library and auroria
  198. Initial fee to start dominions should be increased to prevent abuse
  199. Post Merge Castle Compensation
  200. Make Character-Bound Gear into Account-Bound & Make Stat Migration Fluid
  201. Something about the new pack system
  202. Daru Bundles / 230k Proficiency Crafted Items
  203. character deletion, why wait 24h ...
  204. most of NPC's still speak non-english don't understand..
  205. Need more staff skins
  206. Player nation owned castles should be limited
  207. Love conviction
  208. Forum bug. Can't post at dev tracker forum
  209. Suggestion: mass production for seed bundles
  210. Suggestion for partial solution to "gear gap"
  211. Please give us Halloween stuff ASAP!
  212. Transfer from NA to EU
  213. What made u quit archeage
  214. Old events that should return.
  215. Horse or Donkey Drawn Carriages
  216. Interchangeable obsidian armor idea and armor set buff suggestions
  217. Diving Helmet 'headlight'
  218. Companion Crust Please Remove
  219. On an English speaking server, speak English PLEASE!
  220. Increase listing duration for high-tier gear items on AH please
  221. Several ideas for game improvements.
  222. Car handbrake/parkingbrake
  223. Raid's Mark for Vehicles
  224. @TRION - Iportant information Hellowtide Update
  225. After 3 Years of Archeage; How I Feel About 'Archeage'
  226. Just a suggestion that some players wil not ike
  227. Forum feedback
  228. Todd's Documents and Fishermen
  229. Thac0 Gamers Feedback on Archeage
  230. New "Event" System
  231. become a Patron still to expensive for me
  232. An Idea to Improve Target Focus in Raids
  233. New Dances Disappointment
  234. Daily Vocation Quest for Remodeled (Raised) Cottage
  235. Alternative mods for old costumes
  236. Your Loyalty Accounting System (Muzzy and Celestrata)
  237. Add more Reward's to Login Badge & Golden Token
  238. Casino Revision
  239. Jellyfish still suck. Please fix them
  240. Raid Training
  241. What is it? A Meteor?
  242. Extend Bloodlusted Purple Duration Tenfold
  243. Labor Stiepends and Limeted Section in Marketplace
  244. Quality of Life Changes
  245. Thanksgiving...
  246. A list of suggestion with a pool.
  247. Library bug, falling away from the floor!
  248. Regarding Soulforged / Mistsong / GHA - GKC / Hasla and every other type of major weapon drop
  249. Remove Timer from finished larders
  250. An Idea for a More Stable FS Launch