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  1. <Unhuman> NA Ollo PVP/VE East Guild
  2. Order of the Fallen guild recruitment
  3. Any In-game Guild Support Systems Coming?
  4. The Art of Warfare [TAW] (US/EU)
  5. ~Corpse Cult~ Now Recruiting
  6. EU - Dahuta - PvP (PvX)
  7. <Kyrios Haranya, East> Das Ubel recruiting!
  8. Busco guild hispano
  9. ast man in the society.
  10. EZI - Arcadian Sea Traders - OCEANIC/NA
  11. [Looking for Guild, Luscius server, new to the game]
  12. The Rebellion | Recruitment Topic, Become a rebel today! [ East Faction - Eanna ]
  13. Katsu Don - Ollo East - Pure Pinoy Guild
  14. [NA][Ollo-East] <Takeda Shogunate> is recruiting | Dungeons, PvX, Sea/Area, Trade and much more!
  15. [INOCH][WEST]<The Forbidden Legion> is recruiting! Oceanic timezone based PvP/PvE/Trade, All welcome!
  16. Valor (NA) AU/NZ
  17. Looking for newbie-friendly Guild in Ollo East
  18. Need a good guild on Naima, EAST
  19. [EU] [Dakota] [EAST] look for a guild
  20. [EU][AIER] Naerth [FR]
  21. [NA][Tahyang][West] Merx is recruiting 18+
  22. [NA][Aranzeb][East] Crimson Tide Mercenaries has launched and is now recruiting!
  23. NA: Tahyang: Newbie looking for pve/pvp guild
  24. [EU/KYPROSA] Red Eagles - Explorers and PvE & Trade Enthusiasts (Haranya/East)
  25. [NA][Naima][East] Looking for Guild
  26. <Rip> is recruiting! (Kyrios) *West*
  27. [NA] [Ezi] [East] <Chaos Legion>
  28. <Shatigon> (EU) (East) English Guild looking for active members
  29. [EU - Melisara - West] Scarlet Vanguard
  30. <Thirsty> - *EAST* Now recruiting active level 50's!!
  31. Dutch Reloaded {Where fun Meets Professionalty} info [Orchidna] [EU]
  32. <Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts> 100+ PvP/Fishing/Trade. Professional, mature, and highly competitive. Casual or addicted, we want you!
  33. Searching for a guild!
  34. [NA] [Naima][West] Chaos Reborn PvX guild recruiting
  35. [Dahuta] vGames recruiting PT players
  36. [NA][Ollo-East] <Takeda Shogunate> is recruiting | Dungeons, PvX, Sea/Arena, Trade and much more!
  37. [NA/Enla/West] Salvation Recruiting! Hardcore-Casual (Competitive multi-gaming community) GHA/Merchant Ships/Sieges/Fishing/& more!
  38. [EU, East, Kyprosa] Chocoloate Chocobos are recruiting. Bit of everything with a healthy slive of PVP.
  39. LEGION CAN NOT BE TRUSTED ( Calleil East )
  40. [EU, East, Kyprosa] Chocolate Chocobos are recruiting. Bit of everything with a healthy slice of PVP.
  41. EU NUIA New pirate guild=more problems
  42. [NA Enla][East] <Hand of Galchobhar> Recruiting Those Wanting to Better the Faction's Community
  43. [Aier - East] <Raspberries> is looking for new members!
  44. [EU-Eanna-Nuien][FR] LawClan recrute :)
  45. [EU - Melisara - Nuian] [CZ/SK] guilda <Ouroboros> rekrutuje
  46. <Corpse Cult> [Kyrios/Haranya]
  47. >mercy< na kyrios west
  48. -Black Rose Pirates (NA ENLA server) are recruiting!-
  49. [NA] SAPHIRA Out of the Ashes Recruiting
  50. Second Law recruiting- DAHUTA WEST
  52. [Ollo] [West] [Casual] - Onyx
  53. [Lucius]<Band of the Hawk> wants YOU to protect Haranya
  54. Looking for an awesome guild!! (calleil)
  55. Looking for Filipino guild in any server
  56. Phénix Corp recrute! PvP/Pêche/trade/craft [EU - Eanna] (haranya)
  57. [GERMAN][JANUDAR-EAST] <GOTHIC> Wir, die Gilde GOTHIC, suchen DICH!
  58. [GERMAN] Nui (EAST) Chaos Warriors
  59. [Lucius] Looking for Pirates
  60. ♥[NO-BANNED GUARANTEE,OFFICIAL SELLER]【1000 ArcheAge Gold=$40】【www.emogs.com】delivery in 2 minutes paypal.creditcard 【 www.emogs.com 】 【2000
  61. Calleil West Guild [Mayhem] Recruiting Quality PvP Members
  62. Lf eng speaking guild-Dahuta east
  63. [EU/Nui] Bewahrer der Träume
  64. [EU/Nebe] Small guild looking to merge with another small guild
  65. <SEVEN DEADLY SINS> recruiting
  66. 21+ No Same Faction PK Cooperation and Participation (Lucius East) Deviation Gaming
  67. Lucius East - Crimson Republic - Recruiting
  68. <Order of the Black Sails> Aranzeb - West is recruiting.
  69. [NA - Aranzeb - West] <Order of the Black Sails> is now recruiting.
  70. [NA - Aranzeb - West] <Order of the Black Sails> is now recruiting.
  71. [NA - Aranzeb - West] <Order of the Black Sails> is now recruiting.
  72. [NA - Aranzeb - West] <Order of the Black Sails> is now recruiting.
  73. (Salphira) LF non Hardcore but Active guild
  74. LF Clan in CAlliel
  75. German Clan "A Better Tomorrow" sucht wieder!
  76. Grievance new low...
  77. [EU][Kyprosa][West]TiK TaK CP[BlackSwans]
  78. [EU] [Orchidna] [East] <Envy> Mercenaries Wanted!
  79. EU - EANNA - EAST - Inner Sanctum recruiting
  80. [EU][Aier][East] JUDGE is recruiting
  81. **IllumiNaughty** Join the Conspiracy!!!
  82. [NA][Tahyang][East/este]Pequeño grupo buscando clan latino/hispano
  83. [EU Kyprosa - East] 3 ppl Lf premade Members [PvP]
  84. [NA] [Aranzeb] [WEST] Looking For Mercenary Guild
  86. [NA][Inoch][West] DREAD Wants Y O U~! [PVE-PVP-Trade]
  87. [EU]-[JANUDAR]-[EST] : La guilde Honora recrute !
  88. [NA] Level 50 Looking for a guild! (Lucius)
  89. [NUIA](Fr) From Dark Age - Un vent de changement.
  90. <PT/BR> Ultimate Legion Gaming - Uma Legião de Gamers
  91. <Nekocalypse> <Shatigon - Haranya faction> Fun for all
  92. <Mirage> Whatever you're ready for!
  93. [EU] Kyprosa "Wurzelzwerge" Fraktion Nuian und Elfen
  94. [East] [Aranzeb] <HR> is recruiting! NA/PvP/Fishing and Lots More!
  95. Red Sky: on Dahuta server; we are fine and well.
  96. [EU] [AIER] [Black Lotus] Recruiting
  97. [NA][Enla][West][PvE/PvP/Merchants/Mercenaries] Strats - Multi-title semi-mature gaming community 990+ members
  98. [NA - Ezi - East] Perfect By Design Now Recruiting
  99. Inoch [ALL OF IT]
  100. <Shatigon,Haranya> <Mirage> -Whatever your're ready for!!
  101. (NA) |EAST| Calleil - Own The Night Reclutando |PVP, PVE, Trading|
  102. [NA] [Enla East] Gurren Brigade! Recruiting anyone looking to have a good time
  103. Recruitment for Rowboat Empire!
  104. Enclave
  105. [NA] [Aranzeb] [WEST] Looking For Mercenary Guild
  106. [NA][Naima][Nuia\West] Azure Sun Inc. Recruiting! | Nuia | Trade Runs | Guild Farms | Lv. 1-50 Support |
  107. TeamSpeak 3 Server
  108. Just a Fun Idea i have
  109. [EU] [Melisara] [West] Nordicfrost recruitment thread
  110. LF NA 18+ mid-sized guild
  111. Iraqi security forces have used
  112. The List of Guild Thieves
  113. Uddhav Thackeray will pull
  114. Let's start with the wireless industry'
  115. biggest storm ever recorded
  116. Azure Twilight
  117. Looking for gha runs
  118. [NA][Calleil][East] <Valour> - Now Recruiting
  119. LotD Makes History in ArcheAge <Ollo>
  120. Newbie looking for NA, English, friendly, adult guild
  121. <Enemy Team> Opening recruitment. PvP/Craft/Siege. [NA, Inoch, East]
  122. Farthest Shore - A guild based around members (NAIMA) (WEST)
  123. <Solo> is recruiting! (Aier East)
  124. [NA][Aranzeb][West] <Turmoil> a casual ADULT guild
  125. Guild Disbanding, looking for a new home. ( Tahyang )
  126. XO: Reclutamos latinos
  127. German Alliance: Fake Guild destroy our Reputation [Dahuta]
  128. [NA][Kyrios - Nuia] Old Spice
  129. [NA][East][Ezi]<RedNeck Bandits> Changing the META
  130. [EU][DAHUTA] Next Please
  131. (NA) Tahyang Azure Twilight - AT PVE/PVP tight coordinated groups
  132. To All seeking a new home The Art of Warfare welcomes you Welcomes you
  133. [NA][Tahyang][West] Pathwalkers: Small but Mighty
  134. The Kingdom of Eternus
  135. Looking for Guild [NA] (Lucius) Nuian
  136. || LFG || {Tahyang Server} {Nuia/West} {Casual PVE Player || Easy Recruit}
  137. Looking for German/English guild on Kyprosa (East)
  138. <PARAGON> [Lucius] Should be ashamed!
  139. [EU - Janudar] <The Vanguard> [East] PvP / PVE Recruitment post
  140. [Scarlet Crusade] Ezi/West - FTV Alliance | Join the Crusade!
  141. <Akkadian Empire> Recruiting Age 18+ Players. Mercenary guild. -East
  142. [Ezi][West]Looking for a fishing\PvE guild, I'm a kind of new player and need a lot of help
  143. Fever is Recruiting! - Inoch - East Faction
  144. [West][Aier] REBELION
  145. [EU]Kyprosa/west Warlord are recruiting! Look at these guild benefits!:D
  146. LF PvP guild on East Faction ~ |KYRIOS|
  147. NA Enla West Citadel LFM Serpentis and PVP
  148. The Kingdom of Eternus [ West - RP - Tahyang ]
  149. What should I look for in a Guild?
  150. [EU][West Continent][Dahuta] Sentinels PvX Mercenary Guild
  151. [NA - West - Kyrios] Stand Down
  153. <Funeral Phantoms> west Ezi
  154. [US][Salphira][East][PvX] Merry Band of Gentlemen - Are you Merry Enough?
  155. LFG PVP Oriented
  156. [EU][EAST] <Council on Foreign Relations> [PvP] [Aier]
  157. <Eon> on Tahyang Is Open For Recruitment!
  158. <Plug And Play> Recruiting - NA Tahyang Server East
  159. [NA][Inoch][East] Tank/Healer LFG - PvE, PvP, Dungeons
  160. [NA][Tahyang][West] The New Outriders recruiting
  161. NA - Inoch - Obsidian Vanguard is recruiting
  162. [NA]<Takeda Shogunate> PvP/PvE, Trade/Sea, Dungeons, and more! [East]
  163. LFG (I have no charaqcters yet!)
  164. [NA] [Naima] [West] <Siren Song> Crafting/Trade Guild for Casual Players
  165. Lfg
  166. LFG Hostile Faction Kills:1233 Daggerspell/Spellsinger
  167. Revive (East fraction) Tahyang is recruiting
  168. EU [Nui] Aegis Recruiting!
  169. [FR - Janudar] Projet Guilde
  170. [EU - Kyprosa - EAST] Unrest to Crisis [PvP][PvE]
  171. (PST/CST) Cleric/Templar LFG <WEST>
  172. The Masons | NA (EZI) Mature | PvE / PvP / Crafting / Laid back mature / Active
  173. Valor[Arenzeb] Now Recruiting!
  174. [NA] (Salphira) Red Dragoon Clan - Open Recruitment
  175. <Corpse Cult> [Kyrios/Haranya]
  176. [NA][Kyrios][West] <Divine Shadow> PvX - Recruiting!
  177. Level 50 Stone Arrow LF East Guild Lucius Server
  178. [NA] Server Salphira Looking for small guild
  179. [NA] Kyrios Looking for a guild
  180. to determine the authenticity
  181. [NA][Enla][PvE/PvP/Trade][West] Strats - Multi-title semi-mature gaming community 800+ members
  182. ❤️Relax Gaming: Looking For New Friends❤️
  183. New to the game
  184. [EU-Nui West - German] Death Days ist angekommen [PvP-Gilde]
  185. Dahuta, looking for a guild!
  186. LFG Naima(East)
  187. Dkp const [Shatigon]
  188. The First Fleet-East-Calleil
  189. [NA][West][Lucius] <The Debauchery Tea Party>
  190. "Muslim Brotherhood" (Aier) -Recruiting Pro Players-
  191. [NA]The Black Company now recruiting [PvE, PvP]
  192. LF Guild on Nui(EU) West side
  193. [NA] ~ Enla : Looking for a guild (West)
  194. Calleil <bloodlust> experienced and organized pvp, trading gluid recruiting
  195. Guild recruitment: TakeMyPack is recruiting
  196. Looking for guild/family/friends to play with :P
  197. [NA][Ollo][East] Roll Initiative - Competitive PvP
  198. LF a very active guild, starting over on a new server.
  199. Looking for Aussie/Oceanic Guild, NA/Ollo/West
  200. [NA][INOCH][EAST] The Cult of the Potato is recruiting!
  201. [NA][West][Lucius] <The Debauchery Tea Party> PvE/PvP/Craft/Trade/All
  202. [East][Kyrios] Nothing Personal [NP] Recruitment !
  203. (NA KYRIOS EAST) se recluta gente latina en el servidor kyrios
  204. So..when are you going to fix the guild UI?
  205. Looking for a guild? (NA)(west) ollo Knights Templar
  206. [EU / Nebe / East] Bratrstvo
  207. [EU][Janudar][GER]Insanity sucht dich!
  208. Lietuviu guild LDK lietuva
  209. [NA][Kyrios | West] <No Game No Life> Recruiting!
  210. IRON on Dahuta Haranya Recruiting PvP players
  211. Caliel <Epidemic> Recruiting / non-zerg
  212. kill on sight KOS GUILDS
  213. |[GOG]| Guns of Glory - Application Thread
  214. NA West <Haha You Died> recruiting
  215. Crimson Blades - Shatigon - Nuia - Spanish Guild
  216. Haranya Nomads [Aranzeb]
  217. Looking for a guild to join
  218. The Akatsuki (Aranzeb, East)
  219. Imperium Recruiting Europe/Janudar/Nuia
  220. TED And how officers in their guild react when a member kills you.
  221. TED And how officers in their guild react when a member kills you. :confused:
  222. [NA, West, Calleil] Want to be a Mercenary? [PvP, PvE, Trade]
  223. Looking for a late night crew
  224. Looking for a guild (mercenaries guild)
  225. The FellowShip Guild(Bots) GAMEMASTER PLEASE READ THES
  226. Looking for a guild Enla server Haranya alliance
  227. [Aranzeb] Looking for a guild
  228. Fresh filipino players #ffp
  229. Looking for a guild
  230. LF fishing guild in Tahyang
  231. <Siren Song> West Naima LF crafters and traders
  232. from Uttar Pradesh.
  233. [NA - Ollo - Pirate] <Vindictive> Recruiting Active 50s for Pirating on the High Seas!
  234. Looking for mercenary guild of Haranya Alliance
  235. [Ollo][NA - Haranya]<Filthy Casuals> PvX
  236. <Ex Inferno> is looking for some new talent.
  237. [Aranzeb West] The Crew of the Black Wind Seeks Able Privateers!
  238. VWN Logistics is recruiting
  239. EU - Guilde RP francophone sur Nebe
  240. The Cult of Shadows (Mercenary Guild) is recruiting
  241. [FR - Melisara] APPEL A L'UNIFICATION FRANCOPHONE // Orion recrute.
  242. [EU] Kyprosa - BnR Guild - Now Recruiting!
  243. [EU - Dahuta] OutOfControl looking for dedicated constant groups / pvp oriented players
  244. Wanting a new Kyrios Guild
  245. Looking For Guild in Dahuta as Firran
  246. Are there any trading guilds left?
  247. Looking for a small, not serious, friendly guild to call home
  248. [EU][NEBE][Nuia] Linaje de baal guild española.
  249. [NA][East][Calleil] <Destiny> Recruiting!
  250. Lucius - Red Armada: Western Faction