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  1. Thunderwing [NUI SERVER] WTS Built Thatched + 4 Demo 16x16 Farm plots NORTH ISLAND OF AUSTERA
  2. Vengeance WTT my Apex/Items on FS for Apex/items on Legacy
  3. Aranzeb WTS Halcy Prison Camp 3 16x16 closest to Two Crowns
  4. Thunderwing [NUI SERVER] WTS - LEGENDARY Magnificent Lake Shirt fully gemmed
  5. Aranzeb WTB Thatched Farmhouse [[[[[Nui]]]]]]`
  6. Kyrios [Nui] WTS 5 Raised Cottages + 2 16x16s [Rokhala]
  7. S>Epherium lake pants legendary fully gem/seabreze plank
  8. S>Epherium lake pants legendary fully gem crystalized/seabreze plank
  9. Conviction Selling 16x16 on GG
  10. Aranzeb WTS>Epherium Gale SET [DIVINE][GEMMED][Crystallized]
  11. Aranzeb WTS Epic Epherium Gale Breeches ( Not crystalized Nui server)
  12. Reckoning WTS Mythic wave sceptre full gem NUI server
  13. Kraken B>crystalized epic Epherium lake boots
  14. Aranzeb [NUI] WTS LEGENDARY ephi scepter and 7/7 ephi cloth lake set divine fully gemmed
  15. Aranzeb [NUI] WTS Harvester's Farmhouse, 1 Gazebo, 5 16's connected Windscour
  16. Aranzeb [NUI] WTS Unique Epherium Gale Leather set not crystallized
  17. Vengeance [FRESH START: NUI] WTS>Epherium Mythic BOW
  18. Aranzeb [NUI] WTB 1k gilda or sweptroof mansion
  19. Aranzeb <NUI> WTS non crystalized Epherium Cuirass Legendary
  20. Kyrios WTS [Legendary][Crystallized] Epherium Stone Shirt
  21. Conviction Wts low level weapons and gear
  22. Aranzeb Selling treehouse, 4 gazebo, and 3 scarecrows in North Falcorth.
  23. Thunderwing WTS crystalized Legendary Flame Nodachi.
  24. Thunderwing Nui Trading Channel
  25. Aranzeb WTS Eternal epherium bow (118% temper / full gemmed) + Legendary Gale sets
  26. Conviction WTB 1.5-2k gilda stars Na nui freshstart
  27. Selling Raised Tudor cottage conected with a 16x16 farm in hellswamp
  28. Thunderwing WTS 2 (24x24) and 2(16x16) connected plots in Mahadevi
  29. [SHOP THREAD] ✧・Aneurologic's Exclusive Shop・✧
  30. WTS 6k GS
  31. Aranzeb [NUI] For Sale stone slate mansion terrace (upgraded mansion)
  32. Aranzeb WTB legendary uncrystallised gloves, pants
  33. Thunderwing WTB - Battle Fae Costume on Nui Fresh start server
  34. Aranzeb (na nui) wtb epic uncrystallized leather pieces (guards/fist/pants/belt/helm)
  35. Kyrios WTB 2000 gilda
  36. Conviction WTB 7/7 Plate Eternal/Mythic/Legendary
  37. Aranzeb WTS ETERNAL/Legendary mounted shields | Legendary Delph Gale Bow | Divine Eph Gale (PvE) set
  38. Aranzeb WTB Legendary Delphinad Leather Uncrystalized (NUI FS)
  39. Thunderwing =wtb epic delphinad hood=
  40. Aranzeb WTB Map with cords any rarity
  41. Aranzeb [nui] wtb sash/hood eph stone divine non gemmed [nui]
  42. Aranzeb Wts (nui)
  43. Reckoning WTB Clear Synthium Shards + Misagon's Crystals in BULK, SERVER NUI
  44. Kyrios WTS Spired Chateau Design
  45. Kyrios [Nui] WTB Legendary Accessories
  46. Thunderwing Want to trade Nui Gear for Thunderwing gear East
  47. Aranzeb WTB Epic Ayanad Cloth (NUI FS)
  48. Aranzeb WTB Costumes!
  49. Conviction WTB Plate 7/7 Mythic/Eternal
  50. Aranzeb Selling Legendary costumes and undergarments
  51. Aranzeb Could someone sell me an Auction License?