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  1. WTB your first divine, epic, legendary, mythic bow
  2. WTB 16x16 scarecrow in yny in new server
  3. Trading your EU (Prophecy) labor for my NA (Reckoning) labor
  4. WTB first Divine, Epic, Legendary, Mythic Scepter and Shield from you
  5. WTS Founder Code
  6. Trading Founded Pack Code
  7. Buying Epherium gale 4 piece and Divine Delph bow [FRESH START]
  8. Please spllit this in two different ah pools
  9. 16x16
  10. Buying 16x16 scarecrows with APEX
  11. Trading Gold/Apex on Ollo or Anthanlon for Gold/Apex Here - 2:1 Ratio
  12. WTB Poinsetta Costume Code
  13. WTB Christmas Pointsetta Outfit | Willing to do APEX or Real Cash
  14. WTS Thunderstruck Tree 20 APEX
  15. Poinsettia
  16. WTS Thunderstruck Tree
  17. Zebra for a thunder struck?
  18. Selling thunderstruck tree
  19. WTB Unique Lost Garden Faded Staff
  20. WTS Founder Code
  21. WTS/WTT 24x24 and 16x16 Halcy @ pack maker
  22. [Reckoning] WTS> Poinsettia Winter Costume Code
  23. [Reckoning] WTS DIVINE SAILS
  24. WTB Founders code on FS server
  25. [Reckoning] WTB Founder's Code - have gold on Morpheus
  26. WTB Unique Auroria Mystic Cloth Pieces
  27. (Vengeance) WTB founders code
  28. [RECKONING]Illegal farm location
  29. [Reckoning] WTB Auction House Certificate
  30. WTB> Poinsettia Winter Costume
  31. [VENGEANCE] WTS Illustrious Earth Ring
  32. [Reckoning] - WTS Illustrious Lightning Nodachi
  33. 20k LPon vengance
  34. WTB Poinsettia Winter Costume Code x2
  35. WTS founder code
  36. WTS Hasla Private RP Island
  37. [Reckoning] WTS > Poinsettia Winter Costume Code
  38. WTS Magnificent Wave Ring [Vengeance]
  39. [Reckoning] WTS - 16x16 Demo in Ahnimar close to Specialty Crafting
  40. [Reckoning] WTB> 24x24 or 28x28 in Ahnimar on edge of the water near the waterfall
  41. WTB 24x24 plot in Sanddeep
  42. [Reckoning] WTB Tradeship, Galleon.
  43. Anyone have a tradeship design? (I want to buy it)
  44. GG land (2) 16x16
  45. WTS 24x24 Halo Rise(Solis) overlooking the ocean [Vengeance Server]
  46. WTS gfs
  47. WTS Legendary High Angle Cannon on Vengance/Reck
  48. [Reckoning]WTS Magnificent Sky Katana
  49. WTB Tradeship on Vengeance Server
  50. [RECKONING] WTB Permanent Parrot (Mailbox)
  51. WTB 16x16 or 24x24 in DS
  52. [Vengeance] WTB Gazebo Farm well placed on East Continent.
  53. {RECKONING}Looking to buy a founders code
  54. [Vengeance] WTB Bulk APEX and 250 Gilda Designs
  55. WTS 25k LP
  56. Wts gwen forest 16x16 demo
  57. [Reckoning] WTB waterside plot in Silent Forest; 300 GS
  58. White Arden 16x16 (with basiic swept roof cottage)
  59. (Reckoning) WTS Mahadevi 16x16 and 8x8 demo @ Queensgrove by cliff (great for intercontinental runs)
  60. WTS 16x16 neave vill specialty vendor gold only sale
  61. [Vengeance] Celestial Cursed Obsidian Bow (t3)
  62. Gold Transferring Service - From Legacy to Fresh - Get a headstart!
  63. [RECKONING] WTB 24x24, preferably near the coast, but not mandatory.
  64. (Vengeance) 24*24 Gweonid Plot
  65. [Reckoning] WTB> 24x24 in two crowns in the moonswept homes area
  66. Reckoning> WTB your first Delphi Upgradable weapon
  67. [Vengeance] WTB 250Gilda Fishing Boat Design
  68. Reckoning> WTB Auroria land when released!
  69. Reckoning WTB Divine Obsidian Club
  70. Vengeance WTB 300 Gilda Tidal Bungalow Design
  71. WTS 16x16 farm and plot near villanelle specialty workbench on reckoning
  72. WTB 250 Gilda For Fishing Boat Design
  73. 40k+ weaponry LFW
  74. [RECKONING] WTB 100 GS or Tudor Slate Manor
  75. Reckoning - WTB Divine Obsidian Club or Divine Obsidian Greatclub
  76. WTS 24x24 Farmhouse Built + 16x16 adjacent plot. Sunbite. (Reckoning)
  77. (Vengeance) WTS Divine T4 Obsidian Club
  78. [Reckoning] WTS [Celestial] T2 Obs Cloth Shirt
  79. [Reckoning]WTS (2) 24x24 and a 16x16 Side By Side in Marcala
  80. WTS: Ayanad scepter - mail Myseria
  81. [Reckoning] WTS Epherium Flame Bow
  82. [Reckoning] WTB 24x24 plot (ahnimar, villa, sandeep)
  83. WTS Delphinad Desert Jerkin
  84. WTS x2 16x16's
  85. [Reckoning] Delphinad Bow, Sealed.
  86. WTS 16x16 ynystere west of Caernord near packmaker
  87. Sell Lightning Illustrious Nodachi *basic can be upgraded to Mag
  88. WTB Divine OBS Bow
  89. [Reckoning] WTS Delphinad Wave Scepter
  90. Reckoning - Large Gilda Purchase
  91. [Reckoning] WTS Epherium Wave Gloves, Epherium Wave Shoes, Epherium Earth Hood.
  92. wts epherium lightning nodachi (delph ^)
  93. [Vengence] WTS Divine t4 obsidian nodachi
  94. [reckoning] 45k weaponry looking for work :D
  95. WTS 2 16x16 demo in Prison Camp (Halcyona)
  96. (Reckoning) WTB 24x24 + 16x16 or....
  97. WTB 400GS Merchant Design
  98. Reckoning WTB 400GS Merchant
  99. WTB certed Gazebo
  100. Chubby's Land Purchase/Sales Mediation Thread!
  101. WTS 7 Marcala plots connecting - (1) 24x24 (6) 16x16
  102. [Vengeance] WTS Legendary
  103. [RECKONING] WTS> Delphinad Lightning Bow
  104. [RECKONING] WTS> Solzreed Pumpkin Patch Plots: 4x 24x24 Gazebo adajacent square (54x54 sq meters), 16x16 cottage, 16x16 farm, 4x 8x8 farms
  105. WTS Delph Earth Shortspear
  106. Windscour land for sale
  107. Vengeance WTB 300 Gilda Tidal Bungalow Design - west
  108. [Vengeance] WTS 2 16x16 Demo Nuimari
  109. [Reckoning] WTB Merchant Schooner Design (400 Gilda)
  110. WTB 4 24x24 In Auroria on Reckoning
  111. Wts divine t2 leather cap "reckoning"
  112. WTS - Epherium/Delphinad Jewellery
  113. WTB certed 24x24 numari or calmlands
  114. WTB certed 16x16s in Rook.
  115. [Reckoning] WTS 8x8/Private Sawmill in Solzreed (Lacton)
  116. [RECKONING] WTS 24x24 prime coastal plot in Heedmar in Auroria
  117. [Reckoning] WTB Eznan Cutter Design, paying in gold
  118. !!Vengeance!! WtB Merch~~Fish
  119. Vengeance - WTS 24x24 x 2 in Nuimari
  120. WTT Prime Numari 16x16 for Marcla/Calmlands 16x16 (Reckoning)
  121. WTS Epherium Meadow Scepter (Upgradeable)
  122. [RECKONING] WTS Heroic Obsidian Shortspear
  123. WTB Divine Obsidian Nodachi or Greatsword (Reckoning)
  124. WTS Delphinad Gale Bow with 4k Honor Lunafrost already
  125. GILDA price check - Vengeance - west
  126. WTS Delphinad Meadow Scepter (Upgradeable)
  127. WTS flame ring, desert tasset
  128. 400 GS for sale (East Reckoning)
  129. [WTS] DIvine Obsidian Katana T4
  130. Vengeance - Nuian - Middle Man Service
  131. [Reckoning West] WTB Divine Obsidian Shortspear
  132. Price Check on T4 Obsidian Sword- Celestial (Vengeance only)
  133. VENGEANCE- WTS 2 24x24's and 2 16x16's Arcum Iris
  134. [Reckoning] WTB> Divine Obsidian Staff any tier
  135. WTB Divine Obsidian Sword/Shortspear
  136. Selling Ayanad Flame Jerkin
  137. Vengeance East - WTS Delp stone staff
  138. [reckoning] wts mythic caernord sail
  139. Vengeance | Selling Delphinad Earth Scepter
  140. WTS Delp Stone Scepter
  141. Vengeance / Reckoning - Labor Service - Cheapest, mass labor!
  142. WTS Plate mana wisps Ayanad and Delph Chest pieces
  143. Plate mana wisps and Delph /Ayanad chests cheap
  144. WTB Delph Upgradable 1H Melee Weapon
  145. Wts delphinad dersert jerkin
  146. WTS Unique obsidian Nodachi (Vengance)
  147. Selling Divine Delphinad Gale Jerkin
  148. Selling Delphinad Life Shirt | Vengeance
  149. (Reckoning) WTS 400 Gilda
  150. WTS Celes Delph Earth Shirt
  151. [Reckoning] WTS 7 16x16 certed farms, Halcy/Castaway Straight
  152. [Reckoning] WTS Miner's Farmhouse in Gweonid
  153. [West] selling 2 16x16 demos in exeloch
  154. Selling Violins/Violas
  155. WTS Divine T5 Greatclub/Celestial T4 healing clloth
  156. [Vengeance] WTB 24x24 Spot on Halcyona
  157. WTB Delphinad stone cloth, Divine Obsidian Club.
  158. S> Certed Thatched (Solzreed) & Certed Gazebo (Calmlands)
  159. Selling Delphinad Ocean Shirt & Delphinad Scepters | Vengeance
  160. (Vengeance) WTB 24x24 plot in Ynystere
  161. [Vengeance]
  162. [Reckoning] WTS 24x24 mermaids tears (certed)
  163. (Vengeance) [WTB] Hellswamp 16x16
  164. WTB 300 Gilda
  165. WTS Delphinad autumn club
  166. WTB merchant schoner
  167. [Vengance] WTS Castaway Strait 16x16 250g
  168. WTS 3 Harvester Farmhouses Located in Ahnimar
  169. WTT Apex for WoW Gold
  170. wtb epherium squall
  171. [Reckoning] WTB gazebo and 16x16 (normal farm) designs
  172. (vengence) Ayanad Gale Jerkin for sale up on AH 20k bid
  173. [Vengeance] Selling 16x16 Prime spot in Halcyona
  174. WTS Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse (Rancher) Ahnimar South (Reckoning) 7k
  175. [Reckoning] WTS Connecting Gazebos+Scarecrow in Airain Rock
  176. WTS Delph Ocean Shirt (Reckoning)
  177. Price check 16x16 certed cottage waterfront near vendors in anhimar.
  178. [Reckoning] WTS (Rare) Delphinad Lightning Nodachi
  179. [Reckoning] Selling Cottage waterfront in Anhimar by vendors workstations, logs, cornflowers, lotuses.
  180. [Reckoning] WTS/WTT T5 GreatClub
  181. 16x16 north yny
  182. Lots of Lilyut Land on Vengeance
  183. Selling Divine T4 Katana
  184. WTS Epic T4 leather (Shadow Jerkin)
  185. WTB Divine/Epic Obsidian Greatsword/Nodachi/Staff 【Reckoning】
  186. Reckoning> WTS DIVINE T5 leather archer cap!
  187. WTS Delph Ocean Sash [Reckoning]
  188. WTB Divine Obsidian Cloth set + club/greatclub
  189. (Vengeance) WTS 2x 16x16's in sanddeep
  190. RECKONING wtb> GR Plate pieces, cloth, leather mana wisp
  191. WTB Divine Obsidian Cloth set + club/greatclub/scepter
  192. [Vengence] / WTS EPIC Blacklaef Shortspear /
  193. WTS Legendarey Cannon / Mythic Sails
  194. WTS Legendarey Cannon / Mythic Sails [Reckoning]
  195. [Reckoning] WTS Super Rare Private Land
  196. WTS/WTT Delphinad Ocean Shirt
  197. WTB Epherium Gale Leather Boots/Breeches
  198. WTT Apex on Reckoning for gold on Kyrios/Salphira
  199. [Reckoning] WTS Delphinad Meadow Scepter (upgradable to ayanad)
  200. [Reckoning] WTS Delphinad Flame Sword
  201. [RECKONING] WTB Epic or Divine obsidian club, any tier!
  202. WTS DElp Lake Scepter
  203. WTS BlackLeaf (Epic) [Vengeance]
  204. WTS Cherry Treehouse Design - Vengeance east
  205. WTB Obsidian Cloth Shoes - DIVINE - Pay Good!
  206. [Vengeance] Selling 8x8 Lutesong Harbor/24x24 City of Towers
  207. WTB divine t1 obsidian bow/greatsword
  208. WTS Delphinad Wave Scepter (Reckoning)
  209. (Vengence) Delphinad Ocean Shirt 8.5k bid 10k b/o on AH
  210. WTS Delp Wave Scepter
  211. (Vengence) WTS: Ayanad Shortspear / Ayanad Katana
  212. WTS Bow & Club (Divine) [Vengeance]
  213. [Reckoning] Chrysolite Buy and Sell Stuff
  215. Why buy twilight saplings when you can...
  216. [Vengeance][WTS] Illustrious Ocean Shirt x3
  217. [Reckoning] WTS Delphinad Meadow Scepter (upgradable to ayanad) cheap!
  218. Mythic Triangular sail
  219. (RECKONING) Mythic Triangular sail
  220. Reckoing Mythic Triangular Sail
  221. WTT Miner's FH for Harvester's
  222. (Vengence): WTS: Ayanad Flame Katana on AH for 22k bid 25k b/o
  223. (Vengence) WTS: Delphinad Stone Shirt on AH 3.6k bid 3.9k b/o
  224. [Vengeance] WTB: Divine Obsidian Greatsword
  225. WTB 800/1200 gilda stars,Veagence and reckoning
  226. WTS Obsidian Nodachi (Legendary) [Vengeance]
  227. (Vengence) Delphinad Ocean Shirt 11k bid 12k b/o on AH
  228. [Reckoning] WTS Fully Built Tradesman on Mermaid Tear Sanddeep
  229. (Vengence) Ayanad Flame Fists (grand, leather) up on AH 10k bid 12k b/o 12hr
  230. WTB 2 Thunderstruck Trees
  231. [Vengeance / Reckoning] Buying Divine Obsidian Greatsword (T1 preferred)
  232. Looking to buy Divine Obsidian Shield Reckoning
  233. [reckoning] wts epic t2 obsidian club
  234. (Reckoning) WTB Divine Obsidian Shortspear T1-T4
  235. (Reckoning) WTS Epic T3 Nodachi
  236. WTS Celestial Fugitive Bow (Veng)
  237. Gilda Price Check Fresh Start Reckoning West
  238. (Vengence) WTS: Ayanad Lake Shield 17k / 20k up on AH
  239. Want to sell Costume Lordly Iceraven robes
  240. Selling Mermaid's Tears 24x24 (Built house)
  241. (Vengeance) Selling Mermaid's Tears 24x24 (Built house)
  242. Wtt apex
  243. (Vengence) WTS: Delphinad Ocean Shirt 9.6k on AH
  244. WTS Epic/Divine Naval Cannon
  245. WTS Delphinad Gale Jerkin
  246. (Vengeance) Want to trade for an Ember Nymph Soulstone!
  247. (Vengeance) WTS Ayanad Acessory Scroll
  248. WTS NW Yny land
  249. WTS Delphinad Flame Sword
  250. WTS Epic Ayanad Wave Scepter