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  1. Fix for the crash to desktop :D
  2. Not getting authentication code...
  3. Lag issues
  4. founder account got banned for no reason :(
  5. Over 50 pages and still no response
  6. CREST disappearing
  7. Kyprosa down, great timing.......
  8. Glyph says Archeage is offline
  9. Limited labor generating while offline, but patron
  10. my account is unavailable!
  11. Status on Glyph
  12. items didnt returned via mail after not sold at AH
  13. bots are multapling! lets give them a good reward........>:)
  14. Whats the point?
  15. Make me an ingame GM
  16. Graphics card.
  17. Maintenance
  18. Game Support is joke in ArcheAge
  19. hackshield error
  20. ACCOUNT HACKED, CREDIT CARD INFO STOLEN, 54 hours after submitting a ticket still no response
  21. VERY Bad Texture Problem
  22. Cant purchase APEX
  23. Error #2025
  24. Error #2016 and cannot access my account online. blocked ip?
  25. Duplicate Login After Disconnnects or Timeouts
  26. invalid target when reporting bots
  27. Wrongfully suspended or banned account
  28. I am Getting Constant Client "Not Responding"
  29. banned ?
  30. Hackers stole my farm cart and teleported it across the map!!!
  31. So, Tech seems to be ignoring the sound issues some of us are having.....
  32. Hello I have been banned for no reason.
  33. Annother unfair ban
  34. Can't buy patron
  35. Still experiencing DC issue
  36. The #1005 error.
  37. Land Hacks WTF are you going to do about it????
  38. ArcheAge Running Extremely Slow Compared To Other Games
  39. Issues getting into game after latest patch
  40. This is b.s banned again?????? Does a gm have it out for me?
  41. Appeal my account, Date Created: 10/11/2014
  42. possible hacker?
  43. Can't add payment card to glpyh
  44. Pingzapper, WTFAST, etc...
  45. Patron account banned for no reason
  46. Launch problem
  47. Trion & their Ban Hammer!
  48. Can't log in to Shatigon
  49. Where Hackers/Bots are Leveling..
  50. Unable to access account - simple fix - 4 days and no answer - DO YOUR JOB
  51. Ingame Settings not save!
  52. Another 'Unban my account' Thread. Sorry!
  53. Trion banned me...................again
  54. Too long to delete
  55. Poor attention from Trion
  56. Glyph transactions broken?
  57. lost family permissions WTF
  58. ArcheAge Forum using SSL 3.0 -> Security Issue (Boodle-bug)
  59. Random & Trigerable Crashes
  60. 5v5 Arena Lag Spikes
  61. Botters are piggybacking on threads to get unban.
  62. Questions about hacked accounts
  63. Error all of a sudden today?
  64. Explain what banned ?
  65. Can you backup Archeage onto an external and bring back as a backup
  66. Error #1009
  67. Memory leak
  68. account banned(
  69. Total incompetance
  70. Request and Question
  71. Unable to process order
  72. Game almost unplayable
  73. Game Crashes While Loading
  74. Trion says, if you disconnect I will restart your pc
  75. three weeks with absolutely no response
  76. Error 5007? Been a month now wtf Trion!
  77. FPS randomly dropping/jumping.
  78. Bought 30-day patron pass and...
  79. Install Error
  80. In Need of Changing My Email
  81. The bots are assembling on Naima.
  82. "Unable to Complete your purchase" "Error processing your Payment"
  83. Blurry map/ Transparent menus
  84. Lag and disconnects.
  85. Problems Gameplay
  86. ERROR #2003.. Needs to be addressed!
  87. Mirage Lilyut Horse bug
  88. Crests not appearing on Sails/Capes
  89. Appraisal Certificates
  90. Trying to apply Security Authenticator. Keeps telling me incorrect answers?
  91. Trion, I need assistance ASAP
  92. Recruiting for guild Chat Blocked
  93. Game won't launch
  94. STILL no patron, STILL no response
  95. Artifacting. Help
  96. Patcher Says I Need More Disk Space
  97. Account banned for a second time and no reply for 72 hours...
  98. How long does it take to get a response?
  99. Chinese Gold Seller on Ezi
  100. Stuck On Splash Screen - Please help!!
  101. Do your ♥♥♥♥ing job and action some support requests
  102. Why do you even have a support section?
  103. C_unt c_unt c_unt c_unt c_unt c_unt
  104. Spamming until you useless ****s act like a professional organisation
  105. Knock knock? Who's there? Nobody. Because support personnel don't exist.
  106. Is trion going broke?
  107. Spamming because your company is incompetent
  108. Hire some f_ucking staff to support the game you publish
  109. I can keep spamming all day. I have faith that nobody will actually look at this.
  110. How many people does it take to action a support ticket?
  111. Patron status issue
  112. Developer can simulate naval warfare. Publisher can't help someone logon to their account
  113. What rhymes with 'im a ♥♥♥♥ publisher and can't support a major game with thousands of players'?
  114. Cockballsdick****♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  115. Its 2014 and trion only offer live chat for one timezone. Derpy mcderpington from derpyville
  116. Banned for no reason. No respond from support.
  117. Labor point loss after successfully reporting a bot.
  118. Game does not start after hitting play
  119. UBER lag ingame: logged out -> next unable to connect to server/play (internet speed test= HIGH speed)
  120. Thanks for the warning
  121. Payed for 3 & 6 months!
  122. Cannot buy one month!
  123. crash game since last patch
  124. Banned on the forum for no reason!!! Really trion?!?!?
  125. I have not received the APEX/I have not received the APEX
  126. Losing signal to monitor after 1min of playing.. PLEASE help
  127. Error 2016
  128. Really slow loading screen times
  129. Payment Method response...
  130. You must have a recent purchase or Patron pass to access Live Chat
  131. 3 1/2 Weeks and still no answer
  132. Does anyone at Trion have a clue?
  133. Crash during countryside cutscene
  134. Lost Patron
  135. gold seller in game emails
  136. Character is stuck and escape does not work
  137. A small plea.
  138. Mirage Lilyut Horse from cash shop bugged
  139. Incorrect Patron paid time + Unable to use support pages, live chat, submit ticket, etc
  140. Patron buff expiration date not properly distributed
  141. What settings should I use for OBS?
  142. @someone who can help... 13 days still no responce
  143. "We ran into a bit of a problem. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later."
  144. We are unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later.
  145. Random crashes in DX11
  146. I've never had a harder time trying to give $150 to a company
  147. Change Audiooutput to another Hardware
  148. Patron gone 1.5 month BEFORE it end
  149. Patron duration reduced
  150. Trion tryin' to draw money from my credit card.
  151. Trion tryin' to draw money from my credit card.
  152. Fix your bs kick system...
  153. Account Hacked
  154. ACCOUNT HACKED, Not receiving help
  155. The game is doing something weird an I need help.
  156. Problem with buying anything from shop
  157. Please let me buy apex ....
  158. Transaction histoy shows purchase, no apex recieved
  159. Ingame game lag after an hour or so of play
  160. Getting tired of waiting for my Patron
  161. Paid for patron with paypal did not receive
  162. Server lag - EU Dahuta
  163. Cant access anything to do with glyph!
  164. "We are unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later."
  165. Fix the damn lag (Kyprosa)
  166. My character and most NPCs are invisible
  167. Trion will not send me authentication code in email, been 24 hours
  168. Server Lag - EU (Melisara)
  169. The gods have disconnected you + Failed Password & Login information
  170. What happened to my 30 dollars
  171. Server lag - EU Kyprosa
  172. Jury Duty Queue Grace Periods
  173. Hackshield presents more trouble for a friend of mine
  174. Game screwed up after patch
  175. Connection issue
  176. Series of Error Messages
  177. Cannot make new payment on website
  178. Need some advice/ low fps
  179. Issues Playing the Game (Video Card Question)
  180. bots shatigon after fix of server lag hope helps
  181. Guild Interface, error changing permissions, am leader
  182. I lose money for Archeage paymente metod
  183. New Level 1 Guild Member banned for nothing?
  184. UI inconsistency with Combos
  185. Feeling exhausted........................
  186. Flash ship and chat
  187. Game Crash back to desktop.
  188. additional payment options?
  189. Can't add a payment to my account
  190. Small Farm Disappeared?
  191. WTF? Patron Disappears?
  192. Problem trying to create a personnal crest
  193. Error 5151:23
  194. Graphics settings not saving, unable to change Anti Aliasing
  195. Client and EU & NA servers
  196. Can't access Live Chat
  197. Patron account suspended, can't get access to live chat do I have to pay another 15 usd for live chat?
  198. Arche Age is not working.
  199. Chat blocked
  200. Game Settings never save!
  201. Unable to Log in - Authentication Code Email Never Received.
  202. Loading problems!
  203. i Cant Access my Account
  204. Can only be used on selected targets!
  205. Strange flickering around trees, white and black circles
  206. Third time I'm downloading the game today.
  207. Glyph launcher doesn't show up?
  208. No GHA Endboss Drop 2 times in a row
  209. Camera Movement Sensitivity
  210. Hi my friend needs help with some dc issues
  211. VideoCard issues on a Dell Laptop
  212. You guys just don't want my money, i get it.
  213. Patron status? Where is it???
  214. Alot of DC
  215. The Gods have disconnected you at Server Select.
  216. Account locked
  217. Lots of bots on calleil server -> dewstone plains right now!
  218. tell me one thing i didnt try to get this game to work
  219. Patron Status Date Change
  220. My mobile authenticator no longer gives valid codes...Can't access my account. Ticket 141019-000351
  221. Cancelled Subscription
  222. Gone for 2 weeks and all my items are gone
  223. Cracks/Holes in the Environment
  224. Error #1005???
  225. Account Wrongfully Banned, No Support Response Since Launch.
  226. How to block spammers in chat? And why Level 5 to chat?
  227. Account Hacked... So I spend my evening standing naked instead of playing.
  228. chrashes at splash screen
  229. Fried my GPU using an older one, but getting blue blocks....
  230. Yahoo mail + authentication code
  231. Trion Support and wrongfully banned
  232. Pattern Mode a scam?
  233. need help I could not add fund for buy praton
  234. Login Servers down ???
  235. the game gives me all kinds of problems ...
  236. Add Paysafecard please
  237. Can not add
  238. Need help! Cannot contact live support although I have patron! Urgent help needed!
  239. Getting beyond aggravated now! 16 days and no answer, chat disconnects
  240. Rixty code problem?
  241. Serious graphic problem
  242. 600 missing credits, and cannot use Live chat even though I'm Patron
  243. Patron status expiring when it shouldn't be.
  244. My Main Account is suspended -- WHY??? -- "...caught by one of our internal filters"
  245. I can't enter the Glyph client or Archeage
  246. Chat has been temporary banned?
  247. Trion Support and Wrongful Ban
  248. Game crash without errors or warning
  249. patron time wrong and missing
  250. Trouble logging in and rubberbanding