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  1. First
  2. Archeage 3.0 guilde francophone
  3. Is it worth coming back?
  4. Maga
  5. Where the boys at
  6. X up if gay on fresh start
  7. Archeage Fresh Start (Reckoning) Community Discord
  8. HI
  9. <Templar> (West) is Recruiting on the Reckoning Server
  10. Let's start again
  11. <Envy> is recruiting for fresh start 3.0 (West)
  12. @everyone
  13. New player questions.
  14. Unforgiven NA WEST Semi-hardcore Pvp/Pvx Old members are Tanyang West server
  15. Did you miss me? I missed you!
  16. Indulge - West PVP Focused Community
  17. Wouldn't it be nice?
  18. <WE GOTCHU FAM> Recruiting! [NA][Fresh Start][EAST][Trading][Crafting][PvP]
  19. I heard this is where we make archeage great again :^)
  20. <flying tuttys> social pvx byob west dank meme guild probs not recruiting but i'm bored
  21. LF dwarf only guild.
  22. Reckoning Guild List
  23. <Syntax> Recruiting for Fresh Start!
  24. Larceny nerfed soooo hard
  25. Store Packs
  26. <Laughing Coffin> [Pirate] #1 Guild Multiverse, #1 Pirate Guild World is recruiting! [NA] {Reckoning/Fresh Start 3.0 Server}
  27. Wheres all my Ezi peeps?
  28. How balanced do you think this server will be?
  29. [NA][East][Fresh Start] <Rage> We're Back
  30. More Info
  31. 🛡 <VANGUARD> 🛡 [NA][East][Freshstart] Now Recruiting!
  32. Will there be transfers in the future?
  33. East.......
  34. Looking to come back to Archeage for this server. I'll have a chance at PVPing now. [LFG]
  35. Might return for this server, LFG
  36. Well, last chance for this game
  37. East, West, or Pirate? Where are you headed?
  38. When can I make my account so that it is link to fresh start?
  39. Trading guild on fresh start, big plans.
  40. <Ghosts of War> Recruiting for Reckoning
  41. Early Rush for 50 Gilda
  42. What spec will you play?
  43. Lets Hope we get Sea PVP Like this fam...
  44. seems this only active thread
  45. Infraction Recruiting West
  46. Looking for an oceanic guild
  47. <Lethal> Recruiting PvPers and Min-Maxers for Fresh Start
  48. <I Came Here To Lead> Now recruiting NA EAST
  49. Account for fresh start
  50. Best of Luck
  51. <Black Rose Syndicate> [Reckoning - Fresh Start][NA][West] [PVP-RP-PVE]
  52. [18+][NA][West][FreshStart] Beck’s Privateers - New Players Check Here!
  53. Fresh Start RNG Boxes
  54. hero
  55. Starter Packs????
  56. Founders 20014-2016
  57. <Vermillion> A fresh guild for a fresh server. [EAST]
  58. Reckoning (NA) Guild List
  59. LVL 15 and Apex
  60. Old Friends
  61. Any Tanyang West people coming to fresh start?
  62. Can we get back the old char/server select music?
  63. <U DO U> [NA/EAST] Reckoning Server Guild - Accepting All Players
  64. I'm coming for you BR'S
  65. [West] [Contested Raiding] [PvP] Damage Check is Recruiting!
  66. <Legion> Recruiting Tradesmen, crafters, potato's, and Semi-hardcore PvPers
  67. plsno
  68. Disciple of Scapes
  69. Yolo in ollo
  70. <Divinity> Fresh Start Guild Looking for Players East
  71. Launch/Release Time
  72. (East) {PvX} ~KoS~ Kill on Sight
  73. [NA] Looking for a friend to play with on 3.0 server
  74. <Zerg> Now recruiting East players
  75. So uhhhh, any news about the fresh start account?
  76. LF guild
  77. <Trucidation> Small guild of experienced players looking for PvPers.
  78. Who wants me
  79. Monetization Concerns from a New Players Perspective
  80. <Functional> - A Dysfunctional guild :~)
  81. Packs
  82. Harbingers of Freedom - Chaotic Good PvPers (Nuian)
  83. Which faction are you choosing?
  84. [EAST] Looking for Guild
  85. Fresh start land rush
  86. At what point will we be able to place property in the castle zones of Auroria?
  87. Fresh Acount used with Legacy PTS Only
  88. [NA] Looking for a friend for fresh start! :3
  89. [NA][EAST] <Cute Maid Services> Recruiting - girls only guild!!!
  90. [Band of Dorfs] Dwarf Craftsman Guild!
  91. Quick Question. Thank you !
  92. hey
  93. Land rush question for those experienced participants
  94. Prelaunch gif thread
  95. IReckon News : The Pre-Game Landscape
  96. Hello
  97. Did They Ever Actually Announce the Server Launch Time?
  98. LF west pvp guild
  99. [West] 1-3 LF Community / Connections
  100. <kys> recruiting
  101. Tfw
  102. actual guild rankings for fresh start
  103. <Only 2 Genders> Derp guild is recruting
  104. Can't pay for patron
  105. Any old Meowcenaries from Tahyang still around?
  106. <Mutiny> [NA][West][Freshstart 3.0][Reckoning] is recruiting new members for the fresh start experience!
  107. Can't see Reckoning in server list?
  108. When can we buy patron for the new accounts?
  109. What time does fresh start server starts?
  110. Old Alpha player and kyrios player LF hardcore pvp guild
  111. West player LF small crew to do 50 gilda rush with!
  112. <Solaris> 18+ Mature Gaming Community WEST Now recruiting! Casual PVE/PVP
  113. {WEST}<WarriorPoetsGaming>Returning to AA, Fresh start!!
  114. Has anyone made a class "Tier List" yet?
  115. X up for Nui camping Nin's guild <Indulge>
  116. Who plays on this server and why?
  117. Where's the ♥♥♥♥ talk?
  118. [EHTC] East Haranya Trading Company [NA][PvP/PvE][Haranya]
  119. <Log Horizon> Coming Back to AA [EAST] [PvX/Trade]
  120. forums gonna be boring
  121. Did Trino Fail once again?
  122. Anybody Want A Founder Code?
  123. "Where is my damn founder's code?!?!" An important section of the Patch Notes
  124. Looking for a Guild for my members.
  125. Hehexd ^~^
  126. Unable to Save CC Info so no patron status
  127. Pax West 2016
  128. Looking For guild NA Fresh Start
  129. РУС гильдия НАБОР!
  130. AA down?
  131. Looking for a Guild
  132. Fresh start and poinsettia winter festival costume
  133. Grand Midgard - Semi-Casual PvX / Mature / Fun / Organized / Experienced
  134. <Message Deleted>
  135. <Life Alert> is now recruiting!
  136. Empire -E- Recruiting
  137. Have fun
  138. Epidemic Recruiting!
  139. I heard if you make a forum post about being banned from the discord it creates banter
  140. Westside Discord
  141. Shoutout to old Lucians + Morphlings!
  142. Servers Under Maintenance?
  143. Betting Pool
  144. Transferring OFF of Reckoning
  145. Really enjoying the server
  146. Account creation for fresh server
  147. Trans Form - Recruiting Now
  148. Any pet worth to buy on the marketplace to farm better ?
  149. Hey there. I'll be playing on this Fresh start Server.
  150. Ezi/Nazar People playing/Forming Guilds?
  151. East discord is live
  152. NEw race question?
  153. Just got approved for a 150k student loan
  154. Gilda?
  155. So we're all just gonna stay Reckoning?
  156. Reconing VS Vengence
  157. Reckoning
  158. VOTE: Reckoning of Vengeance
  159. Poem
  160. <Test Guild Please Ignore> Recruitment post [WAR]
  161. No to new server!
  162. Trion Should be embarrassed
  163. petition no chill
  164. Staying on Rek
  165. Freee me
  166. IsaacsPlaylist
  167. <Black Sheep> recruiting reckoning east!
  168. Are both FS servers going to have standalone AH?
  169. East
  170. Veterans looking for Guild -Reckoning-
  171. <Gale Sovereigns> Recruiting on East
  172. Latinos a Vengence
  173. No priority queue
  174. Any of the CB people fresh starting here?
  175. I waited in queue and when it arrived first, crash (patron user)
  176. Queue keeps Stopping
  177. Seruously
  178. Looking for Aussies/Oceanic - West
  179. CONTACT ME soronir :D
  180. is lutesong harbor full of houses?
  181. Noticed some weird things.
  182. After 6 long hours....
  183. Guild Recruitment.
  184. Do something to this multi bot
  185. Any former Pwnography members from Inoch playing west on this server?
  186. Game crashed and instantly in queue
  187. Please when a GM log's on can you just float around disconnecting afker's.
  188. Old player from Kyrios LF new peeps to chill with
  189. Land on reckoning
  190. GM disconnect after logging in?
  191. Anyone from Calliel remember Issu?
  192. Apex
  193. Shoutout to NBTK and your midget crew
  194. mass dc lol
  195. Faction balance?
  196. Under maintenance
  197. Trino single-handed slapped some sense into everyone's expectations
  198. Biggest guilds in West/East?
  199. First Crimson Rift Raid
  200. ^~^
  201. Unforgiven NA West Vengeance Server Semi-hardcore Pvpers and pvers 18+ Discord
  202. Buying bulk sunlight archeum
  203. Reckoning first TS
  204. this is the most pathetic launch ever
  205. SlayerS Recruiting Hardcore Players
  206. Whats wrong with the que :(
  207. LF Guild
  208. Sitting on the que...
  209. Kill all ques, clear cache?
  210. Western Faction Guild Request
  211. Keep getting stuck at one number in queue... Glitch?
  212. So like... Can we get another fresh server?
  213. 3 Days Hype?
  214. FIGURED things out...
  215. Another hardware update.
  216. Queue gets reset as I get close to getting in
  217. Spot in que not holding
  218. smarter afk timer?
  219. Kaizoku [Western Guild] Looking for PvP Thirsters
  220. Amazing In-game Scenery
  221. This game is really fun
  222. Whelp
  223. Server balance ~~
  224. My performance has finished.
  225. Spreadsheets :D
  226. Any of my boys from NSA/Purge/Void or just Inoch/Hanure in general on Reckoning?
  227. Guilds recruiting?
  228. Wheres nice castle sanctus!
  229. <OverWatch> PVP/PVE Guild Recruitment
  230. "Fresh Start" - Open Letter to TRION AKA TRINO
  231. <Land of Make Believe> Holding Land For People Unable to Connect!
  232. 2 East Players Looking for Guild
  233. Lets count our losses
  234. Orchidna's Music Box
  235. AT&T - Mobilizing Your World!
  236. Squanky's Off to a Fresh Start - 1v1 Balanced Arena [video]
  237. Unable to access server, though it was not full
  238. If your name is tiden
  239. So.. what do you think about this new server and queue?
  240. Did Trion change Pay2Win with this server?
  241. Is anyone dcing more today than the past few days?
  242. Rollback? Compensation? New server?
  243. How long have you actually been able to play since 3.0?
  244. Me trying to get into this server
  245. [connect]
  246. Dc after server select
  247. 2h in queue and when enter in game... DC!
  248. Black Loyalty Horse
  249. Australian Players
  250. Selling Growlgate 16x16