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  1. 3 items to make lumber, fabric, leather, etc
  2. Public api of na server
  3. Solution to Race Change
  4. Will be the soulforged ger back at 4.0???
  5. Resolution Options Insufficient Other Display Issues
  6. Ghastly Aura
  7. Request toggle for decorations and another for plants
  8. Thank you for making Archeage!
  9. can we get a visual indication on property that we owe taxes?
  10. Maxxed Steambike
  11. Arena Limits and Participation in 4.0
  12. Network issues and events
  13. Connection!
  14. We need Dailys as "Guild missions"
  15. Airships
  16. Merge Shatigon or do something about it( its dead ...........)
  17. DC followed by duplicate login error (Owners Mark)
  18. Coin Purses
  19. Guild Ranks
  20. World Server
  21. Obsidian Plate Gear - Mage
  22. New server in a new patch
  23. Glorious Nui
  24. Golden Token Item Suggestion
  25. Installation from another site or programme btw help me please!
  26. Lightning Ancestral Fireball CD
  27. Missing Skillset: Damage-over-Time
  28. Gathering Tree Improvment
  29. [Suggestion] Please increase lifespan of fruit trees on a player owned farm/land
  30. Fix Loot Drop rates (Obsid Materials ALL) Getting rediculous
  31. Christmas decor BEFORE christmas please.
  32. Leadership for Nonpatrons
  33. Anchor Shards
  34. Latam or South America Server.
  35. Credits for Big ticket items
  36. Give us a ladder to access our attic space.
  37. Oathbound Plate costume clipping BUG
  38. Legendary Blacksmith of Erenor Merchant in Mirage
  39. Swapping skillbar with skillsaver
  40. Please Increasee Charcoal Amount
  41. Please add dungeon finder for cross server
  42. Too much grind
  43. More sandbox less PVP
  44. New system for Item abundance and stocking problem
  45. Trion look at this
  46. Loosing titles at 4.0 #FIX PLEASE (Creator titles)
  47. A Meaninful Test Server
  48. FIX WORKBENCHES, broken after 4.0
  49. Cross Arena EU and NA and better info
  50. Gilda Shop not working
  51. Balanced arena (and water arena) Stat Migration counts
  52. 3v3 Skirmish buffed
  53. Crafting Tabs
  54. Make Disconnects Not Close Game Client
  55. Maelstrom Patch
  56. Fence Snapping.
  57. Gods have discon... WHY does it close game?
  58. Évent gear Homecoming.
  59. Naval arena - Review
  60. Submarines and speedboat deserve a little buff.
  61. Bug: NA Territory Warehouses do NOT proc at 7:30pm PST.
  62. Please remove the RNG from mod selections on Erenor gear
  63. Huge bottleneck with charcoal
  64. Time based events
  65. Charcoal kiln
  66. 12/19-20 Update Issues
  67. Labor cost bug for Winter Festival
  68. Issue with stat costumes
  69. One temporary bandaid during DDOS
  70. In-land pack's demand mechanics (Retribution)
  71. 4.0 Patch Note Review
  72. [Feedback]Save the Game with your idea´s
  73. EU Update but not NA?
  74. Bring back Drenching Arena!!!
  75. So far 4.5 is trending in the right direction
  76. Thank you for a good compensation
  77. Property Permissions Need to Be More Customizable
  78. We need goat cheese in archeage !
  79. Suggestions from an MMO rl girl gamer
  80. [Suggestions] Aquafarm Design 24x24 or 28x28
  81. Submarine merchant ship
  82. Favorite tag in Folio
  83. Dimensional Storage Chest Designs??
  84. 3 factions
  85. Feedback + Recomendation: Hay Bales and Worm Compost
  86. Possible new farm land
  87. Why No Mermaids?
  88. Feedback for game in general
  89. [ Suggestion ] Provide a group option for sharing XP
  90. Canoes
  91. Raid Finder
  92. Allow us to salvage our pre-4.0 gems
  93. Expanded Inventory OR Seperate Item Bags
  94. Creators Feedback - creators program and social media presence
  95. Suggestions for Castle Sieges
  96. Suggestion: Allow others to pay property taxes via the building nameplate
  97. Make a system to upgrade from T7 Obsidian to Erenor
  98. Jukebox
  99. Guild changes in 4.5
  100. 4.5 occultism is stun heavy
  101. Are you able to bring this too Xbox one and pas4
  102. [SUGGESTION] Archeage PVE Record content
  103. [Suggestion] Add timestamp to chat
  104. Suggestion for Ghost Ships/Luscas/Enoan fragments
  105. The Instruments from the new Arenashop...
  106. Can we get these 4.5 changes early
  107. Small Change in Naval Arena suggested.
  108. Rock climbing SUGGESTION
  109. Umbrella/cane glider or weapon skin.
  110. unused event tokens
  111. Subscription based server (no cash shop)
  112. Peace Period in Karkasse
  113. Arenas start without seeing opponents first
  114. i have no idea how support works
  115. Feedback: trade System as a whole
  116. Loyalty Sloth
  117. [Suggestion] Where are my Dragons?
  118. Rotating weekly meaningful events
  119. Dominion Change
  120. Succubus Costume for Valentines Update
  121. Suggestion:Player owned and operated airships
  122. Feedback on the fortune cookie event
  123. Draughts of forgiveness
  124. Sunken Treasure
  125. Can we get a parking brake for the car?
  126. Letter from the Community to Trion. A draft proposal.
  127. Cargo bugged after weekly maintinence?
  128. Crime points for crop theft creates a problem with 4.5 rules
  129. 4.5 thunderwing glider is COMPLETELY broken.
  130. Looking for Fantastically Foxy Fashion
  131. Sheep Sleep Hat
  132. Compost yields
  133. Topic of Crime Points / Jury system
  134. Vehicles of Archeage
  135. Sparring Arena - classes and defence choices.
  136. [suggestion] Having all neutral gurads us CCs
  137. Collector's Vehicles
  138. Sub only single account per person server
  139. Dragon plushies and other plushies will it ever be a thing?
  140. Founder Merch
  141. New fish, Catching sharks
  142. Simple change for better PVP balance at all levels
  143. Problems with 4K resolution
  144. Valentine campfire timeframe is awful. hopefully it's a bug.
  146. Artistry Synchronize
  147. New Cosmetic Image Items For Credits On The Marketplace
  148. Yateo event
  149. New extraction alembic?
  150. New Content: Additions to the Sea, Raid Mounts, New Boats, and Air Vehicles?
  151. The NA/EU/NA trap
  152. Detect cheaters again
  153. Profession "Guilds"
  154. Bug or just Outdated? Pets not affected by Resilience/Toughness!
  155. Changes and More Ideas
  156. Please, some interesting events.
  157. guild castle(like Overlord)/ sea battle more prize/ suggestion new nation ,new pet
  158. Additions and Fixes
  159. Merge raid mechanics
  160. WTB Raid Finder updates
  161. Suggestion on Abyssal Attack - so All can particitpate
  162. Event Titles - Should they be RNG Based
  163. Let's chat about the future of ArcheAge, shall we? A Semi Solo Petition @Trion @XL
  164. auction house mail/ live auction house/ showing house /world boss with quest
  165. Current state of the game and future update suggestions
  166. Every Reason I Won't Run Plate as a Healer
  167. Since we have some school house items, why not a play ground?
  168. Additions to make AA more convenient and balanced
  169. Erenor enoan
  170. Trion commuication towards the players.
  171. 4.5 Infamy Murder Point Increase - Reconsidering This Solution With Another
  172. 4.5 Infamy Murder Point Increase
  173. Why not simplify regrade scrolls?
  174. Forum character lvl limit removal for FS
  175. Starter server
  176. Failed to load game data suggestion
  177. Evenstone should not work on costumes
  178. Add a costume to the drops for ghost ship
  179. Housing zone streets and roads textures
  180. F/S $99 starter pack really?????
  181. Archeage fails again, patch 4.5 here we go
  182. dungeons hv honor/ 1-time-use NPC helper /MM leader afk /lock item
  183. make more shortcut in dungeon, now when die need 3-5min to final boss!!!!
  184. Random god disconnects
  185. Farm Management Suggestion
  186. Log in Badges
  187. Make Vocation Expertise Tonic great again
  188. We asked for high ode to overwrite...
  189. The problem with Dissonance as target-only debuff
  190. Change in Shop for Hereafter Stones
  191. Random ideas and thoughts about the dessert house..
  192. Bought Credits Never Recieved it!!
  193. [Request] Player Nation's Guild Limits
  194. Option to turn off regrade spam.
  195. Partial sales take priority over normal bids
  196. Mistmerrrow
  197. I Can't Play, Fresh Server is so busy...
  198. Warrior Waists with the same Regrade Chance of the Obsidian. Bug?
  199. Faction Chat Feedback
  200. Lewd Naked Housing Zones to Entice New Adventurers :o
  201. Time Limit on Unbuilt Land
  202. Fresh Start Servers
  203. Toggle Button for Endless Arrows, Mana Stars, Triple Slash, Rapid Strike
  204. Forums Makeover
  205. Everyone Told You
  206. Family quest decision
  207. Server lag
  208. Cart between karkasse and gweonid
  209. Please bring back 5v5s
  210. ok this NEEDS to be said. TRION PLZ READ
  211. Constructive Feedback on how to do fresh start better
  212. Fixing the hair clipping on Lawkeeper Costume
  213. That’s not right, is it?
  214. Ending p2w Forever
  215. This lag?
  216. IP block?
  217. KADUM BOSS and LAG
  218. Europe Ezi
  219. Holy Bolt Cast Time
  220. Forcing us to Arena?
  221. Flaming Soulscar
  222. Again massive lags...
  223. And again..massive lags...when Kudum spawns and remais this lags ....
  224. why o why on the fresh start
  225. More Skill Saver/ Shortcut bars?
  226. Reinstate labor costs for planting on public land
  227. Auto-raid Mutiny
  228. Net tooltips
  229. Arena rankings - is something being done?
  230. Dear GM's and People who are actually in charge.
  231. Hello everyone, question on the game.
  232. Supply, demand, material bottlenecks
  233. Korean Voice Packs
  234. Pets Pickup Loot Put in Cash Shop
  235. D i s a b l e k a d u m
  236. Racism in public chat
  237. Please make a no cash shop server
  238. REAL freeform crafting
  239. Legacy Server
  240. Expand Crystalization STAT!
  241. ok this NEEDS to be said. TRION PLZ READ. there are 2 skills that NEED to be nerfed.
  242. funny marketing
  243. Mana Regen Feels Bad!
  244. Fix Regulated Arena 1v1 pls
  245. start balancing the game.
  246. Wishlist better preview of Armor/Cloth in AH
  247. Destroying server with ego.
  248. Camel Mount
  249. Trion i am brazilian look speed endlessarrows ping 100-115 look video
  250. Balanced Arena