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  1. [NA][Omega][East Continent] Intouchables Gaming Now Recruiting!!! (PVP/PVE/TRADE/CRAFT)
  2. [NA] ePeen - A Professional Approach to Gaming
  3. Looking for a Pre-Pirate guild!
  4. [NA and EU] The Older Gamers - TOG
  5. [DE] East Haranya Trading Company - Wir suchen weitere Mitglieder
  6. [ITA] Gilda DaVinci
  7. Obsidian Fear ( NA East PvX )
  8. UK guild recruiting NUIAN and ELVES
  9. Looking for a dedicated top guild PVP/PVE
  10. The Kingdom of Valor - (KoV)
  11. [NA] HellFire Recruiting
  12. La Marina Mercante recluta
  13. <Eternal Sanctuary> An LGBTQA Community. RP PvX Focused. (EAST)
  14. [FR] Nogz recrute !
  15. Misfits is looking for dedicated players [NA] [West]
  16. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Guilds in Las Vegas??
  18. [EU] The Phantom Troupe | PvP, PvE & RP | Westwern Region
  19. United Guild´s sucht Dich
  20. Oceanic Player looking for Guild -
  21. looking for players with no guilds
  22. Longtime MMO player looking for a home
  23. East vs West Guilds
  24. The Arcadian Corsairs Pre-Launch Official Thread
  25. RP guild
  26. Backbone
  27. Backbone
  28. Bengal Brigands
  29. Looking for Guild![BR]
  30. Anyone have an extra beta key?
  31. Have a Key - Need a Guild!
  32. Any [EU] crafting guilds?
  33. Small group looking for an Eastern faction PVX guild
  34. Sunder Military Guard [NA][PvP - Naval|Land]
  35. LF RP Guild
  36. (EU) [EAST] The Black Dragon Empire [Elite PVP] [PVE] [TRADE] [LAND] [NORTH] [Rewarded Crafters] [PvP Protection] [Allies] [12% RP]
  37. Looking for EU RP guilds
  38. [NA and EU] The Older Gamers - TOG
  39. Oceanic Player Looking for QUALITY guild
  40. Ideas and inspiration for any guild names!
  41. @Best in Slot
  42. To form a guild from SEA
  43. Kyrios east?
  44. UK GUILD NOW recruiting
  45. Speedrunner/Metagamer looking for EU guild for landrush and empire building
  46. [Black Legion Mercenary Company][NA][West] - Recruiting Mercs/Traders/Spies - TS3 - Organized - 10 Year History
  47. [EU] - Serenity - PVX- Laidback and fun
  48. EU pirates arise!
  49. The Siren Guard West English speaking casual adult guild (Omega)
  50. [NA] two casual players looking for an honorable guild not voice-chat dependent
  51. [NA] Celestial Knights (CK) recruiting multi-purpose(eastern faction) guild
  52. [NA] <Knights of the Apocalypse> [KOTA] PVP/Economy/Pirate/ Merc
  53. [NA] Amitabha - Close-knit PVP and PVE Guild
  54. Australian population
  55. Seeking Guild (West) (Trading/Crafting/Fishing)
  56. Creed Gaming guilde rvr/pvp se présente et recrute [EU] [FR]
  57. Looking for guild (EU/East)
  58. [EU]Serenity -PVX- Laidback and fun!
  59. [EU] [RP-PvE] Eveningfall Trading Company
  60. [NA] LF Guild English only plz
  61. [EU-ITA] Iris Sidera - PvX West
  62. LF a small and hardcore PVP Guild.
  63. Midgard - Empire Building semi-rp Norse guild. AUS/NZ/NA/EU
  64. One Gold Coin [West side, EU - Shatigon] Professional laid back community.
  65. [NA] Solo player looking for a friendly guild to join
  66. [UK/EU] Ingenuity Eanna Guild starting up!
  67. Feeling Lost? Join Remnant! [NA-PvX Eastern Faction]
  68. Searching for a home. (West faction, EST timezone)
  69. [NA] -Rivals- West | PvP/PvX/Arenas - Rival-PC Gaming Community
  70. Drunken Wisdom - Now taking new Sages
  71. NA, Adult Only, End Game Raiding/PvP Community of 10 years.
  72. Corruption Recruiting with Leadership Roles Available - NA - Western Continent
  73. NA Aranzeb East LF Trading / Crafting guild!
  74. [NA] Unforgiven Looking for more members
  75. Arrrse!!! - Pirate guild on the realm Kyprosa -EU only-
  76. [NA] Decisive Gamers
  77. Looking for BETA guild/family (EU/Kyprosa/East)
  78. *** EU: KDS in Archeage ***
  79. Looking for European players who are planning to play without a guild, but want to group/raid
  80. [EU] Upper Echelon Family ▲
  81. NA East Player Seeks Guild/Friends to call Home
  82. [EU] [Shatigon] [Haranya] Friendly PvE/Trade Guild
  83. New player LF Pve orientated type guild
  84. Looking for an NA guild that…
  85. Any old or current dark age of camelot people forming up guilds here?
  86. Murder Buisness|Multi-purpose|16+|International|Guild|looking for employees for Alpha/Beta/Release
  87. [FR] Knight Angels [PvP/RvR/GvG]
  88. <The Royalz>[NA][East] - PVP/PVE/Commerce
  89. <Praetorian> Alpha Guild going NA at launch
  90. EU 3 Friends LF Guild or Guild project
  91. A Player is looking for a Guild.
  92. [NA] <Phobia> is recruiting; laid back non elitist mindset ~ Community/Group oriented; PVP/PVE.
  93. Looking for NA west coast Guild
  94. [NA][WEST][Casual] Legion of Blades - Looking for founders
  95. [NA][EAST] Notorious [Pirate Guild]
  96. [EU East] Vikings On Shrooms | PvX | Multigaming | Upcoming Community
  97. Seeking PvP Oriented - Casual Guild
  98. No EU guilds going pirate faction?
  99. <The Struggle> Alpha
  100. We are now recruiting for the Lutesong Royal Guard's!!
  101. [EU-FR] [Nuia] [RP] Chasseurs de Jade
  102. Mercury Trading (looking for traders and guards)
  103. Blood-Adders Recruitment(11 years old Multi gaming clan) (TS3) (Nuia) (EU)
  104. PvE Casual Player LFG
  105. Master Baiters, East continent, Omega Server
  106. Nefast (EU/ FR , Nuia )
  107. Experienced MMO Player Looking for Semi-Hardcore Guild (NA)
  108. [NA] The Enclave - A mature online gaming community {Aranzeb}
  109. Smaller guilds look at this post
  110. LFG Guild
  111. [All Areas][West Faction] Karma PvX guild [18+][TS is a must]
  112. Paterno Vikings
  113. [EU - CP - West] ESP CP LF Internacional Guild.
  114. [SK/CZ/EU] Guild ForLife <the best>
  115. Any dedicated PVP ONLY small man guilds?
  116. [NA] [West] Looking for dedicated Guild Co-Founders
  117. Looking for EU server based guild NOT (NA) with strong focus on pvp
  118. Mafia /Mayhem EU
  119. Eu Mafia
  120. Looking for The Tahyang Scallywags Guild members
  121. [NA][East] Volun Mercenary Co [PVP] [PVE]
  122. Deutsche Spieler die noch eine Gilde suchen?.
  123. UK guild recruiting NUIAN and ELVES
  124. Incognito future recruiting, please read all
  125. [NA] AE - Ascended Elements
  126. Розыскиваются взрослые,адекватные люди &
  127. Australian looking for NA guild
  128. Valor – Casually Hardcore! [PvP/PvE]
  129. [NA/Haranya/Kyrios] Star Pupils Recruiting - Community Guild
  130. Order of Gatis: NA-EU-Oceanic★Pvx★Teamspeak★Forums★ Growing Community [Haranya] ~Established Alpha Guild~
  131. Guild Hispano de comercio
  132. Looking for a Well-Rounded Guild
  133. [EU] Project Paradox PvX hardcore raiding guild recruiting Team players
  134. The Order of MUFASA [NA] [EU]
  135. [LFG][NA Sever][West Faction]
  136. Farming ,Crafting and Trading Guild
  137. [CoN] Circle of Nine - Gaming Community
  138. Experienced Aussie MMO player looking for clan (NA)
  139. Imperial Merchants Guild - EU Western Continent
  140. [V3X] [V3XG] VORT3Xgaming.com
  141. Die drei lustigen zwei auf Gildensuche[EU-DE][West]
  142. Uk based guild bloodlines omega server
  143. The Haranya blades {PvP} east continent [EU]
  144. The Order of Mufasa [NA]
  145. LF Archeage Alpha Guild
  146. Looking for a friendly/casual guilde
  147. New guild looking to fight the bad guys!
  148. Made a mistake when posting. Need to delete
  149. [CEMC] The Crimson East Mercenary Company is hiring!
  151. Collegium Odium - A Roleplay Guild (PvPvE and possible policing)
  152. [NA] [WEST] LATINUS (Guild Latina, hispana)
  153. [NA] The Iron Circle - Heavy Roleplaying & Adventuring Guild
  154. [Evil] Evil Mind (EU,SP)
  155. 'The Helpers' - Help Guild
  156. RuoExtraxi Now Recruiting!
  157. [EUW] Bane - Blood for blood!! (Beta kyrprosa server & pre-release)
  158. [EU] The OnibawaN Are Back
  159. [NA] [West][PvP/Trade] Recruiting for Tenacity
  160. Ищу семью клан
  161. [EU/RP] The Red Water Raiders
  162. The Last Symphony Recrute Ts3(can1.thegamemonsters.com:9996)
  163. [NA][Kyrios] Guardians of the West, Now recruiting!!
  164. [EU-W] Looking for Guild based on Northern Island (Harani)
  165. Drunken Wisdom
  166. LF Oceanic friendly guild
  167. [NA] [West][PvP/Trade] Mercenary Guild
  168. Guardians of Haranya
  169. [NA] [PvP/PvE] [West] Privateer guild. <TTS> The Tahyang Scallywags, We want YOU for our crew matey!
  170. [ITA][NUIA] Italian Bastardz PvP and Empire Focused Guild
  171. US RP Guild Recruiting for Launch
  172. [EU] Zodiac Gaming Recruiting Serious & Social PVP & PVE Players
  173. Insert Coin Italian guild
  174. Cheeki Breeki a 4chan based guild.
  175. Arrrse!!! - Pirate guild on the realm Kyprosa -EU only-
  176. [NA] Noctis - Newly Formed Guild!
  177. [EU] Stigma (Spanish Guild)
  178. [NA][EU] The Shining Force: Pre-Launch Recruitment
  179. [EU] Black Swans - lf only organized groups
  180. pepsi's group (gmt+1 19-24 prime time) lf ppl
  181. [EU] Knights of Shadow [East]
  182. [NA][WEST] Murder League All-Stars
  183. [NA] Noctis - Newly Formed Guild!
  184. Recruiting members for Children of Echidna (ArcheAge Guild)
  185. [NA] Noctis - Newly Formed Guild!
  186. Australian / Oceanic guilds recruiting?
  187. Tribus Guild
  188. Soul of the Dragons, an old school adventures guild.
  189. [France EU serveur] Legio Invictus communauté Old school semi-Hardorcore
  190. [NA][West] -Noctis - Newly Formed Guild!
  191. Multi-Faction PVX Community Recruiting!
  192. [NA][WEST] Atelier [Non-pirate][Faction Friendly][Mumble provided]
  193. Looking For a Eastern Guild [EU]
  194. Looking for a Guild
  195. [NA][East][PvX] Hard Bargains (Mercenaries and Merchants)
  196. Looking 4 a guild
  197. [EU] Caballeros de Nui recluta.
  198. Looking for best fit guild... if any...
  199. —(••÷[ ĸaмι no ĸιѕoĸυ ]÷••)— (ED)
  200. Atlantica - eu pvp
  201. [NA] West/East <The Empire(Subject to change)>
  202. LF People from Poland to form a group!
  203. Notorious Pirate Guild
  204. LF a mature UK/EU based PVE Guild.
  205. Looking for good English speaking guild
  206. [NA][EAST] SOS Brigade
  207. [PvP/Trade][NA][West] Mercenary Guild Recruiting
  208. Looking for a serious but fun guild
  209. [NA][Beta][West Faction] Looking for Players to Co-Found a Guild
  210. Memoria Communauté multi gaming FR recrute! [Haranya][EU]
  211. [EU] Bane - CB3 Kryposa - Recruiting!!!
  212. Looking for a guild
  213. Forming a serious Oceanic guild - please hear me out
  214. Looking for Pirate Hunters
  215. [EU] Awakened Gamers [English Speaking, PvP & PvE] [Pirating , Casual]
  216. Looking for guild - Mature
  217. LF NA Pirate Guild
  218. [German] Thelyn Ennor - Multigaming since 2005 [WEST] [RvR / PvE]
  219. Looking for a big European guild on EU servers!
  220. Fancy Cat Association || Small Social Guild || East || Beta and Beyond
  221. Salrium Empire [EU, East]
  222. Looking for PvP/PvE/Crafting Guild that keeps chat/teamspeak somewhat clean.
  223. Undead Lords (Formed 1994) Recruiting for Alpha, Beta, and Release
  224. Looking for a few like minded folks - - Bloody Screamers- -
  225. Still looking for more people
  226. [NA PvP] Jormungandr Pirate Guild
  227. East VS West
  228. Experiences Guild Mate Looking for a home. {Heavy RP or PVP Based}
  229. Seeking NA East Alpha guild
  230. Seeking small guild - To play NA server but SEA/China timezone based
  231. Volun Mercenary Co. NA- PvP-PVE- Trade
  232. Ragequit (rgqt)
  233. [EU]Paterno Gaming Community Recruitment
  234. [PvP/Trade][NA][West] Interested in being a Mercenary Anyone?
  235. Any Danes playing US primetime want to small man?
  236. [NA] Small to medium guild looking to do all facets of the game
  237. [NA][West][PvX] Cranky Old People
  238. Small group of toxic PVP'ers (TS3 manditory) Eastern
  239. Bounty Hunter Guild
  240. [NA] Milicia dos Brothers - BRAZILIAN GUILD, PORRA!
  241. [NA] Black Talons Gaming [BT] | Hardcore PvP
  242. [PT-BR] Ultimate Legion - Uma Legiao de Gamers
  243. [EU-Shatigon, East] LostSouls Raid (International)
  244. [NA] Hollow Heart
  245. [ITA-EU] Da Vinci Guild
  246. [Oceanic, NA] West continent [Dragon Reign] PvP PvE Raid and Trade [ACTIVE]
  247. Pirate Killers?
  248. Incendies (INC) EU PvP (Constat Party) Shatigon/West [PL]
  249. [NA] <Phobia> is recruiting! Tight knight group of PvP focused players!
  250. Rus[Русские] lfp