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  1. Reward names switched on quest
  2. Pirates can not speak with other faction pirate!!!!!!
  3. "Huslim's report" quest item messege text typo
  4. Broken Wing Brotherhood Camp
  5. Clean Up the Streets Quest Text
  6. Honorable Discharge Quest in Solis Headlands
  7. Talisman:"Queen bee's taming net", Gives "Target must be*korean text*"
  8. So many Profanity filter bugs. Let's Catch 'em All !!!
  9. Blue Salt Merchant Recruiter, in Anvilton, Tigerspine: "reccomend"
  10. Finding Tessa: Cinderstone
  11. Bugs I came across
  12. Quest Text Display
  13. Map Text incorrect
  14. Bug report 2 - Closed Beta event 4
  15. quette épique a 2am et 2pm
  16. Ode to Recovery
  17. Bug near Ynystere
  18. Quest Descriptions and Snare Skill bug
  19. Hotbars
  20. item description text bug
  21. Wrong description on Focal Concussion
  22. gold farmers and spammers
  23. Queue timer
  24. Mounts/Ships/Gliders do not stay on the hotbars.
  25. UI Size resets after logout/login.
  26. Founder pack
  27. German Translation: Labor Points
  28. Character Creation - Sorcery
  29. armors are invisible
  30. Option to disable grass!!?
  31. NPC text starts from the end during dialogue
  32. Crafting Text Mislabeled
  33. Low Graphics Invisible players and NPCs
  34. The Bloodhand Camp
  35. In palace dungeon
  36. Clean map coordinates lead to treasure that's blocked
  37. Fading,
  38. Item name wrong
  39. "A Rare Perfume"
  40. wrong ring description
  41. Quest log summaries missing
  42. Quest text: "Eye of Rotos"
  43. I keep falling through the landscape.
  44. Quest Log: Shrinked
  45. Ocean graphics bugs
  46. Fly into Jail
  47. Overpowered Spell Locus Tooltip is wrong
  48. Stuck green splash (closed beta 4 to now)
  49. Lumber misnamed
  50. falling thru the ground!
  51. error 2025?
  52. Problems with launcher Glyph
  53. Butcher Umei at Jaun's Ranch Text Error
  54. For North Ishvara Quest Text Error
  55. Blocked access
  56. i am getting black screen in the glyph launcher.
  57. Expansion Slot Character Founder Items?
  58. Archium Rewards
  59. Thatched farmhouse Mahadevi
  60. udf folder MILLION files!
  61. im still having problems connecting....
  62. Guild ranks - bug
  63. Founder pack bugged
  64. Farm timer bugged?
  65. Daier University or Daeier University? (Inconsistent naming)
  66. Stone Rose Cottage has wrong pop-up title
  67. [BUG] Wrongfully Imprisoned
  68. can't move when press shift and ctrl
  69. [Bug] Missing zone text on black splash
  70. Missing Market Place Gems
  71. Bugged anvilton gilda quest plus others
  72. Trade run: Mahadevi to solzreed
  73. emails not sending
  74. Larceny [IMPORTANT] alpha bug
  75. Bug: Guild: manager/Barracks
  76. Gliders don't "somersault"
  77. I played Headstart and I still don't have my Patron
  78. pet armor
  79. Raising Ducks tooltip still references Beans
  80. "Target is facing wrong direction" - no, you are!
  81. TXAA graphic issues, UI/graphic changes not saving, icon placement on hotkey bars not saving
  82. No Space After : When Whispering D:
  83. Having Trouble? Check the ArcheAge Launch Known Issues!
  84. 2 characters allowed across all servers and only 4 per server for.... wait what?
  85. Mechanical Engineer Voulge
  86. Fishing boat name sounds like an Asian speaking bad English
  87. Lilyut Hills: Fallen Fortress
  88. Halfmoon Werefox ability not translated
  89. Guys i can't read the Words
  91. Leonie's Killers
  92. Arcane Honorbold Lunafrost - wrong text
  93. Gods and Heroes
  94. A little bad grammar (German)
  95. French quest translation (Rébellion mécanique).
  96. Mislabled Crafting Titles
  97. Error [ Failed to load the game dll! ]
  98. Censoring "ning" special characters.
  99. Elegant Haranya Tutoring Cushion
  100. Firran video clip
  101. Still no patron after 3 days ago
  102. When are you going to give me Patron status ?
  103. Rowboat Opening Worldgate
  104. Confusing explanation of characters allowed
  105. Проблемы с HackShield [Problems hack hackshield]
  106. Game Freezes
  107. Outdated Item Tooltip
  108. An actual post about "game text"
  109. Protective Wings, Auramancy
  110. may be a typo? auramancy
  111. Handicraft- Elegant Haranya Tutoring Cushion
  112. Audio: "Target is facing the wrong way"
  113. Cottonwood / Poplar Tree Text Bug
  114. Missing Text for Entry to New Map
  115. Patron labor tool tip error
  116. Item Bug +0 status
  117. Skill - Protective Wings - Auramancy tree - wrong description
  118. Tree Planting Bug
  119. Quest - Trade Run: Dewstone to Austera, Quality Certificate Typo
  120. Falling through the map......
  121. Misunderstanding with game text occurred in me losing an item worth my banks intirety.
  122. (((((((((((((Witchcraft (Focal concussion),Occutilism(Overpowered spell locus)))))))))
  123. Test
  124. Expansion Scroll Description
  125. Tahyang Server East Faction Spammers
  126. 89 ?? skill_urk_except_complete_quest_context
  127. Quest info text missing
  128. Incorrect Quest Text (Blue Salt Brotherhood)
  129. Willow Tree
  130. Please add space after whisper colon
  131. Incorrect text for Treatise on Elves
  132. Prince Reander's Love quest
  133. Two Crowns, Farmhouse Area
  134. Deflect and Retaliate reset cd bug
  135. Leonie's Killers Quest Incorrect Gender
  136. general texts in Korean!
  137. Vague Material Tooltips
  138. Red-Green color blind player needs some help please
  139. Can't see guilds logos or anythig customized
  140. Firran Story Quest Text
  141. Not able to open world gates with Rebirth Trauma
  142. Can't list item due to character or account restrictions
  143. Incorrect text pop-up when removing someone from your blocked list.
  144. Account Error
  145. Cut scene text formatting in Dewstone for green quest
  146. Hadir Farm mentee quest txt is wrong
  147. Dewstone Plains: Something in the Soup
  148. The Chat
  149. Game Chat Bug for spammers.
  150. Trade Pack Quest bug?
  151. Thoroughbred misunderstanding.
  152. Bots sell packs Melisara
  153. Vitalism - Quick Recovery Typo
  154. Demon Hunter Tool tip
  155. Housing province text mismatch for thatched and scarecrow gardens
  156. [Trade Pack] Falcorth to Widesleeves - Incorrect mouse over text
  157. Life ring (incorrectly displayed information)
  158. [Gold spammer]FAil to block
  159. Korean Text bug on NA server.
  160. [QUEST] "Prince Reander's Love"
  161. GHA Teleport after beating 2nd boss
  162. Labor typo
  163. Costume description
  164. Target is facing the wrong direction
  165. Singing Greenmen
  166. Tiger Balm
  167. Ship names
  168. Floating Heads
  169. Immune enemies can still hurt you....
  170. Land glitches
  171. Purchasing duplicate items from the cash shop
  172. Major hitching
  173. /escape doesnt work
  174. Arcum Iris Thatched Farmhouse Area Bug
  175. Game Crashed
  176. Jury Exploit/bug
  177. Mystery Man Fedora text bug
  178. Space between colon and text in whispers
  179. Howling Abyss castbar in Korean.
  180. UI resize kill quest log
  181. tutoring cusion
  182. Please help me my game cant start !!!
  183. I can't play this game
  184. Error in grammar
  185. Honorable Discharge
  186. Guild Rank Upper/Lowercase Error
  187. Text error or useless item?
  188. [Website] Spelling errors on the german website
  189. Skill bars that randomly disappear?
  190. Farmer's Workstation - Larders
  191. Possessive form is wrong througout the whole game
  192. [Quest]Suspect Behaviour from Windscour Savanah
  193. Glyph launcher text - 2016 error
  194. Ripe Ash Fruit description using wrong preposition
  195. Portable Harpoon Cannon | Deadly Toxin Shot
  196. Cottonwood Trees
  197. CHEATer
  198. Paetron and Labor Bar Text Differences
  199. Elegant Female Tutor Cushion mistakenly says it will summon a male
  200. Logged in today and 75% of all text is in Korean!!!
  201. buggy donkeys Camp administrator Hassan
  202. Rosemary Seed bundles Mis-labelled Temperate
  203. fatigue des bug de gyph
  204. quest treasure of tower
  205. Quest: Suspect Behavior Distracted in place of Distraught
  206. this is normal for my game
  207. patron status always wrong
  208. Trade Run: Falcorth to Widesleeves text error
  209. UDF Folder +millions 0kb files
  210. I can´t open archeage
  211. Packets ("brockers" with hack)
  212. Support for Central european
  213. translation not made
  214. Howling Abyss Teleporter
  215. Blue Salt trader 16x16 Quest
  216. Gha gear bugged and lunastone
  217. anyeone help me please
  218. Skill Tool Tips Incorrect
  219. Quest: Prince Reander's Love (Text Goof)
  220. Chinese Gold Seller on Ezi
  221. Wave/Tidal Bows Named Incorrectly
  222. Incredible Edibles - Quest Typo
  223. Kill One, Save One - Minor Text Issue
  224. Gingko leaves
  225. Frozen animation bug
  226. A Gesture of Peace - Minor Issue
  227. Stick to one!
  228. I just see the heads of the chars
  229. Incorrect distance tooltip for Loud Speaker - Songcraft
  230. Focal Concussion tool tip or spell is wrong (proof)
  231. Master Blacksmith
  232. ''Chat is blocked. Wait 30 min.''
  233. the donkey
  234. Helper Ariston (Quest: Starve the supply lines)
  235. V BUG - Fix please :)
  236. Text bug in item name (not translated)
  237. Non-translation - Palace Cellar
  238. Herring and Char - Text Bug
  239. An Outside Perspective - Typo
  240. Bugged Illustrious Ring
  241. Settings not Saving
  242. GHA text bug
  243. Tool tips in Korean
  244. Sophie's Resting Place - Typo
  245. RumbLing Archeum Tree
  246. Missed a Spot
  247. Fps drop durnin fishing
  248. Child's Play - Typo
  249. Hallowtide Entry Comment
  250. In Service to the Lost Gods - typo