View Full Version : Nui Commerce Center

  1. Thunderwing [NUI SERVER] WTS Built Thatched + 4 Demo 16x16 Farm plots NORTH ISLAND OF AUSTERA
  2. Vengeance WTT my Apex/Items on FS for Apex/items on Legacy
  3. Aranzeb WTS Halcy Prison Camp 3 16x16 closest to Two Crowns
  4. Thunderwing [NUI SERVER] WTS - LEGENDARY Magnificent Lake Shirt fully gemmed
  5. Aranzeb WTB Thatched Farmhouse [[[[[Nui]]]]]]`
  6. Kyrios [Nui] WTS 5 Raised Cottages + 2 16x16s [Rokhala]
  7. S>Epherium lake pants legendary fully gem/seabreze plank
  8. S>Epherium lake pants legendary fully gem crystalized/seabreze plank
  9. Conviction Selling 16x16 on GG
  10. Aranzeb WTS>Epherium Gale SET [DIVINE][GEMMED][Crystallized]
  11. Aranzeb WTS Epic Epherium Gale Breeches ( Not crystalized Nui server)
  12. Reckoning WTS Mythic wave sceptre full gem NUI server
  13. Kraken B>crystalized epic Epherium lake boots
  14. Aranzeb [NUI] WTS LEGENDARY ephi scepter and 7/7 ephi cloth lake set divine fully gemmed