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  1. Hogwarts is Recruiting! Get your letter. Vengeance
  2. Adeptus - By any means [NA] [Reckoning]
  3. <The Goon Squad>[Vengeance East] Friendly and helpful | PvX | Discord | No requirements | Mature |
  4. (Prophecy) Const party LF guild WEST
  5. Nazar server needs pirates
  6. Aced recruiting [Morpheous - Nuians]
  7. NA | Reckoning | English | East | <Aeonian>
  8. The Flock recruiting [EU][Prophecy][Privateer][East][18+][Discord]
  9. <Tempus>[NA][West][Fresh Start][Vengence]Looking for casual / semi-hardcore PVPers
  10. <Divinity> [Vengance][East][PvX]
  11. Recruiting Bravate [PT-BR] - Reckoning & Haranya
  12. Looking for anyone from "The Watchers"
  13. <Nordicfrost> Svensk Guild looking for players
  14. Looking for more players [Kyrios]
  15. Looking for Guild {NA} {West} {Vengance}
  16. looking for guild on shatigon east
  17. <Vanaheim> |NA|East|Morpheus server| is recruiting
  18. Dahuta Roleplay Community
  19. Looking for Guild LEGACY
  20. [ESP] Spanish guild
  21. Looking for guild [NA EAST] [Server: Aranzeb lvl 34 Hexblade]
  22. Deutsche Gilde ~Reallife Gamer~ sucht aktive Member für den Server Prophecy
  23. [EU FRESH] LF Mature, casual friendly guild [WEST]
  24. [eu fresh server prophecy][esp]NASIO PA MATAR busca miembros
  25. [RIP][Kyrios][Legacy]
  26. [MORPHEUS]<VERITAS> A Guild Story
  27. <We Tried Boys> [Reckoning] [East] [PvP]
  28. [EU] [WEST] Looking to form casual mature guild
  29. New player looking for guild on Tahyang
  30. [EU Fresh Prophecy West] The solution!
  31. [NA|Vengeance] Lonely Hooligans
  32. ¤¤¤NA RECKONING¤¤¤ <P R E S T I G E> prestige farming.
  33. [MORPHEUS]<VERITAS> is recruiting veteran, active and new players
  34. <Kaleidoscope> NA Server Vengeance Looking for active members.
  35. LF active healer/support classes to join the Spotted Ox Hostel family (Reckoning)
  36. Vengence PK guild <Lets Get Salty>
  37. looking for guild
  38. new guilde FrancoAAVddv sur le serveur Anthalon
  39. Guild needed on reckoning server
  40. Looking for a Guild on Prophecy/Haryana Faction
  41. <Carnage> [Reckoning] {West} PvX
  42. Any Asian guild on EU prophecy East?
  43. New Healer + 1 LF Reckoning EAST Guild
  44. [NA] (Reckoning) <West> New Guild (Small)
  45. LF Guild on Reckoning
  46. LF Guild on Reckoning
  47. (EU Prophecy) [RU] DKP nabor v Const Party i Gildiyu
  48. <TSUNAMI> Recruiting Active Players ~ DISCORD - NA/EU VENGEANCE EAST
  49. looking for friendly guild
  50. Silent Knights Kraken Nuia allience recritment
  51. Thug Life ! EU- Sirothe ! Fresh Guild lvl 7 ! Haranya !
  52. <HOKAGE> Recruits active mages and healers 50+, EAST - Reckoning.
  53. Suche Piraten Gilde // Prophecy (EU)
  54. Active family of 4 LF active PvX guild
  55. OFFICIAL Pacific/Asia guild <In Vino Veritas> Hanure EAST
  56. Vengance: Newbie(lvl 11) LF friendly PvX guild
  57. LF Server
  58. Oceanic/Australian Players
  59. [NA - Vengeance] Looking for a fellow no life to go pirate with! :3
  60. <Moonlit Black Cats> - Vengeance East - Looking for Members and Smaller Guilds
  61. Suche Piraten für die Gründung einer Deutschen Piraten Gilde // Prophecy (EU)
  62. Guilde FrancoAAVddv recrutes toute les jours
  63. <Liberatrix> Casual guild, traderuns, PvP, funfunfun.
  64. <Liberatrix> Casual guild, traderuns, PvP, funfunfun. [EU] Prophecy fresh
  65. Dagger Wolves are looking for recruits on Reckoning server
  66. Rangora is looking for great warriors and guilds of Haranya - Heck, even pirates and Nuians will do
  67. Looking for:Guild for New player=> Morpheus?
  68. <Titans>EU Shatigon recruiting
  69. <Vengeance> (East) Taka Recruitment Thread
  70. [The Orange Company] Is recruiting, Trade-runs, Naval Battle's and Dungeons!
  71. Unforgiven NA WEST Semi-hardcore Pvp/Pvx Vengance
  72. NA Veng West pvp squad more info inside
  73. Nuian looking for a guild on Vengeance!
  74. <Mutiny> NA West Reckoning - Recruiting!
  75. Server Prophecy Lato Harania Italiani?
  76. Looking For Guild :)(Shatigon)
  77. Looking for guild on Prophecy EU (west)
  78. Brigada Latina reclutando ! :3
  79. WANTED to join a guild
  80. Looking for pirate guild :)
  81. Szukam gildi
  82. |NA|HANURE|WEST|<PLGC> is recruiting!
  83. LF guild Prophecy East
  84. SERVER PROPHESY West <Hammer von Thor> öffnet seine Tore!
  85. TheDarkStorms Guild - Eanna Europe Server, Recruiting!
  86. LF a friendly Guild on Prophecy East
  87. Player/s looking for a Australian / oce guild on West (fresh start Reckoning or Vengence)
  88. Dahuta East Guild Recruting
  89. new AA player on Prophecy LF a chilled out guild
  90. Are you looking for a guild that helps new players?
  91. Looking for players to start a new guild
  92. {PROPHECY} [Haranya/GERMAN] Reallife Gamer sucht Euch! PvX und Handel fokussiert
  93. LEGACY SERVERS - Looking for a Guild
  94. West Vengeance <Dragonfire> is recruiting now!
  95. Navarchy Recruitment Thread
  96. Forming A Trade/PvX Guild New Players Welcome [WEST]
  97. Kyrios/>Devil's Grin< 18+
  98. [FR][Eanna - Nuien] Empirium League Recrute !
  99. Looking to create or join new guild.
  100. LFG Tahyang
  101. (NA) Vengeance - Synergist
  102. Fresh Level 55 on Ollo server looking for active guild
  103. [EANNA-Nuia] [Remember] recrute, recruiting new members
  104. <EAST SIDE> guild on Kraken NA is recruiting
  105. NA West Veng Unforgiven
  106. Nova Guild BR - Chega mais galera vamo cresce.
  107. Join Ethos today!.....errrrr Sayonara
  108. Server Movement??
  109. Stigma of War
  110. [NA] [East] [Vengeance] <Dungeon Crawlers>
  111. [18+][NA][West][Vengeance] Beck’s Privateers - New Players Check Here!
  112. Level 7 Ollo West Guild Silent Order
  113. <Inspire> NA|Kraken|West – Competitive PvPvE
  114. 2 new players EU *proohecy*
  115. [NA][West][Hanure] Blades and Roses
  116. Zeal is recruiting - International Haranyan Guild on Eanna!
  117. Recruiting Carebears and Other Socially Acceptable People!
  118. <Fanalis Corps> Vengeance NA Recruiting
  119. [Elder Council] Recruiting! (Reckoning)(Haranya)
  120. Looking for guild on Shatigon
  121. <Revelations> Recruiting - Hanure West
  122. looking for guild on NA west Nazar server
  123. <Fortress> Clan latino recluta nuevos miembros (Haranya)
  124. Deutsche Gilde/Gemeinschaft gesucht
  125. <Honeybadgers> - Pirate | Tahyang | PvP
  126. Where is Everybody?
  127. <Select Few> Looking for new blood! (East Reckoning)
  128. [Leviathan] Dishonored recruiting up to 3 people.
  129. Busco guild, habla hispana, cualquier server, east faccion
  130. [Shatigon] [West] Purple guild seeking PVP ready members
  131. <Reckless> Recruiting [NA][Salphira]
  132. guild back up looking fo recuits timelord horde
  133. Looking for guild!!! (vengeance server)
  134. Aranzeb. DEATH MANAGEMENT recruiting
  135. Ascendence guild wants to have fun!
  136. 3 Newish players LFG - East - Ollo
  137. Looking for Guild. Reckoning - West
  138. {NA} - [Reckoning] - <Freedom>
  139. Looking For Guild - Vengeance Server
  140. Looking for guild (Enna) [EU] Nuia
  141. The Nutty 3 Amigos (Vengeance Server) -4 Timezone (east coast USA)
  142. Aranzeb
  143. [Anthalon] Looking for Leader of Guild Revolution
  144. The Kimbap Alliance (하리하라김밥국제연합) - EU Sever Eanna
  145. CreamTeam recruiting (Morpheus)
  146. [Rangora]: Pirate guild "Ragnarok" is recruiting crew members
  147. [EU>Sirothe]HANZA Rekrutuje #Play4Fun
  148. [NA] {KRAKEN} [EAST SIDE] <Night Raid> Recruitment
  149. [NA][East][Reckoning][PVX][Rank 5] <Select Few> Now Recruiting!
  150. [NA][East][Nazar] Looking for guild
  151. 6.3k GS Primeval looking for new Home
  152. [Reckoning] [West] - <Fracture> Looking For Like Minded Players
  153. [Reckoning] Where the pirates at?
  154. 3.5 new guild PvE focused
  155. [DIIN] Divine Intervention Recruiting [Anthalon Server]
  156. Please READ! New Guild on the making(?) Any help is welcome![Prophecy][EU]
  157. Nights Watch LFM 5.5K+ melee range/5K healer mage (morpheus)
  158. Level 52 Enigmatist LF friendly PVX guild. <Rekoning>
  159. [EU] [Prophecy] <Partizanai> Guild Recruiting Lithuanian Players
  160. <Reckoning> <East> Brand new guild - Underground - is recruiting new players!
  161. Hostile Recruiting - Hannure West
  162. Fresh Start Server
  163. <Game Over> Arenzeb East
  164. L e g i t
  165. Morpheus [Pirate] <Purple Drank> Bringing back fun per/hr :D
  166. Looking for level 3+ east guild on kraken....
  167. <L e g i t> Selectively Recruiting! [NA]
  168. (Reckoning NA) New east guild xfering Looking for Hardcore players
  169. [EU Fresh Start 2017] Nelson's Seamen Recruiting
  170. <Hostile> on Hanure
  171. 7.1k melee dps looking for new home on NA
  172. [Renacidos] Guild Latina en Kraken (Haranya) (NA)
  173. <Treasure Hunters> Recruiting for new Fresh Start server 2017* (EAST)
  174. <Caribbeans> (Haranya)
  175. 7k Darkrunner looking for guild
  176. 5K Melee looking for active server with a strong guild to join!
  177. 5K Healer Looking for a new home
  178. <Underground> [NA] - Reckoning Server - East Faction - Recruiting Active Players!
  179. 7k gs Healer Looking for an active guild/server to join!
  180. Grimoire Hearts, Hanure, West
  181. <L E G I T> Selectively Recruiting
  182. < REGICIDE > [EU Prophecy] Recluta
  183. 6.5K Cleric looking for active PvP guild, East, NA
  184. TEMPEST SERVER: International haranyan guild <Tempest> is looking for members & allies
  185. Squirrel Glider Code Giveaway all this week!
  186. Elysian Revolution - West Guild (NA Freshstart 2017)
  187. Looking for Guild Active in Whalesong / Aegis
  188. Lf decent guild on dahuta eu 7300 Gs + ( eng/polish)
  189. Information about titans sharigon
  190. Omega Alliance esta buscando miembros hispanohablantes en Shatigon ! Oeste
  191. Looking for an active endgame guild on Reckoning
  192. [Magically Malicious] recruiting on Kyrios West
  193. <Greil Mercenaries> Recruiting in Nazar!
  194. [EU][Kyprosa/Tempest] CraZy WeaseL - nuiai magyar klán várja magyar játékosok jelentkezését
  195. 7k healer/7k dr lfguild on West.
  196. <Ghost> Salphira (East)
  197. EANNA Sever BOAT Guild Recruiting
  198. Tempest Nuian guild looking to bolster their ranks!
  199. New Guild for New Players!
  200. <Pain Train> Conviction (West)
  201. (NA) New multi-gaming Discord server seeking members!
  202. Lf / busco guild na kraken
  203. Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure will be evolved into THUNDERWING Looking for a Guild to join
  204. Returning player looking for somewhere to go
  205. Guild Graphics and Web design
  206. Tempest - Nuian guild recruiting
  207. The Eternal Reborn
  208. Elysium - german guild recruiting! / deutsche Gilde sucht neue Mitspieler!
  209. 34 Dwarf Paladin(leveling class) fairly new :)
  210. Forgotten Souls: Nuova Gilda cerca membri / LF guild members
  211. 7.1k Hierophant looking for new home - NA/West/PN
  212. [Prophecy] LFG Haranya side :)
  213. returning player looking for a guild
  214. (EU) Shatigon PL group LFM.
  215. (NA)Thunderwing RIP Recluta Gente!!!!
  216. Death Dealers is recruiting players!! [EAST]
  217. [Thunderwing] Returning Player Looking for Active Guild
  218. Returning Player Looking For Guild!
  219. [Thunderwing] Looking for a leveling/pve guild
  220. [Aranzeb] Looking for a leveling/pve guild
  221. [Kyrios] Looking for a leveling/pve guild
  222. Lf guild 4.0 fresh start server this year
  223. <Contemptuous>Pirate
  224. The Court of Owls
  225. (Aranzeb) - [West] Road Warriors Guild Recruiting
  226. Thunderwing: Just what was needed another bloody Pirate returning
  227. <Absolute Chaos> Now Recruiting! [West Faction][Thunderwing]
  228. [EU][Eanna][Player Nation] Auroria Alliance is recruiting ! Join the oldest active EU Nation !
  229. Trick n' Trade [EU Tempest Server]
  230. Equinoxe - Nuia [Retribution] [FR]
  231. Dark Reavers Return
  232. LFG Prophecy 8+ players
  233. <Fresh start server>Unforgiven 21+ hardcore pvp West NA
  234. Looking for Spanish guidl / Busco clan Espańol [EU]
  235. Tempest EU - Savage
  236. New Player - Thunderwing LF Guild....
  237. German Guild UNIT : EU Server Tempest West
  238. [Prophecy][Haranya][EU/DE]Looking for Friendly People
  239. Order of Melisara (Retribution) - International Guild
  240. Are there any noob friendly guilds?
  241. serveur NA = Vengance ( je cherche des joueur franco)
  242. <Forgiven> the next Empire
  243. [Prophecy][Haranya][East] Be a part from something.
  244. [Kyrios] Pirates Wanted!
  245. (EU)(SHATIGON) Future server dictating guild is recruiting and wants your attention! Learn more!
  246. New serveur en janvier? Si oui alors je cherche une guilde FR avec bonne entente et sans grosse pressions :)
  247. Recruiting Russian speaking members for Fresh Start Server
  248. looking to build/join a guild or family
  249. Vengeance Server: Grumpy Knights
  250. Lf members for hardcore nolife game on FS(Eng\RU)