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  1. but y tho
  2. Go to reckoning
  3. Hello new people
  4. Dont release this server
  5. This...
  6. Plz no
  7. <Black> recruiting
  8. Meme server
  9. go to reckoning
  10. Ow no!! make only 1 fresh server.. dont cut the population
  11. Vengeance guild list post
  12. I almost thought about returning to Archeage. Almost.
  13. [NA][East][18+][Fresh Start] The Goonies [Serious Guild]
  14. [18+][NA][West][Vengeance] Beck’s Privateers - New Players Check Here!
  15. Harbingers of Freedom - Chaotic Good PvPers (Nuian)
  16. Freee me
  17. <Black Rose Syndicate> [Vengeance - Fresh Start][NA][West] [PVP-RP-PVE]
  18. Vengeance Guilds....
  19. If the members of reckoning posting here...
  20. <Farmville>
  21. Why do you all care where people play?
  22. <Solaris> 18+ Mature Gaming Community WEST Now recruiting! Casual PVE/PVP
  23. Latinos en este servidor (? Anunciate
  24. <Moonlit Black Cats> Heads to Vengeance [East] [PvX]
  25. Once People Finish Freaking Out...
  26. Is LC splitting the guild?
  27. [18+][NA][East][Vengeance]East Haranya Trade Company PVP/PVE
  28. Make Vengeance F2P only and Reckoning Patron Only... Then Merge.
  29. (DS) Divine Shadow
  30. <Strong Nine>
  31. LF East PVP Guild
  32. <For a Price> Blood thirsty mercenary guild on EAST
  33. [East] LF Guild
  34. <Trucidation> Small guild of experienced players looking for PvPers.
  35. People who said that they will not be on vengeance
  36. early levels
  37. Harbingers of Freedom - Chaotic Good PvPers - (Nuian)
  38. Very pleasant evening
  39. <Unforgiven> [18+] [NA] [West] [Vengeance] semi-hardcore PvP/PvX
  40. k i hit 15
  41. Wtb 24x24 land
  42. Land?
  43. East power!!
  44. <WarriorPoetsGaming>WPG{West}Returned to AA!! Selective Recruitment.
  45. [West] [Contested Raiding] [PvP] Damage Check is Recruiting!
  46. Looking for a large East guild
  47. Server Under Maintenance
  48. [NA][West] <Infraction> Is Recruiting! ez title
  49. What did you do, Trion?
  50. Server Connection lost?
  51. Brigada Latina ( Clan hispano hablantes )
  52. Server DC's and long hours of waiting will be fixed when?
  53. Kindly requesting quest information/help
  54. RIP server log in: decided by the RNG gods
  55. Discord
  56. What Do YOU Do While You're Stuck in the Queue?
  57. Why did I bother buying patron status for my son and I, we still can't get in?
  58. Guild Recruitment.
  59. someone streaming?
  60. Gentlemen's club Now recruiting Hard Core PVX Players 18 +
  61. Can't connect
  62. REP YOUR GUILD! (Vengeance guild list)
  63. Gonna reroll
  64. Any Eastern Guilds with an Oceanic presence?
  65. North Koreans did it
  66. <Lethality> [West] Trade & PvE | Semi Hardcore | Discord | Mature & Helpful | Gaming Community 13+ Years
  67. {NA} Citadel is now open for Recruitment ( PVP/GVG)
  68. Finally got in the game? Join <Tsunami> and Make Yourself Rich Again!
  69. post itt every time the gods disconnect you
  70. Ex Calleil folks?
  71. Old Leviathan Military Gamers
  72. Wild Thunderstruck OMFG!
  73. Trion, please preserve the sanctity of Fresh Start servers.
  74. LF a Small Group of friends to play with East
  75. Grats Elo first 55
  76. How's venge?
  77. Queue System Still Bugged
  78. Inoch Players?
  79. Exiva is recruiting some unique individuals
  80. Da Hell
  81. The portal for diamond shores is open
  82. Bots are going ham
  83. Blood lust
  84. Vengeance server up?
  85. Gray screen after character selection
  86. uh, the F*cks my toon?
  87. Looking for a family (West)
  88. Laughing Coffin vs Tea Time for Kittens
  89. Are There Any Active Bloodlust/PVE Guilds Currently?[EAST]
  90. log in successful>Gray screen>Disconnect>500 queue>RIP
  91. <Tea Time for Kittens> Recruiting active and experienced lvl 50+ Healers and Mages + Second Guild [East]
  92. Seeking a Mature Guild to join...
  93. ty trino
  94. Servers
  95. Guild Ranking OPEN WORLD PvP(Numbers Matter)
  96. So an update... in the middle of prime time.... Not before? Not after...
  97. Class & Faction Balance
  98. Dem Nerds
  99. flamebolt to slow
  100. Remaking a Legend?
  101. <Band of Dorfs> Laid back Craftsman Guild/Community focus.
  102. Very active/experienced healer looking for a solid group/guild to play with
  103. Winter Ghost???
  104. TWO real?
  105. Looking to Make Vengeance Server East Side Allainces
  106. Very Danger on Vengeance
  107. <Tempus>[NA][West][Fresh Start][Vengence]Looking for casual / semi-hardcore PVPers
  108. <Divinity> [East][PvX] now recruiting!
  109. Guild Logos and Designs
  110. Merry Christmas
  111. East side
  112. Gray screen today
  113. <Lonely Hooligans> stole my bike.
  114. New Thread: Unforgiven looking for new members 40+ 18+ irl discord a must West
  115. ? Public Armorer/Apothecary House on Vengeance?
  116. Exiva is a relaxed laid back guild looking for new members...
  117. Noisy music sheet
  118. [Vengence] Willfistu's escrow services - For demo's and trust trades
  119. Alliance of Guilds VS. Tea Time For Kittens
  120. Halcy Reindeer Zergs
  121. Is the server out of land yet?
  122. Vengeance Trusted Mediator
  123. Castle claiming
  124. TTK backstabs Very Danger, loses castle to West
  125. LF MALAYSIAN PPl (West&East)
  126. <Ripple Effect> [NA] [West] [Vengeance] Semi-Casual PvX
  127. Crashing?
  128. Fast and Efficient Mistsong Jar Farming Guide [video]
  129. Kidella Ring book
  130. Coffins
  131. <WarriorPoets> Nuimari Castle now looking for pledges.
  132. Mistsong weapon?
  133. West has ayanad scepter??
  134. Ahnimar Fellowship Plaza
  135. Regrade scroll?
  136. lag at very specific times, anyone else?
  137. Looking for a Founder Code
  138. Just LC things ( #1 Guild Multiverse )
  139. Castle Rush with Tea Time for Kittens (video inside)
  140. <Manifest> is looking for players to join!!!!!
  141. state of servers
  142. <No Life>
  143. Future weapon for daggerspell (?
  144. TWO presents: The Battle for Sungold (Castle Siege video)
  145. Today is my Birthday. So I will draw for you. Submit your requests.
  146. GHA group/static/ or guild
  147. Vengeance and Reck disappeared
  148. vengeance under maintenance huh
  149. <Empire of Swag> Recruiting Post ✧~✧
  150. Primevil vid. need advice on my gameplay
  151. AlgaeSquad
  152. Looking for old friends
  153. Worth coming back?
  154. <Laughing Coffin> [Pirate] is recruiting!
  155. Server first legendary
  156. How does this guy beat me at every corner?
  157. Fun Time With Kittens
  158. <Trinity>[Vengence][NA][West]Recruiting[PvP][All End Game Content][Naval Warfare]
  159. <Unforgiven>[NA West][End game content][naval pvp][world pvp][18+]
  160. Vengeance, we gotta think about the future.
  161. <TSUNAMI> Recruiting Active Players ~ DISCORD - NA/EU VENGEANCE EAST
  162. the gods has discconect you ?
  163. So the East just won a Halcyona while West spawned a million golems...
  164. Possibly returning player: East/West split?
  165. Laughing Coffing attacking a trade convoy [VIDEO]
  166. For Those Who Missed the TTFK Vs. Finding Nemo Siege | This is how it went down.
  167. Tea Time for RIP Heedmar vs Finding Nemo + Tag along poets.
  168. To HoF
  169. Active Family of 4 LF active PvX guild (Vengeance/East)
  170. Are there any pirate guilds besides LC? Just curious!
  171. Anyone interested in making a Pirate guild?
  172. East side biatch
  173. Looking for a fellow no life to go pirate with!
  174. To the west faction
  175. Ez game
  176. <No Life> [West] [Vengeance] PvP guild
  177. Trash pvp vid
  178. ArcheAge - <Tea Time For Kittens> / Vengeance is crazy. TTFK VS PIRATES
  179. <The White Order> Now Recruiting - Vengeance West
  180. Be apart of the solution
  181. Needs it's own thread
  182. Returning and New Player Leveling Experience
  183. Ba
  184. New Players' Convention
  185. Looking for pvpers that want to do daily pvp each not maybe 1hr a night Veng West
  186. Why does west not show up to Halcy or Abyssal/lusca?
  187. <Player> Recruiting active PvPers[east][harccore][PvP]
  188. New player Question
  189. Wild Thunderstruck TWICE!
  190. Brigada Latina reclutando ! :3
  191. Vigil's Rest - Public Tradesman in Gweonid
  192. Dead Server/Prepare for Merger.
  193. To the West: We Got This!
  194. Crafting Lottery
  195. <Exonerated>[NA][West][PvX][18+]
  196. Healslut looking for someone to pocket heal for <3
  197. [WEST] Grand Midgard - Semi-Casual PvX / Mature / Fun / Organized / Experienced
  198. No Siege Posts?
  199. How was everyone's Superbowl parties during sieges yesterday?
  200. West - Traitors
  201. Red Dragon
  202. Sooooo......
  203. newbie spellsinger
  204. Public Armorer's House-Villanelle :)
  205. [Video] TTFK VS West guilds "contesting" our DGS.
  206. Forming A Trade/pvx Guild New Players Welcome [WEST]
  207. West looking for people to world pvp with
  208. [Video] TTFK VS West GR.
  209. This is cancer
  210. To join or not to join. That is my question.
  211. [Video] Assorted clips
  212. TTFK vs LC on Growlgate
  213. What is happening to the west?
  214. @The Downtrodden and OPPRESSED West Faction
  215. PvP video to waste some time at work
  216. [WEST] <Freewind Company> PvX | Commerce | Naval | World Events
  217. Revenant now recruiting all! Pve|pvp|gearing up
  218. <Finding Nemo> Now Recruiting
  219. Statistics - Census of Population.
  220. Looking for friends
  221. I dont even know why I try anymore
  222. The Search for Larry Contest
  223. Just a reminder.... I'm still the worst.
  224. [RP] [Mature Adults Only] The Day Jartor Solo'd TTK No Scam Everyone Saw It Happen
  225. Are there any public Apothecary houses?
  226. What is happening to the west castle?
  227. how do pirates get the archdelivery package
  228. Superior red regrades and red regrades
  229. Franklin PvPs at Anthalon
  230. Vengeance Server Crash
  231. aubre cradle community center reset early? :S
  232. TTFK vs Cerberus - The Sorcerer's siege speech. #02 Discord Moments
  233. :thinking:
  234. Top PvPers on this sever.
  235. TFW The Meme Consumes You - Vengeance is the better server
  236. The real Sloth Glider
  237. "Well that was rude."
  238. Housing question
  239. [Video] TTFK VS Algae Squad dominion
  240. The Great Memening
  241. Looking for Guild
  242. Free or very cheap land
  243. These forums are dead
  244. [Video] TTFK VS Sons Of Jartor Dominion.
  245. [Video] Some piracy stuff
  246. Guild habla hispana
  247. <Ursa Major>[NA][West][PvX][18+]
  248. Unable to pick up Archedelivery quest pack - 10:05 PM Pacific
  249. W A N T E D!!!!! Pirate's Recruiting Other Pirates Lets Stop All Faction United All Pirates let's Go :)
  250. (He killed my buddies and made me post this) The Diaries of Jartor #1: The Fall of Dannyboy