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  1. NA/Salphira/west OnlyTheBrave
  2. Grimm Haven?
  3. Rawrz - 50 Primeval LFGuild - Aranzeb East
  4. @mod
  5. LFG NA ET Prior Military
  6. [EU][Kyprosa][Pirate PVP][Hardcore]InForced
  7. ~!~ Force of Naima (NA) is recruiting ~!~
  8. Recruiting <DEATH> Kyrios PVP
  9. The Jolly Ducks! [Pirate]
  10. EU | Kyprosa | West | Nerds in Denial | 12+ Years of PvX
  11. [NA][Kyrios]LFG Interested in Founding a Pirate Guild
  12. Polish guild recruiting Polish players! -In Polish!-
  13. NoblePirates (TR)
  14. Looking for guild on shatigon EU
  15. Twin Crimson Blades {Aranzeb} [East]
  16. Gods of Glory | PvP | NA | Salphira | West - Great people. Epic PvP.
  17. Shadow Council (NA - Salphira) Is Accepting New Members
  18. [NA]{Inoch][West]
  19. [NA]{Inoch][West] Seeking a great guild
  20. [EU] Verendum - Recruitment post PVP/ PVE (Teamspeak Required)
  21. Incoming Nerf Guild
  22. [Ollo][East][NA/EU/AU] <Silent Warriors> PvX|Trade|Craft|Military Friendly|Est. 2002
  23. Oligarchy Syndicate <EU> Dakuta <PvP/PVE/Mercenary/Crafting/Social>
  24. [EU][All][West] <The Remains> Dahuta Server-Nuia(west) is looking for mature players for all content for Launch Day
  25. [eu][dahuta] akatsuki [finnish clan] accepting others too [english/finnish clan]
  26. (NA) -+ Wanted +- Naima West Continent ( Endgame PvP/PvE/TradeRuns/Activité Improvisé ) +Guilde Québécoise+
  27. [NA][Inoch] Looking for a Guild!
  28. [NA] Ethereal Recruiting! (Salphira - East)
  29. [NA Eastern Tahyang] Generositate! Farming/Trading/PvP/Fishing
  30. Looking for danish guild
  31. [NA][West] Aranzeb - Clan Magnus Legio - Mature Gaming Community Recruiting for [PvX - Trading - Privateering]
  32. Looking for a guild on Shatigon (EU)
  33. Ember | PvP/PvX | Sieging | Merc Contracts
  34. [NA - West] [INOCH] Ranger Corps Recruitment
  35. (NA) (Inoch server) Here's your chance to help build a guild!
  36. TheKings PvX (Ollo, East)
  37. <Addiction> World First PvE, Hardcore PvP
  38. (NA) (Salphira) Hostile Paradigm, The Merchant Marine Guild!
  39. [NA]{Aranzeb][East] FR : The Last Symphony Qc - Mechants and mercenaries
  40. Dahuta Nightshade Recruiting
  41. [EU-AIER] Rebirth [Social-English PVP/PVE] Guild – We are looking for you! :3
  42. [TAHYANG W]: <The Corporation> Trade-Focused RP Guild
  43. Illuminaughty (NA - Tahyang - East) PVP/PVE/TRADE/EXPLORATION/CRAFTING.
  44. [NA][Inoch][WEST] Sword and Ledger (its <S&L> not SNL) Recruitment [Casual-Hardcore, PvX, Traders, Mercs for hire, crafters]
  45. [ES] Descendientes de Gea [DGea] - Shatigon- Clan Español [ES]
  46. [NA] [Kyrios] [WEST] ~{ Spoon Dagger }~ Recruiting people old enough to get the reference.
  47. Empire | Ollo | PVP, PVE, Trading, Social, Crafting | NA
  48. Vikings {NA} NAIMA Server is recruiting PVE/PVP/
  49. Guild of Rubbing Post Here
  50. Guild hispanohablante"Eclipse" en Dahuta
  51. Looking for Guild Tangyang
  52. NA Guild --Leviathan-- (Kyrios Server, Eastern Faction) Looking for more mature members.
  53. (Inoch) Like to Pirate, steal and ruin people's day?
  54. Excessum – (PvP/PvE | Organized | Dahuta Server | EU )
  55. Group of friends looking for rp guild on tahyang
  56. [EU] Epic Fail
  57. [EU][Arie][West] International Guild 'Nameless Companions' is looking for players
  58. ( Inoch ) [West} Looking for guild, experienced MMO player
  59. [NA][Tayhang][West Alliance] Black Hearts PvX 21+ Age Mumble Mercenary
  60. Looking for a Guild!
  61. [NA][Tayhang][West.... for now]Korosu joins the fray!
  62. [EU-KAPRYSO][WEST/EAST] The Scarlet Pirates >TsP< Newly founded PIRATE GUILD (Recruitment OPEN)
  63. Aranzeb East - AUTZ - AussieAge
  64. [EU]La Cruzada Argenta (Nueva Guild)
  65. Looking for Mature guild with structure and staying power.
  66. TahYang (NA) - Anyone Recruiting?
  67. Anvil of Crom [EU] Dahuta West is recruiting Finnish players.
  68. Incognito Limited Recruiting (East/Siege Clan/PVP/Raids) INCOGNITO ~ HARDCORE SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZE CLAN (60 MEMBERS)
  69. Saia and Muffin CoOp PvE Guild is Recruiting!
  70. Need guild with skype/teamspeak/other Voice Chat. Kyrios
  71. looking for Ollo Australian time zone guild
  72. <Boondock Gaming> Guild on the Ollo Server!
  73. Brotherhood of Solaria looking for members
  74. {NA} <Justicars> is now recruiting! (Tahyang)
  75. Thats why you need to go to Orchidna
  76. [EU-KAPRYSO][WEST] The Scarlet Pirates >TsP< Newly founded PIRATE GUILD (Recruitment OPEN)
  77. Looking for a guild
  78. Looking for a guild [EU] [Melisara]
  79. A group of people looking for a PVP guild on Dahuta, EU server (Harani and Firran side)
  80. Break the guild recruitment hall section down by server and NA or EU
  81. Looking for Guild! (NA-Enla)
  82. how do i pass leadership
  83. [Aranzeb]-[FriendsWithBenefits]- Seeking members!
  84. If there are any players on inoch (west) who want to give guilding a go.
  85. Outlaws
  86. Night - Kyrios - Recruiting!
  87. Tiny group looking for guild in Inoch
  88. Looking for guild, west on Salphira!
  89. LF Merciless Guild GM please post here
  90. [NA] | OLLO | Western | The Sellswords Want YOU!
  91. [NA][Ollo East][PvX]Straw Hat Pirates - Nakama Recruitment
  92. [NA - Tahyang - West] <REAPER> is now recruiting!
  93. The Nod Guild
  94. [NA] Salphira <Tavern Raiders> is looking for new members!
  95. [NA] Salphira <Tavern Raiders> is looking for new members!
  96. [NA/East/Tahyang] PvX Guild The Prowletariat - Now Recruiting
  97. LFG Enla East
  98. The Hooligans are playing on Ollo
  99. [EU]~Eanna~|Germany Die Gilde "Caestus-Mortis" rekrutiert Member ab 18+ mit TS! [PvE|PvP|RP]
  100. NA Kyrios West <Brethren of The Coast> Privateer, Trade, Misc.
  101. Give Peace A Chance - Aranzeb - Haranyan
  102. Balkanski Guild Eanna West
  103. <The OG> is looking for more members! NA / EST with Mature players!
  104. Looking for Guild - Aranzeb (Eastern Factions)
  105. To Blaze of Privacy
  106. Anybody get a PM about Guild Launch Coupons?
  107. Looking for Guild on Enla East
  108. |Enla| <Clockwork> Social, Active, Community-Based.
  109. [NA]{WEST}-OLLO- Ominous
  110. Blood Rose Legion - We goof off.. not really too organized... it's all good.
  111. Eternal Avatar, Looking for old Lineage 2 peeps.
  112. [NA] [Elna Server - Haranya] The Dominari Merchant Guild
  113. Looking for Guild Naima(NA) Haranya/East
  114. [EU - Aier] <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual ArcheAge Guild for older players
  115. Looking for Guild Arenzeb East, Mature, Casual
  116. <NA - West - Tahyang> Iron Wolves (Light Rp - Mercenary - Trade - PvX)
  117. Looking for a Guild on Naima West
  118. Merchants of Arcadia Are Recruiting | NA | Tahyang | Eastern | Do It All!
  119. [NA]East Salphira <Tavern Raiders> looking for new members!
  120. Nordic Viking's: Recruting!
  121. [Inoch] Looking for a Guild
  122. [NA WEST] Pride is recruiting!
  123. [NA] {Tahyang} Jellonian Alliance recruiting!
  124. Sky Legend - (Recruiting) - [US] [West] [Enla]
  125. [EU][Dahuta][Русская гильдия]Federation Gaming Community
  126. Guilda <O CAIXÃO SORRIDENTE> Recruta!!!
  127. [EU] DAHUTA - Akatsuki lookin for people who like to PVP!
  128. [EU][Melisara] Sabertooth Gaming (Multi-Gaming Community)
  129. Hardcore PVPer looking for a hardcore PVP guild.
  130. [NA] [TAC] Tactical Terror - Tahyang - PvX - East
  131. Looking for guild [EU] [Shatigon] [West]
  132. [Inoch][West][NA] <Runeheart> Mercenaries l Merchanting l Raids l Non-Hardcore l Mature
  133. Shatigon (EU) Inoch (NA) - Fever is recruiting! Join the epidemic!
  134. [NA - EAST] Casual/sometimes Semi-hardcore player looking for a guild
  135. Captain fodem
  136. Looking for mature, female-friendly guild on Tahyang [East]
  137. [Ollo west side] Looking for PvP Guild
  138. [Ollo west side] Looking for PvP Guild
  139. Guild Management Not working.
  140. [EU - Melisara] Cheetah (DE)
  141. [ea] shatigon westside
  142. Against The Odds<ATO> - Griff, Tears, and Extreme Roleplaying
  143. Looking for guild [EU] Melisara
  144. Sirenuse Assassins LFM People! (West faction) Server: Melisara
  145. Mad For Destruction(M4D) is Recruiting!!!!
  146. Looking for Guild EU-Dahuta
  147. [EU][PvP][Melisara] Sirenuse Assassins, recruiting!!
  148. Britania shipping company
  149. EU - DAHUTA EAST: Bloodfang Reavers
  150. League of Xtraordianry Slackers - Come Slack-off with us!
  151. Eanna/East-Clan Keshig
  152. [EU] SOTSOG Standing on the shoulders of giants looking for the 25+
  153. Any PvQ guilds out of there?
  154. Ascension [NA][Inoch][West] Come Grow With Us!
  155. [NA/AU] [Ollo] [East] Fiery [PVX, all purpose] [Chinese Guild華人公會]
  156. OLLO[West] Purple Dragons Recruiting All Player Types [PvX]
  157. [EU][All][West] <The Remains> The largest Farming Guild on Nuia!
  158. [Aranzeb] Looking for Active and helpful Guild
  160. Healer and Tank LF guild
  161. [OCE-OLLO] <Eshays> Guild Recruitment
  162. Ex Calibur (Arenzeb-West)
  163. Looking for Pirate/Criminal guild [ENLA]
  164. Looking for EU based guild (Aier server if possable)
  165. TENACIOUS - Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature [ARANZEB WEST PvPvE]
  166. <United> Casual Guild on Inoch Western Continent Now Recruiting!
  167. The irony behind kicking those idle at Character selection screen.
  168. [Aranzeb] The Crusade! Casual, friendly, laid back.
  169. TAHYANG SERVER <Celestialz> guild hall still looking for mems who want to join and ally guild
  170. <Unity> [NA, East] [ Ollo ] [PvP + PvE ] Community Guild
  171. <Jinx> Aranzeb - Western.
  172. [Shadow Legion]-[PVP-PVE-Trade-Crafting]-[Server: TahYang]
  173. | Namia, East | Looking for a guild to call home :D
  174. Player's Codex
  175. SWG Players
  176. New player looking for a PvP guild
  177. ~* The Fallen Empire of Ynystere *~ A Salphira Hardcore PvX Guild Recruiting!
  178. Looking for small social guild [EU] [Shatigon] [West]
  179. Looking for RP Guild(Tahyang)
  180. [EU-FR] [EANNA] [NUIENS/ELFES] Les Manants recrutent !
  181. [RU] Kyprosa, East, lf few ppl in party
  182. [EU]~[ENG] <Itami Zero> PK Guild [Aier]
  183. Novus Ordo, Inoch(west) newly formed guild seeking helpful members
  184. EU AIER <BeaterSK> Guild Española busca compañeros
  185. Inoch West <Singapore> guild recruiting for everyone in GMT+8
  186. Seeking Guild
  187. [EU] [Shatigon] [East] Banana Police
  188. [Enla][East] - Pettan Co Maid Services, social PvX guild LF fun people!
  189. Soon to be Patron (Firran, EU Aier Server) looking for friendly guild, focus on crafting, preferably with a deddicated village
  190. LF guild Melisara
  191. The Jolly Ducks [Dahuta]
  192. Looking for guild Melisara
  193. [Dahuta][West] Small Group Looking for Serious Guild
  194. [EU Orchidna] <Lietuva> Iesko nauju nariu!
  195. [EU] [Shatigon] PlattHaunGang sucht Member!!!!!!!!!
  196. [NA] [West] [Salphira] Elysium Recruiting New Players!
  197. [EU Aier Eastern] Elders of Agon
  198. [Enla - West] I want to start a laid back guid for introverts like me!
  199. New server west looking for guild
  200. EU-Melisara West player in search for serious guild
  201. [NA][Aranzeb][East] --- Spartan Legion --- Hardcore PvP
  202. Please make sub forums for servers and factions in guild section.
  203. Looking for an EU pirate/pvp guild
  204. <Les Pionniers De Haranya> Qc/Fr (NA Server : Salphira ) Pve PVP Recrutes
  205. [Kyrios East] Notable PvP Guilds
  206. ashrons call guilds
  207. [NA][Ollo] <RAGE FACE> Catladies Faction - Casual/Mature
  208. [NA][WEST][INOCH] <Soul Fire> ~PvP~
  209. NCP alliance is staring its
  210. Looking for a good guild
  211. Inchon Guild: Soul Fire Recruiting!
  212. Looking for a Guild! [Inoch - EAST]
  213. [RECRUITING] [NA] [Elna - Haranya] <Order of the Blood Knights>
  214. Player looking for LARGE guild (Enla west NA)
  215. Omerta recruiting, East side on Inoch
  216. Looking for P2P/Founder only guild (NAMIA)
  217. why you should join me " drunk guild recruitment story" (im on server Kyrios)
  218. *LimitedLife* Aranzeb - West
  219. Dark Omen recruiting
  220. Lucius Elf Patron Looking for a Guild
  221. [NA - Ezi - Haranya] FYAD Guild
  222. Moms and Dads of Arche Age
  223. Archons | Melisara Server | Supportive | simple rules | Teamspeak
  224. [EU - Eanna - Nuian - German] Die Stadtwache rekrutiert!
  225. [EU] Shatigon | The Somalian Coast Guard Authority | Recruiting now for High Seas High Jinks
  226. Any fans of .Hack// on Aier?
  227. Na - west / east - lucius guild listing {consolidating}
  228. [EU:Kyprosa] ►Wyrm Gnosis - Join us! {Gaming Community - and so much more!} ◄
  229. looking for pinoy ( Philippines ) guild in Ezi Lucius
  230. It is the Will of God, that commands you to read this post. You will not regret it.
  231. Infinite Draconis, Enla Server (NA), Australian based Guild.
  232. [WEST:Naima] FORCE Guild
  233. The New Outriders - 20 years and counting
  234. [EU] Swedish Guild
  235. *Prophecy* Enla East Server. Crafting, PVP, Helpful players.
  236. Red Dawn | Server: Orchidna (EU) | PVP - Justice |
  237. we want you
  238. Pettan Co Maid Services PvX Guild looking for members
  239. Iunctus Stamus : NOW RECRUITING
  240. Rifters NA <Tahyang>
  241. Looking for est eastern continent guild on ENLA
  242. Hardcore players/guilds and New Servers, can it happen?
  243. [NA] Good Clean Fun - Hardcore PvP - East
  244. Looking for Pirate Guild on Orchidna EU
  245. Stigmata
  246. <Blunt Logic>[PvP/PvX] - Looking for Haranyan Free Privateers!
  247. [NA, Naima West] <Blade and Trade> IS NOW RECRUITING
  248. The Grim Wolf Company [HEAVY RP. Lucius-NA]
  249. LFGuild any server
  250. Unable to Manage Guild.