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  1. Glyph bug srry if this is the wrong place.
  2. Mistmerrow exploration point mislabelled
  3. Windwraith's Pipes (Halloween event organ)
  4. [MARKETPLACE] Rng box about costume
  5. Lunar/Solar Garden
  6. Extra Life 2016
  7. Stealthfang Shield - wrong buff text
  8. Vahni
  9. cow plushie pet pyro panic
  10. Merit/Thirsty Worker's flask
  11. Perinoor Community Center Board
  12. A Darker Power
  13. Family Page missing 's for Possessive
  14. Freezing Arrow/Frost Arrow
  15. Merit Quest
  16. Beserker's Combat
  17. Avocado Sapling Climate is wrong
  18. Crafting Vs Craft Change, bug maybe?
  19. Every time i press the letter 'A' in game it wipes what i have typed.
  20. Archeage 3.0 - Salon Typo
  21. bug popo de competence
  22. Abyssal Skill: Soulbound Blades (Battlerage) - TRANSLATION
  23. Prime Tenacious Giftbox
  24. Abyssal Witchcraft: Stonesight
  25. Guild lvl 6 buff
  26. carriage text
  27. Bug Speedboat
  28. merit quest on screen message
  29. Error found
  30. Red Farm Freighter
  31. Hidden buff =P
  32. My lemon trees appear as carrots?
  33. Literally Unplayable
  34. NA, Daily Schedule, Events Tab. Times wrong
  35. Bug in Defense Abyssal Skill?
  36. Perfect life lunaforst
  37. Grimghast Vangaurd
  38. Fishing bug, waste of time, money and money with my family, 6 of 10 fish popping up for air ...
  39. cant send ticket
  40. Merchant's Costume : Fishing - Effect not active
  41. Small bug in the machining section of the folio
  42. Object Link in chat is censored
  43. Typo in Halcyona winner buff
  44. potato eye bundle mature in approx time wrong
  45. Typo on a quest?
  46. Orchidna's Music Box Level Requirement for Quest
  47. Nui Bubble Trap - misleading text?
  48. Dewstone Community center
  49. Erenor hero buff.
  50. Distressed (Debuff) tooltip changed
  51. Do not translate
  52. Flower Farm Manager's Identity Crisis
  53. Quests
  54. Clink
  55. German translation - Sockes Pket der Süßen Träume
  56. Vocation Mining Drill / Majestic Tree Incomplete Tips
  57. Golden Manticore text bug
  58. Iron Eviscerator(Mount) - buff text error
  59. Pawsome timed quests' correct times
  60. Assisted Sewerside
  61. Taris's Soul is a killer
  62. Nailed It! Title text error
  63. Beechnuts
  64. 300k Labor emote reward
  65. game not start
  66. Graphics are killing me
  67. Failed to load game data
  68. Hardwood Dining Table Design
  69. Translaterino pls
  70. Underwater breathing device
  71. Achievement in french
  72. [French] Lucid Ancient Sorcery Lunagem
  73. 382312 Do not attempt to translate
  74. lantern festival
  75. Mage Miller's Records
  76. 2h Buff
  77. Value of Exploration Drops (or more precisely underwater drops)
  78. Drop Rate: Underwater Breathing Device
  79. Incorrect Community Center Rank Text
  80. Text bug in dungons
  81. Royal Hive Vocation quest Text
  82. Hound of Kyrios Ghast?
  83. Startling Strain (Life)
  84. Lilyut Barley Moonshine
  85. Red Farm Freighter
  86. Server Select Screen Tooltip Weirdness
  87. Songcraft Abyssal: Abyssal ode to recovery (wrong tooltip)
  88. Melee Glove tooltip error?
  89. Resident Pack Crafting - Delivery
  90. Pretty Major Mis-translation
  91. sunken ships gold not beinng sent out
  92. Auroria Hellbent Tassets error
  93. Minor Mana Potions
  94. Suspicious activity detected debuff - violet bloomfang
  95. Ode to recovery - no longer a perform skill
  96. Auroria Precise Auramancy Sash
  97. Drop Back
  98. Songcraft Bloody Chanty - Wrong tooltip text
  99. Duplicate "Needs a Family" Titles, Should Probably Rename One
  100. Erenor Twintail Cloak
  101. Incorrect Tooltip on Lightning Earthen Grip
  102. Incorrect Tooltip on Bruiser Badge
  103. Glyph Crash Handler 64
  104. Zeal Grimoire Buff Text
  105. Incorrect NPC Name In 'Rally to Reedwind' Event Quest
  106. healer freez and bubble trap bug
  107. Larder pack description error
  108. @ Quil - Mass Production
  109. Idk how you spelled October wrong
  110. Dream Ring quest
  111. Silent Forest Community Center
  112. Guards are red for allied nation.
  113. Wrong text description on clear/ancient ancient shadowplay lunagem
  114. German Version / Bufffood incorrect tooltipp /4.0
  115. A conversation about the Maelsorm letter
  116. Incorrect transformation description Brinebrawn Stones
  117. destination tracker not working
  118. Plusieurs problème de traduction (Archeage 4.0)
  119. Gallant Snowlion-Herder Crate description bug
  120. Title help menu description out of date
  121. Yatarina
  122. Auction house
  123. Frost Dragon Mount name
  124. Theatrical Techniques: Think
  125. Honor shop and Kyrios badge shop title not correct
  126. The line of quest does not appear to me
  127. Anthalon Set Bonus
  128. Liberty Drums tooltip
  129. Looking for a transmuter
  130. Proven Warrior Clubs/GCs
  131. Greenman Dance buff in Korean
  132. Tonics and Tinctures Quest
  133. [GERMAN] Title Error from Fun Arena Event
  134. Cloudstrike Panther and Snow Leopard
  135. Farm Wagon Design
  136. [German] Distance to target in meters, not minutes!
  137. Crimson Watch Box
  138. German Folio for Tier 2 gems in Korean
  139. Jury Trial Request
  140. Upgrading Squall or Speedster to Timber Coupe
  141. One last job
  142. FFA "Only one claims victory"
  143. Mornstone Desc Addition - Extract All
  144. Health/Mana Food Desc Addition - Out of Combat
  145. Incorrect description on Tyrenos's Index
  146. Viper Fang for GHA and HA same name, can confuse
  147. Wrong name of Marketplace Farm in maps
  148. Possible Typo on Blue Salt Manual
  149. Moonlight Kitsu's run is in korean
  150. Grave erreur de traduction...
  151. Daeier Necklace
  152. Glenns new mistress typo
  153. Sunglow Piercing Shot Description
  154. Honor Potion
  155. Cloak Leveling Bonus
  156. Trade pack name wrong in folio.
  157. Login tracker bug.
  158. bug or not?
  159. Battlerage Puncture Passive has a 12 second cooldown
  160. Learning ancestral skills
  161. Fresh Start Cogwheel Longboard Crafting
  162. Hasla Rift - Do not translate mob
  163. Narayana Squire ability inflicts shaken, not distressed
  164. Crimson Omen Daily Contract
  165. Problems to accommodate packaging
  166. Multiple skill stun and impale durations are listed as static values
  167. Prime Tenacious Giftboxes No Longer Give Labor Pots
  168. Freezing Earth snare doesn't say -50% duration in pvp
  169. The quest text didn’t show up in chat log [All] meanwhile the others did.
  170. Snare Combo w/ Slow + Tigerstrike not showing -50% duration in PvP
  171. Tigerstrike tooltip not large enough
  172. Insulating Lens , Mana Barrier skills still wrong tooltip or wrong function, 1 month after patch.
  173. Protective Wings Flame says 5m range, actually 15m
  174. Umbrella glider "Whing-Clipped"
  175. Death's vengeance stun duration
  176. Typo in the tooltip for Dahuta's Breath
  177. Wallop undocumented combo
  178. Powerstone Pet stealth text bug
  179. Taming Net text (?) bug
  180. Stat Migration Tooltip
  181. MetalQuest: Iron Ingots (Daily Contract)
  182. Fledging Phoenix
  183. Skill Problems
  184. Enraged Abyssal monsters buff translation
  185. "Protected until" date on house info went missing
  186. "Craftable" gems
  187. The artist title seems to be incorrect?
  188. Misspelling on website
  189. Large Log Fence text bug
  190. 5.0 Class Name
  191. Missing Compensation
  192. Achievement Tracker not showing
  193. This needs to be fixed!!!
  194. Achievements>Collection>Skywarden>Cute Companion...missing info!!
  195. Change weapon descriptions for "Attack Speed" and "Weapon Type"
  196. Crippling Mire Quake doesn't say in description you must stand still
  197. Help pls
  198. Delphinad cloak in shoes encyclopedia
  199. Revitalizing Cheer tooltip does not mention stun cleanse
  200. Fortuna die tooltip
  201. 5.1 poison healing debuff
  202. New Blue Salt Bonds Req.
  203. Incorrect tooltips thread
  204. Very large letters when opening the Marketplace
  205. Erenor feed
  206. Cargo quest daily to haranya/nuia incorrect item name
  207. Hero Election Board footnotes
  208. Large log fence tooltip
  209. Kann mein Schiff nicht mehr rufen/Can’t call my ship anymore
  210. Why is Halcyona still broke?
  211. Blue Salt Bond quests have a few text errors
  212. Raid Notifications
  213. Labor Reward: 500 cooldown text is incorrect.
  214. Taris logon is met with GODS DISCONNECTED YOU message
  215. Incorrect Shield Slam Tooltip and Buff
  216. Clarification on Black Dragon Spawn times
  217. Jackpot Mining Veins Broken?