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  1. ArcheAge: Unchained
  2. AAU: ArchePass Upgrade Token
  3. Archeage Unchained Community Discord (All servers included)
  4. So where are all the pvp guilds planning to go in NA?
  5. AAU : Servers dedicated for merges
  6. UCC in diligence shop
  7. [Unchained]Remove Merit Merchant Schooner and Hauler
  8. Proxy for LATAM/BR players
  9. Purchased AAU, Paypal Charged by No Receipt from Trion or Gamigo
  10. So when can Europeans start AA:U PTS?
  11. Builds
  12. ARCHEAGE MARKETPLACE DISCORD (NO RMT) https://discord.gg/6UuNx3
  13. Ollo
  14. AMD Drivers = cheat ?
  15. OOF 3000 player queue on AAU PTS.
  16. So How Long will it take?
  17. AAU PTS loads in but closes immediately after
  18. Pay To Win at its finest
  19. Devs- Communicate Please
  20. Some ideas on Labor and Gilda Stars
  21. So far, Faith not restored
  22. When will the new White Arden and other overhauls be in?
  23. Swiftblade is not a refined skillset
  24. Ping reducers
  25. Guild Recruitment?
  26. having problems?
  27. PTS Queue Still 2700
  28. ArchCueage
  29. Random Mounters
  30. These ques are killing me :(
  31. Fix did not fix it!
  32. my keyboard and mouse stopped working on unchained after you guys disabled EAC
  33. Has the exp been adjusted for warborn already?
  34. Regarding the skill restrictions in a tree
  35. How can we export UI (keybindings) from PTS to AA/AA:U ?
  36. Gold Cat Undergarment Recipe is wrong
  37. unable to unlock first misson on Equiptment arche pass
  38. PTS2: Unable to get Resolution to 3840x2160 (4K)
  39. Concerning graphic options, system.cfg, and mods
  40. New update: 55 gig required
  41. Returning player basic mechanics questions
  42. Nuia or Haranaya Alliance? (EU)
  43. Downloading for Unchained
  44. Labor restores, recharges and labor regeneration
  45. Desktop gamma keeps changing.
  46. Anyone have info on the 1500 credit cosmetic Archepass?
  47. Please allow us to fix UI scaling issues at 4K resolution.
  48. Have to re-buy arche-pass missions after server restart
  49. Saved Character Appearance Usable for Unchained?
  50. Why does it say 79,99USD on the store? Then same amount in Euro?
  51. Guilds So far [SpreadSheet]
  52. Credits?
  53. Bugged player name during dialogue
  54. Day 4 and still can't login to PTS2
  55. [Cosmetic Request] Dragon House Uniform
  56. Lil'Sheepie
  57. Is there a chance at an OCE or SEA server?
  58. Serious concerns about AA : Unchained
  59. Where to download?
  60. Can I upgrade?
  61. I can't get labor point.
  62. server is busy...
  63. You wanna add more things to the cash shop and premium pass that aren't pay to win?
  64. Temporary fix for not being able to login.
  65. I was an alpha founder of AA before it went F2P/P2W. Do I need to buy this game again for unchained?
  66. I loved AA at launch and quit a few months later as soon as P2W was apparent. Will unchained be like the original released version?
  67. Stealing resources from other faction player
  68. Asylum Details?
  69. I never had this of a comlicated Launch in a MMORPG History...
  70. Archeage Unchained Guilds Index
  71. Can't login on PTS2 for char name reservation
  72. NAME Reservation Times And Start And Land unlock
  73. Support contact about AAU?
  74. failed mail
  75. New Players: Land Rush Tips and Info
  76. Is there enough Land Space for casuals ?
  77. Model Swap. Character Bound to Account Bound [Suggestion] Unchained 2019
  78. Is there a way to copy my old toon...
  79. Device removed error, help me.
  80. Some notes on "the server is busy" bug
  81. Don't make Archepass weekly. Weekly archepass = altage
  82. Login failed. "The server is busy. Please try again"
  83. Can I use my fresh start account?
  84. How do I reserve a name?
  85. Are you able to log into PTS?
  86. Fren can't buy game
  87. Account Labor Bug
  88. Which faction will you play?
  89. No battle pets?
  90. ReShade
  91. AA:U - Denistrious Unchained NA Community Discord
  92. Labor Questions
  93. Demon | Archeage Unchained PTS | 2h Darkrunner | Gladiator Arena
  94. Pirate CAP issue and Soloution Suggestion.
  95. Missing level 1 infusions
  96. Land rush and getting blueprints
  97. Temporary solution for login problem
  98. Game Crashing Making It Unplayable
  99. 30 minutes in que then instant crash after opening video
  100. Crashing in Dwarf starting area..anyone else having that issue?
  101. Just purchased the Silver Chainbreaker Pack for AAU, now what I do?
  102. Who's ready?
  103. Loyalty Tokens? Tax Certificates?
  104. Will unchained be free for owners of original arch age?
  105. 45 minutes queue for 10 minutes of playtime and again
  106. Noob question : How do we access Public Test server ? + a few remarks
  107. Game crashed and Im back on the queu
  108. How about opening a new server ?
  109. Rules for using advanced gaming mouse and their software
  110. Class Choice
  111. Are there ANY advantages to having 2 accounts?
  112. The daily that swallowed by sandbox.
  113. Swiftblade at higher levels?
  114. Looking for Arcadian Guard from OG AA
  115. Viability of a bruiser-type class?
  116. Premium Archepass Philosophy
  117. AAU server overload
  118. At what time will open the PTS server?
  119. Open PTS 2 For all players! ALOOO!!!
  120. New Elf Models?
  121. Does a second account provide much advantage with low effort/investment?
  122. Archepass or Basic season pass? What's your pref?
  123. Crashing on warborn cutscene
  124. No fix to labor
  125. Class Question
  126. Borderless Windowed Mode
  127. IU interface too small in 1440p , more than 120% needed
  128. Easy cheat error on PTS 3
  129. Server for new players
  130. Controller support for Unchained?
  131. Just bought the game. Cannot see it on my library or elsewhere
  132. Aurora Land Discussion
  133. Sugestion about some kind of viev in game how are you looking in your gear or costume!
  134. Original Beta player ...
  135. Returning Player Question
  136. Upgrading preorder ?
  137. Need a grid to adust IU and skills bars
  138. what is everyones AAU presets looking like now?
  139. Graphics questions
  140. AA Unchained Belstrom Discord Server
  141. Arra's Ingredients Quest
  142. Archeage on Steam
  143. Pirate faction Cap 100 ppl
  144. [Housing][Trade runs] What NUIA zone(s) is most popular?
  145. Does anyone know what time game will "launch" the 15 okt ?
  146. finite housing?
  147. Will Unchained also be region restricted on steam?
  148. Basic Archpass upgrades?
  149. Change the account limit to 1 (P2W)
  150. Swiftblade and weapon choices - an open discussion
  151. expansion scroll
  152. Are Fishing Buffs in the PTS?
  153. Labor - Zero - no patron - no regen
  154. Problem with my sound
  155. Headset causing Archeage to Crash after Trion Logo
  156. Hyped!?
  157. Returning player from 2015-2016 need some advice
  158. Question on the archepass?
  159. Alts accounts make the game P2W
  160. Anyway to save your UI settings?
  161. I dont see the unchained on Glyph
  162. Will bow lvl 1 be accessible from NPC like all others weapons ??
  163. [FIX] If you don't have AAU pre-download in your list:
  164. Returning Players>> Which server are you going?
  165. Gearing Advise ??
  166. Server population limits
  167. Latency UI
  168. Where is the 64 bit client?
  169. AAU client
  170. Soon......
  171. Main Quest Stage 3 Enhancer leaving you at 98% on a 2H weapon
  172. Patron icon
  173. Subliminal Advertising?
  174. remote desktop
  175. A Simple Request: An Official Response On P2W
  176. Keybinding
  177. Please Stop The SPAM
  178. AAU client ?
  179. is there more to download
  180. How much will non-founder accounts be and when will they be up for purchase?
  181. EU, server choice ?!?
  182. 4 Days after launch - where will you plant your house?
  183. NPC faction change: is it a thing?
  184. Glyph closes itself when opening
  185. AAU client ?
  186. Progress on Steam with ArcheAge Unchained?
  187. NA Guild Faction Balance
  188. Possible Progression Issue
  189. just bought the game
  190. NA Server names?
  191. I have 4 days to learn ArchAge. Help me out.
  192. error #1005 everytime it's done.
  193. Thank You for Disabling the Gifting of Credit Shop Items
  194. 17 dailies ?!!
  195. DC every 1-2 arenas??
  196. File Detected as Potential Malware
  197. Archepass kill quest requireing world boss killing.
  198. Where to move character custom files?
  199. Which Faction Are You Going?
  200. Changing character appearance
  201. How Many Names Can We Reserve?
  202. Grace period for character name after deletion?
  203. Help with Classes
  204. How about some server forums?
  205. What time 15th okt can we play? What time saturday 19th okt does land open?
  206. so the cahs shop in AAU (marketplace)
  207. EU Server's Balance
  208. EAC index not found
  209. [Someone] successfully synthesized...
  210. Game crashing on launch?
  211. Stuck on downloading loop
  212. Vehicle Upgrade for cars
  213. This name is pending deletion.
  214. Character reservation only one character per account?
  215. Dwarf's beard issue
  216. Name Reservation Rollback
  217. [Poll] Which server are you going to pick?
  218. Can't Delete created Character ?
  219. Grafik Sorunu
  220. [EU] Archage Unchained server
  221. Servers?
  222. For future reference: when will character transfer scrolls be available?
  223. Which client for character name reservation?
  224. keeps crashing
  225. Trying to load client, but it crashes right after?
  226. Name reservation dumps after into
  227. Is anyone NOT crashing?
  228. Never Forget
  229. Name Res servers are now locked... wtf..
  230. Character Reservation Servers is Locked
  231. Does EAC mean... Easy Archeage Crash?!
  232. When everyone was defending PTS doentime
  233. Got in but can't reserve name.
  234. Name is Pending Deletion?
  235. "This name is pending deletion. Please try again after maintenance."
  236. Failed to create character
  237. I made an oopsie
  238. They fixed the crash issue
  239. Fix for name reservation found it
  240. Yay way to blow name reservation
  241. How to get it to work. Details within.
  242. Restart your computer
  243. How do the NA servers differ and also I have 2 characters but it specifies 1?
  244. Wynn is locked
  245. Server Locations?
  246. Please Reroll Server Launch for Char Res
  247. No more characters can be created on this continent
  248. If you can't get into [NA/Wynn] where will you go?
  249. Must I get divorced because of Archeage? :p
  250. Name reservation