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  1. Rosie From Guild Blood Lust is a scammer
  2. Where do Costume Synthium Shards drop?
  3. Dying to know what this armor/costume is
  4. For new and coming back /shatigon
  5. Skullnight and maces
  6. Clear/Vivid gale lunarite: Destruction
  7. Hi I'm New
  8. I have a few questions about what server I should be on. Im a newer player.....
  9. Prime Suspect debuff
  10. Getting in to the game - crafting equipment?
  11. How do you form a guild?
  12. Haven't played since October...
  13. Archage's fowleri List
  14. Country setting? Where? / Ländereinstellung? Wo ?
  15. are the ember nyphm/ale sprite pets still avalibe from theese achievements
  16. acoso
  17. Stuck on Chapter 7: Heading to Halcyona
  18. Pawsome Pet event? Where is it and how can I get there?
  19. Hy all
  20. What to spend labor on?
  21. Is "Mentor" a mythical being?
  22. class build for open world pvp
  23. New player encountering recurring issue
  24. Hey all - Returning (new) player
  25. When does the dwarf get a mount??
  26. Can I get a salon ticket via merit badges or gilda stars?
  27. Lonely Isle Dinghy / Swan Paddle Boat speed?
  28. Newbie ways to earn Gilda Star?
  29. First time player
  30. New Player
  31. What are the most fun PVE classes?
  32. Disconnected by gamemaster??
  33. I get a question
  34. pls help about shipswrecks
  35. How do you grind Printing Proficiency?
  36. Fusion problem
  37. Trading 101?
  38. Housing tax certificate clarification?
  39. Heroic Loyalty Tokens
  40. Cheat? hack? or a nice feature?
  41. New Player Seeking Advice, Friends, Etc.
  42. What just happened to me?
  43. Hello Everyone
  44. Money Money Money
  45. First time player, loving it so far
  46. Safety in Numbers ???
  47. Newb looking for animals!
  48. House placement?
  49. Server transfer
  50. Possible misconduct?
  51. What proficiency does Larceny need to be to get the Criminal Mastermind quest/title?
  52. Best EU server to play on? And what class for group pvp? - returning player
  53. Silly idea...
  54. When should I purchase Patron?
  55. Where do I get "Mysterious Hothouse Herb Pot"?
  56. Level 50 ? What should we do ?
  57. Font size
  58. Fresh start- free codes and giveaways
  59. Best armor for the Sabrefang cat?
  60. Can i withdraw prepay tax of a land to sell it?
  61. House placement help
  62. Healer
  63. Unidentified Vein?
  64. wreck treasure hunting lvl
  65. *stupid question*
  66. Chat filter Another nono word?
  67. +prof items
  68. Returning Player
  69. abyssal skill for mage
  70. Whats the best CC for siege pvp
  71. How do you report a player?
  72. Gear Questions
  73. Thunder log
  74. about lvl
  75. Cannon design
  76. Does logging proficiency effect logs gathered?
  77. stat migration?
  78. I Need Help With The Delivery Event (fails the requirements)
  79. visit Orchidna’s throne and click on the spinning symbol to retrieve it?
  80. It's for à friends, Archeage on Mac it's possible now?
  81. I messed up with the Daru delivery quests.
  82. Where can I find a farmers workbench in Nuia?
  83. Greetings forum dwellers
  84. City Guards vs. Players
  85. Problem, problem, problem, and Problem Again :')
  86. GM Question don't want to be banned for doing this
  87. Do Summons count as allies??
  88. Sunken ships bugging
  89. What is a Daru quest in marianople to get clipper?
  90. Sharing gold and items in a family
  91. Trading Merchant Trade Costume
  92. I am utterly baffled by the Proficiency ranking system!!!
  93. How to edit skill saver?
  94. Auroria, lords coins and me.
  95. How to use the memory ink to save a location in teleport book?
  96. Some Gear Questions
  97. Seed description
  98. Most popular server?
  99. How do you un-socket a lunagem?
  100. Stupid question, how do you stack items in backpack?
  101. How to equip as an Enigmatist
  102. Dissapearing Experimental Glider?
  103. What Does SM mean and where can I find a list of these terms?
  104. Quires for Journals, How do I journal entries to stack?
  105. Salvaging Delphinad Cloaks
  106. Where can I find a Cherry sapling?
  107. why doesn't the slash / button on the chat work?
  108. How does jury duty work?
  109. Returning Player
  110. Songcraft reduce agro
  111. East/West Auction Houses separate?
  112. Densely populated legacy server
  113. Help please... Need Warborn info!
  114. Looking for players New/Old
  115. How did I get to Ahnimar?
  116. Plate with Agility + Stamina
  117. Appearing/disappearing quest givers?
  118. Help with Healing Spec
  119. Gear requirements?
  120. Find Eldris in sandeep?!
  121. CC breakers in PvE?
  122. Deleting a Character
  123. Healthiest EU Legacy server.
  124. Is this build viable?
  125. Gallant Mounts
  126. Are there hidden ups/downs for skillsets?
  127. What is the name of the Harani battlerage outfit in character creator?
  128. Returning player
  129. Hod you get damage up on an archer?
  130. Is there a GTAoE setting?
  131. Mail w/ Attatchments
  132. Common Newbie Questions
  133. Questions about the fresh server Prophecy(EU)
  134. I need a mentor!
  135. Howzit, boet? [South African Players]
  136. Is it p2w ore not?
  137. Returning player question.
  138. Forced name change
  139. What is the best profiency for new character?
  140. Some questions
  141. Server statues for returning player player
  142. Healing guide for new players!-
  143. Returning player
  144. New player,could use some help from the veterans.
  145. Question about the Farm Freighter.
  146. Merchant costume
  147. Question about Whisper Raiment costumes.
  148. 2 Questions
  149. Eels
  150. Fresh start to Fresh start server transfers?
  151. Introduction
  152. Q: Combination of Items with Shared Cooldown
  153. Sharpwind Mines
  154. Templar vs Cleric
  155. How fast are gliders in m/s?
  156. Returning Player
  157. Greetings...
  158. Reckoning
  159. Back after long break
  160. Trade.. Crafting Pack Fertilizer commerce Proficiency
  161. Don't care if it's p2w!
  162. Sunken treasure skills
  163. Fresh Start
  164. Hey guys, questions about the Large Farm...
  165. New Player 50-55 Questions
  166. Merchant Schooner Spped with storage packs
  167. Ships in Archeage
  168. Professions
  169. Patron Clock
  170. Returning Player Confused
  171. Merchant's Costume: Basic
  172. coming back for fresh start
  173. Fresh Start question !
  174. Link pls Continental trade run profit
  175. Templar Resurgence Each Tick Crtic Chance?
  176. Trade Apexs in Enna for Fresh start :)
  177. Vengeance or Reckoning?
  178. Best EU server right now?
  179. TItan thunderwing who to group up with?
  180. Greetings
  181. question please ! :)
  182. hi new to game can anyone help me understand classes plesae?
  183. Tax cert and nation questions
  184. Hi one Question
  185. Attack Speed Formula?
  186. Choosing a Server
  187. Hi Guys
  188. How not to redownload the game after EU get patched
  189. New player lonely AF [NA Reckoning]
  190. Archeage Daily Credit Reward Package Questions...
  191. Server question
  192. Archeage 101 for New Players
  193. NA Discord
  194. Hello, I'm Nymerix
  195. Hey.. Im new player (lvl 18) looking for help.
  196. Returning player, wondering how to make a decent amount of gold?
  197. Obsidian clarification
  198. A question about combat logging
  199. Question about Wolfgang B200 ---------
  200. Returning Vet Looking to start over.
  201. SweetFX
  202. Leveling help 50-55
  203. Archeage Russia, Korea, China, Japan, EU+NA
  204. Returning to shatigon eu
  205. Charcoal Stabilizers
  206. help me plz <3
  207. Charcoal Stabilizers???
  208. [Merchant's Costume: Trade] Questions.
  209. To craft Fertilizer houses
  210. Gear pre Greater dungeon
  211. how do i get my farm?
  212. How long will the appreciation rewards stick around? (in the mirage shop)
  213. I cant take quest rewards
  214. Old player wanna give the game another try
  215. Need to submit a ticket
  216. Do new accounts get the chest with the bear mount and gear ticket?
  217. club head fungus location please
  218. Fresh Start Server Mount/Pets
  219. Best EU Legacy server for a new character?
  220. Returning member
  221. Question : When is the next Estimated Double EXP event ?
  222. How to craft fertilizer house
  223. Err.. Hello?
  224. Worth to try Archeage or is still P2W?
  225. Is it worth to comeback as a PVP player?
  226. Which servers have the biggest East and West populations?!
  227. I just got back in the game and I can not get in
  228. Returning player fresh start or legacy?
  229. Glyph redownloading game always itself
  230. Keyboard question
  231. Been away a long time - what's changed?
  232. I'm a new player, any tips?
  233. greetings folks
  234. Auto-attacking
  235. How to remove my signature from items I crafted?
  236. Merchant schooner with mythic sails and packs whats the speed
  237. Purse farming worth ? ! ?
  238. Cruel Glory Sash >>> Elegant Glory Sash
  239. How to capture world boss battle pet ?
  240. New player [NA Reckoning]
  241. Increasing movespeed what are the items?
  242. New to the game
  243. Renaia's Research Journal
  244. dragon cultist duster added to loyalty tab??
  245. Looking for a server to reroll
  246. tradesman manor in aauroria zones
  247. Server population
  248. I don't know anything about gearing and things like that, help.
  249. Erenor set buff ?!?
  250. Best computer parts for AA?