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  1. Game closes when going into Arena?
  2. Crash to Desktop when entering Arena (5v5)
  3. Error at installing the game for the first time
  4. Land Control
  5. Patron ending tomorrow, can't even access support
  6. Archeage crashes to desktop after few minutes of playing
  7. Hackshield
  8. UDF Folder +millions 0kb files
  9. Can't buy credits
  10. Chat blocked
  11. Script user on land claiming
  12. Custom Crests failing to load!!**4 Scapes**
  13. Visa prepaid card
  14. Do these people even HAVE a customer service phone number? Ticket # 141019-000351
  15. Account was hacked on oct 1, no response from trion on this matter, it has been over 2 weeks!
  16. Error 1004 unfixable.
  17. Paysafe card cant buy credits?
  18. Screenshot Spam
  19. Hackshield Didn't Download
  20. Ability/Intermittent Lag during Gaming, ArcheAge crashes make my PC slow down til I restart.
  21. GLYPH Back to ERRORS N HANGING ways. :(
  22. Glitcher/Macro
  23. Missing gold payments from Trade packs (anyone else having this problem)Tahyang Server
  24. Does Trion ever respond to Trouble Tickets? (Other than GM Kotar)
  25. Refund request: ticket & explaination
  26. Chat ban is super CRAY!
  27. Patron Turned itself off
  28. All of my offensive skills seem to not work. They are gray. Defensive works.
  29. Really wish they would address the problem with Comcast
  30. Bought the $150 pack in alpha, thought it was 3 months patron?
  31. Patron buff disappeared (founder"150$") 3 months +1 day fix this
  32. Graphic Lag Issues! HELP!
  33. Crime Points Quest Bugged
  34. 5v5 Arena "Skill Buff Window" Disappeared forever
  35. GM please Respond
  36. Temporary ban hacked account
  37. Hackshield Crashing No loading screen(leaf and poem)
  38. Patron Status Not being applied
  39. Chat blocked and after that i get banned ~ GM Fasti help me ~ thanks !
  40. Error 2016 after getting kicked from game
  41. GM - PLEASE HELP - Mobile Authenticator isn't recognized
  42. Live chat not working bc of patron status...
  43. Huge FPS Drops When Entering a New Area
  44. Please HELP! i m subscribe monthly but dont have Live Chat
  45. Open ticket created on 22/09/2014
  46. archeage.exe - No Disk
  47. Will this computer run this game well?
  48. To those who are getting random game closings
  49. Tickets without response for ages, no refund due to lag issues, you too?
  50. HELP! Tickets 141019-000351 and 141020-000766 - can't access account page!
  51. Ticket # 141013-002073 & 141015-001229 chat ban then cant login to account for 2 weeks
  52. Urgent help needed ... it has been 2 weeks now please help anyone from support or gm..
  53. Question Reference # 141013-002224 i have been waiting for 1 week now!
  54. Patron time missing - plz have a look
  55. Cannot make Purchases and Patron but cannot chat live....where are Trion support peeps and where is phone numbers?
  56. Patron expiring today and bugged live chat
  57. So what happens if the in game time is later than the account management time?
  58. Can't Access Live Chat (purchased a Founder's pack)
  59. Founder vs starter packs.
  60. [Solved] 5mins in game kick, Hackshield, 3rd party apps, bios tools
  61. Server-sided lag on Ezi?
  62. Mouse Sensitivity
  63. Game not launching after pressing the play button (tried most solutions)
  64. Customer support issues
  65. Patron Status Still messed up
  66. Lost my patron...
  67. Random game crashing with no error notification
  68. I can't access Live Chat
  69. Patron Time Messed Up
  70. Ban Account, payment blocked, support away
  71. Problem adding payment method
  72. Patron status messed up
  73. Ban
  74. Missing Patron Status
  75. Patron time messed up
  76. Friend Was Hacked Please Help Dev Team
  77. Patron Status Issues
  78. Unable to complete purchase.
  79. ip banned without account banned
  80. FPS problem
  81. Lagging after the maintain
  82. Help with the bonus month given to founders.
  83. The Server is busy?
  84. Can't add payment information to purchase patron
  85. Patron Status Not Applying Correctly
  86. Game Crashes Without error!
  87. Bought Patron with Apex, and did not Worked !
  88. Patron subscription messed up!
  89. Patron Status is gone but I bought the Trailblazer pack
  90. Lost weapon
  91. unable to connect
  92. What happened to the Extended Patron?
  93. Screen freeze for a second
  94. Patron
  95. Crest Image missing+Tabs+invetory
  96. Month removed from patron, I still have patron but cannot talk to live support
  97. Can I get a GM response?
  98. cant login
  99. gamekick after accepting gladiator arena entry
  100. I m sorry but...
  101. Crashing after upgrade to patron ?
  102. New Threads never get approved. (gm please)
  103. Restarting computer itself
  104. Purchased archeum founderís pack and my patron buff is gone!!!!!!!!!
  105. At my wits end!!! Don't know where else to turn.
  106. Just adding to the previous post about messed up patron status
  107. Crashes at splash screen.
  108. The problem with authorization, I need GM help
  109. Lost Patron Status and No info on why WEB SITE SAYS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. My Patron Status is gone!!!
  111. Guess it is my time then
  112. New Graphics Issues since maintenance this morning
  113. Free Worker Compensation Potions for all Customers who's Patron Status was Lost Due to Trion Error
  114. Patron Status Removed in Error
  115. Unable to Connect to Other Servers
  116. missing patron buff from game (says im f2p)
  117. So a GM just came around and banned my account because I was MINING?
  118. My Patron Status has been taken away prematurely.
  119. Patron Ended, Phone Formatted, Rift Auth Doesn't work CANT ACCESS ACCOUNT
  120. 2 weeks with no answer from support, curious about third party hosting for gold
  121. Unplayable Lag Since Previous Patch
  122. Cant add payment method!!!!
  123. My Patron status was taken away after todays Patch!
  124. Issues launching game
  125. Live chat not working even with patron
  126. Latest Update
  127. 36.gb Spammed on C:/ by ArcheAge?
  128. "We are unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later."
  129. Account Renewal
  130. Failed to Process your order
  131. Unauthorized transaction
  132. Hello dear administration pay attention!
  133. Crest brainstorm "image upload failed". Now I have a blank crest ink.
  134. Have been double billed 4 times this week over 100$
  135. Why is the NA Inoch server announcing downtime in 45 minutes when this is not the scheduled time?
  136. Pissed on what just happened with AH bug .
  137. Constant chatting ban
  138. Bots are smart
  139. Unable to create a new Character
  140. Bikini top Image issue *Real money Market Item*
  141. Still no response to my patron status being taken away
  142. Error
  143. Archeage Stutter and Hard faults / sec
  144. All new accounts instantly banned
  145. Ban for no reason
  146. Unable to play the game due to it crashing my pc after about a minute
  147. Ssd
  148. glyph update error
  149. Chatblocked again
  150. Banned for no reason
  151. Not receiving APEX and live chat disconnecting me .-.
  152. Archeage will not load, since yesterday
  153. BANNED...I'm an old guy who pays. WHAT?!
  154. Why can i not add a payment method
  155. Unban my account trion!!
  156. Can't purchase credits or apex
  157. Stop trippin
  158. glyph error
  159. Cannot access live chat after repurchasing Patron after it expired yesterday
  160. Unban my account Wrongfully banned !!!!8 day now! still no reply nothing from u guys !
  161. Double charged
  162. At least the Forum is a success
  163. [SUPPORT] Crashing / BSOD when the Nui Start Splashscreen Poem Appears
  164. Payment Method Won't Work. GM Request
  165. Glyph download resuming the beginning, urgent help!!
  166. A Week and still no reply to support Ticket. Do they get answered?
  167. land grabbing bots
  168. Glyph stops download and then starts from zero
  169. Closing Archeage causes my desktop to freeze ...
  170. EU/NA launcher difference
  171. Unautherized Charges for 30 3 month subs. Over $1,000 unautherized
  172. Your local files cannot be upgraded...
  173. 18 days and counting.......
  174. Constant EULA pop ups and laggy client.
  175. Can't cancel my subscription
  176. Failed Marketplace Credit Purchases still charged to my account!
  177. Glyph Update problem
  178. Inactive Patron Status.
  179. Haven't received authentication code.
  180. PRIORITY PLEASE --- for PATRONS who claim their accounts have been wrongly banned!!!!
  181. Virus found in today's patch!!
  182. 24 hours have passed since the autoban with chat filter
  183. "Unable to Complete your purchase". A Week And Still No Response..
  184. ArcheAge updated, now stuck offline
  185. We are unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later.
  186. So if Trion refuses to take my money at their STORE, is it ok for me to buy RMT gold?
  187. 3 Guild mates got false/positive banned last night!
  188. Glyph takes over my volume mixer.
  189. Best free anti virus for Archeage? (windows 8 64 bit)
  190. How many people work to respond at APPEALS emails?
  191. Error #1020
  192. Failed to Load Poem Screen
  193. Unable to Load Game data
  194. error #1005 - something I can fix?
  195. hallowtide Items on Marketplace? but unable to process
  196. Getting CryPhysics.dll, Error code 998
  197. Game sends me to Korean Website since patch.
  198. Error Cannot Buy Patron, Despite Trion answering me, dont know where else to go.
  199. intro video crash AGAIN
  200. no server screen
  201. Glyph crashing when trying to update
  202. Error 1004
  203. Crashing before server selection screen
  204. Patron Status Removed Early
  205. Patron Status Expired Early.
  206. Gods have disconnected you everytime
  207. Cant add card to account.
  208. Logitech Gaming mouse
  209. Still ♥♥♥♥ing banned
  210. New update failed ot load game data error
  211. Windowed Mode (Not Responding)
  212. Gods have disconnected you!
  213. Error 2022
  214. Glyph Deleted My ArcheAge.exe from the Bin32 Folder
  215. Bought 2 apex received 0 ...
  216. Can you take my money now?
  217. After the latest patch my patron status is now gone and my account is paid until november 20th..
  218. Patron not showing in game.
  219. unable to load game data
  220. So apparently the newest patch comes with it's own virus
  221. Archeage.exe contains malicious code Gen:Variant.Symmi.47253
  222. Founders Items
  223. The gods have disconnected you
  224. Waiting for help on my false positive ban
  225. Trion Please Help
  226. Patron not available
  227. Banned - No contact, happened minutes ago.
  228. Is BLAA causing bans?
  229. why did I just get banned?
  230. Me and my girlfriend were just banned for no reason!
  231. Banned?!? Why??
  232. My game keeps crashing during the opening movie.
  233. A family member's account got banned today!
  234. No Patron status? Please help me out here.
  235. Banned for no no reason!
  236. Cloak invisible since patch despite priority
  237. 2 Guildies Got false/positive banned just now
  238. Randomly banned today.
  239. The Gods have Disconnected you - Continually when trying to load into server
  240. Disconnected "by the Gods" every time I try to connect to Naima
  241. My friend's account was banned by no reason. GM pls check it. Thank you.
  242. Can't add a payment method
  243. Help???
  244. I get to uninstall and reinstall Archeage ... again ... YEAH!
  245. Archeage.exe is gone after the October 21 Update
  246. If your antivirus is blocking Archeage.exe
  247. Game Start Up Isssue
  248. Wrongly Banned after Update
  249. Ayuda con los fps :c
  250. Workers compenstation bugged!! Gm need help