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  1. Loading a character from character creation
  2. Support for 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) for Unchained release
  3. Please don't remove the Account/Character limit from Unchained
  4. Private Media Test Server - Observations, Concerns and Feedback
  5. Reduce crime points from killing players
  6. PTS Media after 10 hours testing
  7. Sound bug?
  8. Poppy shortage [POPPYGATE2019]
  9. Crest Trade Pack Storages in Unchained
  10. PTS Report
  11. PTS- Labor potion abuse possible
  12. AAU PoppyGate
  13. Pass missions do no progress
  14. Patron in AA:U? Bug or placeholder icon?
  15. Diligence Coin - EVENT tab
  16. Diligence Coin/ArchePass Issues
  17. DailyGate 2019
  18. Dailies Catch-Up Mechanic.
  19. Localization Error: Ancestral Flame Discord
  20. Armor Crafting missing
  21. Archeage Unsandboxed
  22. Achievements Still have loyalty as a reward
  23. Make the Archepasses and 12 dailies account wide
  24. Archers huge disadvantage from quest gear
  25. Make money where you can
  26. Farming/gathering items in main story line
  27. A few vocation shop items have huge silver vendor value for how much vocation they cost
  28. Failed to Load Game Data Error 1005 - Please Help
  29. Solution To The Daily Problem
  30. Please Have A Serious Think About Inventory Space
  31. Momentum Bug affecting Swiftblades' filler Ability: Blade Flurry
  32. Suggestion for the Archepass (content & pricing)
  33. Pay 2 Win or Play 2 Win?
  34. Unchained Download in Glyph for Founders' Access to PTS Tomorrow
  35. Name Registration move
  36. Un-bond all diligence items: read why
  37. Bug With Daily Mission
  38. Marianople Archepass quest bugged
  39. Alchemy Quest - Please consider removing it
  40. Price And Contents Of The Credit Store (And The Issue Of The Cheapest Preorder)
  41. PTS Client Download?
  42. What is gamigo's stance on PVP?
  43. borderless window mode
  44. P2W potential
  45. Why is Unchained not going to be Vanilla?
  46. In case anybody still need help on how to download and log into the ArcheAge Unchained PTS
  47. Unable to log into PTS1 to delete characters, in order to log into PTS2 (Unchained)
  48. Multiaccount Policy
  49. Not able to log in with Warborn
  50. We have Q's to look forward too
  51. Login Failed
  52. No labor regen
  53. "The Memory Could Not Be Written"
  54. Found possible exploit on PTS2
  55. Differing Queue Times for Patron vs Non-Patron
  56. Evacuation Protocol - Tigerspine Glider quest
  57. Queue Position did't move for over 60 minutes
  58. 12 Dailies a day is a bit too much.
  59. Multi Client test
  60. Swiftblade Reverberate Skill Error Message in Korean
  61. Client won't finish updating! It will suddenly closes!!!!
  62. Easyanticheat error 30005
  63. Login and Q
  64. Crashed, Back in the Queue
  65. Connection to server lost while in queue
  66. Full Screen minimizing error
  67. Push Land Rush Back
  68. Exp is way too fast
  69. update Credit card
  70. Easy Anti Cheat File - Download?
  71. Is PTS up and running?
  72. Very Very sloppy PTS Launch
  73. Proposal to fix the ArchePass system.
  74. Cant use Fusion Alembic on the low level synthesis gear from vendor
  75. Localization Error: Swiftblade's Skills (Really important).
  76. Grace period when you crash
  77. Housing Release and Login Queues
  78. House Prices
  79. Rare crash at launch
  80. What is the server capacity? These queues are going to be worse on Launch
  81. My little bug report...
  82. Check your credit amount. Credits are missing.
  83. Are AFK timers in game?
  84. Disconnected
  85. Can we have the Gilda tab back in the market place?
  86. Long load time during splash screen stage...
  87. Easy Anticheat: False Positives
  88. problem Labor
  89. Loading map crash
  90. AAU Progression feedback
  91. Halloween housing items
  92. Borderline arch-pass completion exploit maybe?
  93. 4K support?
  94. Explorer Bows need to be included in 1h or 2h Explorers Weapon Box!
  95. 3k Queue within 3 mins or server open
  96. Crash after entering the game map
  97. Crash in Starter Areas
  98. Where Are All The Artistry Instruments? (Unchained)
  99. Solution to the Qs for launch day
  100. Got stuck with 4 ppl on hero arena
  101. Grace Period - a thread
  102. After cinematic logo crash solution
  103. Having a Graphical issue
  104. Had to repay 5gilda for ArchPass mission unlock
  105. Elf Face Debauchery!!
  106. Cannot find xlcommon.dll
  107. CRASHING after trying to purchase credit. suppose to minimize
  108. Game freezes after finishing Ezna Massacre quest.
  109. Basic Archpass Protect Marianople 0/20
  110. Arena bug
  111. No Explorer Magic Shield?
  112. Trade Expoit on Unchanined
  113. Archepass Quest Bug Video
  114. Glider BUG!
  116. PTS 2 - Failed to create character - The name is invalid. Please enter a different one
  117. Upgrading Archepass to premium issue
  118. Songs bug
  119. AFK Kick timer too aggressive maybe?
  120. ArchePass Preview
  121. BlackReath Keep no f functionality
  122. Failed to create character - The name is invalid. Please enter a different one (PTS 2)
  123. Using VPN to get into game
  124. Test server limit?
  125. Unable to see pet gear
  126. I have only one Character on PST 2
  127. NPC Name bug
  128. Missing character model
  129. Stuck on connection screen.
  130. [MINOR ISSUE] Widescreen login screen
  131. NPC name bug
  132. A Mother's Tale only Eyes
  133. Archepass costumes have stats
  134. My Feedback of the Game
  135. Please give more UI scaling options
  136. Swiftblade's Blink is useable on mounts but does not dismount on use.
  137. The three bosses of logging into PTS
  138. No Quest Text Translation
  139. Archeage Unchained
  140. Idea to allow accumilation of daily mission attempts: please Read w/ survey and data table
  141. Combat Archepass premium Track Costumes
  142. Houses Prices in the unchained PTS
  143. Unchained Halcyona gear score requirement
  144. server force crashed me for an update.
  145. PTS Update and now I get black screen after character select.
  146. Potential Exploit /P2W item in cash shop
  147. Falling threw the map is still a thing lol
  148. Arche pass kill quests sometimes don't get counts for their zone
  149. Let us view our ping!
  150. The most disappointing PTS ever seen
  151. No display on make up
  152. Landlock Period too short
  153. Vocation ArchePass final reward: bug or intentional?
  154. My frustrating experience this far
  155. Game crashing upon minimising fullscreen
  156. Noble Castle Servant Emma is invisible
  157. Name Reservation Day
  158. Quest missing! (Bug)
  159. better explanation of Archepass quests...
  160. Reduce the vendor sell price of the Premium Archepass
  161. Allow High end graphic options for 6.0
  162. Stuck in Quest Dialog after tabing out of game
  163. Land grabbing starting?
  164. Game Crash when logging to Character Select
  165. Gear to easy to get?
  166. Sound problems, slow loading models.
  167. Request Completion Ticket for diligence coins?
  168. "g" key does not work for some quests
  169. ~This is creepy asf
  170. Missing Translation on Item(s)
  171. Loading indicators
  172. Massive problem that can potential break the hiram quest gear line. (Possibly exploitable while leveling also but not really)
  173. Gilda and daily contracts
  174. Please use useful error messages : The gods have disconnected you!
  175. Archepass Completion
  176. Strafe move for gliding and driving fix
  177. Fusion Alembic and Starter Gear
  178. MAJOR ISSUE with QUESTLINE THAT is 100% Repeatable and Prevents Hiram Gear Completion
  179. Diligence Coins and Housing/UCC items
  180. Losing dailies when changing Archepass
  181. Quest Bug: Gathering Information (Sanddeep)
  182. Movable Health Bars, etc
  183. Bug: description error in Archepass quest (Workin' Overtime)
  184. Please add these options to unchained: Turn off successful regrade pop-up
  185. Glider quest can't be picked back up if you out level the zone. (Dwarf)
  186. Icon bug when zoning into a dungeon
  187. Crafted Armor Set Bonus and Build Path Imbalance
  188. You call this a "Basic" Archepass??
  189. Please don't force us to use twitter.
  190. Expansion Scrolls and Diligence Coins
  191. Replacement Bows and Instruments from quest line are not available.
  192. Archepass Missions cost too much Gilda!
  193. Get stuck in chair if you sit in a bench in the Judge's quarters
  194. @Devs: Please delay character/name reservation
  195. Tax Certificates
  196. Unable to Use Abiilities Bug
  197. Options tab not working
  198. precious feedback
  199. In The Nicest Possibly Way, Time Is Ticking (Official Response Request)
  200. Orian respawn time
  201. īDilligence Coins and how to optain them
  202. A lot of old issues!
  203. Error: Device removed! please restart the game.
  204. Bug - Ancestral Auramancy Conversion Shield Combo
  205. It's 24hours before name-reservation, but I see no AA Unchained in Glyph....
  206. Magic Circle Timer
  207. Borderless mode does not work with non-native resolutions
  208. Dyaya and Carendash to get airpods
  209. Suggestion for ArchePass Rewards
  210. The Vendor needs to sell Explorer Bow
  211. Lucius Lunastone in AAU
  212. Dwarf Basic Archepass
  213. Name reservation when we still can't login?
  214. Gilda, Credits, Crime Point, and More
  215. What do you think about the Diligence Marketplace?
  216. What do you think about the Credits Marketplace?
  217. Trasparency about ArchePasses content
  218. Feedback on Artistry in Unchained
  219. Where will name reservation be done?
  220. Changes to the 16x16 farm quest for west faction?
  221. Arean problem in AAU PTS server
  222. Remove Merit Merchant Schooner and Hauler
  223. Targeting Enemy Issue
  224. Only One Character After Crash [Bug]
  225. SUGGESTIONS on premium pass rewards / credit store
  226. Nerf Hiram Set!
  227. Infinite Arcane Enhancer: Stage 3 Duping
  228. SWIFTBLADE SKILL: Blade Fury 3rd Attack
  229. Revamp Archepass System
  230. Not able to log in
  231. Archpass should be weekly not daily
  232. Lag Feedback
  233. Worker compensation
  234. Disparity in armour/weapon infusion rewards between races.
  235. Consider Adding More Costumes
  236. The description of my evening playing Archeage Unchained...
  237. Not enough infusion to max Bow to Unique
  238. Add Skillsaver pendant in Diligence shop
  239. Other players movements appear laggy
  240. Warborn mount animation on slopes
  241. Constantly Crashing at the Trion Screen
  242. Abilities randomly not working
  243. Quests randomly stop tracking.
  244. Another Release Delay?
  245. What's up with Stealth Cooldown?
  246. Character freze some times
  247. Cannot press Connect
  248. Possible Bug with Catalyst Stone
  249. Crash after Loading into Game?
  250. glyph doesnt work correctly