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  1. Authentication Failure: Can I Submit Ticket for Friends?
  2. Patch stuck at "Verifying" for over 30 mins
  3. Automatic redownload
  4. Problem with accessing Trion pages since patch
  5. Packet Error!!! after Server select screen
  6. Failed to load game data!
  7. Am I the only one?
  8. Patch stuck at "Applying" (this time) for over 30 mins.
  9. GM Fasti , Please Help Me !!
  10. Account banned.
  11. Payment by Paysafecard
  12. GM, Why the email yahoo.com can't receive the Code
  13. Never recieved my code
  14. Reposting here - posted the original in Gen. Discussion accidently. Email code gift for the wrong game?
  15. Patron extension not properly working
  16. gift code does not work properly
  17. Could not connect to authentication server. Error 2022.
  18. No acces to live chat as a patron member.
  19. Can two players play with the same IP address?
  20. Can't install game after LIBEAY32.dll error
  21. Welcome, Aedventurer Unknown - no live chat!
  22. Game client crashes while trying to connect to server list
  23. Cannot Authenticate, and Authentication Codes not coming to Email
  24. Game Freeze and reboot computer since last patch
  25. Glyph is not updating patch
  26. Need fast support
  27. Can not use shop please help me
  28. Iam not recieving my Authentication Code
  29. Authentication Code not being received
  30. [Game Master] Kep Eye on thos player we suspect them of Exploit/Bot/Hack
  31. Unable to apply patch 4.162
  32. Ticket submitted over 5 days ago.. still not assistance!
  33. Failed load game data Help
  34. Terms of Use 404 error?
  35. Falcorth Plains Fertilizer Vanishing
  36. Siege problems! I require immediate assistance
  37. Account Authorization Code Not Working
  38. Game Refuses to Start
  39. Glyph broke
  40. ticket open and not suport
  41. I can not download the ArcheAge more! Error 1010 persists ...
  42. Patron disappeared with over 3 months left on account??!
  43. Error #1004 Downloaded Files Corrupt (Cannot Reinstall game)
  44. Patron status lost
  45. Shatigon and Kyprosa Down EU
  46. I played AA yesterday, today I can't connect to server
  47. disconneced from the game at the server selection page
  48. Yet another downfall (Read)
  49. 6 hours now still can't log in to game due to gold farmers and botters !!
  50. Glyph Crash
  51. Account Lost Patron Status with one month plus 273 days remaining
  52. Error 2023
  53. Two monitors - how to maintain FPS when Archeage is not the focus window?
  54. Auction House Item Dissapeared
  55. Archeage process terminates itself.
  56. #UNBAN Pererekasuicida
  57. Having Connecction Issues? I Solved Mine
  58. Just a few minor bugs or problems
  59. Cant Log Into Ollo server
  60. I was a patron and now I can not seem to renew my subcription?
  61. IP blocked/blacklisted for no reason
  62. Error code when loading game.
  63. Help Please
  64. Can't buy 9000 credit or apex.second time this week.
  65. Problem with glyph authenticator
  66. Gods have Disconnected you ? on NA Tahyang server
  67. Weird 'crash' every time I start game, help?
  68. Need Help Got Banned, was solved but still cant log in
  69. Chat is blocked
  70. Glyph authenticator
  71. Login issues to Glyph and Archeage Website
  72. Login Failed
  73. Shout out to my homeboy GM Praxis!
  74. Keybinds
  75. House stolen in Mahadevi
  76. Archeage not working well on new PC
  77. Account banned within 5 hours without any warning?!?
  78. Weird 'crash' every time I start game, help?
  79. UI issues
  80. Brother's Account Falsely Banned
  81. help confused and have no idea shat to do
  82. Locked out of game and unable to access website
  83. Having trouble with Vampire Slayer Title
  84. Why is direct x11 so poorly optimized for the game? bad shuttering and low fps with GTX980 build.
  85. Don't recive my compensation.
  86. Why my pack missing in my land
  87. Help with the game.
  88. Game will not load, stuck on splash screen poem
  89. The bug is back. UDF file being overflowed with 0 kb files. Game stops at splash screen "Nui once united".
  90. Framerate complications
  91. Winter Email Package
  92. Winter Maiden Festival Tree disappeared!
  93. Game and hackshield won't launch
  94. Unable to Add Payment Method
  95. holiday gift promo code
  96. Live Chat While In Game
  97. Issues since Friday - Haven't been able to play!
  98. Error code 1005 update failkure
  99. Error 2016 cant find any fix
  100. Mobile authenticator issue
  101. Green poem crash at launch
  102. cant upload a 256x256 ucc.png emblem
  103. Main Quest Canceled
  104. Want to know Appeal time
  105. Intolerable Frame Rate Loss Since Yesterdays Maintenance
  106. WHY we cannot Trade things
  107. Resubbing does not add new patronage time
  108. No such interface supported
  109. Patron sub purchased - Glyph account page not updated to show new expiration date.
  110. Unable to Purchase Credits or APEX, would like to do so for Xmas presents to friends
  111. GODS have disconnected you
  112. Unable to access Live Support
  113. My wife and I can't play together
  114. ok this seruis so pls gm raed it force dc exploit
  115. Dual box, one computer has 5-10 second lag spikes, other does not.
  116. route problem? I can access http://archeagegame.com/ and I'm having problems with Glyph as well
  117. Updating game locks up entire computer
  118. Glider/Cart Window
  119. Possibly Character slot scroll bug.
  120. NEBE Europe Server have many problem
  121. Dec 23rd nvidea update locks game to integrated graphics.
  122. Why is my account being charged 16.00 for Patron instead of 14.99 ?
  123. "We are unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later."
  124. tired of the disconnects
  125. My Patron unavalible
  126. My ticket
  127. UI keeps resetting.
  128. GM Help Needed
  129. Weird graphic bug
  130. Lost items in the mail
  131. Account banned for no given reason (Please respond as soon as possible GM)
  132. Swap bound items to your alts
  133. Need Gm Support regarding Account issues
  134. UDF folder has millions of files, can't get past splash screen
  135. Unable to access live chat and tickets not updating
  136. Missing Patron status ingame with 125 days left
  137. The game wont let me type a large assortment of words.
  138. Can't log in [Endless video loop]
  139. Constant Lag
  140. Poem Crash - Not the same issue as the others, please read
  141. Need help asap account hacked
  142. Land Grabber bot - GM do your job
  143. Can't Connect on my NA account, the gods have disconnect you (Caleil)
  144. Patron Missing
  145. Double-Billed
  146. [FR] Problème au lancement du jeu.
  147. Problem with online chat with support
  148. Issue Logging in
  149. Error #1020
  150. Still cannot update
  151. Are these good for playing Archeage?
  152. Second Time Fell Through the Ground
  153. Shadow box with no text
  154. HTTP Status 405 - HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL
  155. I paid for patron status...
  156. Web pages not loading on PC
  157. The Archage program cant Start WTF
  158. Trion Support/billing are down?
  159. Prepaid cards and apex/credits
  160. Account site problems (payment errors and login issues)
  161. Can't start game anymore
  162. Reporting land bot suspect!!!
  163. Can not log into www.trionworlds.com
  164. Patron status expired too early
  165. Can't login to game
  166. Can`t validate email & and can`t buy anything from store.
  167. Authentication code doesn't work
  168. Game Start issues
  169. No puedo vender mis parcelas ni comprar parcelas de mi otro pj
  170. Black Screen of Doom!
  171. Need help with a Graphics bug.
  172. Patron payment problem.
  173. For anyone using OpenDNS!
  174. Graphics issues since last patch
  175. Game not starting
  176. Doubt someone can fix all of this! (low FPS, error 193, shaders problems).
  177. Account has been ban/temporarily suspended.
  178. Possible fix - constant lag, fps drop & nvidia cards.
  179. Prepaid payment method
  180. Bot has not been banned since Auroria, still in game despite multiple appeals. Can we get rid of this bot for good?
  181. getting gods have disconnected me when i select my server and trying to connect to my character screen
  182. transfer of solzreed pumpkin farm land to another character
  183. Constantly get Error #1013 and #2022 in Glyph. Can't reinstall Archage.
  184. Massive FPS loss when turning around
  185. Chat blocked
  186. Can't buy credits
  187. Im so FED UP This Patron/credit problem is DUMB
  188. I have tried everything. help please
  189. Missing Glider
  190. Game, Glyph , hackshield not working !!!!!??????
  191. Problem with RIXTY payment method - URGENT!
  192. House in a house??? HACK CHEAT.
  193. Appeal Team not responding
  194. Radeon X800 XT
  195. Authentication code problem hotmail
  196. Random game crash while accepting 1v1s
  197. The gods have disconnected you Please help
  198. PATRON STATUS MISSING Status but: Active Active Time Remaining: 1 Month + 116 Days e.e please help
  199. Server Click Then black screen Gods have Disconnected.
  200. Patron buff missing
  201. Can you guys add a Publisher
  202. [Guide] How to use the real DX11 + some nvidia tweaks
  203. Bots are destroying this game
  204. Auction House - Bidding Period Fee money
  205. Problem with custom images
  206. GM Fasti: Paid Patron Status not showing up... 5 days til I lose everything
  207. Sudden game issues
  208. Specialty Gliders
  209. Game crashes back to desktop on Green Logo
  210. Upon exiting ArcheAge computer suddenly crashes and restarts
  211. Issue with Framerates
  212. ucc.png unsupported format?
  213. Phone and authentcator stolen, need help logging in!
  214. Account Banned for Unauthorized Access - Account Was Not Compromised
  215. Payment issues
  216. Cannot purchase Patron
  217. assistance with registering a new ip and restoring old ip to safe status
  218. IP Lock, status canceled in live support, unresolved ticket
  219. Ban.. then Refund for patron payment? WTF?
  220. Tossing the towel in finally..........
  221. Problems with recieving patron time/buff in game that my account has already been charged for
  222. Misuse of spam report
  223. How can I improve my FPS?
  224. Memory issue?
  225. Error loading DLL:CryRenderD3D9.dll, error code 126
  226. Patron status monthy didnt renew even tho it should of
  227. Can't buy/sell land if the buyers name containt only 3 chars???
  228. Got threatened by a player that says he uses external programs to delete my house
  229. Missing patron, not generating labor online
  230. Game closing near the call to be the jury
  231. Server latency
  232. Ktjnysu Gold spammer
  233. why i cant log in ? Server is currently busy. please try again .
  234. Can we get a sticky?
  235. Payment not being accepted.
  236. Missing Rumbling Archeum Trees
  237. Credit card still keeps getting charged?!?!
  238. Bots on Janudar(EU)
  239. Help Me Pls. CryRenderD3D9.Dll, Error Code 193
  240. Game Crash
  241. How to maintain my UI size?
  242. Error in loading game
  243. account hacked still not have respond..
  244. Backing-up Archeage
  245. problems with changing the ip log
  246. Salphira Down
  247. Can't use live chat to refund a marketplace purchase of an item that doesn't work as described?
  248. Booted to desktop every 5 minutes or so...
  249. Unable to complete purchase
  250. Unable to complete purchase