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  1. [NA] [Aranzeb] [West] <Ronin> Recruiting.
  2. LF Neutral Guild - Tahyang
  3. Delphinad salad bowl recruiting now
  4. [NA][Kyrios][West] DomENDemo looking for asian players
  5. Looking for a Fishing Guild!
  6. [NA][OLLO][WEST] - looking for a guild
  7. [EU Kyprosa] LF East Guild
  8. [EU] NUI West looking for a passive guild
  9. [EU] Janudar { Abbadon is recruiting }
  10. Looking for a Guild - Server Tahyang
  11. Looking for Guild on Calleil server Nuia side
  12. [DE/Ger - West] Nevermore (familiäre Gilden-gemeinschaft für PVX,Traderuns,Crafting)
  13. Looking for NA guild- Returning player
  14. The Disciples (Recruiting) - Aier
  15. NA Tahyang Guild <Infinite Dango> is currently recruiting!
  16. NA Tahyang Guild <Infinite Dango> is currently recruiting!
  17. Looking for Fishing and Active Ezi Server Guild
  18. [NA][Ollo][West]Veteran player returning looking for guild
  19. [NA - Inoch - West] Void Recruitment
  20. [EU][Kyprosa][EAST] New player looking for guild.
  21. The Innkeeper of Lucius
  22. I need a guild to help me kill Tax Evasion Police in Aranzeb - NA
  23. Celtic Thunder Guild recruiting players (EZI East)
  24. [NA] Tahyang Guild <Tenacity> Recuriting.
  25. The Disciples (Recruiting) - Aier
  26. Looking to sponser an existing Guild -- Teamspeak 3 Server, 512 Slots
  27. [Aier - Pirates] <Asylum> is looking for new members!
  28. LF guild returning player any server (NA)
  29. [EU Shatigon] Bastardi di Findus gilda pirata
  30. [LF Guild][Any Server] Returning player.
  31. Fishing Guild start up, Kyrios (west).
  32. Looking For Guild NA Aranzeb
  33. <Affinity> a lucius server guild, recruiting.
  34. New Guild {{{KREPPINKOFFIN}}} With A new style of play {{{RECRUITING Now}}}
  35. [LF Guild] [Tahyang, East]
  36. EU - Dahuta Reborn From Flames
  37. Looking for a helpful guild
  38. [US] BnR is recruiting! [US Calleil Server]
  39. Looking for a guild (EU - Server: Aier - Faction: Harani)
  40. Looking for Netherlands/Belgium guild in Janudar server
  41. Escaped Mental Patients [Kyrios] [Harania] [EST]
  42. <Takeda Shogunate> East [Ollo] Seeking PvPers | 5/10man | Sea Adventurers & Beyond
  43. Looking for Guild - Salphira
  44. SUN, Mature Pvp oriented guild looking for a few more (EU-Dahuta-East)
  45. <RoyalCrown> Recruiting
  46. <Tainted Honor> Recruiting for: [NA] [Kyrios] [East Faction]
  47. <rum gone> [aier] [europe] - [recruitment]
  48. NA Tahyang Haranya Alliance <Celestial Guardians> Recruiting!!!
  49. NA New Player looking for guild (Level 50@ Ollo)
  50. NA Ezi East LFGuild
  51. <Shenanigans> East > Ollo > EST> New guild ooking for members
  52. [Returning player] [LF guild] [NA] any server/faction
  53. The Kiwi Legacy - Shatigon Portuguese Guild Recruit
  54. [NA][Kyrios][West] That Guild Over There
  55. Affinity, Lucius server, looking for PvP players
  56. Looking for a guild. NA - Kyrios
  57. [Kyrios] - Inconceivable - [Oceanic/Asian/NA]
  58. East Lucius Guild recruiting <Ex Inferno>
  59. BlackKnights Recruiting
  60. [Kyprosa] Prime || West || PvP || Endgame
  61. <Medic> in EZI .West. Recruiting New members of players from other server.
  62. <DVS> - [NA] {Naima} (East)
  63. <OLLO> Wants you!
  64. The BnR Gaming Network is Recruiting
  65. I soliti ignobili recluta!
  66. Filthy casual looking for guild, east saphira
  67. [EU DAHUTA] Rebellion (West)
  68. Sanguinares is Recruiting - Western
  69. LF Guild - Tahyang - NA
  70. <ShadowCasters> Looking for new players - (naima) US server
  71. [EU][EANNA][WEST] <IGNITE> We're recruiting!
  72. [NA][OllO][WEST] Two Players LFGuild
  73. <Shatterpoint> is recruiting!! (Ollo) EAST PvX/Social
  74. [EU][Eanna][West] Lux Arcana Is Recruiting
  75. [EU - Melisara - Haranya] The Queens Recruing
  76. Calleil, NA, Nui Side. <Wanderlust>
  77. Coming back to game? New to Game? <Forsaken> on Ollo server-laid back mature gamers.
  78. Lv 50 looking for a Guild @ Ezi
  79. NAIMA [NA/EU]{West} <Darkness> PVX
  80. Returning player looking for an active guild on Salphira
  81. Naima/west LF a home
  82. [EU][Melisara][EAST] Laughing Coffin Is Recruiting
  83. <Legacy> Now recruiting!
  84. Tahyang West: <OMERTA> Recruiting
  85. Returning and LF a guild
  86. [NA] Salphira west Looking for Guild [Returning player]
  87. [NA] Kyrios [EAST] looking for friendly and helpful guild.
  88. [Ollo - East] <Clockwork Society> Recruiting
  89. [Kyrios] [Nuian continent] The Lost vanguards are finally opening our doors to new player applications
  90. [NA][Tahyang][West] Mise en Place is recruiting!!
  91. Looking For A Guild
  92. Returning Player, Wanting to find a guild, European servers, PVP, PVE, Need help learning the ropes again
  93. A Different Kind =ADK= Server: Tahyang
  94. [Kyrios][West]<Heroes of The Storm>
  95. May come back to AA only if...
  96. Old (New player) looking for guild.
  97. [EU][Nebe][West] CZ/SK guild Corsairs
  98. [NA - Ezi - East] <Dark Legion> is recruiting!
  99. [NA][Kyrios][East] <Lithium> Recruiting PVP & PVE Healers
  100. NA Salphira Looking for English speaking Guild lvl 50 Doomlord.
  101. deleted
  102. Tired of the same old Zerg Guild? Look into Ollo's Volatile
  103. fr Inquisition recrute eu serveur nui
  104. Blood Company Recruiting - Eanna
  105. Back to Archeage
  106. [EU - Eanna - DE/Ger - West] Nevermore (familiäre Gilden-gemeinschaft für PVX,Traderuns,Crafting)
  107. Tahyang West: <OMERTA>
  108. Banana Recruitment - Question
  109. (Inoch) New Player LF Guild/Friends
  110. ~Secret Luxury~ Recruiting Casual/Service NA,Kyrios,East
  111. <Acumen> is now recruiting
  112. LF Guild
  113. lvl 50 prime LF helpful and active guild - EU-AIER
  114. [Kyrios][NA][East] <Forge The Nation>
  115. Nuian LF Western Guild
  116. restriction for siegues
  117. Back from the dead
  118. [Eanna][Ouest] Exodia team Multigaming (+20 ans)
  119. [Aranzeb] - Foxhound - Recruiting active players for (PVP-PVE) 40+
  120. [EU] LF Guild
  121. [NA] Salphira {East} LF Guild
  122. Digital Nomads - NA Naima - EAST - PVX guild recruiting
  123. OLLO East Looking For Guild
  124. Immortal Lords ahora recluta! ( Aranzeb oeste)
  125. OLLO WEST Returning player LFG
  126. [EU][Aier][FR Only] <The French Kiss> recrute !
  127. RealityPurge.Com Partnering/Sponsoring Groups & Streamers
  128. [NA][Inoch][East]<Inoch East Academy] is seeking new players under level 50!
  129. Enla East *kos* recruiting
  130. <Lower Expectations> [NA] [Calleil] [West]
  131. Looking for GMT+08 focused guild if any on NA Calleil East
  132. Welcome to <Karma>
  133. Moonlight Retribution Recruiting for Lvl 35 plus Namia West.
  134. Immortal Lords NA Aranzeb Western guild is now recruiting!
  135. Looking to join a Guild. :)
  136. <Cardless> West Aranzeb Guild Recruiting!!
  137. New Player LF Guild
  138. Come to Enla to join <insert name here> Im looking for mature and respectful players to build a community with
  139. <Ex Inferno> Gaming Community
  140. Want To Play On An EU Server? The Best Is Eanna!
  141. [AIER][WEST] LF Guild
  142. Welcome to <Karma>
  143. GUILD LF MEMBERS, LEADERS, or even a SERVER please message me!
  144. hack
  145. <Forsaken> Ollo server~Mature, Laid back guild. PVX. West Faction
  146. Search for German Players to create a Guild [Janudar Server]
  147. LF Active Social Guild
  148. Calleil server's <Scurge>Lords of the seven seas Pirate guild is now recruiting from both west and east.
  149. Dark Order - Looking for active players [EU] [Nui] [East]
  150. [EU] [Eanna] [East] GENESIS CORE {German}
  151. <Pure> is seeking exceptional players! NA-Salphira-East!
  152. <Adventurers of Erenor> Looking for any and all players // Laid back // Kyrios
  153. <Lithium> Kyrios East
  154. <Silver Hawks> - NA - Enla East Now Recruiting
  155. [U.S]Aranzeb - Mostly Harmless recruitment thread(Haranya)
  156. [EU][Kyprosa][Ost] Get Tankier GEAR rekrutiert!
  157. [NA] Tahyang - celestial guardians- (not recruitment)
  158. [EU] [Dahuta] [West] <Necrosis> - Greek speaking PvP oriented guild.
  159. Looking for RP guild, to play with.
  160. Unete Clan Guardia Nocturna. Nuian, Anti Piratas, Anti haranyas
  161. Returning Player (1.2) Looking for new home!
  162. [NA - Kyrios - West] Player Looking for Guild
  163. [NA][Aranzeb][East] Knights of Ohana are Recruiting – PG/Family Friendly
  164. Looking for a guild on salphira
  165. LFG > Guild in Haranya (Server: NAIMA)
  166. LF Guild (Haranya, Calleil) US
  167. guild aranıyor eanna
  168. [EANNA DE-OST] Feuerwölfe von Barathor [Event-RP]
  170. <WE SOLICIT> COME ON MATE (Melisara/EU)
  171. Salphira East, looking for a casual guild
  172. <The Vanguard> Recruitment Post - Kyprosa- [TS3 Required, PVP/ PVE & Traderuns]
  173. Harani Player Seeking Guild (Kyrios Server)(NA)
  174. Janudar server Gölge Haramiler Üye alımı !!
  175. [EU][Eanna][Nuia]Guilde Exodius
  176. New Player LF PVP and Raiding Guild
  177. [Kyrios] <Reborn> Oceanic/Asian/NA
  178. Looking for Evil people w/ skype to make a guild *LOOKING FOR LEADERS*
  179. [EU] [EANNA] New Guild! The Flying Dutchman recruiting!
  180. [New Guild] Soul Reapers [ Dahuta - EU ]
  181. We need more Pirate's (kyrios) All That Remains
  182. [EU] Black Swans -We are recruiting -Server Kyprosa
  183. [New Player]LF>Active,Talkive and friendly guild[read for more info]
  184. Small active group/family - kyrios East faction
  185. Looking for active guilds who do Packs/Dungeons.
  186. New to game on Enla server (east)
  187. Fresh 50 looking for a Guild on Inoch (west)
  188. [Ollo] [East] Looking for a Fishing Guild
  189. Kyrios/East - Geared vet looking for active oceanic/asian timezone guild
  190. [EU][Janudar][EAST] Independent
  191. [NA] I'm new player. Looking for guild.
  192. Looking for Guild[EU][Aier]
  193. All That Remain's (kyrios-Pirate Guild) LFM
  194. Tahyang East. Looking for guild.
  195. <Love Tap> Recruitment Announcement
  196. The Guild WarCry - Recruit all PvP / Hardcore PvP Players to join Orchidna [EU]
  197. <No Remorse> PvP/PvE~NA(Ollo)West- Now Recruiting
  198. [NA][Salphira] Looking for a small, family guild.
  199. [NA][Naima][Haranya] - Nueva Guild para los de habla Hispana en Facción Haranya
  200. BnR is recruiting!
  201. NA - <One Eight Seven> Namia - Pirate Faction Now Recruiting
  202. West Guild- Acumen recruiting on Salphira server
  203. [ Soul Reapers ] Disciplined and structured guild -=] Dahuta EU East [=-
  204. NA (Naima) West lv50 looking for fun guild
  205. <Impure> is recruiting on Salphira East! Oceanic / Late night NA players!
  206. [Unity] is recruiting Aranzeb East!
  207. [NA Ezi West] <Greil Mercenaries> is now recruiting!
  208. Kyrios[East] - <Ouroboros> Recruiting Oceanic Players
  209. [Kyrios, East] <AoL> Aristocracy of Llamas (Recruiting NA/Oceania)
  210. Lf guild on Eanna (english)
  211. CẦn giÚp !
  212. {Kyrios}[East] - Join <Reborn> (Oceanic Core / International Guild)
  213. Ebon Askavi on Tahyang West Must Be 18+
  214. Gremio Nochedeluna Reclutamos servidor de NA ( Naima)Haranya
  215. (NA) (Aranzeb) Looking for a guild
  216. [Ollo/East] Looking for guild (PvP)
  217. [Kyrios] West looking for guild
  218. [Kyrios] East Faction <ERP> Recruiting PvPer's!
  219. <W> <Tahyang> Backdoor Bandits
  220. <Phoenix Rising> Mission Statement
  221. Phoenix Legion Gaming Community
  222. [NA East, Tayhang] <Assassins Brotherhood>
  223. The Flying Dutchman is looking for active players!!! {WEST} {PVP/PVE}
  224. Don't Join Virtue
  225. <Riddles of the sun> - [EU] - (Shatigon) - (East)
  226. <Phoenix Rising> now recruiting in the West
  227. Suche Deutsche Gilde
  228. <Crimson Scholars> Looking For More Dedicated Members. East/PVE/Aranzeb
  229. Don't Join Tax Collector Guild
  230. [NA][East][LUCIUS] Looking for new home
  231. LF Guild (Tahyang)
  232. Recrutement team FUN (Eanna)
  233. [NA-Aranzeb] New playing looking for a guild
  234. [NA] (W) Salphira - Tired of guild shopping? Join [Grievance]
  235. What do you want in a guild?
  236. TAHYANG /WEST (Unofficial RP SERVER) Guild "The New Outriders"
  237. Timeless (East)(Calliel) looking for members
  238. <Vengeance> Aranzeb (US) recruiting for dungeons and leveling!
  239. UMBRA recluta en Shatigon ( HARANYA )
  240. EU Kyprosa *Srpski Guild Regrutuje* THE INEVITABLES
  242. Former Core Member looking for new guild <Kyrios/West>
  243. Looking for oceanic players to for small core - Kyrios
  244. NA East - Tahyang <Levantine Brotherhood>
  245. <Phoenix Rising> needs Enla enlistees in the West
  246. [EU][Kyprosa]New Primeval looking for a guild
  247. Double Dragon Recrute
  248. New guild- The Knights of the Deadwalkers
  249. Solid Steel looking for new players that started the game recentrly around levels 30-40+
  250. The Black Winds Recruitment <Kyrios>