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  1. Black Dog!
  2. Looking for radiant
  3. Guild libertad reclutando
  4. Gilde FS und bißchen davor
  5. Ru cp lf members fresh start remastered
  6. Cherche Guilde FR sur Thunderwing
  7. Gilde gesucht (Progress FS)
  8. <Laughing Coffin> is recruiting for 4.5 Vanilla Fresh Start! Niu! PIRATE FACTION
  9. <The New Exedition> - Fresh Start recruit
  10. Unforgiven coming back for fresh start Hardcore pvp 18+ irl discord a must NA
  11. Recruiting for Fresh Start, please read.
  12. Yo les français je cherche une nouvelle guilde pour le FS !
  13. Credit Card Warrior LF Guild (Fresh Start)
  14. Es wird endlich wieder [RAW]! GER l PROGRESS l NUIAN l Fresh Start
  15. Streamer recruiting for FS guild Nuia side EU
  16. Greetings fellas
  17. [FR] Nouveau Départ 4.5 - Haranya - la guilde Invictus recrute !
  18. German Discord for Ezi
  19. [NA Fresh Start] Temporary Guild List!
  20. [18+][NA][West][NA-FRESH(Nui)] Beck’s Privateers AKA <The Privateers>
  21. LF FS guild
  22. Who's Rolling What Faction? (poll)
  23. < SlayerS > NA | Hardcore | PvX | Fresh Start
  24. NA / East / Freash Start / <Arcane in the Streets, Epic in the Sheets>
  25. Bulgaria
  26. [NA][Nui][West] <Divine> Mature | PvX | Casual | Friendly
  27. Will the NA Progression Fresh Start players want a Server Discord?
  28. [Heretic] Nuia - Ezi - French -
  29. Strongest Archeage player ever (me) is going to play this FS @ EU
  30. [PT] vGames recruting for 4.5 fresh EZI West
  31. <Black Rabbit of Death> is recruiting for FS NA East
  32. New clan for polish ppl on new servers. ONLY PL
  33. Liandri Recruitment Agency EU SERVER WEST
  34. <Nivea Makes Good Yoghurt> - Ezi - West
  35. Feierabendgilde oder Ü 30 Gilde Ezi Ost
  36. Na fresh start lookin for...
  37. [DE] [Fresh Start] Panic Incoming stellt sich vor!
  38. Fresh sever guilds?
  39. Any of the good EU guilds joining the FS?
  40. LF the future overlords of Nui
  41. EZI EAST <Old Spice> welcoming new and old players
  42. <Freefolk> Are Recruiting for 4.5 Fresh Start!
  43. Warband [FS-EU] [International] [PvP] [Semi-Hardcore]
  44. Returning player looking for guild on EU FS 5th April
  45. Ру-гильдия «KingsHead» | EZI (fresh)| Запад
  46. [NA] [West] <Sadistic> Recruiting for Fresh Start
  47. [Ezi, FreshStart, RU] Party looking for
  48. Try Hard (Ex Janudar) are you on fresh Start !!!
  49. Ezi Fresh Start Family sucht Zuwachs!
  50. [NA Fresh Start NUI] - Aggression (AGG) - Recruiting
  51. [NA] Obsidian |Active| |Raid| |PvP| |Social| |Endgame| Fresh Start| Nui
  52. 4.5 [Freshstart] [Na] [Pirate(starting east)] [Tilted]
  53. [NA-Fresh Start][East] <TERROR> PVP Guild
  54. [4.5 Fresh Start]***Terminally Ill***[Pirate][Starting East]
  55. [Fresh Start] [EU] [NUIA] <Malamuts> Recruiting ! PvX/Friendly/Daily stuff/Chill
  56. [NA/West] <Nice> - Recruiting for PvP/PvX on Fresh Start (Nui)
  57. <Redbull and Ramen> [NA - WEST] [PvX]
  58. Oy. Good is back to make more people mad.
  59. 5.4 Freshstart <Kuyaz> sucht Deutschsprachige Mitspieler! (Fokus PvP)
  60. LF Guild for fresh start [EU]
  61. [Fresh start EU] [FIN] FINSTACK recuiting finnish players!
  62. <Lethality> [NA][Fresh Start Nui][West][Pro Faction] 21+ Adult Guild looking for No Lifers with Discord
  63. Filthy Few
  64. Looking for NA west guild with ......
  65. Returning player after a few years LFG
  66. Elf in NA west new server looking for guild
  67. <SquadGamers> Recluta Hispanos para 4.5 Vanilla Fresh Start Niu Server. [Latinos/Españoles]
  68. ¤Proximity¤ [EU nordic/English] Recruiting for freshstart
  69. Busco Guild para el renacer
  70. As dragons flood the servers and embers start to burn brighter a new guild forms!
  71. [Ezi Fresh Start - Magyar guild]
  72. Unforgiven (NA)(East)(hardcore/pvp)18+
  73. -= EliteZ = Guild Nui Recruiting Active and Friendly Oceanic Player
  74. West Fresh Start looking for guild
  75. The Nation RoM (Regroup on Mark) is now recruiting on the server Eanna!
  76. looking for a guild
  77. [Guild Recruitment]
  78. 4/7 GHA plate dps/tank LFGuild Nui NA West
  79. FINSTACK / EAST / Level3 / Rank15
  80. LFG -- Lvl 53 - Firran Oracle - NA-Kyrios
  81. Na-nui-west nueva guild latina
  82. Serching for a spanish guild
  83. Suche deutschsprachige Gilde
  84. [Eu][West][Ezi] Gildia <WarCry> rekrutuje aktywnych i nastawionych na dobrą zabawę graczy.
  85. Recruitment for Fat Guys Lag IRL [ NA-Fresh Start] Haranya
  86. [NA Fresh Start NUI] Bleached Bones - Recrutando/recruiting
  87. New player looking for guild. (NUI)
  88. Unforgiven (NA)(East)(hardcore/pvp)18+
  89. [Nui] <Cry Havoc> is Recruiting!
  90. New Player from Fresh Start server Lookin for a Farming Guild
  91. OG Player returning , which faction? [NUI]
  92. [Ezi] [Haranya] LF Crafting Guild
  93. [NUI][EZI] RATL Recrutement FR
  94. [EANNA] [AURORIA ALLIANCE] Zapraszam PL !
  95. Looking for Specialty/Gilda Farmers [Arenzeb]
  96. Recruitment Board
  97. LF sailing & music guild
  98. Looking for Guild
  99. Party Time
  100. Nexodus - Recruiting New Players [NA] [Nui] - Conviction
  101. [Ezi][Fortuna][Nuia] - PvE Community
  102. Mage Guild Recruiting
  103. [EU] Party/Family Join
  104. Returning player looking for a home
  105. Newb looking for a guild
  106. looking for a guild in shatigon EU, firran
  107. Returning player looking for Guild
  108. Busco guild hispanohablante en EZI / I am looking for a Spanish-speaking guild in EZI
  109. Returning player looking for guild after server merges (NA)
  110. [EU][JAKAR] Returning player looking for home.
  111. Simple steps to help find a guild. (In progress)
  112. Looking for Guild Members
  113. Kadum [NA] - Looking for some players to join us <The Tribe>
  114. [ EU ] [ JAKAR ] - <Regenesis> Guild recruitment
  115. <Divine> Rekrutiert
  116. <Divine> is Recruiting
  117. Returning player LF Guild [EU] Jakar
  118. [EU] [TARIS] [THUG LIFE] Open recruitment
  119. [Kadum] <Lean> Recruiting members!
  120. 10k Melee Looking For Player Nation (Aria)
  121. New player LF Guild - [NA][Nui]
  122. [Kadum] New p2w looking for guild with strong pop focus
  123. The Fellowship Reborn.
  124. The Fellowship [Recruiting] Server NA-W Kadum.
  125. Looking for members to Help Remake a guild
  126. Alguma guilda br????
  127. Looking for role playing guild
  128. looking for people to start a guild server kadum
  129. looking for people to start a guild server kadum
  130. [NA Aria] Group of friends looking for a fun active guild (new player friendly)
  131. La guilde Infinity recrute de nouveaux membres
  132. [Kadum] U.N.D.E.A.D.
  133. [ARIA] - [PN] - OMEN - Join TODAY!
  134. [Nui] [Firrian] LF Guild?
  135. looking for a clan
  136. [Nui] [Dwarf] LF Guild
  137. Unforgiven guild Lf active players
  138. <Duty> new guild looking for members [Taris EU]
  139. [Nuia][Elf] - Returning player looking for a guild to join
  140. Looking to start new guild in EZI EU
  141. Looking for EU Alts Guild
  142. Looking for Old/New players to start fresh with!
  143. [Kadum] 13.2Kish Bloodreaver looking for guild.
  144. Looking for a new guild!
  145. im returning a returning player
  146. Returning player
  147. (NA/Aria) Returning player LF Helpful Guild
  148. (NA) Two Returning Players Looking for a Guild
  149. pirate guild
  150. [Aria] ACELR8 is RECRUITING Traders, Indy, Intel, Diplo, Navy
  151. West Side, Kadum, looking for more members! New players welcome.
  152. Kadum East Guild <Disorderly Conduct> recruiting
  153. (NA/Aria/Kadum) Returning player LF social, helpful and friendly guild
  154. * NA-Kadum-West * New Guild Looking For Members With Nice Personalities!
  155. (TO BUILD A NATION) Searching for active members!
  156. (UK) LFG - New player Lvl 40
  157. [EU TARIS Haranaya] Returning player looking for a casual guild :)
  158. new player lf guild Nui
  159. Myth a new guild looking for old a new players alike for our community
  160. NA Kadum-West <RNG> is recruiting!
  161. [Jakar - NUIA] Returning player looking for Guild
  162. Guild Recruitment: Secret Of Mana
  163. Suche deutschsprachige Gilde
  164. New player Nuia West looking for guild
  165. NA ARIA returning player looking for guild
  166. (EU jakar) New player lfg
  167. New player ARIA
  168. [JAKAR][NUIA] [EU/FR] Psychoclan
  169. [Jakar]Suche Deutschsprachige Gilde / Search German-speaking guild
  170. [TARIS-EAST] The Dark Tower ( TDT ) Guild is recruiting
  171. LF Guild Kudum West
  172. (EU TARIS, Haranya side) Guild "Plot Twist" LF players
  173. Looking for my old guild, or a new one! [Aria East]
  174. Looking for Bulgarian Guild
  175. [JAKAR] [Haranya] Suche Deutschsprachige Gilde
  176. [Kadum - East] Looking for active guild for filthy casual
  177. LF serious pvp guild [NA ARIA EAST]
  178. Firran LF PVP guild
  179. < Snow Flakes> [Kadum - West] Guild looking for active adventurers!
  180. LF guild on Nui