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  1. How to Post a Text Bug Report
  2. ~My Credits
  3. You forgot to English
  4. Quest Bug: Improvised Materials: Hereafter Clothes
  5. Quest Bug: Precious gift
  6. Graphic error
  7. Game Crashes during gameplay...
  8. Quest Report (text in korean)
  9. Enter Zone Text Not Showing
  10. Help! Language is korean!?
  11. Priestess of Nui in Falcorth Plains
  12. Stablemaster Moore
  13. Mana Stars Text bug?
  14. Priestess of Nui in Dewstone Plains quest is in 2 languages
  15. Guild Rank Names [please]
  16. problem encountered in archeage close beta
  17. Conflicting Information
  18. BUG: In-game marketplace
  19. Water and Target Bug
  20. Seed Merchant Samal
  21. Debuff icon stacking number color + debuff name
  22. Coast Guard Officer Chloe's name
  23. Crippling Mire [Occultism]
  24. Historian Saye
  25. A Slippery Foe
  26. Merchants in Crescent Throne
  27. Market Place Items
  28. Refreshment and Toughen (Defense)
  29. Quest in Korean -- Daily Quest -- Purchase Memory Ink
  30. Third Blue Salt Brotherhood Trade Quest has wrong text in quest description.
  31. All merchants speaking Korean & Characters frequently say "..."
  32. Priestess quest still in Korean.
  33. Disconnect/Crash on Airship = Death
  34. Peace at Last quest in Dewstone
  35. Nonnative Fruited Crapevine
  36. All the stable boys are still spouting korean
  37. German?
  38. Comet Speedster Traverse skill untranslated
  39. Quest: The armies of Casigant: Spelling error.
  40. Trade Run: Gweonid to Solzreed
  41. Questgiver's name appeared in Korean
  42. Glider disappeared
  43. Spelling mistakes in "The Refuge in Oxion" quest given by Shaman Grell
  44. Daily Quests
  45. Guardian passive in defense misleading info
  46. Improvised Materials: Hereafter Clothes
  47. Lilyut Hills Merchant Quest
  48. Guild privileges
  49. Nui Priests still speaking Korean
  50. Grapevine Text Typo
  51. Quest - Secrets in Sandcloud
  52. NPCs spamming general channel
  53. Bug Report: All Large Text Boxes Start At Bottom of Page
  54. Can't See Custom Crest
  55. Weird error message in the Soundless Lake
  56. Typo in the german GLYPH launcher
  57. Image Tooltip error.
  58. Quest trade run falcorth to widesleeves
  59. Quest: Far From Home (in Nuia)
  60. Tooltip Mistranslation
  61. Loyalty Tokens
  62. Black screen then game crash
  63. NPC Ramai improper voice greeting.
  64. Incorrect Spelling
  65. Nothing but Characters Hair & Eyes rendered
  66. Hirani Hair Bug in Char creation
  67. Too long text in friend list
  68. Guard message
  69. Low FPS & Graphical issues
  70. Blue salt brotherhood quest
  71. Video freezes after 10 minutes
  72. Blue Brotherhood quest text wrong?
  73. Temple Priestess - Energy of the Hereafter
  74. Patron Status Not showing on beta
  75. Adjust tooltip text houses
  76. Crafting menu doesn't switch
  77. Simple Words Are Censored
  78. All chat channels have the wrong name to their shortcut.
  79. North Continent Area
  80. [Quest] That's not good
  81. Turning in cars/boats
  82. Spelling mistake in Grell's journal
  83. Engineer Molly has gender issues...
  84. Cut Scene for completing quest Bloodhand Camp
  85. Dialogue errors?
  86. Trade Run: Lilyut to Marianople
  87. Unable to destroy and thenplace large farm at Mahadevi Pumpkin Garden area
  88. Far From Home (Quest)
  89. Folio/ Craftingscreen translation
  90. Abdulla Garbash Meat
  91. Kid to Child
  92. Quest "Ghost of the royal tomb" (Silent Forest, Haranya)
  93. Cutscene Sub glitch
  94. Graphic Bugs
  95. Blasphemous Text Error
  96. Glider bug
  97. Whispers a little hard to read
  98. The missing caravan quest
  99. Sharpwind Mines Text Bug
  100. Game Crashes if Graphics Shown on Character Screen
  101. Chat Channel Names Confusing - "Alliance" and "Faction", amongst others. Tutorial?
  102. Snowlion Mounted Arrowshot
  103. Farmer Makella uses wrong name for Livestock Supplement
  104. Quest in Queenstower Quarry
  105. Hotkey bar
  106. Energy of the Hereafter
  107. All The Errors I Found In Text Rewrites
  108. Ridiculous censoship of common words.
  109. looting glitch
  110. Bugged error notification - Silent Forest
  111. "NET" bug
  112. Daily quest name display bug
  113. Minor text bugs
  114. ArcheAge after be deleted
  115. NON english NPC and bad translation
  116. Tha bad language filter need revamp or rebuild
  117. "Prophesied" Pronounced Wrong in Firran Opening & 1 other...
  118. Priestess daily quest bug
  119. Labor and Labour
  120. Links to "Gods and Heroes" part IV (4) labeled as part VI (6) on Archeage website
  121. Server Busy = Endless Video loop
  122. Keep the Text Bug Reports Coming!
  123. I arrive after boot logos.
  124. Whimsical Wanderer Quest Tooltip Text Bug
  125. Target is facing
  126. Screen keeps tearing with all black spiky thingie.
  127. The Fisherman's Fate: incorrect goal text in quest summary
  128. Marian in the desert html error
  129. Item Mall Bug
  130. Comet speedster skill description
  131. whisper text
  132. Text not translated
  133. I have not seens you before
  134. Text box during NPC interaction at the bottom of the text box
  135. Comet Speedster
  136. Second Trade Run Quest Text Bug - Alpha possibly even beta
  137. Bug: Game will not launch.
  138. Chat filter too strong
  139. Level 1 Flamebolt forever!
  140. Cant get game to start!
  141. Area: Windscour Savannah - Hidden Players, NPC north west from WindHeart Lake
  142. Quest: Tea For Tibbec's Mill
  143. Chitterling the Weaver quest spelling error
  144. Chat channels: Nation (/n) -> Alliance | Alliance (/f) -> Faction
  145. Spelling mistake in "Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth"
  146. Can't Use While Carrying a Tradepack
  147. Item tooltip error: [Neutral Bow]
  148. note bug
  149. Missing English in starter towns
  150. Basic Kick on Horse
  151. Missing Translation on a car
  152. "Human Blood" Not-So-Eyewitness Testimony
  153. Wrong level at Character Selection Screen
  154. Losing summs shortcut
  155. The Armies of Castigant Text Bug: deocrate instead of decorate
  156. The Armies of Castigant Text Bug: risidual instead of residual
  157. Disappearing Glider
  158. Prison time outside of prison
  159. quest giver scipped text
  160. Ordering the 3 day owl text
  161. Bug quest desrciption
  162. Wrong description of the quest (Silent forest)
  163. Market Place crashes client while moving.
  164. Skeletal Merchant Mark
  165. Quest giver dialogue
  166. applying bug
  167. Harpoon Clipper owner bug.
  168. Summon boat onscreen message = opening worldgate
  169. Back kick action bar displays korean language
  170. Quest text annoyances
  171. No indicators after 9 quests
  172. Imrovised Materials: Hereafter Clothes
  173. Level magic bug
  174. Junkyard robot has wrong name / dialogue after engaging?
  175. Game closed when loading cinematic
  176. water creating graphic bugs
  177. "Quest Component Text ID 135407" Missing mouseover quest text?
  178. NPC Nijan tells you he's giving you a weapon, then gives you potions... if I remember correctly
  179. Otilla's Run-On Sentence
  180. Necromancer Zihai Confuses "Your"/"You're"
  181. "Dried Flowerss"
  182. Engineer Bokal thinks Engineer Molly is a guy
  183. Missing "The" Merchant Recruiter
  184. Ambushers? What ambushers?
  185. CBT3 bugs
  186. Lilyut Hills Karan
  187. Trade Run: Mahadevi to Solzreed quest log text wrong
  188. Farming quests
  189. home bug
  190. Items coming off the hotbar, UI size not saving.
  191. Mount choice confusion behavior
  192. Spelling Error - Quest: A Garden of Your Own
  193. Tons of HDD space slowly being used up after4.6 patch.
  194. Text in Salon
  195. german client - 2 quests in korean language
  196. character creation - save profile fits not in the button
  197. French Translation
  198. Gramatical Error in quest Fleeing Whisperwind
  199. God disconnect you.
  200. Type V in the chat
  201. CB4 - textes en franšais - French Text
  202. 2 Error whyle trying to launch the game . Pls help.
  203. Graphics
  204. 1920x1080 fullscreen setting creates black screen
  205. French language miss traduction
  206. [The Road to Fortune-Telling]
  207. Mirage Island Bug
  208. Found a gammer error.
  209. German Game: Korean text in Quest
  210. Incorrect popup text [The Fisherman's Fate]
  211. Censored wrong word
  212. German translation errors
  213. "Decade Root" Typo
  214. L...A...G and a frozen Cutscene
  215. chatbox ...no longer able to write messages in it.
  216. Slight Mistake
  217. Cloudgrain Merchant Language
  218. Just a misspelled word
  219. Quest: In a garden of your own
  220. Text bug in "Fisherman's Fate" quest
  221. Quest: The Harpy Couple
  222. French translation
  223. German: Quest Texte nicht Řbersetzt
  224. Quest description typo
  225. Quest: The Bloodhand Camp [Italics code still present in cinematic subtitles]
  226. [Visual Bug] I think my character ate some bad burritos..
  227. Labor tooltip wrong for patrons
  228. Disconnections
  229. Quest: Prince Reander's Love
  230. Forum thread
  231. Scripts box
  232. Sextant mapping
  233. Triple slash
  234. Dried Flowerss
  235. Quest: The Unsent Letter
  236. Quest text error
  237. Cinematic Voice Incorrect
  238. [Quest] Escape from the Black Sands
  239. Seabug Pupa
  240. Region and black frame
  241. Texte erreur laucher
  242. typo in quest "A Rare Perfume"
  243. Text Subtitle Error in Cutscene
  244. Missing word in The Bloodhand Camp quest text
  245. Opening Cut Scene - Harani
  246. The Spirits' Supplies
  247. "Target" is facing in the wrong direction?
  248. The Dreaded bug's and Mana!
  249. A Bright Invention quest: place instead of placed
  250. Iincorrect description of skill