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  1. Looking for Guild--- [NA] [West] [PvE] [Trade] [Craft]
  2. English Clan/Guild HC East
  3. <Dead Issue> Recruiting for OLLO NA
  4. Torment - Polish CP
  5. Guildex - ArcheAge
  6. [PH] Away Gaming | Ollo | Adventure, PvP, PvE, Economics | Haranya
  7. IDLE Empire [EU/NA] Pirate Guild Looking for member's
  8. Free Pirates!
  9. [NA][Kyrios] Guardians of the West recruiting to kill the furries.
  10. [pl-eu] call of blood
  11. <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual Archeage Guild for older players
  12. Black Legion [NA][West] Mercenary Guild recruiting members 18+
  13. 8man PVP death machine lookin for 2-3 more.
  14. Jade Dragons : New guild aiming for the best ^^. Please take the time to read before judging :)
  15. Fire Fox - EU
  16. [DE-EU | German] Die Saegittis - ArcheAge Gilde von GamingSide.DE
  17. Naima East, Dragons of Eternal Flame
  18. @Trion - help!!!
  19. [NA][WEST][PvX] - *New Guild Forming!* - The Darktide Co
  20. [NA/EU] TAW: The Art of Warfare - Casual Guild Recruiting! (Weekly Events)
  21. Looking for a farming/trading(focus guild) with just a dash of PvP
  22. Gallaecian Syndicate [PvP / Trading / Farming / PvE / Protection]
  23. [NA] West: Knights of Blood Oath Recruting
  24. [NA][West] Nuian Special Operations Regiment (NSOR) - New Guild Recruiting to Form Elite Squad for Head Start/Launch (Leadership Positions)
  25. [NA] Good Clean FUN - Hardcore PvP Guild Recruiting
  26. EU - PvX - T.G.O.P
  27. Laughing about how FAR this game has come!
  28. With only a week till chrismahanukwanzakah..
  29. [NA/OCE][East]<Iron Forged Order> Small Social PvX/Trading/Crafting/Farming guild
  30. [EU] TDA - The Dark Alliance - PvP/PVE
  31. Looking for Guild [NA] [East/Haranya]
  32. [DE, WEST] Beschützer von Niribu - BvN
  33. [US] Blood Moon is now recruiting! Hardcore pvp/trade guild [East]
  34. Ew! I stepped in Pirate Guts! (EU: English Speaking)
  35. Aussie Guild and what servers are we going to play on?
  36. http://archeage.guildex.org/guilds
  37. Calling All Organized EU Guilds
  38. Looking for THAT special guild!
  39. [NA] [West] Ptochocracy - An ALL-Interest Guild & Community! (Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore)
  40. Come Join RampagE
  41. [EU] Phoenix Guild Recruitment
  42. Looking for a guild/server for Luanch!
  43. [NA][East] The Lunar Empire Mercantile Focused Guild with a strong community
  44. Looking for headstart guild or ppl to make some
  45. <Misfits> [NA] Is Recruiting Fellow Nuians and Elves
  46. [DE] Rum Rats
  47. Guild [Legion] Recruiting! (EU Server)
  48. [EU] The Rebellion [East][PvX]
  49. Seeking PvP/Crafting Community! [EST]
  50. [EU/FR] Guilde Night Lords - PvX
  51. (Multi-National Casual Guild) The Order of Mythic Dawn - Casual multi national guild
  52. LF EU guild for East continent
  53. Digital Junkies Gaming Is Recruiting
  54. [NA][West] Valor is Recruiting!
  55. The Brotherhood [NA][West] - Guild Territory, PvP & Trading
  56. EU - Looking for guild
  57. [NA] - WHAT SERVER ARE YOU GOING FOR RELEASE..? (Comprehensive List)
  58. Monkey Business [PVP/ PVE-Trade] FUN!!
  59. [OE/NA][WEST] The Underground Resistance - To Conquer
  60. Looking for Hardcore Gamers & Guild
  61. Looking for Guild for group NA East
  62. Desperate for RP Guild
  63. [NA] ETERNA | PVE/PVP | 18+ Oriented | Mercenary | OLLO Server | Headstart Guild
  64. ★★★[OCEANIC/NORTH AMERICA] The Underground Resistance [WEST] ★★★
  65. UK GUILD NOW recruiting
  66. On the search for a guild [ EU ]
  67. [NA West] < vVv Gaming > is Recruiting - PvX and Crafters
  68. LOOKING for PvP focused guild on NA east!
  69. [NA] Team Rocket recruitment for live!
  70. [NA/AU] Solunar [Closed-Knit Elite PVP Guild][PVP PVE Trade Fishing]
  71. Looking for Old L2 players
  72. [NA] The Devil's Tears PvP Guild ~ Brand New Guild Recruitment
  73. [EU] Devils Inside - Hardcore PVP
  74. {NA}{East}<WarriorPoets>
  75. Looking for guild NA west; PvP, trade runs, and world bosses
  76. (NA,EU,AUS)Looking for an (East)Guild of friendly players with both a unique game plan and a play style focusing on PVP/PVE/TRADING/ETC?
  77. [NA|WEST] +[Knights of Chaos]+
  78. Searching East Guild
  79. Which server is going to be Number One?
  80. Hardcore PvPer looking for guild NA Guild
  81. [NA|WEST] +[Knights of Chaos]+ [PvP/PvE/Crafter/TradeRun/Social]
  82. [Vae Victis] Pre-Launch Guild
  83. Anarchy Recruiting! We are a lawless, PvP guild that will have both a East, and West counterpart. PvP/PvE/Crafting etc.
  84. [NA][PVX][PST][UNDECIDED SERVER]SUPERIOR SAGA looking for more founding members
  85. [EU / Shatigon / West] OutOfControl is currently recruiting PVP groups / PVP orientated players
  86. [TOP GUILDS *LOOK*] `BRING YOUR GAME`( Royalty Gaming)
  87. [ NA/WEST ] Shady Gamers [PvP/PvE/Crafting]
  88. The Tavern - West Faction Guild - Recruiting for Open Beta & Launch
  89. [NA][East Faction][PvX][All timezones] The Forsaken Recruiting Active, Guild Committed Players.
  90. [OCX/SEA]<Blood and Iron> HARDCORE PVP
  91. [EU] WASP Inc.
  92. [FR] [Haranya] Guilde Hydrium [Polyvalente]
  93. Looking for [NA] East PvX Guild
  94. [EU][GER][EAST] Exorzisten!
  95. Lux Arcana is recruiting dedicated casual players - EU Eanna Server
  96. [International] Dressed To Kill | Kyrios | Western | [English Speaking]
  97. Ravens of the Veil - PvX, TS server, Website, Mature Guild
  98. RP-PvP player looking for an NA home
  99. Looking for the BEST Guild (PVP+E Oriented) (NA Server) ;)
  100. Town Planner / Architecture Guild Idea
  101. Wir suchen eine Herausforderung! Und du? Sei dabei und erschaffe dir deine Welt!
  102. Looking for Oceanic Guild? [Knights of Nuia] AU Guild Now Recruiting! PVP/PVE - All Welcome!
  103. [EU] [FR] Dragons de kalidors : Nuia, rejoignez une communauté
  104. What EU server will be the most popular?
  105. Looking for Solid [NA] [East] [PVX] Guild
  106. [NA][PVX][PST][NUIAN/ELF][UNDECIDED SERVER]SUPERIOR SAGA looking for more founding members
  107. Black-Border
  108. (NA) Blood Moon Alpha is an (East) Guild of friendly players with a unique play style focusing on PVP/Trading/Naval War
  109. Couple LF Nice small casual guild
  110. [EU] The Shadows Reapers guilde francophone
  111. Guild Server List!!!
  112. Looking for Guild
  113. ARCHEM FOUNER LFGuild who wants a max blacksmight/wepsmith
  114. [NA]Blood Moon AlphaEast[East) Adult Guild New players are Welcome! We focus PVP/PVE/ Guild Territory/Crafting/Naval Warfare/Sieges
  115. [NA] (CST/EST) The Last Prophecy - Gaming Community of 500+ (From Casual to Hard Core)
  116. [NO] Norwegian Guild ( Norwegian text )
  117. Looking for a Guild
  118. Genesis Gaming [PvX] Recruiting [Open Invite]
  119. (NA East) Ephion legion (PvX/Crafting)
  120. Want to start a guild? or perhaps just join a current one!
  121. Too all the guilds ^_^
  122. Are there any North Carolina guilds out there or forming?
  123. Looking for members
  124. Looking for a guild
  125. Guild recruiting aranzeb east
  126. Firran Looking for an RP Guild with and IC reason for existing
  127. KoS wants you!!
  128. Is a Diplomatic / Politics all around guild even possible?
  129. [NA][PVP][Old School RP] The Six Tone Song Clan (East)
  130. [NA][PVP][Old School RP] The Six Tone Song Clan (East)
  131. [NA/East] Dragonfury [PvP/PvE/Crafting]
  132. [NA][East] Blood Moon Alpha ~Do Youhave what it takes to become the Best of the Best?
  133. [ NA - CST/EST] MYTH - Crafting/Trading/Merc family focused Guild is Recruiting for ArcheAge
  134. [NA][West][Ollo Server]Adrenaline
  135. 20 Year Gaming Vet LFGuild with voice (no or limited cursing if possible) NA/West/Low Pop Server
  136. australian guild?
  137. Sinister
  138. -=[NA]=-=East=- New Hardcore Trading Guild
  139. [ NA/EU/SEA ] Immortal Guild [PvP/PvE/Crafting]
  140. <Bloodlust> or Bust
  141. Freedich Border Control - NA Server
  142. [NA][PVP][Old School RP] The Six Tone Song Clan (East)
  143. [NA][East][PvX] Omega Ascended recruiting adept warriors/dedicated industrialists; prepared for headstart
  144. ADMINS - We seriously need
  145. [NA][East Faction] East Wind - PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading Recruiting active !!!
  146. Immortals of The Realm (PvX 18+ Family Friendly West)
  147. Oceanic Guilds - Post your server choice here
  148. [NA RP PvP Econ] Obsidia
  149. [EU] - GUILD SERVER LIST - Leaders/Officers post your EU Guild info here!
  150. [OCEANIC] Royal Crusade | Competitive+Casual | PvP/PvE/Trade | West | All Time Zones
  151. [Pirate] [EU - GER/INT] Ultimus Imperium [PvP] recruiting
  152. [OCEANIC] [NA] - <Senility> - Casual 18+ Adult Multi-Gaming PvX Guild
  153. Looking for a good guild on headstart
  154. [NA] - Annihilation - [East] [PVX]
  155. Bushi 侍 NA - PvP - East - Final!
  156. [EU - FR] Duck Nukem - Haranya / Pirate
  157. The Shining Force
  158. [NA] PVP <Yata Cartel> is recruiting for head start! WEBSITE/TEAMSPEAK
  159. [EU] [EAST] [Ger] we got this
  160. Acolytes (N/A) Guild
  161. NA][East] BMA Gaming Hard Core PVP
  162. Pirate guild in the making
  163. [Recruitment] Circle of Kakis - Focusing on PVP territory
  164. Group of Friends - Looking for Guild [EU] - West PvP/PvE
  165. Carebears, Crafters, Merchants & RP Server.. Oh My!
  166. Looking to join a guild that fits my schedule
  167. [PF] Phoenix Fire guild recruiting for launch!!! <NA West faction>
  168. Do they plan on having Oceanic Servers?
  169. Looking for a [NA] PvP/Social Guild!
  170. Looking for guild
  171. [NA] (CST/EST) TLP SubGuild: Xiled From Humanity [XH] (PIRATE/MERCERNARY RP)
  172. [EU - Kyprosa] [Pirate] Booty Calls
  173. <Filthy casuals> Recruiting for [ollo] NA
  174. Community plans for a robust, competitive PvP server in ArcheAge? [NA]
  175. [EU - East] The Hive is now swarming - Commerce, crafting & farming guild
  176. ***NA*** MFH United
  177. [NA][PVX][PST][WEST FACTION][UNDECIDED SERVER]SUPERIOR SAGA looking for more founding members
  178. Guild Logo
  179. <THE SHINING FORCE> <NA><EU><AU> Major Crafting, Trading, Gathering, PVP
  180. [NA]Supports/heals Looking for guild on new server
  181. [NA][East] ~ Blood Moon Alpha ~ Adult Guild 18+ Hardcore PVX
  182. [NA][West] Nuia Trading Company
  183. Wake- Hardcore NA PvP guild
  184. [FR] - NoKitsune - Pirates PvP
  185. Looking for a West/Nuian guild for 5+ folks!
  186. Looking for NA Guild. Casual. Adult.
  187. ARCHEUM FOUNDER blacksmith/wepsmith LFGuild Aranzeb NA Unsure of faction yet
  188. <DnD> Drunk and Dangerous [DE] PvP/PvE/Economy Guild
  189. Experienced MMO Player looking for active guild for launch
  190. Dragonborn [Asedio] [Pirateria] [Haranya]
  191. [EU] Asylum - PvPvE/Sailing/Farming/Trading - West
  192. [PAXA] Competitive PVP focused 8man LF 2 members.
  193. A new beast arises join <DRAGOONS> PvP/PvE/Trades/War and lot more || EU Server!
  194. [International]The Older Gamers | Ollo | Western |
  195. Looking for aussie players for upcoming launch
  196. ARCHEUM FOUNDER blacksmith/wepsmith LFGuild Aranzeb NA Unsure of faction yet
  197. OceanSpirits | International Guild | Recruiting Acitve Members!
  198. Looking for a guild (NA) east pvp mainly
  199. Qc République Guilde Francophone Server NA
  200. [NA][East]Server [ Tahyang]Abel's Ark recruiting ages 18+ PvX
  201. OceanSpirits | International Guild | Recruiting Acitve Members!
  202. (EU) Memento Mori
  203. LF PST based, adult oriented PvP guild
  204. [NA] - ALTAR - PVP (portuguese speaking)
  205. Previous Long Time WOW Guild Leader looking for A strong Start
  206. Looking for an ArcheAge guild, not a MMO hopping guild.
  207. [NA][West] Terror - Hardcore PVP Guild
  208. why dont i see any guild active play times?
  209. Free Agent Looking for Guild
  210. Guilds are recruiting wrong IMO
  211. [EU] [EAST] we got this
  212. So OLLO is the unofficial Oceanic Server, Correct?
  213. H.Y.G Gaming -Na -West - Kyrios - Pvp - Pve
  214. PURGATORY [NA] The Eastern Merchant and Mercenary Company
  215. UK GUILD NOW recruiting
  216. <DnD> Drunk and Dangerous [DE] PvP/PvE/Economy Guild
  217. [NA][Tahyang][West] Join the Pathwalkers
  218. Looking for "oceanic guild/server"
  219. AUS/NZ Oceanic Guild
  220. [PD] Purple Dragons to play
  221. Using Guild Launch to host AA guild ..
  222. [NA/EU] Imperial Vanguard - Kyrios Server
  223. [West] Pair of players seeking dedicated guild.
  224. [NA] Nuian Council Recruiting - Tired of being a number? Become a vote.
  225. [NA Kyrios West] Vae Victis, join our empire!
  226. [NA East] Looking for friendly group/guild
  227. [EU] SOTSOG Standing on the shoulders of giants looking for the 25+
  228. The Crimson Order (military friendly)
  229. A respectful request to Trion Please announce an unofficial Oceanic Server asap.
  230. <The Immortal Imperial Legion> Nuian - [NA/OCE/SEA] PvPvE Focused Recruiting for Launch
  231. Looking for... [NA] [East] [Crafting] [Trade]
  232. ARCHEUM FOUNDER blacksmith/wepsmith LFGuild Aranzeb NA Unsure of faction yet PREF EASTERN
  233. Looking for guild [NA][EAST or PIRATE] c:
  234. Inter-Guild Alliances: A Guild Master's Discussion Topic
  235. (EU) Memento Mori
  236. Introducing Amaterasu [NA: Salphira: East]
  237. [NA] Evenstone Pact, looking for more folk!
  238. [NA/Haranya] Evenstone Pact, looking for more folks!
  239. [NA/Haranya] Evenstone Pact looking for more members \o/
  240. NA, East, 13 founders LF...
  241. Lux Telluris Clan: Recruiting for Archeage NA!
  242. Looking for a mother and father...
  243. AIKA Players!
  244. Radiance USA
  245. Seasoned MMO player at your disposal
  246. [EU, Nuia] Novus Ordo Seclorum
  247. Hardcore Pirate Guilds NA East
  248. In search of Guild...
  249. Oldschool AC2 <Darktide> Guild, looking to get some old members back
  250. Any Aussie or oceana guilds recruiting for prerelease?