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  1. Seeking Casual Western Aranzeb Guild
  2. I am vietnam
  3. <Nex Atrox> Nazar OCE (Nuian, Trade and Privateering)
  4. Join <The cowboys> and save the cows on Eanna
  5. I would love to join a guild :)
  6. Sexy Blond Nuian looking for guild
  7. LF Guild - Salphira - Nuian
  8. Nightswatch (EU- Rangora)
  9. LF guild
  10. <Epitaph> (Aranzeb East)
  11. Assault Team Gaming Recruiting
  12. Starting New guild in Aranzeb
  13. [PL] Gildia Dragonborn - Server Sirothe / Strona Nuia
  14. [NA Kraken] Returning player looking for a new guild for help.
  15. <Requiem> Kyrious server<Eastern> Recruiting new Members
  16. Healer (Templar/Cleric) lv 55 en busca de guild.
  17. [Kyprosa][East]<Wild Hangover> Polska gildia rekrutuje
  18. [NA][Kyrios][East] Ambience
  19. Looking for guild, lvl30 Firran Demonoligist, Shatigon server (EU)
  20. Aranzeb Pirate Guilds?
  21. <Vengeance> is recruiting! (Aranzeb, NA)
  22. Join <The Malice of Kaizen>
  23. Returning player, looking for guild. Morpheus.
  24. Looking for Aranzeb pirate guild
  25. [Recrutement] Heroic Funatsy / Eanna / Nuia
  26. The BlackHand Order [EU-Rangora]
  27. Guild management
  28. New player need a guild for experience [Nazar]
  29. (Ollo) (East) <Birds Of Prey> Welcome!
  30. [EU ANTHALON NUIA] <Not Guilty> [PK, Piracy, PvP]
  31. <NYX BRIGADE> MORPHEUS WEST "Shadows Perserve"
  32. Looking for a Top Guild <Ollo West>
  33. Rangora's future Art Gallery and the guild behind it needs members.
  34. LF guild tahyang
  35. looking for guild
  36. Looking for a guild (Salphira-West)
  37. Looking for a guild on Sirothe
  38. Interested in making a Morpheus guild
  39. Looking for Guild Rangora Server
  40. NA (Haranya) - Kraken - Looking to group with players or guild :)
  41. Wanne join guild
  42. NA Nazar Guild seeks new players or returning players.
  43. <Pariah> Recruiting
  44. The Battle of Redemption
  45. <Garra del Eden> recluta hispanohablantes
  46. Returning Player Looking For Guild (Kraken US)
  47. Looking for guild..
  48. <DarkOmen> Kraken West
  49. Looking for Guild (Morpheus)(West)
  50. Guild, East Side The Claws
  51. <Triumph> - Nuian Privateer Guild recruiting
  52. <Prime> Morpheus NA
  53. [Wild Hangover][EAST][KYPROSA] Wild Hangover Rekrutuje
  54. <Triumph> - Nuian Privateer Guild recruiting (Kraken WEST NA)
  55. echoes of darkness
  56. [Salphira] Looking for casual guild
  57. Raiders of the lost shark friendly social guild
  58. [udl] arenzeb west
  59. <Ramen> Aranzeb East
  60. <Dark Water Syndicate> On Morpheus server is recruiting! TS, Active, Troublemakers welcome!
  61. Returning Player!!
  62. [NA][Ollo] † <Knights Templar> † [PvX]
  63. [Salphira] LF guild ( West)
  64. [WAR] Warden - North America [EAST]
  65. (Kyrios) Viscera
  66. [EU][Shatigon] Guild <Empire>
  67. [EU/Leviathan] Green Dragons recruiting new players
  68. PvP Heavy EU server ?
  69. Carebear Co [Nazar East] wants you!!!
  70. Returning Trailblazer Looking for a Home
  71. Silver Star Guild
  72. United Eastern Coalition for Salphira
  73. Dont know where to go for transfers? How about joining Most Hated Gaming on Tahyang?
  74. [na]kyrios nuian guild [bloodyhunters] open for all active loyal players
  75. Kia Ora looking for any Guild's from either New Zealand or Australia to join!!
  76. EU player looking for social guild
  77. [DAHUTA] FR Guild : Flying monkeys army
  78. Looking For Guild - EU/Eanna/West
  79. Angelic Order [NA][West][Ollo]
  80. NA Player looking for guild
  81. New player LF Guild - Morpheus Server
  82. Archeage Guild Leveling?
  83. <Karma> West Faction on Nazar
  84. <Lithium> Kyrios - East | Teamspeak | Community
  85. <NO MERCY> East Morpheus
  86. CARNAGE - [NA][Kraken][EAST] - Recruiting Nubs to Veterans
  87. EU Returning player LF Pirate Guild
  88. < SlayerS > NA/AUSSIE | East | Hardcore | Geared | PvP
  89. <Unaffiliated> NA. East Nazar.
  90. [NA][HANURE][WEST] <Phoenix Legion> is recruiting!
  91. [Kyrios West] <Infernal> is Recruiting!
  92. LF Russian Guild (Rangora) / Ищу русскую гильдию (Рангора)
  93. <Great Success> West of Kyrios (Nuia, Elf) Is recruiting.
  94. Looking for latin guild
  95. Server: Eanna | Guild: -=TheDarkStorms=-
  96. [EU] Rangora español
  97. LF Swedish guild (server Rangora EU).
  98. (OCE) Imperfect guild recruiting-Kyrios East
  99. LF East Kyrios guild
  100. Semi- New Player Wanting Guild
  101. Seeking Recruitment [Morpheus]
  102. StandBy [Eanna-EU] Recrutment
  103. Any hardcore PVP guilds on NA looking to recruit a hardcore/experienced player and his friends?
  104. LF> Guild [Kryios][East]
  105. LF active guild on Hanure East
  106. Looking for fishing guild
  107. [EU:Kyprosa West] Mannschaftsheim sucht Spieler/in
  108. <Nyx Reborn> Morpheus West Guild RENEWED!
  109. Lvl 55 Hanure West Darkrunner looking for Pirate Guild
  110. Seeking RP or Casual Guild/PVE - Tahyang East
  111. VastGamer.Com Recruiting & Sponsoring Players/Teams!
  112. LF Guild on Kraken
  113. [RP] Devigard [Tahyang East]
  114. [Interest Check] Looking to form a small guild for new players on Tahyang West.
  115. Naheulbeuk, Kyprosa, continent haranien
  116. LFGuild, EU, Shattigon, Haranyan 29 outrider + 37 demonologist
  117. [na] aranzeb west [Snuggle Society]
  118. Czech and Slovak guild on Anthalon is looking for more people
  119. [NA][TS3] Pandorum Gaming Seeks Guild!
  120. [Tahyang West] [RP] Calling all adventurers, young and old...
  121. [EU][KYPROSA] WIld Hangover
  122. looking for pirates!!!
  123. [EU][Leviathan] Baby Don't Hurt Me recruits!
  124. New player looking for a guild
  125. Guild Quest Event Guide
  126. Looking for new recruits on aranzeb!
  127. Looking for a few good players
  128. Looking for members on Morpheus East
  129. [NA]Tahyang LF guild
  130. [NA]Returning/New Player looking for a long time home.
  131. [EU] Leviathan, Omnia Sol Temperat
  132. (Dahuta West) [No Pain No Gain] Recrute ! Guilde FR, Rp polyvalente
  133. [EU] <Laughing Coffin> of Sirothe Recruiting
  134. Looking for guild on Anthalon (EU) on Nuia side
  135. Pirate looking for a new home
  136. New(ish) Player looking for guild and Home
  137. [EU ]<REBEL> Recruiting , bringing PvE and PvP together.
  138. New player looking for a guild or clan on morpheus east
  139. [EU] SIROTHE <HANZA> rekrutuje zarówno nowych jak i doświadczonych graczy
  140. <The Dark Tower> (TDT) Sirothe EU Server Nuian Guild is Recruiting
  141. Returning Player LF Social/Casual Guild on Kyrios East
  142. Looking for Guild Morpheous (NA) (west)
  143. Starting a new guild (PHOENIX) possibly In morpheus looking for interest.
  144. Interested in forming a guild with few other active players!
  145. (PHOENIX GUARD) <Morpheus:West> A fresh start for those new and old!!
  146. Chercher guild fr
  147. Lf active ENGLISH speaking guild (aranzeb)
  148. Looking for a guild! (Salphira - East)
  149. LF Guild Shatigon West
  150. Gilde ohne Namen (Leviathan) sucht Verstärkung!
  151. LG guild Dahuta
  152. --(=Blade=> | <Salphira West>
  153. LFG Tahyang East (RP preferred)
  154. Looking for noob friendly guild (Aranzeb, West)
  155. Knight n Gales - Aranzeb - West
  156. [East Eanna] Red (guilde francophone)
  157. LF Guild (EU or NA)
  158. YARR HARRR! <Purple Drank> Ollo - Pirate Faction
  159. TAW is recruiting! (Kraken)(East)(NA)
  160. 5.3k gear score melee looking for guild in East Nazar
  161. Nation Creation (Aranzeb)
  162. <Tempest>|Nazar|West|PvP|Sieges|World Bosses|Endgame Content| Is Recruiting
  163. Veteran player looking for laid back guild Aranzeb West
  164. Returning beta player looking for casual Morpheus western guild
  165. Hanure west <Ghost> is recruiting
  166. Any old Berzerk or Berserk members.
  167. [EU][Server ??] Mage looking for a new place
  168. [NA] Aranzeb West - Western Alliance Regiment
  169. [NA][Tahyang][West] Returning player lfg?
  170. Nazar needs YOU!
  171. Any active guilds on Ollo?
  172. [NA][West] Healer LFG.
  173. [FR] BzHAs - Jouez selon vos règles
  174. [LF] Guild Kyprosa
  175. [NA - Morphous - West] <GeeksExchange> is recruiting
  176. [eu][eanna][east] Die 7 Siegel
  177. [Eu] [LF] Guilde française.
  178. NA west Nazar
  179. Guilde 100 % FR BlackDragon (Anthalon EU)
  180. NA Salphira West
  181. Dirty filthy pirates - Tryhard (Sirothe) recruiting - we provide the donkey
  182. <Sexy Time> recruiting on Hanure
  183. [NA] YARR HARR! <Purple Drank> Ollo - Pirate Faction
  184. [NA] <The Inquisition> Server-Morpheus
  185. [EU - Rangora - East] <Serenity> PvP Guild | International | TS3
  186. [NA] [Morpheus][East][POTS Gaming] POTS is now recruiting
  187. (Haranya) Empire is Recruiting
  188. [NA] [Tahyang - East] Returning Player Looking For Guild
  189. [NA][Tahyang][West]<Corrupted> calling all Westies!
  190. bdsm guild
  191. Decent Player LFG [West/Pirate Any Server]
  192. [NA][Tahyang][West] <Battle Hunger> is recruiting!
  193. Do You Want to Dominate ? Do You Want To RULE ? Do You Want To Be Known ?
  194. [EU] [Anthalon] [Nuia] Crimson Blades recruting!
  195. NA Salphira West
  196. <ARANZEB> Looking for East Guild! Harani
  197. Polska Gildia Smugglers [EU] Rangora Nuian
  198. The Old TimersGuild (Tahyang) (West)
  199. [na] [east] Ragnarok Legacy Recruiting
  200. suche deutschsprachige Piratengilde
  201. (West, Shatigon) <Legacy> Recruiting endgame pvp/pve oriented and dedicated players!
  202. [Sirothe] Looking for a guild. East/Haranyan.
  203. Kraken/Nuian - Fun, friendly guild looking for more people to join our family and grow our name together<Astral Hunt>
  204. <Disposable Heroes> on West OLLO
  205. [EU/UK Leviathan] CloudForge is recruiting! Join now!
  206. lf artistry guild on any server
  207. SleeplessKnights Recruting! (Aranzeb Server){US Esatern Stadard Time}
  208. Ragnarok Legacy recruiting all lvls
  209. Vengeace (Aranzeb- West) Recruiting!
  210. Looking for Guild - East Only (Nazar, Ollo, Tahyang, Aranzeb, Hanure)
  211. [LF] East - Hanure Nuian
  212. Morpheus - <Life Alert Emergency Response> is now recruiting!
  213. [Dahuta Roleplaying Guild] NightRaiders
  214. Possibly looking for a guild - Hanure server East
  215. [NA] Nazar Server [Ragnarok Legacy] NOW RECRUITING ALL LEVELS
  216. Guild de habla hispana recruta
  217. [Aranzeb] --- Neo Nuian Empire Recruitment Auditions
  218. Looking for a guild. (East/Morph)
  219. LF East Ollo Guild.
  220. Lietuva, lithuania!!!
  221. [EU Kyprosia-West: LFM] Mannschaftsheim sucht Spieler/in (DE/EN)
  222. [Anthalon] Recrutement Guilde Alliance Haranya
  223. Recruiting: <The Academy> (WEST KYRIOS)
  224. [Ollo] <Tiger Blood> West Recruitment
  225. [NA-Kyrios] [KIV] Knights of the Imperial Vanguard Guild Recruitment!
  226. LF Guild 7k GS East/Pirate (Mistsong Hard/Serp)
  227. East sider on Kraken lfg (needs a guild home)
  228. Deutschsprachige Gilden gesucht [EU]-[Eanna]-[West]
  229. Looking for Guild
  230. In Search of a Guild
  231. New Guild: <Disorderly Conduct> (Nazar, East)
  232. Returning player looking for guild
  233. Looking for Asian/Oceanic guild
  234. NA Fresh Start: who is going? <Reborn> will be there!
  235. <Disposable Heroes> on OLLO West
  236. NA (Haranya) - Kraken - Looking for friendly people to play with ^^
  237. *sigh* I might actually have to look for a guild ...
  238. LFG [Salphira] (east)
  239. Couple looking for Nazar Guild
  240. Do Not Join If You Aren't Moose
  241. Interested in Fresh Start? - Check out the fresh start discord (Unofficial)
  242. Kraken East and beyond - Looking for friendly, helpful, chillax guild? CARNAGE!
  243. New player looking for a decent guild.
  244. <Reborn> Official Recruitment Begins! [NA] {Revelation Server}
  245. New/returning player looking for a guild <Morpheus>
  246. Salphira West Recruiting
  247. [NA][Aranzeb] For people who want to form a guild
  248. [Fresh Start Server] East - NA - <Iceberg>
  249. LF a guild to play with people im all alone (new player)
  250. [NA TAHYANG] Nuians With Attitude Recruiting