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  1. Can't log into server, can't create on another server
  2. Trion...
  3. @GM , @SCAPES , banned after getting forced disconnect after server selection.
  4. This is stupid!
  5. Error processing your payment‏
  6. Disconnected Just after server selection, enough of this
  7. Is the Queue not working?
  8. Fix this problem ASAP.
  9. account issues
  10. for us who got banned
  11. Reimbursement for the time wasted?
  12. Need to Re-Download For Europe server
  13. Error on update
  14. Need GM ASAP
  15. The gods have disconnected you! ?
  16. Error 2016
  17. Question about cancelling subscription
  18. Failed to Load Game Data
  19. Archeage not launching after pressing play and showing "Run as"
  20. Hours later still no fix? Have to wait on Korea???
  21. "Unable to complete your purchase" error message.
  22. HELP!!!Your local files cannot be upgraded u have to redownload full game
  23. Game doesn't work, neither does Customer Service.
  24. extend my 7 day farm by 1 day please
  25. What's the point of hackshield when it couldn't prevent land hackers and yet it caused so many issues?
  26. Gods have disconnected you
  27. this is the last time Trion
  28. I know everyone is upset about the servers, but....
  29. Region change requiring a FRESH 8Gb download of client after Build 4.14!
  30. What can i do if i cannot login to pay tax for my houses
  31. What A ♥♥♥♥ing Joke
  32. Can not log in the god and all that ♥♥♥♥
  33. Do you even thread?
  34. This is insane garbage....
  35. Petition for server update roll back
  36. What a F******* waste
  37. Wow finally no more "The gods disconnected you" - Thanks for fixing it...
  38. Refund!!!!!
  39. Hackshield making archeage stop working?
  40. Full re-download to play on EU server?
  41. Why are servers up?
  42. Smal amounts of missing forum posts ....
  43. Why are the select few STILL ONLINE?
  44. CONFIRMED!! We are still in beta test phase!!
  45. Questions @Scapes
  46. Disconnect issues trying to login - Over this ♥♥♥♥
  47. full error logg as of 303 am pst
  48. Where the hell is my refund??
  49. STILL disconnected at character selection???
  50. Guinea Pigs~
  51. ReDownload needed after Patch!!!
  52. Disconection
  53. So how are you "Trion" going to take care of all the patrons that YOU didn't allow to log in.
  54. @scapes Thanks for staying up and keeping us updated
  55. List of Errors, Including Error 2016
  56. What to do?
  57. Thank you staff
  58. Press Play Wont start
  59. Archeage is now OFFLINE.
  60. The reality of the trion Worlds (banned accounts)
  61. NO Rollback
  62. WTF TRION: The hotfix didnt fix anything - still cant connect
  63. Error: Failed to load game data!
  64. Error #1014
  65. Cannot launch archeage
  66. After launching the game, it shuts down and loads a website
  67. Is it possible to revert the patch to the last one?
  68. Still cant play I hit play and nothing happens
  69. No Patron status....
  70. Chat not visible
  71. Unable to add Credit Card to Payment methods
  72. Unable to access game!
  73. HackShield Still Acting-Up
  74. Patron not updating
  75. Problem renewing patron
  76. Servers are still offline!!!
  77. archeage stopped working!!!!!!!!!
  78. No patron buff?
  79. I am very disappointed. Goodbye trion.
  80. Offline
  81. @Scapes I need help cannot get past hackshield
  82. poor support/none
  83. No patron status
  84. Still unable to launch Archeage
  85. ArcheAge has stopped working
  86. Paid for patron but have not received patron
  87. For those crashing after a couple mins in game!
  88. Skill lag - still here for the select few of us. Only solution - use VPN and get banned
  89. EU vs NA "issue"
  90. Game refuses to complete logout procedure.
  91. reinstalling
  92. Scape Do look in this matter a Game bug..
  93. Item restoration
  94. Guilds disbanding
  95. "Your ArcheAge account under this email address has been banned for being well over the accidental or internet-lag-induced false positive th
  96. DC when getting a match in arena 1v1
  97. GlyphClient.exe - Bad Image
  98. Help me pleas help me i am begging
  99. game crashes when trying to launch it from glyph.
  100. Game not working.
  101. Patron not showing up.
  102. Patron buff not applying
  103. Is hackshield fixed for everyone yet?
  104. Getting real tired of your crap, Trion...
  105. Lag since patch?
  106. Error when opeing Glyph
  107. Why is lucius in maintenance just now?
  108. Un-launchable game.
  109. add new payment method is broke
  110. Lucius Server Down.. No warning? wtf man
  111. Live chat GMs miss handled my ticket please help.
  112. Can't log into live chat
  113. Crashing to Desktop after Glyph Update 110514
  114. Game Not Working On Startup
  115. Bought patron, glyph says i have it but archeage says i don't have patron
  116. [FIX] Hacksield crashing your client on startup?
  117. ArcheAge Will Not Launch
  118. TRION you hold nothing but incompetence to your name.
  119. Journal entry #4: Got dammit..
  120. Hackshield Still Broken!
  121. Packet Loss While Playing ArcheAge AKA LAG
  122. Case of Red bull for a response from Appeals, GM, anyone from TRION
  123. Cannot add Payment method?
  124. These forums are always down
  125. Forum Instability
  126. Senior GM Bonesaw
  127. Payment Method is broken
  128. Fix!!!!!!!!
  129. Patron not applied to my account (#150158207)
  130. Can't Access Inbox
  131. Archeage download reset
  132. 14 days and still no answer about my appeal...
  133. Patron Status not Showing...
  134. US Up but can't play on EU
  135. No Patron Status
  136. Hackshield installer offline...
  137. Hello yesterday download the game and I can not access play
  138. Patron buff did'nt appear
  139. Bought a Patron, but in game writes that is expiring today
  140. Error #2016 Tried all the suggestions
  141. Wake Up trion !!!!
  142. Freeze and low fps issues "help me please"
  143. Still not in game
  144. We are unable to complete your purchase-Payment Error
  145. gama_pac
  146. Complete freezes
  147. Patron Status Missing
  148. your IP has changed since last authenticated try relogging in the patcher !
  149. A MONTH has passed and I still did not receive the credits that I bought!
  150. Cant escape starting movie, game shuts down half way though?
  151. Falsely banned on my main!
  152. Problems while extracting game's files
  153. Account compromised - you account is banned
  154. Store does not work
  155. Waiting too long for answer on my ticket and i cant use live chat.
  156. whats going on
  157. Mirage Isle Portal causes instant quit
  158. How do you stop the game from FPS limiting when the game is in the back ground?
  159. Bought credits for AA, they are not there.. was charged and have Rift credit wtf?
  160. Constant crashing to desktop... 4-5 times an hour.
  161. Pls help
  162. Farm cart still bugged
  163. Patron Purchase not recognized in ArcheAge
  164. "ArcheAge has stopped working" can't get past Hackshield at launching game
  165. Cannot log in
  166. Status: Canceled You must have a recent purchase or Patron pass to access Live Chat. Please click the Request Email Response button below.
  167. Cheaters dont sleep..... they evolve :)
  168. Unable to fully download latest patch
  169. Unable to make purchases
  170. 503 Service Unavailable
  171. Credit Card charged, services not rendered
  172. buy patron for 6 months and only shows me 4 months
  173. Impossible de s'abonner!
  174. bug scarecrow
  175. GlyphClient.exe - Bad Image error
  176. My F2P Test Run of AA - A review
  177. ArcheAge has stopped working since AURORIA patch on EU
  178. Patron Status
  179. Failed load game data
  180. Major Latency in Auroria - Kyprosa EU (Not FPS)
  181. Hackshield blocks Dolby Digital Audio
  182. So here we go again....
  183. Wife's been locked out of her account for almost 2 weeks now
  184. I can't see the names of all!
  185. Login Failed - Server is busy
  186. Still does not connect.
  187. ArcheAge Has Stopped Working! Help!
  188. Patron status buff not active in game
  189. Error #2003 Help me!
  190. archeage has stopped working
  191. No patron, no money
  192. Authentication failed -
  193. Click play from Glyph - starts to load then fails
  194. Havent been able to login to glyph for nearly 2 weeks
  195. This is getting intensely annoying : multiple crashes, client freezes involving hackshield
  196. Not geting Patron Buff
  197. My friends got banned!
  198. 2025 error
  199. Error 2016
  200. Bought patron but where's my patron buff?
  201. Cant get Authentication Code
  202. Still unable to see crests even though shader folder was deleted.
  203. Thumbnails aren't showing anything
  204. Game Freezes after 5 minutes and have to force close since haloween patch
  205. Game still wont load, since the latest patch
  206. crytek dll error then game crashes?
  207. 7 days dont answer bye bye trion
  208. ***mirage isle white horse stop faulty***
  209. Game still wont load, After Re download and more!
  210. Patron Sub while banned.
  211. Unable to turn off Reflection Effects
  212. The Live Chat feature says I need patron. I am a current paying user. What do I do?
  213. Tahyang servers crashed again.
  214. No patron Buff
  215. Stuck at green splash loading poem
  216. disconnected at char selection screen again??
  217. Unable to create Character on a purchased Slot
  218. Still don't have patron status.
  219. Unable to see patron status
  220. False Bann! Please Trion
  221. Can only connect to Aranzeb
  222. Naima server disconnected during trade run
  223. (possible fix) ArcheAge has stopped working
  224. @GM @SCAPES Question on continuation of patron status
  225. Is there more maintenance I wasn't aware of?
  226. Are we going to get a post about servers being down?
  227. Naima server down, any comments Trion?
  228. Um yeah Naima server is down.. yeah was wondering if you can fix this.
  229. Not opening?
  230. Naima server down, any comments Trion?
  231. Are we going to get a post about servers being down?
  232. Need help from Scape
  233. I've been hacked GM help pls
  234. Trion did you notice your omission ...
  235. Got Banned randomly while swimming
  236. Trion, you have 11 hours
  237. game wont start
  238. Crash/Freeze protocol
  239. Grimghast Rift quest
  240. Banned on my Main account
  241. False Ban - For Lagging?
  242. I want to spend my credits Authentication Code not sending to my email
  243. Possible fix Authentication Code not sending to my email
  244. Can't see crests and i just got mail from myself..
  245. Blocked all VPN ppl from the game
  246. I paid patron 3 days ago, still waiting for it
  247. No Kyprosa server
  248. I can't buy nothing
  249. 3 weeks into ticket, still no Founder's items on new character.
  250. Archeage has stopped responding