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  1. Archeum Founders Pack
  2. Banned for no reason at all
  3. Trion Account BAN on behalf of ALL, PLEASE RESPOND
  4. crashing after videos, getting that server down video
  5. Support Ticket - 9/24 Still Unanswered
  6. Still unable to create a second character....
  7. Can my Alt use my other Alt's Farmer's Workstation?
  8. This cant be right
  9. Patron Missing
  10. Concerns with Ban Appeals
  11. Other Account Can't Log On
  12. Client finished downloading... Downloading it again?
  13. Graphic problem
  14. Error 1004! No posted "fixes" work!
  15. Last Two Days Unable to Play
  16. No Longer Can Purchase Credits or Patron Status For Second Account??
  17. Some Consideration, Please
  18. Game closes out when entering arena
  19. Error 1004, 1005 and 1039.
  20. Gold Spammers
  21. Game constantly freezes
  22. missing patron status in game...
  23. GM closes ticket while I am responding in live chat after 5 hr wait
  24. My properties were demolished because I didn't pay taxes but....I never received anything in the mail?
  25. Instructions for uninstalling Hackshield
  26. Regarding Prison Sentences
  27. Auction House item sold problem
  28. Recently bought ARCHEUM STARTER PACK but has no patron status
  29. Ghost RAM usage.
  30. is correct doing so ?
  31. 4 days of "Were Unable to complete your purchase please try again later"
  32. PaySafe
  33. Gold spammers found a way to make it impossible to get chat blocked
  34. Error # 1004
  35. Jury Service
  36. game crush when its my time to enter as jury
  37. Gold Spammer impossible to block
  38. game doesn't save graphic settings
  39. Failed to load game dll
  40. Please Explain urgent dev support needed
  41. Client crashes if I click Confirm too quick
  42. ingame gold spaming bots cant be blacklisted please assist Urgent
  43. i cant found character on the other computer
  44. Patron active but no buff
  45. Please Get GM in Orchidna to kick the Gold Spammers
  46. Chat feature no work
  47. Account Block ... unblock ... block ... unblock
  48. Collect/post all hackers caught on vid Here (see link)
  49. TRION DEVS: Is "spamming" the same message again and again bannable?
  50. Error # 1004
  51. Ocho:Trions Support and why I am ashamed that companies still get away with this
  52. Game consuming huge HD space
  53. Long waiting time for ticket answer
  54. Patron Subscription not staying active
  55. A solution for (Error #1004)
  56. Is it possible to change server?
  57. Decompressing Freez
  58. Cape won't show
  59. Windowed mode
  60. Would you like to know how long it will take you to get through the Live Chat queue?
  61. Patron Accont Getting Banned For No Reason
  62. Wrong Patron expire dates
  63. Patron Account got banned for no reason
  64. First, no Patron status. Now, Patron ended in less than 30 days.
  65. Remote Access
  66. Gold Sellers FLOOOOD !!!
  67. Paid but still cant use Scarecrow
  68. New player banned 3mins in!
  69. Crash to desktop after character selection, ingame.
  70. Trion website dont give me my patron status.
  71. I just can't do this anymore:(
  72. I just can't do this anymore:(
  73. Unable to Complete Purchase
  74. Overcharged!?
  75. Suspected user buff
  76. Can't log-in to Melisara
  77. Character Will Not Delete
  78. Glyph launcher won't stay open
  79. randomly fps spikes taking down to 5 fps ..game is unplayable atm.
  80. How long stuck on poem?!
  81. Need Help With My Account
  82. Issues with Periphials in the game PLEASE HELP
  83. PAtron now being recognized,
  84. This is just bull!!!
  85. Game does not support over 60hz in DX11 /w V-Sync. DX9 is not.
  86. HACKED ACCOUNT: Losing my land soon. HELP!
  87. Please unban me
  88. Your account is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
  89. Unban please
  90. idea for work around on error 404 page can't be found you should not be here message
  91. Error 2016
  92. Fix my Patron Status (Ingame Buff!)
  93. Founder's Alpha account has been banned since AUGUST!!
  94. Missing Patron
  95. Patron timer
  96. npcs & characters won't show
  97. Lost my phone and can't login. Please help me
  98. Unable to Login
  99. Error 1016
  100. 10+ days and no response from a ticket.
  101. You guys are f#$% unbelievable
  102. Disconnected by the Gods...
  103. "The gods have disconnected you! Check your network status and read any recent alerts."
  104. Account Banned after a day of Inactivity
  105. Why you suck ♥♥♥ trion Support??
  106. Can't Add Payment Method - 404 error
  107. Fix this goldspam bot crisis
  108. Constantly disconnecting
  109. cannot see my armor,npc armor,terrain,and mobs
  110. Patron status missing And i can't go on the live chat Great!
  111. never crashed before but now...
  112. Fix for Random Crashes (ArcheAge Not Responding)
  113. Where ist my Char?
  114. Why the game dont start
  115. Ping is 623-35
  116. Failed to load game data??
  117. Trail blazing pack not given to my char
  118. no patron
  119. Account was hacked, how long does it take for Trion to restore the account?
  120. Unban pleaz :(
  121. Booted by game master for no reason
  122. Missing Classes?
  123. STILL no account since Alpha STILL waiting for soemone to respond to my emails from Trion
  124. failed to load game dll problem getting old.. Any REAL fixes?
  125. Disconnected by a game master
  126. Have to run it twice
  127. Awesome, instantly banned for wanting to play the game.
  128. Patron Buff Missing
  129. Been stuck on this loading screen forever!
  130. Cool Graphics Issue: I can't see the ground, and i keep falling off cliffs :(
  131. Disconnected By A Game Master Multiple Times followed by a Ban
  132. Banned
  133. Missing credits.
  134. You have been disconnected for a GameMaster!
  135. Incorrect user name or password for forums
  136. Can't even log into the game... How to fix?
  137. GAME MASTER KNOCK IT OFF! Help please,
  138. Missing Credits
  139. DC by gamemaster several times, followed by ban in glyph.
  140. Are there rules about obscenity in game?
  141. CryEngine3 Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
  142. Patron Status: Inactive
  143. not receive pack on my last character
  144. Please tell me I'm not going to have to wait weeks for my account to be unbanned
  145. 2 Accounts with the same IP
  146. Purchased Failed in Marketplace
  147. hackshield will not shutdown when you exit the game!
  148. Can't Add Payment Method.
  149. Settings won't save.
  150. Archeage keeps running in background processes and I can't play it
  151. Reverse The Bans! Stop The Autoscript!
  152. Banned right after Character Creation
  153. got banned for no reason pls help!
  154. This Game is Starting Off With a BAN!
  155. Won't let me buy gems.
  156. Update
  157. AMD Cat 14.9 Causing constant display driver stops responding.
  158. Deleted Scarecrow garden
  159. Error 2016
  160. banned ?? why ?????
  161. Error when buying patron
  162. game sound?
  163. Hello and Goodbye ArcheAge
  164. Bad Game will being good ..
  165. Download failed Code #6 HTTP #0
  166. Failed to launch game (Error #1020)
  167. I used 2 apex, but no activated Patron.
  168. I Buy Patron But I Dont Have It
  169. Archeum Patron, subscription time wrong
  170. Patron disconnected by GM and banned?
  171. New, Normal Gamer, Today buy PATRON AND INSTA BANNED
  172. ArcheAge CryAnimation Command Buffer Overflow crash
  173. Banned new character
  174. Disconnected by gods
  175. Disconnected by gamemaster??
  176. EU Orchidna: "Auction service deactivated" after todays patch
  177. Always has to start ArcheAge 2 times because 1st time fails because of HackShield
  178. Banned after having created a new character
  179. Error #1005 after last patch 3 october
  180. Lost the main quest at Episode 10
  181. Failed to Load Game Data - patch 03.10
  182. Live Chat option not appearing
  183. Unable to setup sound and graphic options.
  184. Error " Failed to load the game dll!"
  185. Failed to load game data!
  186. My friend entered game and just got banned for NO REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  187. Nasty player report debuff for 24 hr
  188. Credits disappeared
  189. NO update
  190. Game freezes up if you use PRNT SCREEN
  191. Disconnect. Cant go past server selection screen.
  192. Im banned and i dont know why....
  193. Invalid login request (error #2016)
  194. Patched the game on EU, can't play my main character on NA!
  195. Please Unban me!!! or Take up my damn ticket! # 141002-003444
  196. Still banned
  197. Devs we need respond one this
  198. hshield runnig amok?
  199. How to delete. udf folder with millions of files
  200. Fix the client. Crashes, blackscreens, freezes - everything ONLY with or due to ArcheAge.
  201. Shader cache fix? other than exiting out of the game and back in?
  202. credit card ?
  203. Trion tool and their mass ban
  204. Not loading the game - would be awesome a repair button
  206. Game Crashes after a few minutes.. Help Please
  207. Cant purchase Patron
  208. Patron buff not showing
  209. Why I cant use my credit card to purchase
  210. where the F. are the gamemasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  211. New Patch again destroyed the login process. ...stuck again at the hackshield logo!
  212. subscription and patron
  213. 405 error on website.
  214. Account suspended or banned and now error 2016
  215. Suspended or banned for no reason
  216. Forum Avatars
  217. is this a AOE ban for no reason?
  218. in game chat not working
  219. turn off your juvenille autoban filter. youre ruining more paying customers days than stopping gold.
  220. Unjustly banned.
  221. Issues with in-game graphics!
  222. Cant join any server after Orichidna went down for maintenance
  223. When you gonna fix this purchase problems
  224. SCAPES READ: Massive No Reason Banneds Users
  225. Bought Patron with Coins. It appeared in the transaction history. I still can't do live chat.
  226. Glyph will not allow me to enter Archeage.
  227. Banned for no reason. I WANNA PLAY ARCHEAGE!
  228. Customer Service?
  229. Suggestions
  230. There was an error receiving data Error #1033
  231. Failed to Load game Data!!??
  232. "Failed to load game data" error after Build 4.11 update
  233. Failed to load game Data
  234. SERVER BALANCE and the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who let it happen
  235. am i banned or something? help
  236. You have been disconnected by gamemaster ... wtf
  237. Same thing as everyone else. banned for no reason
  238. Kicked by GM
  239. 60 euros for being patron..and nothing in game?
  240. Autoattack breaking CCs
  241. Compensation for bannings?
  242. How I Finally got Archeage to Download and Install Properly
  243. I got banned and I don't know the reason
  244. Not even the shop works in this game.DO NOT TRY TO BUY CREDITS
  245. Disconnected by the Gods or Gamemaster.
  246. Problem with game
  247. Disconect by gamemaster/ban
  248. Please unban me
  249. shutdown server and fix the freakin problem
  250. Terrible support, thank you