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  1. Regarding the enormous ammount of unfair banning posts, Part 2
  2. Account banned/suspended . No information given.
  3. PISSED doesnt even cover this.....
  4. Posting a Link in Game - PLEASE READ THIS DEVS
  5. Payment Doesn't Work
  6. Unfair Ban? READ..
  7. Need Help when running Installer from Glyph
  8. Dissapointed
  9. Continually Disconnected From Server
  10. "The Gods have disconnected you"
  11. GM Please unban innocent
  12. Character is forever pending deletion
  13. Visa/PayPal/Amex all won't work for in-game purchases
  14. Game broken again ?
  15. Patron Status - Cannot Live Chat "You must have a recent purchase or Patron pass to access Live Chat."
  16. Grass Rendering Issue [Screenshots Provided]
  17. card debited 6 days ago - no credits received
  18. I think that because we have banned the innocent
  19. Unable to purchase anything from store for weeks now
  20. Why my accound was banned?
  21. Please Reply if customer support actually helped you! We need to know if they EXIST!!!
  22. Glyph error
  23. pls tell me i can get my id ?
  24. Help! the gods have disconnected you
  25. (Patron status trouble) Dear administration, help me pls!
  26. Archeage Freezing
  27. Archeage reinstalls itself?
  28. Repeated crashing after Glyph update
  29. Game freezes/warps
  30. Time of the answer and solution?
  31. Dragonband tp hacking nebe servers !
  32. [Solved by Me and My Guild] HOW to get your Patron Status via TRION's Store (Working Method)
  33. My IP is banned buy my account is not. Please Help
  34. AA wont even start now icuin51.dll error
  35. Wth!!!?
  36. Lost tradepacks due to entering unreleased land..
  37. Pretty sure there's no hope left for us.
  38. Still banned no help.
  39. Question regarding tax payment
  40. Those who Nui...Can't get past green splash screen.
  41. Can not add payment method.
  42. Updates
  43. Was banned 7days ago, sick of waiting. - 141019-003288
  44. Unable to add a payment method...
  45. Self-Update Glyph problem//Saying app is still open
  46. what will happens to your farmers work bench?
  47. Glyph using high CPU
  48. Patron Status Missing
  49. Freezing every 1-30 minutes, need help
  50. Created alt account, Disconnected by Game Master after 5 minutes ..
  51. Honestly, is it to much to ask that you, Trion have basic payment systems working?
  52. Rebooting
  53. Can't become Patron...
  54. Strange Account Activity Oct. 19th
  55. Your account is currently unavailable.
  56. [Question] - Programs that help us do Rotations.
  57. Unable to add payment method
  58. Game unplayable after 10/24/14 update
  59. Chatbanned on logging into game?
  60. Unable to connect to server
  61. Since 4.13 constant crashing
  62. Seriously Trion?
  63. Help me please..
  64. Why am i still banned
  65. Lag and packet loss only when performing actions in-game
  66. Banned Account
  67. Game optimization terrible. Read this:
  68. Can't buy credits AGAIN.
  69. Major Issue Needs To Be Fixed!!!
  70. Disconnected and then can't log in?
  71. Too Many Refunds
  72. Crashing Issues.
  73. Account UN-banned from false/positive banwave
  74. hello Gm
  75. URGENT, GM need Help.
  76. Help pls
  77. Getting DC every 30-40 minutes
  78. Error 2003
  79. Game Launches As a Background Process Only
  80. Chat ban ..
  81. Me Account banned
  82. Account banned
  83. Can anyone explain why i still haven't got any response!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Constant lag
  85. Crashes-Freeze-Game Texture Loading since GLYPH UPDATE
  86. Impossible to report bots
  87. Lag since last patch?
  88. Account banned for no reason
  89. Moderatoooor where are you?????!!!!
  90. Crashing/Freezing since last patch. Here is my DxDiag:
  91. cant renew sub
  92. PC restarts when I close the game or when the game closes after crash
  93. Bots and goldsellers.
  94. Ship Crest not showing for me
  95. You have been disconnected by gamemaster
  96. Account banned few days ago
  97. graphic settings / lvl of detail
  98. Banned account for false reason
  99. Jail Log Day 4 ----- First Response
  100. MODERATERS PLIS : IP Banned Due To Faulty Keyboard, Damn you HACKSHIELD
  101. Patron Status Did Not Stack!
  102. Banned account for false reasons
  103. Transfering mounts between characters
  104. Still can not add payment method.
  105. Problems to start the game
  106. Bots in my face !!
  107. Now game wont load ...very annoying
  108. Is Archeage playable on a portable SSD drive?
  109. I can't start ArcheAge, please help! :c
  110. Ban on bug # 2003 internet-lag-induced false positive threshold for client hacking.
  111. Do customer service/support works at weekends ?
  112. Everyday Lag and disconnection at the same hour
  113. cant cancel account....
  114. trade hack/eu kyprosa
  115. ArcheAge optimization? Can anyone run at max settings with 50+ fps?
  116. The game is not saving my Graphics Settings
  117. Restored accts after banning not generating offline LP
  118. All other servers are greyed out
  119. in game mail for gold spammer
  120. Game won't launch
  121. Why am I still banned
  122. hacksheild problems
  123. Got kicked, now can't launch?
  124. Suddenly doing much less damage.
  125. Support is working?
  126. Why can't I add a Payment Method!????
  127. Moder?
  128. Getting terrible unstable fps. GTX 780 Ti
  129. Anyone else Bored i sure the heck am
  130. Wrong Patron status date
  131. Receive ban on tvink account.
  132. Error since today, anyone seen this before?
  133. Instant disconnect when I try to log into Lucious Server
  134. Can't Connect to Lucius Server
  135. My quests are gonne
  136. Always get https://auth.trionworlds.com/auth?error_code=7
  137. My Garden was taken! Possible Patron status fail?
  138. Aranzeb needs some help, please ban our super hacker.
  139. Problem with fp ,crahs and black screen
  140. Misc. Issues
  141. Ban
  142. Have are legit ban appeals been lost in the vast sea of bot appeals?
  143. Unable to make purchases?
  144. Unable to pass green splash screen - Crashes at 'auoria birthplace'
  145. HIJACKthis reading...
  146. Settings not saving and no custom cloak designs
  147. If youre banned this is a must read
  148. auroria
  149. Gms, Question about the appeals process
  150. Disconnected By the gods...
  151. Game audio disappearing after death
  152. Patron Buff is gone
  153. Cant login with my main
  154. Harani Main quest missing
  155. So i dont know WHAT you did in the last patch... but these D/c's are ridiculous...
  156. Character and NPC's missing
  157. Crashing to Desktop - No Errors/Messages
  158. Frequent Crashes. (Dump file inside]
  159. Character, NPC, Monster names all missing!!!
  160. Patron status
  161. [FEEDBACK] GLYPH : 100% CPU Usage.
  162. Archeage writes to wrong Drive
  163. Reduced time patron
  164. the gods have disconnected you
  165. Just how hard is it support to give a damn answer?
  166. Crash because of converting Archeums?!?!
  167. GM Taakaze's mildy unprofesionalisim and a question about a known botter/hacker on Enla NA
  168. Reported a bot = Got my chat blocked
  169. fullscreen windowed available?
  170. Hackshield Kicking me at Farmer's workstation
  171. To ALL GM's.. update please!!
  172. trion team please help !!!!! account is banned
  173. GM is already 7 days and i dont understand why i got ban ??
  174. Account banned for no reason
  175. Game settings dont save!
  176. Credit Purchases not working....
  177. Unban our friend, dark reavers showing support.
  178. Disco Gods -
  179. Login Loop the last week
  180. Won't let me add a payment method..
  181. Suspended for 4 days now, still no answer Trion.
  182. 4 days banned without any reaction from trion :(
  183. do i use a ban-triggering keyboard/mouse?
  184. how did I get put on the European login servers I'm na
  185. Why should I pay for a prime account?
  186. My on-screen quest window is gone - Help !!
  187. What is Trions plan for those falsely banned?
  188. Game will not load-up or start
  189. Unable to access live chat suppoprt
  190. Archeage won't start up, among various other issues
  191. Corsair Vengeance M95 Keybind Issue
  192. Unable to add a Credit Card
  193. hackers
  194. Low ping (40ms) but high delay.
  195. Paying customer with 5 months of patron left and can't open a live chat...
  196. banned and dont know why
  197. Customer support team please confirm that you're working through are false appeal tickets!
  198. spam mail enla westcoast
  199. Seriously Trion?!
  200. If I can get through to live support in a few hours, then my appeal email should be replied to in the same time frame.
  201. Problems trying to create a payment method
  202. If I can get through to live support in a few hours, then my appeal email should be replied to in the same time frame.
  203. Calling on everyone who has had their account compromised and temp banned.
  204. problem with launcing the game! :s
  205. YOU SHALL NOT PASS,The gods have disconnected you!
  206. Banned unfairly
  207. bad support
  208. The unjust bans
  209. How much Data is being used?
  210. Bug in game map Hrs and public farm hrs is messed up
  211. Game won't start anymore
  212. How do you contact live support?
  213. Banned by internet-lag-induced false positive threshold for client hacking.
  214. I have banned because of game bug....
  215. Cant Start The Game
  216. Glyph is not working with AA
  217. unacceptable customer service
  218. Client crashes when accepting arena invite
  219. Random lagless disconnects in 5v5 arena
  220. Broken Image Items
  221. Need help with Hackshield
  222. Banned account-email support...Game Mater or Community Moderater please read.
  223. FPS Problems.
  224. got hacke they changed the email
  225. 50% CPU usage on Glyph launcher login screen and other area of the application
  226. Chat is blocked? WTF
  227. Suspected user....
  228. Authentication Code - has not been sent
  229. Lots of players still banned...meanwhile
  230. After I have gotton a wrong authentication code, I do not get new ones.
  231. Fear and other no dps sht
  232. Still unable to log in for 20 days and counting
  233. Got ban after join in game xDD
  234. Wtf is wrong with the appeals support?
  235. Scapes or Anyone
  236. I cannot run the game!
  237. Missing Patron Time
  238. Where or how do you report griefers?
  239. Failed Startup, Cause Found
  240. can't add payment methods
  241. Please unbanned my account
  242. bang bang bang ban ban ban
  243. Patron timer didn't change
  244. Account hack
  245. GM help us please out of this misery - account hacked
  246. CMs about these appeals....
  247. bam unfairly to 5 days with no response
  248. can't report bots in solzreed peninsula as a pirate.
  249. Black screen and forced to reboot.
  250. 24 days no fix Trion you need to make an Official response on how long tickets take!!