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  1. looking for a guild
  2. LF NA|East|Hardcore PvP and Crafting Guild
  3. Endeavour (Kyrios, East) Recruiting!!!
  4. NA Server List and Ranking / Title
  5. -The Templar Knights-
  6. Looking for a group of dedicated head-start rushers
  7. Looking For [NA] Casual gamers guild with family schedule friendly environment
  8. Group LFGuild - Casual - Mature - NA - East
  9. [b]possible merge into our guild[/b]
  10. LF > Guild
  11. Looking for East/Oceanic/Adult/Medium-Small server
  12. To guild or not to guild...
  13. NA[East] - Aranzeb: LF Guild with flexible schedule
  14. [NA] <Ghosts of War> {PvX} (Naima/West) Elite PvP since 2002
  15. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> looking to unite all pinoy players <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  16. ((NA, East/flexible)) Player looking for an RP guild.
  17. [NA - West] Looking for Hardcore yet Casual Guild :)
  18. Dark Legion - [NA] [Ollo] [East] - Recruiting
  19. [NA] Deathblow now recruiting! [West, Kyrios, PvP]
  20. Looking for a fun NA trading guild!
  21. NA Rocky Mountain Region <Knights of the Direwolf> Family Friendly Guild @Launch {Naima/West}
  22. us east player looking for guild
  23. [NA][West][PvP] Gods of Glory
  24. Looking for a [NA] 18+ guild pve/pvp
  25. дневное кп разыскивает
  26. Guild HC-HateCrew West Eanna PvP 70-200
  27. [NA / EU / AU - Kyrios] The First Cavalry [PvP / PvE / Trade]
  28. [WIP] Voting on guild name [NA][PvP]
  29. Grey haired West Australian
  30. Guilde White Souls : PvE/PvP/RvR
  31. [Oceanic][NA] Darkness is Everywhere <DiE> recruiting for launch
  32. [NA][AU][Aranzeb - east] <AussieAge>
  33. Bangarang pirate guild.
  34. DAoC-Style PvP Server
  35. Greece ichor
  36. looking for a trading/pve guild
  37. Are you a Role-player or a Dog ?
  38. Looking for EU/Oceanic guild
  39. [Kyrios][NA/EU][Nuia-East] Deicide Legacy [PvE/PvP/Social/Crafting/Trade]
  40. [Kyrios][East][PvX]Knights of the Blood Oath
  41. [EU] War Inc - Italian Guild Recruit
  42. 2-3x Seeking Eastern Guild - Currently For Any Server
  43. Portugueses
  44. looking for guild
  45. [NA] [OCEANIC] Darkness is Everywhere <DiE> has opened selective recruitment for Pirate faction
  46. <NA NAIMA> RONIN <EAST> All Samurai no Emperor. No zerglings
  47. (EU / East) Memento Mori (PVE,PVP,TRADE & RAID)
  48. looking for guild for launch
  49. SoP sucht weitere Mitstreiter
  50. Looking for [EU] guild for launch
  51. EU guilds - Which server will you play on?
  52. Looking for Guild
  53. [Eanna][West][ITA]- PvP/PvE - "Debauchery Tea Party" recruiting!
  54. Loyal Mature Gamer LF PST/W Guild =)
  55. Seeking EU RP clan.
  56. Amaterasu [NA, Salphira: East] Recruiting for Head Start and Launch
  57. [NA] Impact Gaming Community - PvX Semi-Hardcore LF Leadership
  58. [EU] [SWE/NOR] Aesir Online Community - Gaming | PvP/PvE
  59. LF EU Guild (Casual Fun Trade PvP/Pve)
  60. Casual Gamer LFG
  61. Furious, irritable old man LFG
  62. Looking for an EU guild
  63. < Jade Dragons > For new and experienced players !!! Mercenary / Trading /PVP / Organise/ FUN / Solidary Guild ^^.
  64. Glory hall recruiting
  65. [EU]Eanna[West] Clann An FŠel are recruiting....
  66. Chronic Insanity - ARE YOU HERE?!
  67. LF PIRATE UK/EU based guild
  68. [AUS] [GMT +8 to 12] Hyper Vigilance (East)
  69. [EU - DAHUTA] [PIRATE] [PvP Focused] Forsaken Gamers
  70. Aranzeb East Recruiting
  71. [NA] <Genesis> [Naima] [EAST] Recruiting For Launch!
  72. <Vicious Intentions> Recruiting For Launch!!!
  73. [LFG] Casual EST looking for a group
  74. Looking for Active NA Guild
  75. [NA - Kyrios West] <The White Order> wants YOU for Launch!
  76. Sorting through guilds in one spot.
  77. [NA][WEST][RP-PVP] The Blackhorn Fleet
  78. <Titans Bane> Ollo Based Pirate Guild Recruiting! Australian Based
  79. [NA][WEST][RP-PVP] The Blackhorn Fleet
  80. [NA/Naima/West] (CST/EST) The Last Prophecy - Gaming Community of 500+ (Casual to Hard Core)
  81. A r a n z e b b o y s
  82. [NA - Kyrios West] Alea Iacta Est coming to an Archeage Server near you
  83. Is there a rule or understood against...
  84. Salphira [NA] Alliance West and East
  85. Looking for guild?
  86. [NA/EN] Legion of Gamers
  87. <Titans Bane> Ollo Based Pirate Guild Recruiting! Australian Based||Anti Zerg Combat Tactics||Custom Built PvP Formations||Hardcore|| TS3 ||
  88. - EASTERN GUARDIAN - [indonesian guild]
  89. Couple looking for a "hardcore" PvPvX guild! (NA - East)
  90. Leviathan [Naima | Adults][TeamSpeak][Naval/Land Combat][PvPvE | Trade Runs | Fishing]
  91. [US] Cor Leonis wants you! [West, Kyrios, PvE, PvP, Trading]
  92. [NA/EU WEST] <Blitz> - Naima Recruiting
  93. [NA] [Naima East] <Genesis> Recruiting For Head Start! PvP, PvE, Crafting, Social. Competitive/Casual
  94. ArchAge Guild Alliance! Place to openly recruit, advertise, and form alliances for your guild!
  95. Red Sky teamspeak is down
  96. [NA] The Golden Courtesan [EAST] - Salphira (PvE, Trading, Fishing, Crafting)
  97. SB/DF/etc. Roll call for old friends and foes
  98. [EU][Shatigon-WEST]Russian CP is recruiting
  99. [NA] Tahyang [East] Family/ADA/Newbie/RP-friendly guild forming and recruiting
  100. [NA] <Eminence> is looking for dedicated players. [Early Access][Launch]
  101. [EU][WEST] Eanna Server. Clann An FŠel..Family men and women with jobs, kids, husbands and wives who understand the real priorities in life.
  102. [The Bloody Pirates] FR-Guilde Pirates
  103. Guild
  104. Unofficial Oceanic servers have been selected
  105. [EU][Dahuta][PvX - Trade Runs - Fishing - Newbie Friendly] Oceanic Systems
  106. [Malaysia][HAX][NA] Hollow Ataraxia Malaysia Recruiting... come join us a Malaysian base guild.
  107. [EU] [Dahuta(?)] [East] LF Merc guild
  108. Looking for casual guild. [EU] [Anything that goes]
  109. [EU] Dignity of War - Dahuta, East
  110. LF PVP oriented EU West Guild.
  111. Planning a guild
  112. [OCEANIA] Biscuiteers Oceanic is looking at joining in on Archeage. But we need players !
  113. Dark Reavers Recruiting!!
  114. Aussie / na west nuin - join iron forged order now! Mature and organised guild.
  115. [EU-German] Die Gilde "Exoddus" sucht member!
  116. Looking For a Guild
  117. [EU] [RP] EAST] Dahuta - Casual Roleplay Guild - NIGHTSONG
  118. [NA] 4+ Month Alpha Player LF good guild for Headstart
  119. Shadow Council .... welcomes you ...
  120. One Knight Stands
  121. Hi! I'm looking for a guild or advice on which server to join
  122. Strats & Co mature gaming community is recruiting for our ArcheAge guild
  123. Excessum Ė (PvP/PvE | Organized | Kyprosa Server | EU )
  124. EU: Pirate guilds?
  125. [NA][Ollo West] <Swan Song> This is the guild for you!
  126. LFG: NA Server West Faction Eastern time Zone NOT Ollo server
  127. [EU][All][West] <The Remains> {NEW VIDEO} is looking for mature players for all content
  128. [EU][East] looking for semi HC PvP Guild
  130. Old school gamer looking for a guild.
  131. Longtime MMO players looking for a casual/social, but serious guild
  132. FR-Guilde The Bloody Pirates Recrute !
  133. Looking for a small 5-10 person guild. Nuian
  134. Looking for SG guild
  135. Designing ArcheAge Guild Logo Templates
  136. (German!!) Wir suchen dich! Deutsche Piraten Gilde (PvP - Pirates)
  137. Looking for friendly casual guild.
  138. The Gold Legion [EU, Kyprosa: West]
  139. Looking for EU Friendly Guild
  140. Harani Looking for a small guild for HeadStart :) (EAST) NA
  141. LF EST Guild - Adult, PVE, PVP, Crafting, etc
  142. Crimson Knights - Recruiting (PvP/PvE, Trade, Crafting, Exploration)
  143. Why would you WANT to join a zerg guild?
  144. [NA][East Faction][PvX][Kyrios] The Forsaken Recruiting from all timezones, Committed, Group Oriented, Individuals to join us!
  145. [NA East- Tahyang] Horizon is looking for a few more members.
  146. [US] [West] [Mercenaries] Merx Guild Recruiting!
  147. Seireitei Unleashed (NA Guild)
  148. [NA][WEST][RP-PVP] The Blackhorn Fleet
  149. Hello. I am looking for a friendly, social guild for headstart.
  150. looking for head start people.
  151. [West] Die Gilde "Exoddus" sucht Member - EU Server (Shatigon)
  152. [NA][Tahyang][EAST] Blades N Trades [PvP, Trade runs and crafting/farming]
  153. LF guild [EU] Kyprosa
  154. [EU][FR] Flying Monkeys Army {Haranya}
  155. Seeking a Guild that...
  156. LF Uprooters Anonymous
  157. Looking for a Pirate Guild.
  158. Small Mans PVP-GUILDS Looking for a SERVER HOME???
  159. The Society of Arms is recruiting, TS provided
  160. looking for guild to join on eu (Kyprosa)
  161. <The Hokuten Knights> - Western "RP-PvPvE" Guild.
  162. (CZ/SK)| Envy | PrvnŪ česko-slovenskŠ guilda | Kyprosa | PvX | Nuia
  163. [E] -Spinebreaker- (Salphira) LF guild members.. GOLDMAKING!!
  164. [NA][Tahyang] <Maelstrom> Recruiting
  165. <Vindictus> Recruiting NA Tahyang Server
  166. Looking for Asia timezone guild
  167. [NA][SALPHIRA][WEST] NOVUS SPERO [PvP PvE GvG Political positions] [Endgame Focus]
  168. PVP Pirate Guild Recruiting STEALTH CHARACTER A MUST
  169. any greek guild
  170. This really warmed my heart and gave me hope :D
  171. {KK}Kurai Knights <PVP><PVE><Commerce><OLLO West Faction>
  172. <Celestial Rebirth> [US] [East] - Tahyang - Competitive/Casual Friendly
  173. A que server iran los Latinos? :3
  174. CLAN (La Vieja Guardia) recluta, unete y crea tu mundo con nosotros!!!
  175. MPI - Mount Phoenix Imperials
  176. Future Healer LFG
  177. Conviction Community Guild Recruition!!!
  178. Brand New Player looking for Guild
  179. CITADEL: Healer wanted for small group PvP. PST timezone. 25+.
  180. <Broken Order> <NA> <Ollo> Eastern faction. Recruiting.
  181. Any Vancouver based guild?
  182. [NA][EAST][Salphira] "Abel's Ark" recruiting ages 15+ PvX guild.
  183. Evening Gamer LFG
  184. Justicars Guild ~Tahyang Server
  185. What server is going to be english speaking ? :)
  186. @scapes few questions
  187. Necrosis[DAHUTA].Greek PvP semi-hardcore guild
  188. NUIA FACTION PVP/PVE/CRAFTING/Light Roleplaying Guild
  189. Looking for "Vindictus" from Tahyang
  190. EU Shatigon East 3ppl LFP(RUS\International)
  191. Looking for friendly Guild and friendly faces :) (EU)
  192. API Resource for Guilds / Fan sites
  193. Couple looking for friendly/casual guild on Kyprosa
  194. [OCEANIC] ANZAC | Casual | PvP/PvE/Trade | West | +All Other Time Zones
  195. Unofficial - Kyrios [NA] GvG Thread
  196. Looking for fabulous bunch of weirdos to play with
  197. looking for guild for luanch
  198. EU East Dahuta Player LFG
  199. Looking for east side guild [NA]
  200. [NA] East/West Looking for a CP for Release
  201. The Masons Guild is here
  202. <Titans Bane> Ollo Based Pirate Guild Recruiting! Australian Based||Anti Zerg Combat Tactics||Custom Built PvP Formations||Hardcore
  203. [EU / FIN - Eanna] [West] FIN Online Gaming Community
  204. Looking for East NA RP PVP guild, so many to chooose from
  205. [NA][TAHYANG - WEST] Bal Maethor - Mature, Tight Knit Community
  206. [NA] Firran Only Guild on Kyrios - Apocalypse Meow
  207. A Different Kind =ADK= | Haranyan Casual/Laidback PVX
  208. -TITAN'S BANE-[[Ollo West to PIRATE]]
  209. are you looking for a chill, understanding pvp oriented east faction guild?
  210. GooseSquad / WEST/ARANZEB
  211. [NA/EU] Widow's Nest [Tahyang] - New Guild Recruiting
  212. Spartan Legion/US/PvP/Military/12years/Alpha/Ventrilo Req./West/Salphia/18+
  213. [EU] - Belgium United
  214. [EU][DE] Multiplex rekrutiert.
  215. The Gold Legion [EU, Kyprosa: West]
  216. Looking for a EU west guild
  217. Pariah On Salphira West Now Recruiting
  218. [NA][East] Sacred Fire
  219. exeCUTE Buccaneers
  220. Lookin for a guild NA Aranzeb west
  221. Elders of Agon [EU Dahuta]
  222. Looking for fellow founders or guild of founders
  223. [EU][Dahuta][English] <Uranus Hertz> Looking for members.
  224. [NA][WEST][RP-PVP] The Blackhorn Fleet
  225. [EU - Eanna] Wishcraft - last call for Roleplayers before launch! [GMT+2]
  226. HC Firran looking for guild home. (East coast timezone)
  227. EU (West) <<UNDERWORLD>> - Kyprosa
  228. H.Y.G Gaming -Na -West - Ollo- Pvp - Pve
  229. [EU/Dahuta] ‹ber <Invictus>
  230. [NA West Ollo Merc/PvE/PvP/Trade] Brogue Trading Inc! Stabbing our way to the top.
  231. Looking for a guild.
  232. Amber CP - Blackswans -Kyprosia server (LF DD)
  233. <Hydra> is a semi serious EU guild
  234. Unknown explorers now recruiting
  235. [NA Kyrios East] Eminence ~ Hardcore / Semi-Hardcore, Tight-knit, founded in Alpha
  236. <NA WEST> Cantor's Marauders Recruiting all players. Western Faction.
  237. EU - Looking for small guild
  238. TLP-Alliance Seeks More Guilds on Naima/West
  239. LF Launch raid group
  240. Guild recruitment
  241. Looking for Canadain Guild
  242. [Salt] Christian Family-Friendly Guild Recruiting
  243. WE are Looking for EAST side guild!
  244. Looking for Pirate guild (Ollo)
  245. ArcheAge Guild Recruitment on Reddit
  246. LF Launch raid group
  247. looking for a company
  248. Kami Heaven rec new players for Kyprosa
  249. [NA][Tahyang][West] <Archon> Mature 25+ (PvP/PvE, Trade, Crafting, Exploration) Small Guild Recruiting
  250. [NA-KYRIOS] Looking for duo partner WEST SIDE