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  1. Neutral guards are useless / safe area around fish stand
  2. Suggestion: Hunt GM event
  3. Arena rollback after update
  4. Action Bar swap on mount and keybind overburden
  5. Several Daily Quests Need To Be Adjusted
  6. Emails about being Ban and Suspended
  7. Copper Ore
  8. A few suggestions I hope you will consider!
  9. Fresh start phase 2 !!!
  10. limiting the value that cash itens can be sold for gold
  11. Remove Kebab
  12. Guild message of the day
  13. Pls read Trion
  14. Flaming Scarecrow Farm not staying alight after patch!
  15. p2w Epherium gear
  16. packs and cargos
  17. Sumarines in Mirage
  18. Horse cart feature
  19. Change lyrics
  20. Change to "Try out your new ride"quest
  21. Suggestion for hiram stuff
  22. Alts Machine a pack
  23. change ship component upgrade rng !
  24. Player Nations and the end of the game.
  25. Suggestion for charcoal cargos
  26. Upgradeable red dragon boss pet.
  27. Cargo Improvements
  28. Haunted Chest
  29. Non-Superior Regrade Charms...
  30. Trade Outlets Broken - PLEASE FIX
  31. Unauthorized interaction with vehicles should be a crime.
  32. FIX Bosses BUG
  33. Impossible Gates and Walls
  34. Rewind Strength and Agility Stat benefit changes
  35. Dunns blessing and lack of superior red regrade charms
  36. Turn off Shadow Invasion notifications
  37. Fix arena queueing!
  38. Mannequins as Furniture
  39. Mushroom Decor Request
  40. Crafting.....
  41. [Request] Superior Red Regrade Charm Sale
  42. FS needs FFA and old school 5v5
  43. Suggestion about Apex mechanics ;-)
  44. Why O Why
  45. Candy House -- Holiday Treats
  46. Can we get a decent glider on the login badge exchanger?
  47. Search option
  48. Mini games...
  49. baobab trees at freshstart, to much money there
  50. new dungeons, esp raiddungeons
  51. open dungeon
  52. Make the Blank Standup Canvas Craftable or Buyable In-Game
  53. Question about double loot event :)
  54. Cloak Stats need to be reviewed.
  55. @Dubira Daru, Exectutive Salesdaru, RE: Gilda Star Stocks
  56. Archeage PRIME why not?
  57. Erenor T2
  58. Hiram Failure Bonus
  59. Sunken Ships
  60. July 18 Update / Trading with Merchant Schooner
  61. por que dañaron el juego
  62. RNG Coinpurse BINGO!
  63. New update is a Trade nightmare
  64. NA - Mirage Isle Fishing
  65. Dwarfs on Freshstart
  66. Shadow Rift Needs a Drop Rate Increase
  67. Change APEX system, Bound now!
  68. New Festival bug (windcreek instrument)
  69. Too hard to make gold and royal seeds
  70. Please Fix the Bouncing Vehicles
  71. For what it’s worth.. 2 Copper
  72. Cargo Generation not in line with recent changes
  73. Assurance from Khrolan about Recent Events
  74. Hmm...... peace, right?
  75. Request for Spanish Translation of the Game (united for the cause)
  76. some gameplay suggestions
  77. Mistsong Run Loss during Mistmerrow Event
  78. Mobilization Order Pop Up
  79. APEX in AH totally out of reach for new Free to Play accounts.
  80. Give us more Shortcut bars
  81. Oathbound Plate Armor
  82. Useless EXP Potions
  83. A final plea to Trion and XL Games, by your faithful playerbase (courtesy of Aired/September)
  84. Are you guys even trying?
  85. Pirate prison spawn
  86. No Second Wind
  87. The Bob’ble Buddies are Back
  88. If you really want to save Archeage...
  89. RIP Vehicle Renter
  90. No upgrade for the Twilight Wings?!
  91. Bound Items
  92. Events
  93. Got Ideas for Archeage Remastered
  94. Pending Doom!
  95. Game suggestion: Banking system
  96. TrionBrasse or Any Dev Read this Suggestion
  97. Staff Changes
  98. Where are this years EVENTS?
  99. !Player Strike!
  100. In-game mail not long enough
  101. Happy Anniversary 🤔
  102. Feedback on the 4th Anniversary
  103. Please fix the Hero Statue Pack Crafting Machine
  104. Community Manager Closing Threads.
  105. Thunderwing DOWN
  106. reedwind's battle---lower the request and if can keep flying to fight will be fun
  107. hairstyle fail
  108. question about the woodland kitsu
  109. why has archeage not brought back the service staffs gift box?
  110. Plate wearers shlield,block and Magic Def oh my!
  111. Ideas to bring in new, returning and sustained Patrons to Archeage
  112. Fresh start NUI time for disconnect when away
  113. Daily Credit Reward pack
  114. Phoenix Regalia costume and messed up hairs
  115. new merchant ship desired
  116. Survey: Server Structure & Speech Design
  117. You really need to address spike dps
  118. For real new player can make gold, i suggest a type of pack making need honor or prestige or mat from boss
  119. Behavior rules and penalties
  120. Hiram gear and infusion may be also award of quest will be good to make team
  121. Account Bound Items
  122. Dead Naval Player vs. Player - Bring Back Naval PvP
  123. New Labor Item???
  124. New temper system
  125. Evolution Server Names
  126. Need balance two handen weapons
  127. [Feedback] Blue Salt Brotherhood Bulletin Board
  128. Please read and pass on, Fate of the Game!!!!!
  129. Thanks for Merge-♥♥♥♥
  130. So much queue time, very fun...
  131. Sonic Wave Duration Reduction
  132. suggest for housing land--magic island--any guys paid has their own island in magic dimension and would make big money to the game
  133. Can Race Change Happen?
  134. @Khrolan and remaining employees from Trion-Evolution Compensation Packs
  135. November 1st, Login Tracker??
  136. since housing need VIP and will make normal income for the game, i suggest more conside for housing player
  137. Anyone know why this happens?
  138. @XL Games Artistry request with new technology
  139. Obsidian as Image Items
  140. New player
  141. Auction House search crash
  142. Gallant Mount xp vs lvl 55 achievement....
  143. Cloak recipies
  144. 30k honor 200 badge?
  145. We have all these cars, we even have a speedboat but...
  146. Promote the Game!
  147. Safe trade ship should be safe
  148. Western Hiram Mountains Daily quest....21 scrolls???
  149. Glider Wingmaker Scrolls
  150. We need more chairs and whatnot for the "safe" cargo ship
  151. Will there be a new fresh start server in 2019 ,?
  152. Hiram pots rate ?
  153. Remove Tsunami Figureheads
  154. Mobile App
  155. Idea to use Manastorm crystals to buy battle pets too
  156. Cargo Griefers
  157. Earlier holiday events and item sales
  158. Plushies!!
  159. Fountains
  160. Synthesis and Tempering Should Give Proficiency
  161. Naval Arenas
  162. Consequences of Game Crashing
  163. Just saying
  164. Land Shortage
  165. Not even ladders are safe on cargo ship.
  166. Upgrading the amount of Labor
  167. An Idea of what ability needs ancestral skills
  168. Answering Support Tickets
  169. Hauler Blocking (Ban-able)
  170. Taxes and Properties
  171. Treasure chest diving ideas
  172. Path block, Is there anyone can ban this trash ppl?
  173. Orchidna's Journals - 12 Abyssal Crystals each !?!
  174. Chat window
  175. Escape skill
  176. Market place organization
  178. Opened the territories for more land
  179. Stealth System
  180. why are the subforums still not updated to the new server names?
  181. Add reincarnation scroll to change into a different race within the same nation.
  182. Cracking down on hackers and exploiters
  183. Left Hand Disarm shouldn't exist
  184. Actually answer tickets for once
  185. Add item previews to this MMO
  186. Our guild was dissolved
  187. Enable Accessories, Wrists, and Waist Items for Image Fusion
  188. Its amazing the bad work than you are doing in thin game
  189. Transfer Charakter to a new account
  190. Thats all we get for this Christmas ??-an Snowball-Arena . Really sad Christmas
  191. Hero Selection
  192. Cargo Ship
  193. event
  194. Warteschlange als Stammspieler
  195. Re-Open a Third Legacy Server
  196. Failure to provide service
  197. what a disaster!
  198. Lack of Land
  199. Statue pack machine still up
  200. I have a GREAT idea Gamigo, you guys are gonna love it!!
  201. Fresh Server World Bosses
  202. A small idea
  203. CR and GR are Full
  204. Irresponsibility and Insouciance by Gamigo/Trion Worlds Inc. [Gamigo check topic]
  205. Support is down>
  206. Petition for more land availability and server population balance - JAKAR
  207. Arena Button
  208. Hero Quests
  209. Merman Bathtub
  210. Wtb new servers!!!!
  211. Ayanad Disciple - Fresh Start - Missing
  212. Problem with people having too many alts
  213. Harbor Blocking and Lag
  214. AFK Juror Punishment
  215. Bungalow Partitions!
  216. Mirror warp stone is not working as intended
  217. Lets Talk Figureheads and Naval combat.
  218. Can we see some stability?
  219. Golden plains battle :/
  220. Decrease in new players
  221. auto control by factions
  222. Account Bound Items
  223. Mount normalization
  224. Warding Light bug
  226. Fresh Server World Bosses
  227. Need Remove All From tracker Button on the Quest Log
  228. Hero Flags
  229. Contact Support
  230. Day 4 and still dont have my apex credits!!!
  231. Patron-Pass
  232. Please fix the recipe for costume removal
  233. Have Not Received a Compensation Pack
  234. A server that is patron only and has no cash packs
  235. Archeage Daily Credit Reward Pack
  236. Why Do We Not Have a Party Radius Invite?
  237. Why Do We Not Have a Magic Attack/Healing Power Hybrid Weapon?
  238. Why Do We Once Again Only Have a Revive That Doesn't Work While In Combat?
  239. Can We Finally Get The Ability To Deconstruct Discontinued Lunagems?
  240. Idea for events to help with recent Erenor Infusions bug
  241. Lord's Coins and Amendara
  242. There's Only one way to fix the erenor situation.
  243. Use for some Items
  244. Missing Item ingame ! Gamigo be better.
  245. Affiliate program (Twitch\Youtbeu).
  246. Armor Image Removal
  247. Alt trains messing with pack prices
  248. Random DC's when using Honor or Vocation shop
  249. So, uh... When are we getting this?
  250. [Improvement] Add Ctrl + Backspace key combo