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  1. Holding right mouse button down to look around
  2. KR Full Server PVP , what about NA ?
  3. Some suggestions :D
  4. Changes to Chat, Text, and Language
  5. Proposal decorations
  6. Feature Request: Don't close the client in case of DC
  7. Ideas for upcoming updates
  8. Glider Image Extraction Alembic Please?
  9. Dear Trion: Please do something to show you appreciate the heroes of your community
  10. Account Trade Stellar and Solar Farms
  11. Now Bound Synthium Stones can be upgraded...Can we get the ones we deleted back?
  12. Idea: Trade Pack Event
  13. Plz Change: Value of Burning logs/Archeum logs
  14. Criminal Punishment
  15. Fix Salve Larders materials
  16. Gemming sucks
  17. Auto routes in ArcheAge as well as in the Black Desert
  18. Please change our font to be like the Korean.
  19. Seed Stacks
  20. System messages
  21. Save Auction House Searches
  22. Thoughts and Suggestions
  23. let fish packs be stored on island property
  24. Battle Fae Alternate
  25. Waorking Datat base
  26. Racism Healer
  27. Archeage Black Screen
  28. Land Renting and More Permissions
  29. Provide good pictures of things for sale in game
  30. Labor
  31. Idea: 8th Passive for every skill tree
  32. @Celestrata I'm fairly confident the homecoming packs being distributed currently are incorrect.
  33. Taris vs. Kadum, T7 Mat Difficulty Disparity
  34. Compensate us: Fix the bugs, quest glitches, crashes, and rewards trion
  35. ArcheLog on Serve Miss all time morning 01/06/2016
  36. Honour change death and killing blow
  37. Superior Ascension Crystals..... Is a joke please fix
  38. @Celestrata : Library Bounties Do NOT Continue
  39. The way trees grow in 2.9...
  40. Superior Ascension Crystals: Returning Player
  41. Decor Limit Increase Price. - Ouch
  42. Haircut :(
  43. 2.9 Halcy still "broken"
  44. Guild Name Change (10000 Credits)
  45. Why do you love the game?
  46. Current event is useless on my server
  47. Gender and Stated Costumes
  48. The Bae's are back together <3
  49. Taris should not be Completely Melee Immune.
  50. First and only post from Rank, You #$%^s
  51. Legacy Warrior Supply Chest
  52. Ship physics still broken after 3 years.
  53. "Lord of the Dance" title not allowing dance
  54. Make a window to config the Settings for all user before AA start
  55. Revert arena matchmaking system.
  56. Get rid of "Report a player" PLEASE!
  57. New music and dances that actually go with the rhythm please.
  58. Lord's coin system
  59. 2h buff 2.9
  60. [feedback] New arena system and honor in general
  61. Fk this ♥♥♥♥!
  62. Suggestion: Stables/Mount Display
  63. give wisps as a quest reward
  64. Submarine Utility Suggestion
  65. ignore
  66. [pics included] Need better avatars
  67. 4K leadership reward for heros IMPOSSIBLE after 2.9!
  68. Suggestion: Functional Bookshelves and Wall Shelves
  69. Petition for Server Transfer Removal
  70. Learning New Languages
  71. HotPepperGaming ArcheAge Review (feat. Rubius)
  72. I thought this was a game for everyone.. farmers, pvp'ers and pve'ers
  73. Loyalty Shop Revamp
  74. [ FOR ARCHEAGE EVENT STAFF ] Make once again in this summer 2016
  75. Bloodstains blocking seed/sapling planting
  76. Improve readability of quests
  77. Thirsty Worker's Flask
  78. Attempt to Reconnect option
  79. Mount/Pet/Vehicle/Costume Keyrings
  80. Mirage Horses
  81. Library Bounty Quests
  82. Item to reset dyeable costume's color to original
  83. Ynys guardian ring
  84. Suggestion : Keep all the new additions in prestige shop forever
  85. Suggestion : Legacy Gear and Ascension crystals
  86. Adding Timers on Mails?
  87. Solution for race change.
  88. UI Improvments for 3.0
  89. New player suggestions.
  90. Adventurer's Costume
  91. I need to have a conversation with a gm in private
  92. As a stat, Focus simply must be improved.
  93. Freedich Fish Stand
  94. Fix Salve Larders materials
  95. Castles and sieges
  96. Use The Game Feedback Forum...
  97. Your attempt to fix your toxic game..... FAILING
  98. Game Suggestions: Larders
  99. Game Suggestions: Placement Option
  100. Pet Regrading
  101. Current Gear Used for Costume Image
  102. solid starting area arena floor
  103. Just feedback
  104. Crafting Request system
  105. Seed Stacks
  106. Summonable Hummingbird Storage chest
  107. Brahm's Harmonious Melody & Sheet Music Book
  108. Fix Costumes
  109. Archeum Crystal Prices/Auroria Waters
  110. Majestic Tree vs Mining Drill
  111. Repair defense
  112. Lucky Sunpoint+ Superior Red Regrade charm=Failure?
  113. Mansions & Chests
  114. Dream Items
  115. A rework to the concept of Bounty Hunter and a new possible daily justice quest
  116. [Suggestion] Allow more than one designation for a property
  117. Housing Fanatics Wish List
  118. Please add this feature to the ah
  119. Suggestion: destruction of vehicles
  120. If trion look to the sea?
  121. Class Name Change Suggestions
  122. Fully upgraded Galleons speed
  123. Cross-server Dungeon Queues
  124. Game suggestion: Bring back the community. Remove anywhere AH and Arena queue
  125. FIX chat, graphic settings and Bag order. Game getting worse
  126. Remove Growling Pirates and some Neutral Alliance Guards
  127. game API
  128. [Suggestion] "Bound to Character" vs. "Bound to Account"
  129. Cape Designs
  130. Mobilization Orders need to be reworked.
  131. Game Feedback Section of the Forums needs a "Current Issues Being Discussed/Worked on" sticky.
  132. Arena que: Can we please get a semi-functional que system?
  133. Idea: Casual servers for 3.0 [Details]
  134. New Quest
  135. [FESTIVAL-REQUEST] In summer I'm thirsty !!! I have need a good hangover cure drink !!!!
  136. [Festival Statue Timer] fix plis
  137. Please reconsider Reddit contest post requirements
  138. <AFK> status and Raid General
  139. Mobilization order with autoraid formation and quests.
  140. Add warrior medals to the honor shop
  141. Request: Increase Skill Saver Pendant Slot's
  142. Any chance to increase Owner's mark duration?
  143. Red hauler/freighter improvement
  144. The latest event.
  145. Trion Bad Support, Can't Purchase and no staff respond
  146. Greenhouse from current event
  147. Equipment Unbind Scrolls
  148. Trion support...
  149. Fresh start?
  150. ArcheAge wastes space, exists twice on the same drive
  151. Automatic Email Deletion
  152. Give us Targeting Settings - Like all the other mmo's.
  153. tame all monsters
  154. Bring Back sould forge armour permanently
  155. Real estate sales
  156. Engine Performance issues
  157. Moringa Trees
  158. High GS players griefing traders.
  159. Cryptic Lucky Scroll Should be made Tradeable !!!
  160. Weapon /armor craft system
  161. Sticky on "failed to load game data" and timeliness of patch notes
  162. Live stream - What I would like to see in it
  163. *lusca event quest*
  164. No safe waters
  165. Shock Conqueror's Plate costume
  166. Cross server arean queues?
  167. Working as intended - regrade rng... NOT.
  168. Fixed by not fixing.
  169. ArcheAge 3.0 Fresh Start without Pay to Win
  170. The Great Wishlist!
  171. Idea for bind on pick-up mount from crates
  172. Expanding the process RAM limit, step-by-step towards 64 bit
  173. Bot/gold sellers
  174. Beware!!! / Block People For No Reason/ My whole family quit playing
  175. Sea Coin Prizes Warning
  176. 0 Honor for loss in arena
  177. 3v3 Arenas suggestion and Increase library mats drop
  178. Remove housing being safe... especially on growlgate
  179. Great Idea
  180. Group finder
  181. Zodiac Festival, Region not in Festival time?
  182. New Zodiac Festival
  183. Title Organizer
  184. Trion stealing my Patron status/Labor and Loyalty
  185. New player feedback
  186. Ways To Improve Balanced Arenas
  187. Races
  188. Forum Emoticons
  189. Yata Plis
  190. Merit Quest: So...which one did I do already?
  191. Appearance Saver Pendant
  192. Loosened Image Item Restrictions On Certain Types Of Weapons
  193. Suggestions from a new player
  194. Jury duty, jail/prison, and Community Service?
  195. Item to rotate house again
  196. Auction House Needs a Good Update
  197. Hurry please Urgent !
  198. Real Estate Board.
  199. Suggestions
  200. Dispose of lifeboats if there isn't a shipwreck
  201. Suggestion to help gameplay RP experience
  202. Undo Sleep
  203. FAQ Thread
  204. post owls over relic halcy
  205. @Celestrata Bloodsong‎, How about a current forum post showing only active events?
  206. Game suggestion -addon - house basement
  207. Crafting suggestion "Learning" designs
  208. now its official archery will stop play for a month
  209. A convenience that is much needed!(Farms)
  210. 110 lumber vs 200 lumber
  211. Songcraft Bug
  212. Arena points?
  213. Library drop rate
  214. A new face for Erenor
  215. Mount Idea: WAR ELEPHANT
  216. Daily Schedule? No Sleep?
  217. Maintenance during mm and oc?
  218. fish based food and consumables
  219. Use Music Sheets while mounted
  220. Deployable Custom(Crest) Battle Standards(war flag)
  221. Mount Idea: Levitating Magic/Runes
  222. In game clock needs real world time!
  223. Lending Feature?
  224. Whisper Voice
  225. Insentivise Players to Play One Account
  226. AA missing out on best game play ever
  227. To the developer that made "get in vehicle key" and "load vehicle" key the same key....
  228. Guildbank
  229. Make it a tos violation
  230. Timer on mail
  231. Adjusting of mountskills to be more conform
  232. not so serious feedback first impressions default game performance and how it affects computer performance
  233. Some suggestions after 1,5 year of AA :)
  234. Suggestion: Funny Language Filter!
  235. Keep AA Alive
  236. Suggestion: Make temporary event-decor items permanent.
  237. Make Arena Great Again!
  238. Suggestion: Reduce Rider's Escape Cooldown
  239. Health and Mana pots for pets?
  240. Suggestion: Option to rotate already built structures
  241. Food Deco
  242. Songcraft
  243. 3.0 Fresh start servers
  244. Mythic T7 no glow
  245. 8/8 Pure Crap - This game is now stright PTW
  246. 2nd Anniversary Event
  247. [Suggestion]: How to "counter" 8v8 "teaming"
  248. Pirate Life.....???
  249. 3 suggestions.. one for Submarine accessories and two for merit badges,last adv growth stones
  250. free kills via BUG